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Adult phone chat with a slut who is going to degrade your pathetic cock. You know I like to rate dicks. I’ve made quite the killing doing so, and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Whenever I crave to do so, I set it up and make all my sugar daddies pay up. There’s something hot about making men pay you to degrade them. It is empowering. Let us face it men have it pretty easy in life. Not only do they get paid more and have to do anything to make it in life, but they also don’t have to worry about aging out of things. So now that I have the upper hand, I am taking it, and if it means cucking and laughing at losers, that’s what I will phone chat


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Adult Phone Chat is what I will use to get my ass fucked

Adult Phone Chat is where this sexy whore like going on when I am horny and need my ass fucked hard. A hottie like me will always use her pretty looks and sexy body to get what she needs. I get spoiled every night by my pay piggy who worships my asshole. He smells it and touches it and rubs his nose all over my asshole before he starts licking it. When he licks my asshole my cunt drips and I am ready for more. What makes me squirt is when my asshole gets fucked and i masturbate my cunt at the same time. Don’t go easy on my asshole either, if you do I don’t want you. I will be your spoiled princess if you fuck my asshole hard and give me my allowance. For every pump of your cock in my ass and every drop of cum i milk with my asshole you will give me gifts and pay my bills it is a win win for me. Plus I get to watch Jackoff porn when I rub my clit as you fill my ass up.

Adult Phone Chat


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Adult Phone Chat with a Sadistic Bitch

adult phone chat

Adult phone chat can go to the dark side with me. I am a sick bitch. I do not do the typical phone thing. I am not your girlfriend. I am not you whore either. I am your accomplice or your sadistic. I deal in dark fantasies. Things like castration, torture, rape fantasies (not me), and snuff are the type of calls I do most. I do some illicit things in my personal life. I just have never been caught because I am smart. I was not always smart though. When I was a schoolgirl, I killed a bully because she made my life hell. I did not mean to do it, but she followed me home from school and started on her rant once again. I stabbed her like 20 times. I was full of rage and anger. I ran home covered in her blood and my grandpa was there. I told him what happened and he said to me that she asked for it. And then he went and got the body and disposed of it. From that day on, he taught me how to keep my emotions in check. He taught me how to kill. He taught me so much. He was my mentor. He trained me in the art of killing and getting away with it. He had gotten away with it for decades. Now, this sexy slut is following in his footsteps. We can hunt together. Or, you can be my victim. There is no middle gray area, however, because I am no one’s bitch.  I love to kill. I love to torture and I love revenge. That girl who I stabbed in the woods so many years ago has never been found. Her family has no clue still if she is dead or was kidnapped or maybe even just ran away. Only my grandpa and I know she became fertilizer. Maybe if you are looking for some deviant chat, I can help mentor you to be a sick bitch like me.

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Adult Phone Chat Incest Addict Logan!

Adult Phone ChatOne thing I know for sure is that adult phone chat makes me want to act like an anal sex whore for daddy! I’m Logan, your favorite sexy slut who loves worshiping her own daddy’s cock and being a total jack off porn whore! My favorite thing to do is get daddy’s cock rock hard while I’m having slutty phone sex. Then I practice sucking his cock while I’m having a long blowjob phone sex call until daddy shoots a hot nut all over my perfect tits. My dirty phone talk regulars love hearing me talk about all the nasty taboo things they like to get off to. Daddy knows all that cheap adult phone sex makes my pussy so fucking wet I’ll need a good pounding before the night is done!


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Adult Phone Chat for sissy bitch recruiting

Adult Phone Chat is where some of my sissy bitches go when they are recruiting more sissy sluts for me to train. I use my bbc friends to break their holes in. When my sissy bitch came over with a new slut for me to train, I was so very happy. Her clitty was put in a cage after he was tied up. I stood right in front of him with just my stockings on, I told her that she was going to use her mouth to clean my cunt full of cum. This sissy whore had never tasted cum before but was very excited and willing to do so when my sissy begged for me to let her show our tied up sissy slut we found, I put my leg over her shoulder as she knelt in front of me. Her tongue dug into my cunt getting to my pussy creampie. She got her first taste of cum and her body knew this is what she had been missing. Now she was willing to do whatever it took to get more of it. So i put some Jackoff porn and called my bbc friend over. This new sissy was going to be milking cocks with her ass and eating semen tonight.

Adult Phone Chat


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adult phone chat with the hottest momma

adult phone chat

Adult phone chat with the hottest momma who will make you fuck her with seduction. yOU cant your attraction to me. Yes, you want to bend me over and fuck me silly as if I were the sluttiest whore you could think of. The thing is, I maybe your stepmom, but I got need to. Ever since I married your dad and have seen you blossom, I’ve thought about how delicious your penis would be in each of my slots. a slut like me can’t be tame, so come over and fuck me while daddy is away on his business trip. You know it is safe with me. A secret between the two of us, please. No one has to know what goes between you and me.




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Adult Phone Chat With Claire!

Adult Phone ChatAdult phone chat is what I crave the most after a long day of being an incest nympho! That’s right you are looking at a real-life family fucking cum slut, I love talking to other incest addicts and having cheap adult phone sex all day. Guys cum so hard when I tell them about growing up in an incest loving family, they love hearing how I became an anal sex whore for my own daddy’s cock when I was still writing teen sex blogs. Daddy used me like a cum dumpster and my sexy milf mommy helped him train my tight young holes to take his cock every time he got hard. My brother and sister were trained just like me so eventually we all had the nastiest jackoff porn orgy phone sex with our parents!


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Adult Phone Chat with a Slut Wife Helps You be a Good Cuckold

adult phone chatI love adult phone chat. I enjoy role plays, but I also enjoy sharing dirty experiences and fantasies too. A lot of my callers just want to chat. They want to confess things they have done. This morning, I spoke with a guy who has a slut wife. I confirmed it for him. She has all the signs of a cheating wife. He wanted to know why she was cheating. He is rich. She never wants for anything. I had to ask him the hard question. I asked him what is dick size was. I think he knew where I was going. He told me it was 3-inches hard. I was like she is her 40s. Those are her prime sexual years. She needs a hard big cock to get off. As nice as a man he may be. As handsome and rich as he may be too, he is not able to satisfy his wife. I watched some cuckold jackoff porn with him to prepare him for being a cuckold. The reality is he is one already. He can bury his head in the sand and risk his wife leaving him for some young stud. He can get all angry with her and guarantee that she will leave him, or he can be a cuckold and make their marriage stronger. If a woman really loves a man, she will not leave him just because he has a tiny dick or a broke down one. She will, however, leave him if he makes a stink about her getting the one thing he cannot give her. I know this to be true because I cuckold my husband. We have a great marriage. He even enjoys watching me with some stud with a big cock. If your wife is cheating on you, talk with a sexy slut like me. We will teach you how to be a good cuckold husband.

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Adult Phone Chat with mommy and the nasty things she wants

Jackoff porn gets any sexy milf like me off because we want to see a young cock being stroked, especially for this milf pussy. That is why I got my oldest boy to come to my room. I was watching cock being stroked on my t.v while I played with my pussy. I told him I needed his mouth and young cock. Like a good boy he pulled his dick out for mommy and started stroking it. I wanted more, so I called his younger sister into the room. When she saw his cock out she knew what time it was. They were going to put on a show for me and do whatever i say. I told my daughter to suck on her brother’s cock while mommy kept playing with her wet cunt.  I was ready for more. I told my daughter to sit on my son’s cock. Watching my offspring fuck each other made me cum so hard on my fingers. They kept fucking and i started licking them both, tasting their sex is so yummy. Brother and sister fucked all night for mommy even when mommy got on Adult Phone Chat.

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Adult Phone Chat with a Sexy Mommy

adult phone chatAdult phone chat mommies will take care of you! Mature women make such good partners in crime. I got to talk to a real-life dirty boy today who shared with me all sorts of kinky stories about him and his mother. Now, I am not a submissive mommy. I may have been submissive to my brothers growing up, but I am all grown up now. I paid my dues and now my boys are my little sex slaves. This caller, however, was dominant. He started fucking his mommy when he was a young boy. It started when she would come home drunk at night. She was a whore and would go out drinking and fucking. She would leave her son with a babysitter or home alone. She would come home drunk, with cum in and on her. As he grew older, he got resentful that she would fuck strangers and not her own son. I get that. I may not let my sons force fuck me, but I never cock teased my sons either. I let them have my sweet mommy pussy. After a few times of forcing his young pecker inside his mother’s pussy, she willing gave it up to him. He owned his mother. He still owns her. It was hot to hear his stories. I have plenty true incest stories of my own.

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