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Adult Phone Chat With This MagiCunt!


Adult Phone ChatYou’re not getting the most out of your adult phone chat sessions until you give Goddess Reesa a try, I promise. I’m the Domme Mommy of your absolute dreams. Say the magic words; “You own me, Goddess.” And I’ll take all the worry away. Goddess will tell you what to wear, what to eat, how and when. I’ll dress you like the sexy little toy that you are, and parade that cock around. You’ll pleasure who I tell you to, and do as I say. Do you understand?

Surrender yourself to me. I’ll edge you, and cuck you, and play and tease and love you unlike any other Domme you’ve ever encountered. Harsh, tender, and fucking hotter than the sun. It’s rude to ask a woman her age, but I’m in my fucking prime, and my literal fucking prime.

I know how to Dom right, in that special way that leaves you trembling and unable to sleep until you know when you’ll be getting another dose of me. I’m fucking magic, sweetheart. A magical cunt, a magicunt if you will. Show me your magic wand; I might even open wide to say abra, kadabra, alakazam! If you’re big enough, Mommy will slurp down your cock. If you’re not, it’s the strap on for you, pretty baby.

Adult Phone Chat Lines

Domme Mommy Reesa

(800) 270-5026 ext 824

Adult phone chat with a cutie

adult phone chat

Adult phone chat is the best. I love to be able to make all those fantasies come true. You want me to be your sweet girl who loves to take daddy’s cock? No problem, I have plenty of experience taking daddy’s cock. I have done it since I can remember. Mommy has to keep up with my horny cravings, and she can’t daddy has had a taste of sweet young pussy, and he doesn’t want to go back.  You can bet your ass you will have the best incest hot roleplay fun with me. It’s about to be a dream come true when you hear my hot voice.

Time to jerk that cock and close your eyes and go to town. How amazing will that feeling be? It will linger for days. Every single time you want to jerk, you will have to think about me. It is about to be so fucking wild because you will be obsessed without a doubt. It will have you wanting to always think about me when you make that cock cum.

Whatever your fetish or craving, I will have you covered.


(800) 205-7903 ext 805

BBW Fantasies Adult Phone chat

You don’t want some boring stick-figure skeleton girl, for adult phone chat, now, do you? You want a chubby cum whore princess with delicious curves to squeeze and hold! Even though I’m a younger girl, I’m quite curvy and luscious. Come get lost in my pillowy and soft body parts if you’re tired of all the skinny women. I’m very laid-back and love to have sex with women, guys, and everything in between! Honestly, I don’t have many limits and I’m pretty much a switch. I can be kind of bossy or a sexy submissive slut. My dangerous curves can seduce you and I’ll dominate you as your bratty daughter! For those in the mood to feel powerful, I can submit and become your fat fuck toy! I guess it all depends on what kind of person you are and what you feel like. I am open-minded about a lot of things and I might let you choose! I am either your bratty school girl or your obedient fuck slut. My Taboo Fat Girl Fantasies are so much fun to explore, and I love discussing things that make men go crazy! I enjoy deep dark cum worthy conversations of every kind!adult phone chat


Lets watch Jacoff porn and masterbate together tonight!


It is obvious you love cumming for big ass BBW women! Is that all your cock gets hard for? *Giggle* then cum to me! These big soft pillows of tit that you can get your face or cock lost in for hours, await you! Confess your favorite fetishes with a curvy seductress. Bow down and be cuckolded and humiliated, The choice is yours! Even if your fantasies and/or confession are dark or extreme, I want to hear all about it and tell you and share some of my own very dirty secrets too.

Curvy Catherine

800-988-2055 EXT 814

Adult phone chat with Mommy Regina

adult phone chat

Adult phone chat with your mommy. What could be better. We have a lot to talk about. Starting with your dick size. Oh, don’t pretend you hid jacking off for mommy very well. 

I have seen that cock in your hands so many times. But I let you keep peeping on me. 

Why because it  keeps mommy horny. My own son is jacking off as I get dirty and dirtier. 

First it was being naked as I changed. Then it was long soapy sensual showers. And last night mommy pulled out her rabbit and began to fuck herself with it! I didn’t want you to leave so I moaned your name. Your own mommy locked eyes with you and requested in silence your assistance. 

It was live jackoff porn for my boy. His cock out and hard, and I wondered if he had his first cum shot.  I was about to see if I could procure my own sons cum. I motioned him to the bed and told him in a husky breathe to get his dick out. I wanted to watch him stroke as I pushed this vibrating toy in and out of me. I loved the way he watched every part of my flesh. 


And when I grabbed his hand to touch me, he almost fainted. 


Boys can be so shy and awkward. Perhaps that is what draws me in. that innocence, raw sexual needs. Its very arousing for me, that is all I know. I began to take over stroking for my son. His fingers found my tits, my belly and my wet pussy. Slow, as he was exploring forbidden terrain. Instinctually he removed the toy and asked if he could taste me. Men my age almost never go for the pussy eating first. He was brand new to a woman’s body. My son had to taste me. ANd soon I would taste his sweet young dick! 


Mommy Regina

(800) 988-2055 ext. 820

All This Thickness

Adult phone chat I always dreamed of finding a man that wasn’t ashamed of my thickness. You came into my life at the right time. Tired of cookie cutter females you dated in the past you wanted a big beautiful woman on your arm. You approached me and asked If you could take me back to your place. It was forward but I went along with it. You were amazed when I undressed for you and saw all my amazing curves you couldn’t wait to put your dick inside this soft pussy. We were fucking all night. You couldn’t stop watching my ass bouncing up and down on that dick. You told me that I’m a big fine woman so back that ass up. It’s so fulfilling to have sex with a real man that loves my body just the way it is. You also enjoy putting your cock between my large tits and titty fucking. A thick girl like me is a dream come true.

Jenna BBW

800-248-6755 Ext. 809

Adult Phone Chat Mommy

adult phone chat

You know, sometimes at the end of a long and stressful day, you just need a little bit of adult phone chat. You’re a busy man, so you don’t have time for a regular girlfriend or wife. But you’re only human so you sometimes need some sexual connection with someone else other than your hand. You want to hear a friendly, sexy voice on the end of the line telling you about all the erotic, dirty things she would do to you if she were there. I’ve been told that I have the most seductive voice you’ll ever hear in your life.
Oh, and just wait until you hear my golden voice start to moan. If you say the right things to me, I’ll reach down between my long legs and start rubbing my pussy for you. You can be slow and sensual or you can tell me how you’d like to give it to me hard and rough me up a little. I love both of those things, so it’s up to you. I just know that when I start moaning and cumming, that’s going to send you over the edge. Are you ready to play with me now? Call me.


(800) 224-4604 ext 803

Adult Phone Chat Coke Whores

adult phone chat

I am always ready to fuck. I am an adult phone chat slut after all. I have never been one to be ashamed of my indiscretions. I am a stripper and phone sex whore for a reason. I love cock, but my pussy and body demand the sweet essence of pure coke! One little sniff and my pussy have a mind of its own. I get dripping wet when I am partying with my favorite cock callers. I am not ashamed to say more often than not I have my king-sized rabbit out and am watching myself from a big mirror! I love snorting a line and watching my pussy get sloppy wet. And then you know what happens. The cum loads the gutter whore took come oozing out of my bare snatch. Make no mistake I am creating my own jackoff porn. Fucking myself laying back being a high bitch for you. But that’s why you called me. A sweet big titted whore back from a night of partying. Cum filled pussy just waiting on you to do lines with. My pussy will warm up and then it is off to nastyville describing my life. I told you I am not shy. I get off on you being hard and cumming to my slut life. I don’t mean to brag but I get a lot of cock and cock. And that means I get a lot of cum loads.

While I do sling my pussy for cash and dope. I also like free for all gangbangs. I mean as long as my ass gets gaped open I am good baby! While I am no Rope Bunny I do love to be a submissive piece of ass for multiple cocks. So If you want to know how a real whore with a hot body lives, you know where I am! Cum with Hadley baby.

Hardcore Hadley


Black Cock Love Adult Phone Chat

adult phone chat

I am a new adult phone chat slut that loves black cock and black cock only. I do enjoy making you slurp this young cunt clean from all the black cock creme de la creme that is deep inside me. I went to an all-girls school, and something about the strict way we were taught made me want a cock like a teen. Only the way to get cock was to go over the railroad tracks and smoke weed with those big black boys from the local high school. Someone tells you to not have sex and being the rebel I am I needed to know all about cock! I saw how my male teachers looked at me after I had gotten the very first taste of being bottomed out and sucking BIG black negro dick. They smelled sex and they wanted me. I laughed out loud the first time I saw those white cocks. We were in the Janitors closet and another teacher busted us. Needless to say, the bad girl was thrown out of school.

But that was okay with me because mommy didn’t mind me fucking every big black football player I could. I would go home and tell her that I was creampie. Shit, it was her idea to boost my grade by giving my young cream filled twat to my math teacher. I even made jackoff porn first and sent My math teacher the pussy I played with and told him that cum formed a black athlete and if he wanted to clean it up then I would let him. I became the cuckolding sissy trainer I am because mommy had the idea to train me to be just like her.

My own Papa is a closet sissy and I learned all I know from sissy fag daddy and cuckold queen Mommy. But Black cocks will always be this size Princesses favorite!




anal sex whore to the fullest

anal sex whoreI got a small part-time job. My husband wasn’t too thrilled, but I was bored at home, and I liked working close with the students on campus. I got acquainted quickly with so many of them. I knew it would happen. I lust after boys that are even younger than mines. College cock is some of the best. I was caught one day jerking off one of the boys by the campus dean. I was prepared to lose it all and was willing to do anything in my power to stop him from making a report.

To my surprise, all I had to give up was my ass. I had to be his anal sex whore for the school year. I could keep giving my p-mommy pussy every cock I desired, but the deans dick had to be pleased. I could live with that. In all honesty, his dick wasn’t too bad. I enjoyed the girth and the amount of cum that would shoot out of him. I could appreciate it and could learn even to love it, I know nothing compares to young jizz, but Dean Dennis was a close second. Not even my husband fucked my asshole as good as the dean would. I had to keep the dean happy, and I was doing quite a great job at doing so.

Things even got frisky when Dean Dennis invited a few of the college football players over to run a train on me while he watched. This part-time was my oasis outside of everyday life. I can’t believe I found my paradise being a p-mommy loving slut. I know what-what gets me off and fresh young cum and a man who knows how to give order do precisely that. I get off every single time and cum harder and harder.



Adult phone chat with anal lover

adult phone chat

Adult phone chat is a blast. I like to talk about all the times I been an anal slut. Most girls don’t like getting their asses pounded but I love my ass getting filled and fucked. My holes being stretched is so hot. I need a nice ass shot once in a while, Well actually If I am being honest I need my ass fucked and pounded nonstop. My holes being fucked till I am on the verge of screaming is what I call a great ass pound. My holes should be ready for whatever comes their way. The thicker and bigger you are the happier I will be. I need your cock in my ass pretty please. If you bring a friend a long that is always fun too, The more the merrier. I could enjoy being the house slut if you like too, I think my holes were made to be used and don’t want to waste a day without them being put to work.



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