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Adult Phone Chat – Lot Lizard Slut

Adult Phone Chat

I’m an adult phone chat addict, and I love to tell all the tales about my times being a hooker whore. Me and my young ones consider ourselves some of the dirtiest lot lizard whores walking around this part of the truck stop. We make our fucking monies here without much of a struggle considering I’ve got eight little slutkins and they all have hot little holes. We parade ourselves between the cabs, and perverted fucking eyes gaze out at us.

It makes me pretty wet to be on display like this, to be dressed in micro skirts and crop tops! We love torn up fishnet fucks where the cum mixes with our sweat! And I always coach and coax my little ladies to be still and take that massive cock no matter what. Mommy helps to keep them calm. Don’t think that my cunt doesn’t get used, though. I have some dumb John’s cum dripping down from my wet Mommy hole. If you like it sloppy honey, love a druggy PMommy eager to rent out her little whores, I think you’ve cum to the right place. Can I climb in the cab? Got room for two? And last question, is it my son or my daughter you want to play with?

Dirty Mommy Phone Sex

Dirty Mommy Amara

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Adult Phone Chat Mommy


adult phone chatI love adult phone chat. I can talk about anything with guys. I love to talk about incest. I have had family fun since I was a little girl. I grew up fucking my brothers and sisters. I think if I had not been a brother fucker, I may not have been a dirty mommy. But when you grow up thinking incest is normal, you have no qualms playing with little boy dick. I do not have a daughter, but I do have a little niece living with me and she has made life fun. Not that I do not enjoy my mother fuckers. I love fucking my little horn dogs, but my niece has such a sweet pussy. I love eating her pussy. She has a great cunt. It tastes like watermelon. Sweet and sticky. I ate her pussy last night after she came home from a friend’s house. She was hesitant to let me go down on her. She never is, so I knew something was up. Too young to have her period yet. I was thinking maybe she seduced the daddy of her friend. She s such a daddy’s girl. Her father is over seas now, so she does not get to see him much. Sure, enough her little cunnie was swollen and full of cum. Auntie Maryanne made her feel better. I got her to tell me all the dirty details of her dirty daddy time. We ate each other out for hours. I love my boys, but no one eats my mommy pussy better than my little niece.

Incest Whore MaryAnne

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Adult Phone Chat Sluts Masseuse

Adult Phone Chat

Adult Phone Chat Sluts do personal massages and the last one I did came with a big black surprise. It felt like a normal massage even when his cock was hard it happens when you relax. But it all changed when he stuck his hand up my skirt fingered my cunt and smelled his fingers saying how I smelled like I needed a good pounding. I didn’t know what to say because he is a famous client. Before I could even move, he got up and shoved me on the massage table. Lifting my skirt and saying how he gets what he wants and right now he wanted my pussy hole. He shoved his big black throbbing cock in me. He pounded me hard as if he was trying to rip my hole open, and I could tell he has had this rape fantasy for a while. The way she was holding me down and pounding me like I was just a hole to nut in turned him on. He didn’t stop until he filled me up, he threw and extra hundred dollars at me and told me to leave.  


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adult phone chat makes you so fucking horny

adult phone chat

Adult phone chat makes you so fucking horny. I can’t blame the fact that you want a whore so filthy and nasty. I’m beyond disgusting. I love to bring over some young whores for you and show you why I am the mean of the queen. When I torture them and offer them up to you, your cock gets so hard and erect. You know you want me to beat and batter these whores.

Your cock twitches with plenty of excitement whenever I make these whore get on their knees and spread their holes wide. Open up cum whores. Let me show you why you belong on your knees. As worthless and pathetic as you are, you must realize you will forever be inferior to an accomplice princess like me. I’m very good at making girls cry out for help.

It makes me so horny and ready to explode and cum so hard. When you think about me, you will always get hard. I’m the only one you will encounter that will go above and beyond for those sicko twisted fantasies ingrained in your brain.

Nasty natasha

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Adult Phone Chat Slave

adult phone chat

Hello, Master. Do you fancy some adult phone chat with a submissive slut like me? I know that you will probably end up using me, but I hope that maybe you’ll want to just talk about some other sexual fantasies with me. Like, maybe we could fantasize about what it would be like if I weren’t submissive just this once. Maybe I could be the one to take control this time. I don’t mean I’m going to make you do humiliating and demeaning things the way you make me do them. I could just take control of our sexual encounter.

It would be kind of nice to tie you to the bed and tease you. As you know, I’ve never gotten to do that and I think it would be really exciting. I could ride you and squeeze your cock with my tight pussy and milk you until you have a really amazing orgasm. But I think that it would probably take me a long time to let you cum. That’s where the teasing part comes in. But trust me, it’s going to feel so good when you cum after being teased for a while. I know that from experience, and soon, you will too.


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Adult Phone Chat Snuff Play

Adult Phone Chat
I love adult phone chat that ends in violence. If you’ve ever been curious about bondage, torture, bloody play then I’m the bitch to speak with. The name is Indigo and I’m the butcher they warned you about. Yes, the one prowling the streets and luring unsuspecting victims to their death. Don’t act surprised that I can separate your ligaments and make a fucking tanned leather hide from your skin. I’d rip you limb from limb with my teeth if I had the time.

The truth is that there’s a fine art to snuff play – know your stuff, know how to paint a photo with words. Check it out, huh?

I was down a dreary alley hours after sunset, dragging the limp body of my latest kill behind me. Blood bubbled from pale lips, a crimson slime trail painting the cobblestones behind us. I’d feast on them in that alley, my fangs growing sharp as my hunger piqued. After that kill, I had to quench my sluttier hunger. My cunt was dripping.

If you want to play, I love a hop descriptive cyber where I can slash you all around, or we can torment a little loli dolly together. And what do you think of that, beloved?
Big Bouncy Breasts

Indigo, The Butcher

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P- Gilf Jackoff Porn

jackoff porn

As a pure piece of P-mommy Trash, I know what kinds of jackoff porn you need. And I’m not afraid to talk about it! To talk about the little rent a cunnies that you want to make family fun homemade movies with. Oh what’s not to love about a granny making the best of having a house full of brats. Being a p-mommy with her daughter and son being sexual playthings created a life of breeding whores and the men who love them. I love lighting a bowl and watching My littles ones have fun exploring each other’s bodies. Its even better if this cougar  gets some nice big dick to pound her while we watch the fuck tot show. My smooth bald older mommies pussy gets so slippery when a man loves to watch the taboo play of my youngins. That cock is the hardest it’s ever been, and I know it. I pass the bowl back and watch as this man loses his mind for some fresh ass and cunny and even cocklettes on occasion! Wink wink. I take adult phone chat into the most extreme fetishes of a man with an ache for a young hole.  


A can be an encouraging P-Gilf, or a sadistic mommy who loves your murder and rape fantasies!


The choice is yours, though I’m pretty good at knowing what a man wants in the first couple of minutes. Some men are shy and think that this roleplay will be too much for me. And then I have some who demand a detailed fuck a thon, and almost every time we get into some extreme talk. I can be a mommy who needs her son’s cock, that P-gilf you know and love that talks the filthiest shit. When I say no limits, I mean none!

P-Gilf / Mommy Carmen

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Adult Phone Chat With Lacey

adult phone chat

I have been really into playing with my asshole lately. I mean, I have always loved it, but I’ve just been in the mood for it a lot lately. I even bought myself a brand new toy that is bigger than the ones I am used to using fucking myself with. I have discovered that when my ass is full of dick or dildo, my orgasms feel so much stronger. Once I figured that out, it was game on. My new giant black dildo makes me feel so good. I shove it inside me with tons of lube and then use either my fingers or a vibrator to play with my pussy.

Sometimes I even like to pull my dildo out of my gaping ass and put it in my mouth to clean it off. I love doing that with real dicks, so why not do it with my toy, too? Wouldn’t you love to fuck my ass, cum in it, and then make me clean it all off your cock? Well trust me, sexy, I would love that too. If you want to hear more about my ass playing adventures, give me a call for some adult phone chat!


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Adult Phone Chat With The Perfect Slut

Adult Phone Chat

Adult Phone Chat is for the slut lovers out there. Do you love a kinky naughty slut who looks innocent but you know you can bend over whenever you want and fuck and use however you want. I may look innocent but I love the way cock tastes and feels. Having you use my holes turns me on so much. I never wear panties and when I do Adult Phone chat, I get so wet and dripping talking and thinking about all the things I want to do. If we are out and you just want to feel me reach under my dress and skirt and touch my wet pussy, I love that especially when you make me suck my juices of your fingers! If you want me to suck your cock just pull it out. I don’t care where we are I will be ready to taste you. What I really crave is having you fuck me wherever we are I get very excited knowing we can get caught or people would be watching us, I know you love a slut like me. 


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Adult Phone Chat Sluts ARE Perfect MILFs

Adult Phone Chat Sluts like me are the perfect MILFs. We love the way young boys’ lust after us. Seeing their cock get hard for me turns me on. That is why I wear skimpy slutty clothes. The kind that shows off my big jiggly tits and round ass. If I have a skirt or dress on, I make sure to not wear any panties. So I can flash my pussy and asshole. It gets the young studs drooling and their cocks leaking. Then I get them down on their knees to like and suck my clit. I even make them lick my ass. They’ll do anything for me

Adult Phone Chat

. I make sure they get to taste my juices and have it drip down their face before I want them to stuff me with their cocks. I know once they push their cocks deep in my pussy or ass, that they will pound away and won’t stop until I milk them and they fill me up until their hot gooey nut oozes out of me. That is why Adult Phone chat Sluts are perfect MILFs 


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