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Adult Phone Chat Sex Education

adult phone chat Adult phone chat with me is always dirty. Like extra dirty because I love young boys. I am a P mommy. Well step mommy to be exact. I have raised my husband’s sons from his first marriage since they were knee high. Now they are college boys. I have been fucking them since the day I married their daddy. I knew he was older than me and likely his dick would not work forever, but he had two young boys who I knew would take care of their sexy step mom once my hormones went into over drive. Every day before school, I woke them up with a blowjob. Their father was long gone at work by the time they needed to get up for school. My mouth is an amazing alarm clock. I would blow them awake and they would give me the cream I needed for my coffee. Actually, I never acquired a taste for coffee. I have always been all about the cream. Now that the boys are out of the house, I miss giving head every morning. Luckily for me there is a home schooled boy on the block. He is of that age where his dick is his best friend. I brought him some MILF and cookies one day and now we fuck like rabbits several times a day. I know what you are thinking. How is that possible with a home school boy. Easy. His parents leave for work at 6 AM and the boy answers to an online teacher. We make sure I am never on cam. I can blow his little wiener while he sits at his desk in his bedroom learning about history. I give him  human anatomy and human sexuality lessons, so my encounters with him every day help to further his education. I am better than jackoff porn.

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I love adult phone chat

adult phone chatI am a proud anal sex whore and I don’t ever want to be anything else! What can I say? I love a big fat cock in my ass and if I had my way, I’d have one in there every fucking day! I’m a total slut, I have been since I was a teen but I don’t ever feel bad about it, someone has to be the slut right? It may as well be me seeing as how I love being the dirtiest, nastiest little slut I can possibly be. Trust me hun, there is nothing that you could ask me to do that I won’t do…even if we are talking about piss, shit or even fucking your furry little friends! I want to get wild and crazy and try something new, don’t you? Tell me all of your nastiest fantasies hun,  I just know that whatever they are, I am going to be turned on by them too! Just try me, you’ll see!

Dirty mommy phone sex

dirty mommy phone sex

I was laying down watching tv in my room, relaxing applying lotion all over my body. Starting with my legs then working the lotion up my thighs then up my bald pussy. I heard a noise in the living room and decided to see what was going on, so I made my way through the house until I noticed that it was just my son working out. To my suprise I lost my balacance due to the floor

being wet and fell, exposing my nude body to my son. I was just wearing a towel to begin with. My son rushed over to help me get up, and then he noticed my huge delcious mommy titties, and my bald wet cunt. As he reached over to grab me to help me up I could tell that he wanted to see more and was fighting the urge to not

look away. I thanked him for helping me up when suddenly I lost my balance again this time grabbing my son and bringing him down with me. It took a while for my son to grasp what was happening since he was on top of me, with his face burried in my chest and his booner touching my wet cunt. I didnt expect my son to reach down with his

hands to finger my wet bald pussy, but i didnt try to stop him either because it felt incredible. I spread my legs wide for him letting him twist and spin and work his fingers in side of my really wet twat. I couldn’t help but moan as he began grabing me hard kissing me up

and down my body. I grabbed his thick throbing cock and begged him to penetrate me. My son ripped off his shorts and undear wear and slid his huge cock in to my wet cunt. I grabbed him forcing him to slide all the way inside of me until it could not longer go any further. I told him to fuck his mommy hard and fast. Those words really motivated him since he kept slamming his thick hard cock in and out of my pussy. Making me sore as rolled his hips into me. Until finally he bursted and came all inside of me leaving my pussy cream pied and raw.I guess I am to much of a freak to care since mommy likes to get fucked.

Slutty phone sex, doing what I do best

slutty phone sex

I took my son to get a physical so he could join some extracurricular activities this coming school year. So the female doctor came in and told him to drop his pants so she could check his balls. When she glanced down to see if everything was ok she smiled and looked so surprised seeing his enormous cock. She couldn’t help but loose her train of thought and bite her lip since she obviously loved what she saw.  She stuttered so bad she had to step out and tell us that we were set to go. My son reached for his pants and I stopped him telling him to remain quiet as I got down on my knees. I began fucking his cock with my throat making sure it was wet as it slid in and out of my throat. My son trying not to moan began thrusting his hips hard into my mouth making his big mushroom head slide and crash the back of my throat. I sucked and stroked his cock with my hands making it feel incredible as I ordered him to cum in my throat. He pushed his cock deep into my mouth allowing him self to explode his juicy wet cum into the back of my throat. Once I was sure he was finished cuming I began snowballing back into his mouth so he could taste his juicy yummy cum. office visit throat fucks will always be something special especially since its scandalous.

Anal sex is the best sex!

adult phone chatDo you know what I love about anal sex? Umm fucking everything that’s what! I love getting my tight little asshole stretched way out by your giant cocks… and seriously bring a friend with you too cus one dick is never enough for me! I need a cock in every hole and some extras for after the first ones are done… I am just that kind of whore. If I could do nothing but fuck all day long I would, some people would call me an addict but I don’t give a fuck, I’ll suck their dick too! I’m the kind of whore that is always ready to fuck… and I am totally down for whatever too, nothing is too kinky or too nasty for me! Shit, I’ll even suck the shit off your cock after it’s done fucking my dirty asshole, I don’t give a fuck at all! I’m the whore you need in your life baby I can tell you that for sure!

Phone sex specials with Daphne

Phone sex specials

No body is going to love you like mommy. Turn your cell phone off and get naked next to me in this bed. Rub your body up against mommas’ and play with my pussy. Boy you should know that your mommy is always hot and horny for you! I want your cock all the time. I can not deny that I want my sweet son’s cock! There is no need to rush this. Mommy is going to take care of you. I want to make my sweet son feel so fucking good. You have me so fucking excited. I want to lick your body up and down! You should know I am  not going to fight my feelings for you. I have wanted you back inside of me since you came out of me. My body is calling to you and wants you to fill me up! I want to feel my son’s yummy baby batter in my tummy! Oh yes honey, fill mommy up with your cum!

I love dirty mommy phone sex!

dirty mommy phone sexI love dirty mommy phone sex because I can be myself completely and tell all you horny daddies all of my incest fantasies. Who else could I tell this stuff too? No one else truly understands the intimate bond between a mother and her offspring. Like last night, my son couldn’t sleep so he crawled into my bed. I sleep naked so as soon as he touched me under the blankets his little cock got really hard. Now, most mothers would be a prude about it, they would make him go to his own room and suffer blue balls just because they can’t understand how sexual a mother/son relationship can be! How cruel is that? I could never let my sweet son suffer like that so I did what any good mother should do… I threw back the blankets and sucked his little dickie! He loves it when mommy plays with him like that and it makes him nice and sleepy after he cums too, so really where’s the harm in it? The fact that it really turns me on to do it is just icing on the cake!

I bet you wanna play with a girl like me!

teen sex blogsI bet you wanna play with a sexy young girl like me don’t you? I am super cute and really, really dirty just like Daddy taught me to be. I love to suck cock and I will let you fuck all my holes, nothing is off limits for me! I know what you’re thinking…aren’t I too young to be such a naughty little slut?! Well, hehe! Barely legal over here! I’ll choke on your dick until cum is dripping down my pretty little face. Make me your cum slut, and then fuck my little holes until your cock feels ALL better! I won’t be like your wife, I never ever nag or complain, I’m just here to fuck and suck and make you super happy every single day! I am going to be whatever you want me to be Daddy I promise! You are going to love playing with me I just know it and you know what else? I can’t wait to talk to you!!

Lets have some fun!

dirty mommy phone sexIt is summertime! No more school, no more work just time to play with my little ones and a whole bunch of dirty daddies! We are going to be having many, many pool parties and you know how wild my pool parties can get, don’t you? See all the horny mommies and daddies that come to my parties have to bring at least one little one with them… that way we can all swap little ones and have twice the fun! You get to see you little guys and girls fucking new people all while you are enjoying some fresh new baby boy cock or little girl pussy of your own! Doesn’t that just sound like heaven?? All those little naked bodies, all those big fat cocks going into holes you think could never fit them but somehow they do, all that kinky sex happening right in front of you, man it is always the best time ever! You should really try one of my parties, I just know that you will love it!

You are going to love my pool parties!

dirty mommy phone sexOh baby, you are going to absolutely love my pool parties! Just picture it, all my little ones wearing tight little bathing suits that are just a little bit too small for them and all soaking wet. Those little suits won’t be on for long either, we will make sure to strip them off so you can get a really good look at those sweet little bodes… and feel free to take yours off too, we are all going to join in on the fun! We’ll skinny dip for a while and then we will have some real fun… all of us fucking and sucking and getting as nasty as we possibly can! I can’t wait to see you fuck my little ones, I want all their little holes to be gaped wide open and filled with cum… there’s nothing in life that turns me on more! Come and join in on the fun baby, you know that this is going to be the best pool party ever!

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