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Adult Phone Chat Therapy

adult phone chat

Adult phone chat therapy is very popular. I am a phone therapist and a real one too. I went to grad school for psychology. I teach and I have a private practice. And I do phone sex on the side. I started this line of work in grad school. I needed a job that I could do from home. And I wanted research on sexual fetishes and kinks for a paper I was doing. My early callers were my lab rats of sorts. I specialize in sexual dysfunction and fetishes. Right now, my private practice is full of cuckolds. Men with small dicks who cannot satisfy women. Some men who come to me are married. Some cannot get a woman to save their lives because they have a small dick. My kind of therapy is the same either way. I give a healthy does of small dick humiliation, and if married, I encourage the wife to cheat. I love helping women do better. Better than their shrimp dick men. If you come to me for phone therapy, I will be brutally honest. I am a cock size queen. Women need to be with men with big cocks. Cuckolding men is something I love to do. I will not stroke your ego or blow smoke up your ass. I am team woman and women deserve big dick.

Phone Sex Therapist Farah

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Adult Phone Chat Horny Milf

Adult phone chat with a Horny Milf what every boy needs. I’m Eva a naughty naughty milf and nothing I love more than playing with my son. An incestuous mommy that loves young cock. My sons friends all enjoy coming over to our place. My horny milf pictures can be found on many of those boys his phones.

Texting my sons friends my hot horny milf pictures it’s always fun. I just love to rub my pussy thinking about those hard teen cocks. And they just love looking at my pussy my tits and my ass.  They sit in class with hard-ons for a naughty milf.

It’s really hard for me to deny my appreciation for young horny guys. Those young guys can keep going for hours fucking a cougar cut like mine. You know that’s what every cougar needs is a hot young fuck.  Guys fantasize about mommy all the time. I’m a hot mommy that they fantasize about. Catching these young men jerking off in my bathroom and smelling my panties it’s always so much fun. It’s true, I do discipline them. But I discipline them my way.

My way of disciplining these young men is often by making them watch me fuck. I make them watch me fuck a big daddy cock. A big alpha bull cock. Huge cock that spreads my milf cougar cunt open. Fucking these hung guys in front of younger hard teens is exciting. What’s more exciting is making them clean me up

My milf cream pied pussy is ready for you to feast on. I cannot wait to sit on your face young man.

Adult Phone Chat

Horny Sexy Milf Eva

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Adult Phone Chat for Christmas

adult phone chatAdult phone chat holidays are the best. I am a dirty mommy with a blended family, so I enjoy the holidays a lot. It is a chance for my two sons and daughter from my first marriage to spend some time with me and their half siblings from my second marriage. Last year, we could not all be together because of travel restrictions. Now, we are ready to celebrate like a family should. I fuck all my sons and daughters. The difference now is that I have a husband who joins me in the family fun. It makes incest so much hotter when both parents partake and there are no secrets. My oldest son is already here. And we have been making up for lost time by fucking like rabbits. My youngest son is a bit jealous because his big brother is monopolizing mommy’s holes. Last night, I had them share me. I have a couple holes that can be used. I love being a mommy whore. My sons enjoyed sharing me. My oldest boy showed his baby brother some moves. My daughter watched and played with her bald pussy. It was all so fucking hot. My middle son arrives tomorrow, then I get to be a three-hole whore. I just love the holidays.

Dirty Mom Nicolette

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Adult Phone Chat for the Holidays

adult phone chatAdult phone chat is what you should give yourself for the holidays.  There is nothing better than some unrestricted family fun fantasies. I love being a dirty mommy for men. I love being their P accomplice too. When I started playing with my son and daughter, it was just us. My husband was gone. When we got divorced, he went MIA on his son and daughter too. I would have loved to have a man like you in my life. I know my daughter would have loved that too. My daughter is grown up now with a new little bundle of joy of her own. She lives with her brother, who is the baby daddy too. He is both an uncle and a father. I am dating a man with a teen son. For the first time, I have a man who I can be myself with. He wants me to play with his son. He likes to watch. I am too old now to give him a daughter, but he will be the only grandpa my little angel knows. We will get to be dirty P grandparents and I cannot wait for that.  It is good to have some one you can share your dirtiest thoughts and desires with. I have finally found that. Maybe I can be that person for you!

Sexy Mommy Victoria

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Jackoff Porn With Mommy Polly

Jackoff Porn

I can give you something sexier and way better than jackoff porn, baby. Mommy can give you anything you want, including the cunt of Mommy or your sisters. I know you’ve been talking about wanting some more porn magazines to keep up in your room but I was thinking maybe it’s time you start sleeping in Mommy’s room at night again! I think your cock needs milked perfectly and those hot young hands of yours are far too clumsy to handle your delicious dick. I need that son cum, and I need a lot of it. The thought of incest makes me so wet I can’t explain!

Here, lay down in Mommy’s bed and let me jack you off baby. I’m going to make you feel so fucking good you won’t ever want to use your own hand to masturbate again. And why should you when you have my hands, my mouth, even my tight little shit chute and Mommy’s pussy hole! Cougar’s are in for the season, cub. If you wanted something younger, fresher, more fragile – I’d be happy to offer any one of your three sisters to you. They’ve got those tight, young bodies. Hairless, with nice asses and hot honey holes. Who do you want to fuck first, baby?

Dirty Mommy Phone Sex

Dirty Mommy Polly

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Adult Phone Chat Whore

adult phone chatAdult phone chat sluts make the best lovers. If you talk dirty you play dirty. I am a dirty mommy. My husband and I have a big brothel of little sluts we pimp out. We make good money as a family of whores. Even I make great money because someone always wants to hire a trashy milf. Last night I was hired by a daddy who wanted a pro to make his son a man. A few decades ago, it was common for dads to hire hookers to make their sons men. It is not so common anymore, but I love doing it. I have three sons and my mommy pussy was the first pussy they had. I love being the first woman for a boy because I can teach him some things like how to eat pussy and how to last longer than three pumps, LOL. This birthday boy last night had no skill. He was shy and awkward. No game with the girls. I saw why daddy wanted me to take his virginity. He had a decent sized dick for his age too. The poor boy did not even know how to masturbate. I was with him all night, which was plenty of time to give him some swag. Boys who have had pussy have more confidence. I showed him how to jack off and he may never stop touching his dick! I was paid well to do something I love. It almost felt like larceny. I took the money though and told the boy to stay in touch. A few more years and that boy could be in porn!

Dirty Mom Lilibeth

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Adult Phone Chat: Knock Up Mommy

adult phone chat

This mommy gives the best adult phone chat you can find.  As a sexy mommy and milf I play with my offspring and lots of neighbor boys and girls too. I get older and my playmates get younger. It is perfect.  I have no limits or taboos. A caller wanted to do an extra hot taboo role play today.  I could tell he was nervous about his fantasy. I assured him that there was not much I have not done. I am a sex addict. I need cock like I need air. He wanted to knock up mommy. My only regret is I never let any of my boys knock me up. I am past my prime for that at 54, but I love a good role play. In our fantasy mommy role play, I stopped birth control. I told my son I wanted him to fuck me daily to get me pregnant.  I told him he was man of the house now since daddy left. I told him mommy needed another little one. I discussed it with my boy, and he admitted he always wanted to fuck mommy.  It is a healthy and normal desire. Lots of men have impregnation fantasies. My son agreed to knock up mommy. It was a hot mommy son role play. Fantasy or not, putting a bun in mommy’s oven means you are helping to grow the family. You are keeping the legacy going. I told my son giving me another little one means I can groom our little one to be our fuck slut.  I would be lying if I said this was not a sexy role play. I love fantasy phone chat. We can age play and be whomever we want. I love to take care of your taboo role play too. I have no limits. I love being your mommy whore.


Sexy MILF Esmerelda

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Adult Phone Chat Mommy


adult phone chatI love adult phone chat. I can talk about anything with guys. I love to talk about incest. I have had family fun since I was a little girl. I grew up fucking my brothers and sisters. I think if I had not been a brother fucker, I may not have been a dirty mommy. But when you grow up thinking incest is normal, you have no qualms playing with little boy dick. I do not have a daughter, but I do have a little niece living with me and she has made life fun. Not that I do not enjoy my mother fuckers. I love fucking my little horn dogs, but my niece has such a sweet pussy. I love eating her pussy. She has a great cunt. It tastes like watermelon. Sweet and sticky. I ate her pussy last night after she came home from a friend’s house. She was hesitant to let me go down on her. She never is, so I knew something was up. Too young to have her period yet. I was thinking maybe she seduced the daddy of her friend. She s such a daddy’s girl. Her father is over seas now, so she does not get to see him much. Sure, enough her little cunnie was swollen and full of cum. Auntie Maryanne made her feel better. I got her to tell me all the dirty details of her dirty daddy time. We ate each other out for hours. I love my boys, but no one eats my mommy pussy better than my little niece.

Incest Whore MaryAnne

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Adult Phone Chat with a BBC Whore

adult phone chatAdult phone chat sluts love giving head. You cannot be a phone whore and not love to suck cock. Hell, you cannot be a whore and not suck cock. I am a big dick sucker and a BBC whore. I was raised on big black cock. My mother was a black cock whore. Every time my father left for the road, my mom was entertaining black men in our trailer. My dad being a trucker helped my mom be a black cock cheating whore because he was gone all the time. One day, I helped my mom out with one of her hung Johns. I had to have his cock. He was like a foot long. Sure, I was a virgin. I had sucked on a few cucumbers, but I had never had the real thing. Once my mother’s special friend caught me watching, he wanted in on the fun of fucking a young teen girl. I sucked his cock emulating all the sexy moves I saw my mom use with her lovers. I got my first jizz bomb to my mouth and I was hooked. A cum dumpster was born that day. My mom reluctantly let me share his cock with her. I thought she may be jealous because I was younger than her and her lovers all wanted to fuck me. She saw it as a money making opportunity. Her black lovers paid double if I was sucking cock with her. My momma was a sexy slut, and I was a jailbait whore. Together we made bank behind daddy’s back. Now, I am an adult and a black cock whore. I still slurp on big black cocks for money and pleasure. I owe it all to my mommy too. She instilled in me early in life that big black cocks are the best cocks around.

Sexy Slut Beverly

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Adult Phone Chat with An Anal Sex Whore

adult phone chat BlairLooking for adult phone chat with an anal whore? I am such an anal slut. Mommy’s ass is always open for business. I need hardcore ass fuckings daily. I want big cocks, multiple cocks, beer bottles, fists, anything that will gape my ass. That is what I need up my ass: big things that leave a mark. You see I am a druggy whore and a nasty freak. Sure, I look like a sexy milf next door, but not an anal freak, right? You would be surprised about what happens behind the closed doors of the houses in the gated communities. I like it rough. Last night, I got it rough too. I invited a few of my soccer mom friends over for some anal torture sex. They knew what I had planned, and they wanted in on the fun because they are dirty moms too. The older women get, the freakier they become. I was liberal with my pours into wine glasses. Once we were all liquored up, I offered my ass up first. I broke out the huge dildos and lube. The girls dipped their hands in the lube like it as paraffin wax. They started to gape my asshole wide. They were spitting into my ass and laughing, and they saw how many dildos they could cram in my ass at once. It felt pretty amazing if I am honest. They must have sodomized me for a good couple hours with sex toys, wine bottles and fists. Once my asshole was gaped open, we spread the anal love to my other girlfriends. When my little anal sexy mommas fest ended, we all had gaping assholes. We walked a little funny and wished we would have invited men like you to join us. You know, men who love to fuck a woman’s hot ass.

Taboo Anal Whore Blair

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