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Adult Phone Chat: Knock Up Mommy

adult phone chat

This mommy gives the best adult phone chat you can find.  As a sexy mommy and milf I play with my offspring and lots of neighbor boys and girls too. I get older and my playmates get younger. It is perfect.  I have no limits or taboos. A caller wanted to do an extra hot taboo role play today.  I could tell he was nervous about his fantasy. I assured him that there was not much I have not done. I am a sex addict. I need cock like I need air. He wanted to knock up mommy. My only regret is I never let any of my boys knock me up. I am past my prime for that at 54, but I love a good role play. In our fantasy mommy role play, I stopped birth control. I told my son I wanted him to fuck me daily to get me pregnant.  I told him he was man of the house now since daddy left. I told him mommy needed another little one. I discussed it with my boy, and he admitted he always wanted to fuck mommy.  It is a healthy and normal desire. Lots of men have impregnation fantasies. My son agreed to knock up mommy. It was a hot mommy son role play. Fantasy or not, putting a bun in mommy’s oven means you are helping to grow the family. You are keeping the legacy going. I told my son giving me another little one means I can groom our little one to be our fuck slut.  I would be lying if I said this was not a sexy role play. I love fantasy phone chat. We can age play and be whomever we want. I love to take care of your taboo role play too. I have no limits. I love being your mommy whore.


Sexy MILF Esmerelda

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Adult Phone Chat Mommy


adult phone chatI love adult phone chat. I can talk about anything with guys. I love to talk about incest. I have had family fun since I was a little girl. I grew up fucking my brothers and sisters. I think if I had not been a brother fucker, I may not have been a dirty mommy. But when you grow up thinking incest is normal, you have no qualms playing with little boy dick. I do not have a daughter, but I do have a little niece living with me and she has made life fun. Not that I do not enjoy my mother fuckers. I love fucking my little horn dogs, but my niece has such a sweet pussy. I love eating her pussy. She has a great cunt. It tastes like watermelon. Sweet and sticky. I ate her pussy last night after she came home from a friend’s house. She was hesitant to let me go down on her. She never is, so I knew something was up. Too young to have her period yet. I was thinking maybe she seduced the daddy of her friend. She s such a daddy’s girl. Her father is over seas now, so she does not get to see him much. Sure, enough her little cunnie was swollen and full of cum. Auntie Maryanne made her feel better. I got her to tell me all the dirty details of her dirty daddy time. We ate each other out for hours. I love my boys, but no one eats my mommy pussy better than my little niece.

Incest Whore MaryAnne

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Adult Phone Chat with a BBC Whore

adult phone chatAdult phone chat sluts love giving head. You cannot be a phone whore and not love to suck cock. Hell, you cannot be a whore and not suck cock. I am a big dick sucker and a BBC whore. I was raised on big black cock. My mother was a black cock whore. Every time my father left for the road, my mom was entertaining black men in our trailer. My dad being a trucker helped my mom be a black cock cheating whore because he was gone all the time. One day, I helped my mom out with one of her hung Johns. I had to have his cock. He was like a foot long. Sure, I was a virgin. I had sucked on a few cucumbers, but I had never had the real thing. Once my mother’s special friend caught me watching, he wanted in on the fun of fucking a young teen girl. I sucked his cock emulating all the sexy moves I saw my mom use with her lovers. I got my first jizz bomb to my mouth and I was hooked. A cum dumpster was born that day. My mom reluctantly let me share his cock with her. I thought she may be jealous because I was younger than her and her lovers all wanted to fuck me. She saw it as a money making opportunity. Her black lovers paid double if I was sucking cock with her. My momma was a sexy slut, and I was a jailbait whore. Together we made bank behind daddy’s back. Now, I am an adult and a black cock whore. I still slurp on big black cocks for money and pleasure. I owe it all to my mommy too. She instilled in me early in life that big black cocks are the best cocks around.

Sexy Slut Beverly

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Adult Phone Chat with An Anal Sex Whore

adult phone chat BlairLooking for adult phone chat with an anal whore? I am such an anal slut. Mommy’s ass is always open for business. I need hardcore ass fuckings daily. I want big cocks, multiple cocks, beer bottles, fists, anything that will gape my ass. That is what I need up my ass: big things that leave a mark. You see I am a druggy whore and a nasty freak. Sure, I look like a sexy milf next door, but not an anal freak, right? You would be surprised about what happens behind the closed doors of the houses in the gated communities. I like it rough. Last night, I got it rough too. I invited a few of my soccer mom friends over for some anal torture sex. They knew what I had planned, and they wanted in on the fun because they are dirty moms too. The older women get, the freakier they become. I was liberal with my pours into wine glasses. Once we were all liquored up, I offered my ass up first. I broke out the huge dildos and lube. The girls dipped their hands in the lube like it as paraffin wax. They started to gape my asshole wide. They were spitting into my ass and laughing, and they saw how many dildos they could cram in my ass at once. It felt pretty amazing if I am honest. They must have sodomized me for a good couple hours with sex toys, wine bottles and fists. Once my asshole was gaped open, we spread the anal love to my other girlfriends. When my little anal sexy mommas fest ended, we all had gaping assholes. We walked a little funny and wished we would have invited men like you to join us. You know, men who love to fuck a woman’s hot ass.

Taboo Anal Whore Blair

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P- Gilf Jackoff Porn

jackoff porn

As a pure piece of P-mommy Trash, I know what kinds of jackoff porn you need. And I’m not afraid to talk about it! To talk about the little rent a cunnies that you want to make family fun homemade movies with. Oh what’s not to love about a granny making the best of having a house full of brats. Being a p-mommy with her daughter and son being sexual playthings created a life of breeding whores and the men who love them. I love lighting a bowl and watching My littles ones have fun exploring each other’s bodies. Its even better if this cougar  gets some nice big dick to pound her while we watch the fuck tot show. My smooth bald older mommies pussy gets so slippery when a man loves to watch the taboo play of my youngins. That cock is the hardest it’s ever been, and I know it. I pass the bowl back and watch as this man loses his mind for some fresh ass and cunny and even cocklettes on occasion! Wink wink. I take adult phone chat into the most extreme fetishes of a man with an ache for a young hole.  


A can be an encouraging P-Gilf, or a sadistic mommy who loves your murder and rape fantasies!


The choice is yours, though I’m pretty good at knowing what a man wants in the first couple of minutes. Some men are shy and think that this roleplay will be too much for me. And then I have some who demand a detailed fuck a thon, and almost every time we get into some extreme talk. I can be a mommy who needs her son’s cock, that P-gilf you know and love that talks the filthiest shit. When I say no limits, I mean none!

P-Gilf / Mommy Carmen

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Adult Phone Chat Druggy PMom

Adult Phone Chat
I’m the most desperate addict I know. I’ve taken to prowling the adult phone chat for a new source of gathering clientele, since I’m a traveling slut and all. Well, one of my regulars asked me to bring my little darlings along for a sesh and offered me a quarter pound of pot in return. I prefer the harder shit but Bob Marley’s bane gets me through my days. I eagerly said yes, and packed up all eight of my youngins to head to his place.

When we got there, he had several blunts as thick as my finger laid out, and he insisted we each smoked one each. Now some of my sweet ones can handle their hash, but some of them have never even tried it. Before long, everyone was giggling and getting horny! This shit was laced with some serious aphrodisiac and it was driving me crazy.

Our client grabbed my little girl and forced her open, sleeping mouth over his cock. Well she began to suck it in her sleep, and woke up to a hot load in her throat. She started screaming, but her forced drugging was too powerful for her tiny body to fight.

Dirty Mommy Phone Sex

Druggy PMom, Amara

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Adult Phone Chat Sluts

Adult phone chat sluts have the best lives. You do not get into this business being choir girls. My life is not typical of most women’s Iives. I would make your wife blush. I ran away from home when I was a teen girl and never saw my mother again. I doubt she ever looked for me. All of her boyfriends wanted me over her and she grew to resent me for that. She turned a blind eye when they fucked me. I never wanted fucked by her scuzzy trucker boyfriends. I hitched to California from Minnesota and I have not  left California since. I hooked on the streets to make money to pay for a sleazy motel that rented by the week. I lucked out because men paid me well because I was a jailbait hooker. I met my future husband on the streets because he was out looking for a young whore. It was like meeting God. He became my regular then he moved me into his house. He was a porn producer. Just a filthy rich old man who liked young girls. He made me a porn starlet when I was 18 and by 20 I was his wife and the mother of his little ones. I continued to birth him brats until I was in my early thirties. Now I am forty and he is dead. He got to play with daughters before he died. They knew their daddy’s love. I am a P mommy and a phone sex whore. I am also raising the little ones of my late husband’s first born daughter as she is in prison. My husband taught me the joys of being a P parent. I make money slutting my little ones out to P men my husband knew. Their little holes keep me living in the life of luxury. No other job could I talk about my experiences like this one. I cannot wait to share some of the dirty details with you.

adult phone chat

Sexy Slut Gianna

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Submissive MIlf jackoff porn

jackoff porn

Submissive milf jackoff porn is in high demand and I’m your start of the show. Recently I was involved in some urine denial that had my bladder about to burst. I love piss play as much as the next woman, but not being able to pee was something that I had never come across. This man had a fetish to make me hold it. As a submissive I had no clue I would be holding it in and willingly drank a gallon of powerade. As you can see I haven’t been owned one in quite a while. I had not been made to withstand not urinating for a decade and so as I was ready to be fucked until I pissed myself, I was hot with hold it bitch!  


I was not expecting to have this type of adult phone chat. 


There are ways to torture me and this one was not high on the list of things I wanted. Couple that with being a rope bunny and being told you will be whipped until you pass out if you let loose one single drop!  I was begging to be able to piss and crying to be released, it was the most painful thing I had endured and then this younger guy decided he was going to fuck me. And if you know anything you know being fucked while having to pee is a sure way to hold it for a little while, but I had been holding it so long that as soon as he entered me and pumped a few times I exploded with a river of piss all over him and his cock and balls! 


He reciprocated by grabbing my hair and tossing me around like the bound fish I was and pissing in my mouth and giving me intense facial abuse as he pumped a big fat load down my nasty whore throat! How’s that for Submissive phone chat?

Subby Milf Elizabeth

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Adult Phone Chat Mommies Help You be a P Parent

adult phone chatTaboo adult phone chat is my specialty.  I love to talk about incest and family fun. I am a dirty mommy. I was a brother fucker as a young girl. Now, I am a son fucker. Daughter fucker too. There are not many safe spaces to talk about incest experiences, but this is one of them. I love talking to other family fun folks, even if they just have incest fantasies and no real experience yet. My experiences can help incest fantasies seem real.

I have a collection of incest DVDs I like to watch with my family. Some legal porn, others not so much. My favorite porno to watch with my sons is “Taboo.” This was the first full length porn film about a real mother and son relationship. I think it was simulated as in they were porn actors not a real mommy and son. This film made me look at my boys in a different light. I identified well with the horny mother, who was played by Kay Parker.  This movie got guys thinking. It got some mommies thinking too. I started my boys out much younger than in the movie “Taboo.” The horny energy that boys have when they are young, should be harvested for a mommy’s advantage. Boys need to be trained to take care of their mommy’s needs. Just like girls need to be trained for daddy’s needs. I believe that it is the parents’ responsibility to make sure the boys and girls under their roof know how to please adults.

A good way to introduce your offspring to incest sex is with a movie night.  Show them Taboo and discuss their feeling about it afterwards. Sit on the couch together watch the film and have a talk with your offspring most families do this. It is that easy. My boys and I have been fucking for decades. Now, I play with them and their sons. Phone sex is a great way to explore your taboo thoughts and experiences. Let a dirty mommy help you become a p daddy.

Sexy Mommy Samantha

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Adult Phone Chat Babysitter Tales

adult phone chatAdult phone chat sluts like me are full of dirty stories. My oldest grandson has a crush on the babysitter. He is too old for a sitter, but when I am watching his cousins, I need help so I can run errands. I hired a cute coed who needed some extra money for the summer. She spent a few days with them while I was out of town. I came home and found that my grandson had stolen a few of her items. I caught him smelling and jacking off with her dirty pantyhose and panties that he stole from her while she was here. I was not worried he may be a sissy. He wanted to smell her cunt. I told Jillian about it when she came over to get the things she left behind. She assured me happens often with boys his age. She said all the boys she babysits for steal her soiled undergarments. They do it to smell her teen pussy. I wanted to smell it too and she knew it. She spread her legs for me and I went down on her. I am a great cunt licker. I love eating teen pussy as much as I love fucking teen cock.  My teen grandson busted me eating her cunt and got jealous. I told her I would pay her if she fucked him. She prefers older men, daddy types. The price was right, and she fucked my grandson. I fucked her too and she fucked me. It was a babysitter orgy. It was the first time I shared my teen grandson with someone not related to me. He was in heaven and that was my goal. I wanted to make him happy. I wanted to give him a hot memory. It was a hot memory for me too.


1-800-210-2047 Ext 804

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