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I love adult phone chat don’t you?

adult phone chatI just adore adult phone chat don’t you? It really gives me a chance to explore the dirtier side to my sexual life you now what I mean? Last night I had three men spend the night with me, I was in the middle of all of them and they used me all night long! I had cocks in every fuck hole and I was in heaven! They were stretching me out and pounding me so good I was cumming over and over again like a total whore! I love being used like that, by the time they were done with me I had cum dripping all over me and a belly full of it too and I couldn’t have been a happier girl! I hope I can be a whore for you too very soon.

Fill All My Holes

I love fucking my tight little ass with my new big toy I just got. It is about 7 inches and I can pretty much take the whole thing in my ass. Every time I am away from the house latley I think about that toy just sliding in there and having to push to get it deep, and that just makes my fucking cunt so wet I can feel it through my panties. By the time I get home my pussy is throbbing for some penetration. My favorite thing to do is get my fingers nice and wet and finger fuck my cunt while I use the toy in my ass. Double penetration is my one of my favorite things, the only thing better is if I had to big fat cocks to fill my holes instead. Do you think you could do that for me?

Adult Phone Chat with a Sexy BBW

adult phone chatAdult phone chat with a sexy BBW is really no different than it is with a hot MILF or a tiny teen slut. There is just more of me to love! I bet I will rock your world better than a milf or tiny teen anyway. I know, right? I sound so confident for a big girl. Fuck what you have heard about big girls being desperate to explain why they are sluts. I don’t fuck just anything. I may be a slut, but I am not desperate. When I go out with my girlfriends, I have the pick of whichever man I want. Now, my big bouncy breasts certainly attract the guys, but if I don’t find them attractive or cool, I don’t fuck them. I have dildos for moments of desperation. If anyone is desperate, it is usually the guys. Desperate to tap my big fat ass or slide their hard cock between my big real 44 EEs. Last night, several men were showing their desperateness to hook up with me. One guy bought me high end drinks all night long. He bragged about his job and his bank account. He didn’t brag about his cock, so that was a red flag to me. I care more about what is in your pants than your wallet. Another guy offered me money to fuck. I’m no whore. I fuck a guy because I want too. Now if he wants to tribute me afterwards, I won’t say no. I went home with the bartender last night. He watched in amusement as I shot a few fellows down. He bought last round for me and my friends before he showed me his cock. He knew how to get my attention. He had a cut 11 inch thick cock. He didn’t need to distract me from what matters with booze or money. He fucked me all night long too. I’m only a total cock whore when you have a cock worthy of being a whore for!

Adult Phone Chat: Master is Calling

Adult phone chat with a submissive whore is the perfect way to unwind after a hard days (or nights) work. Let those pent up desires, needs and obsessions out with a call to me. I will be your sexy slut that you flaunt around to your friends as you show off how much you control me.

Adult Phone Chat Bo

Let a submissive phone chat session with me bring out a kinky roleplay. I love to be abducted in a dark parking lot and forced into a van. Once inside I am duct taped and tied up. You and your accomplice(s) strip me down and fulfill your rape fantasies as you torture my breasts, and cunt, and upon realizing I was getting turned on you switch it up.

Drug me at a bar and pretend to call me a cab. The cab is a friend and I am taken to my home and helped inside. Only, it doesn’t stop at that, you both force me inside and lock the door. I just wonder what kind of filthy punishments are in store for my cunt and ass.

Jackoff Porn with a BBW Whore

Jackoff porn is going to be greatly livened up when you add in some sleazy BBW whores to the mix. I for one am always turned on watching the cum shot cumpulations on the tubes with my perverted sexy callers. My love for watching guys jackoff started when I was young and caught my daddy jerking off in the bathroom.

Jackoff Porn Shelly

I stood and stared at daddy’s hard fuckrod and felt my cunt get all tingly and a little wetness started seeping through my panties. I slid my hand in them and fingered my fat wet slit as I watched daddy stroke his meat in such a mesmerizing rhythem that I was unaware of what I was doing! Well I WAS unaware until I realized daddy had stopped stroking and was saying something to me. Before I comprehended it he was fingering my cunt and my mouth was engorged with daddy’s cock.

I’m thinking that maybe you can play daddy and feed your chubby offspring your massive manrod.

I was such a bad girl!!

adult phone chatOMG I am such a bad girl! I was babysitting for a friend of my dad and things got a little out of control. The brats were so mouthy and rude and they wouldn’t do anything I told them to do! Was I just supposed to take that?? The little girl literally started screaming in my face and I just couldn’t take it! I slapped the crap out of her and knocked her down, she screamed that she was gonna tell and I just lost it! I beat her till she shut the fuck up then I called my friend. He knows how to clean up a mess and he likes little girls so I knew he’d be willing to help. He fucked the shit outta both of them, ripping all their little fuck holes wide open and then choked them to death. Then he beat me up a little to make it look like I had nothing to do with it! It was perfect, the dad had no idea that I caused all this, he even apologized to me, can you believe that shit? Guess I got away with it again!

My ultimate family

Adult phone chatWhat’s your biggest fantasy? I wanna hear about every detail and I wanna make sure to play it out perfectly. My biggest fantasy is going out into a bar and meeting a strange guy. We just keep talking and I start grinding my ass all over a strangers cock, and then he invited me back to his house. I get so fucked up I just hop right into his car and pass I end up passing out before we got there. When I wake up my arms and legs are tied up and there are at least 20 guys standing naked around me. Each one of them uses me over and over again in till my pussy is red and swollen. I want all of the 20 guys to cum all over my body at the same time. I want to be the definition of a cum dumpster.

Jackoff Porn: Cum Filled Wet Pussy

Banging a Milf doing jackoff porn movies will always lead to hot cum filled fuck holes and then things get hot and messy. I love it messy and to get filled with cum in my holes and continue to fuck making for the sloppiest hot fucking next to those menstrual fluid lubricating fuck-a-thons.

Jackoff Porn Eva

So, you like watching a lot of porn to jerk off to some sexy milf perhaps? Well I can offer a very personal addition to those moments you need that extra special coaxing. I will coax that jizz from those balls and spurting like a fountain from your sweet jizz hole.

If your into nasty kinky phone chat roleplays then we can certainly co-conspire together something wicked hot that will make my cunt juicy and some gooey spurts from that dick of yours. I know just what it takes to make young and old men alike cum like a fucking beast for me! If you can handle this firecracker milf then I’ll be around.

Adult Phone Chat Eva

A real gangbang whore also this slutty phone sex milf has it all.

Just fuck me

Adult phone chatI just want to get get fucked baby. Every way you can bend my little body, and you can use every hole you want. I wanna feel your big mushroom cock head rubbing between my pussy lips getting your head nice and wet. I like feeling your inches slid right into my tight asshole. That feels so good just push that cock deep into my gut I wanna feel it in my ribs when you grab my ass and pull yourself deeper. I want you to brag my nipples and twist them that really gets my pussy wet. My little pussy can squirt all over your cock but you have to fuck me harder and drill that cock down into my slit. I will make sure to clean your big cock up getting all my pussy juices off.

I love being a dirty mommy

adult phone chatI love being a dirty mommy, honestly I don’t think anything else could ever be more fun! My boys love it to, like last night they had a sleepover with several friends and I was the dirtiest mommy I had ever been. I got naked and showed all those boys every part of me… I even invited them to touch and taste and fuck whatever they wanted! Trust me, those boys didn’t say no to that! They all wanted to see this pussy and they all took turns licking my juicy slit too. Plus I fucked every single one of those boy cocks, I just couldn’t get enough! I let them fuck my pussy and my ass and I sucked all those young cocks too, I was in heaven!

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