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Adult Phone Chat Mommy


adult phone chatI love adult phone chat. I can talk about anything with guys. I love to talk about incest. I have had family fun since I was a little girl. I grew up fucking my brothers and sisters. I think if I had not been a brother fucker, I may not have been a dirty mommy. But when you grow up thinking incest is normal, you have no qualms playing with little boy dick. I do not have a daughter, but I do have a little niece living with me and she has made life fun. Not that I do not enjoy my mother fuckers. I love fucking my little horn dogs, but my niece has such a sweet pussy. I love eating her pussy. She has a great cunt. It tastes like watermelon. Sweet and sticky. I ate her pussy last night after she came home from a friend’s house. She was hesitant to let me go down on her. She never is, so I knew something was up. Too young to have her period yet. I was thinking maybe she seduced the daddy of her friend. She s such a daddy’s girl. Her father is over seas now, so she does not get to see him much. Sure, enough her little cunnie was swollen and full of cum. Auntie Maryanne made her feel better. I got her to tell me all the dirty details of her dirty daddy time. We ate each other out for hours. I love my boys, but no one eats my mommy pussy better than my little niece.

Incest Whore MaryAnne

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Adult Phone Chat with a BBC Whore

adult phone chatAdult phone chat sluts love giving head. You cannot be a phone whore and not love to suck cock. Hell, you cannot be a whore and not suck cock. I am a big dick sucker and a BBC whore. I was raised on big black cock. My mother was a black cock whore. Every time my father left for the road, my mom was entertaining black men in our trailer. My dad being a trucker helped my mom be a black cock cheating whore because he was gone all the time. One day, I helped my mom out with one of her hung Johns. I had to have his cock. He was like a foot long. Sure, I was a virgin. I had sucked on a few cucumbers, but I had never had the real thing. Once my mother’s special friend caught me watching, he wanted in on the fun of fucking a young teen girl. I sucked his cock emulating all the sexy moves I saw my mom use with her lovers. I got my first jizz bomb to my mouth and I was hooked. A cum dumpster was born that day. My mom reluctantly let me share his cock with her. I thought she may be jealous because I was younger than her and her lovers all wanted to fuck me. She saw it as a money making opportunity. Her black lovers paid double if I was sucking cock with her. My momma was a sexy slut, and I was a jailbait whore. Together we made bank behind daddy’s back. Now, I am an adult and a black cock whore. I still slurp on big black cocks for money and pleasure. I owe it all to my mommy too. She instilled in me early in life that big black cocks are the best cocks around.

Sexy Slut Beverly

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Adult Phone Chat With A Teeny Girl

Adult Phone Cunt
Summer time is coming to an end, but Summer Thyme (that’s me!) is cumming to the memories of everything I did this fucking year and I’m going to tell all in the adult phone chat session you and I are going to have. I did not let a damn virus stop me from living my slutty girl summer.

We get vaccinated around here! But holy fuck did I have Ninety Days of Summer Cummer fun! I made sure that I took a load every day of every week of every month – yes a minimum of one! It’s so good for my sweet, soft skin. It helps my long hair grow, and even fills in my ass and tits even more. I spent my hot days lying in the cool dark of some man’s room, and my nights under the stars riding hard cocks in the back of my pick up truck.

If you even knew half of the trouble I was getting into, you might be shocked. I look so innocent but I’m really a hot little teen slut who’s eager to get filled up. Your balls are full, aren’t they babe? Let me drain them for you; you’re gonna cum hard, babe.

Sexy Slut

Teen Slut Summer

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adult phone chat is fantastic for perverts

adult phone chat

Adult phone chat is fantastic for perverts. Boy, do I have a story for you. My mom has always had a freaky side to her. I have noticed her urges come on pretty strong. I can tell when she is about to be a complete nymphomaniac when she gets a little buzzed. My mom’s pussy is always extremely wet. I love getting between her legs, lick her slit, and make her feel like a nasty slut. You love it, mommy, don’t you. I won’t stick my finger in there and hit that spot without warning.


Mommy and my time are also equivalent to use Tribbing together. If you don’t know what Tribbing is, you are missing out on some hot lesbo action. Go on your fave pornsite and see hot women clit to clit. They are so into rubbing their cunts together till they bust one each other. Mommy and I love to bring toys to the mix and fuck each other while daddy watches the fun, Daddy you can’t come to join the fun. You only have to view the show.


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adult phone chat is the best fun ever

adult phone chat

Adult phone chat is the best fun ever! I know you want a sweet girl who is willing to do whatever your heart desires. It is going to be a nice time with me. You can surely fuck my ass and pussy whenever you want me. Help me with my homework and then seduce me with your hands. Rub up on me, let me feel your hard cock. It is so stuck and thick, and it’s quite possibly the best thing I’ve ever felt in my life.

It is our secret and doesn’t worry, I won’t tell my parents about our extracurricular activities. It stays between you and me when you get the urge to fuck me roughly. You can do so, no questions asked. I won’t ever deny you pleasure. I want to taste your cock, and I want to feel it, and I want to fucking lick tip cocks head. Kiss it for you and make you feel like you are in heaven.

I want to learn to be your slutty whore and will definitely get an A while I please you, of course.


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Teen Adult phone chat Chronicles

adult phone chat

Cum filled smorgasbord of teen slut accomplices for your cock. Princesses of Age play of you will! Let me weave your erection into a tale of two young cheer sluts who would do anything to make your cock happy! 


Delilah and I were on the cheer squad together and got into all types of trouble with our young tight teen bodies too! See, There was this chemistry teacher who would pick on the females in class and call them out for the dumbest shit. I remember once he failed me because I didn’t type my paper in double space. But as Delilah and I discovered his cock would get hard for us. Now, we are not dumb sluts, we are crafty conniving girls who get what we want. Chem Lab was one of our favorite places and the only place our bodies didn’t get us a passing grade. 


It was up to me and Delilah to create jackoff porn our teacher couldn’t resist. 


jackoff porn

It’s our senior year and we are bound to determine to get our free ride to college. So, we took liberties of tracking down our “teach” over the summer. We would walk past his house daily, licking popsicles and giggling loudly until we got his attention one hazy morning. In Tow we would have our little girl charges. He called us out and asked why we were on the wrong side of town. We proclaimed it was innocent. These girls required two babysitters and They loved to walk with us! There was no denying the hard on he had in his boxers as the wind blew open his robe. The head was sticking out over the top of his waistband and Delilah and I both knew our time had cum! We would go on to seduce him to the ways of young slut accomplices and past chem lab with flying colors. These teen seductresses know how to get what we want! Wouldn’t you like to know all our sordid 2 girl phone sex secrets?


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Adult Phone Chat Druggy PMom

Adult Phone Chat
I’m the most desperate addict I know. I’ve taken to prowling the adult phone chat for a new source of gathering clientele, since I’m a traveling slut and all. Well, one of my regulars asked me to bring my little darlings along for a sesh and offered me a quarter pound of pot in return. I prefer the harder shit but Bob Marley’s bane gets me through my days. I eagerly said yes, and packed up all eight of my youngins to head to his place.

When we got there, he had several blunts as thick as my finger laid out, and he insisted we each smoked one each. Now some of my sweet ones can handle their hash, but some of them have never even tried it. Before long, everyone was giggling and getting horny! This shit was laced with some serious aphrodisiac and it was driving me crazy.

Our client grabbed my little girl and forced her open, sleeping mouth over his cock. Well she began to suck it in her sleep, and woke up to a hot load in her throat. She started screaming, but her forced drugging was too powerful for her tiny body to fight.

Dirty Mommy Phone Sex

Druggy PMom, Amara

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Adult Phone Chat Sluts

Adult phone chat sluts have the best lives. You do not get into this business being choir girls. My life is not typical of most women’s Iives. I would make your wife blush. I ran away from home when I was a teen girl and never saw my mother again. I doubt she ever looked for me. All of her boyfriends wanted me over her and she grew to resent me for that. She turned a blind eye when they fucked me. I never wanted fucked by her scuzzy trucker boyfriends. I hitched to California from Minnesota and I have not  left California since. I hooked on the streets to make money to pay for a sleazy motel that rented by the week. I lucked out because men paid me well because I was a jailbait hooker. I met my future husband on the streets because he was out looking for a young whore. It was like meeting God. He became my regular then he moved me into his house. He was a porn producer. Just a filthy rich old man who liked young girls. He made me a porn starlet when I was 18 and by 20 I was his wife and the mother of his little ones. I continued to birth him brats until I was in my early thirties. Now I am forty and he is dead. He got to play with daughters before he died. They knew their daddy’s love. I am a P mommy and a phone sex whore. I am also raising the little ones of my late husband’s first born daughter as she is in prison. My husband taught me the joys of being a P parent. I make money slutting my little ones out to P men my husband knew. Their little holes keep me living in the life of luxury. No other job could I talk about my experiences like this one. I cannot wait to share some of the dirty details with you.

adult phone chat

Sexy Slut Gianna

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Adult Phone Chat with a Slut Wife

adult phone chatI love adult phone chat. I am not just saying that because I make money talking dirty. I do not need the money because I married a wealthy guy. I am a trophy wife who married for money not cock size. My husband was onboard with it too. He knew the only way to have a smoking hot wife was to be my cuckold.  I get to fuck whomever I want and talk dirty on the phone whenever I please too. Sometimes, I get to do both at once. I had a black stud over when a regular called me for small dick humiliation. I used my lover to help. Now my caller could not see him, but he could hear me gagging on his huge monster cock.  Why deep throat a dildo when the real thing is in the house? I am a sexy milf. I deserve big cock. I made my caller know that. I made him hear what I sound like getting a big dick. Then I sucked on my pinky to demonstrate what it would be like to suck his puny dick. My caller loved hearing a real man skull fuck me.  I sure as hell did not mind getting a big dick while phone shaming a tiny dick loser. After my call ended, I had to fuck my stud. Sucking a big dick makes me so horny. So does laughing at tiny dick losers.  I can multi task like a pro. I love my job. I mean where else can I suck on big black dick while shaming a little white dick at the same time while “working?” I have the best job ever.

Slut Wife Vinny

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Adult Phone Chat With Sexy Belle

Adult phone chat for you daddy let’s play together all night and cum all day while you play with my barely legal pussy and make me you naughty fuck doll. When you are away and on the phone with me, I love rubbing myself and sticking my fingers into my tight cunt getting myself ready for your hard dick to be pushed inside and stretch me out. I love being daddy’s worthless fuck doll. When you use me for your fun and cover me in your cum it makes me so excited in my pussy. My juices are really flowing!adult phone chat

Now that I have you hear with me, I am going to lift my bare bottom up and throw my legs over my head, spreading my pussy lips to give you a great and perfect show of my soaked up pussy ready to be used at your disposal. The last time I was played with me I did not get to cum at all. Won’t you let me daddy? Come over my to my tight teen body and make me all yours by force fucking my tight teen holes and fill me up with buckets of your cum in me!

I deserve to get fucked by big cocks. Maybe I can take cock after cock into all three of my holes by your friends and you can watch while they fill me up and make me scream all night! Daddy make me scream and beg for all of you to let me finish and finally cum. I need the release of my clenching and quenching pussy wanting all of my juices to flow out of me! I’m your dirty slut ready to be covered and filled up with cum, I’m such a dirty cock whore and I want it all!

Adult Phone Chat Slut Belle

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