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Adult Phone Chat BBW Ashley

I love some adult phone chat mixed in with the pleasure of having my tits fucked by your long and hard dick! Nothing gives me more pleasure then taking your daddy cock and having it shoved down my throat and use me up like your perfect, chubby and horny fuck toy! I need to play with you and have naughty fun with our chat! Listen and head me moan and squirt for you while imagining my big tits pushed on your face, smothering you! Chatting with you and rubbing my pussy as you listen to me tell you what a naughty girl I am for being an adult phone chat slut!adult phone chat

Being the chubby queen with a wet and dripping cunt and huge knockers to go with it! I love to make a man like you happy with this sexy body. What ever you need on me that you want to use just say the words and I’m on my knees sucking to get you wet and make that hard dick slide so easy through these huge tits! Don’t you want to see your dick dripping in my saliva and pushing through me and all my holes! I know I want to be dripping all over you baby!

Let me feel your hard dick cum into me and fill me up the way you desire! I love how much cum you can drip out into me baby. I am your pretty little cum slut who loves to worship your cock baby, you need a sexy girl like me who wants to swallow your dick down and take all that baby batter! I need to be your kinky chubby slut who lets you use me us! I will lick that sweet juice right off my chest and clean it all up !

Adult Phone Chat Slut Ashley

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Adult Phone Chat With Lacey

adult phone chat

I have been really into playing with my asshole lately. I mean, I have always loved it, but I’ve just been in the mood for it a lot lately. I even bought myself a brand new toy that is bigger than the ones I am used to using fucking myself with. I have discovered that when my ass is full of dick or dildo, my orgasms feel so much stronger. Once I figured that out, it was game on. My new giant black dildo makes me feel so good. I shove it inside me with tons of lube and then use either my fingers or a vibrator to play with my pussy.

Sometimes I even like to pull my dildo out of my gaping ass and put it in my mouth to clean it off. I love doing that with real dicks, so why not do it with my toy, too? Wouldn’t you love to fuck my ass, cum in it, and then make me clean it all off your cock? Well trust me, sexy, I would love that too. If you want to hear more about my ass playing adventures, give me a call for some adult phone chat!


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Adult Phone Chat With Sexy Belle

Adult phone chat for you daddy let’s play together all night and cum all day while you play with my barely legal pussy and make me you naughty fuck doll. When you are away and on the phone with me, I love rubbing myself and sticking my fingers into my tight cunt getting myself ready for your hard dick to be pushed inside and stretch me out. I love being daddy’s worthless fuck doll. When you use me for your fun and cover me in your cum it makes me so excited in my pussy. My juices are really flowing!adult phone chat

Now that I have you hear with me, I am going to lift my bare bottom up and throw my legs over my head, spreading my pussy lips to give you a great and perfect show of my soaked up pussy ready to be used at your disposal. The last time I was played with me I did not get to cum at all. Won’t you let me daddy? Come over my to my tight teen body and make me all yours by force fucking my tight teen holes and fill me up with buckets of your cum in me!

I deserve to get fucked by big cocks. Maybe I can take cock after cock into all three of my holes by your friends and you can watch while they fill me up and make me scream all night! Daddy make me scream and beg for all of you to let me finish and finally cum. I need the release of my clenching and quenching pussy wanting all of my juices to flow out of me! I’m your dirty slut ready to be covered and filled up with cum, I’m such a dirty cock whore and I want it all!

Adult Phone Chat Slut Belle

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Adult Phone Chat Fat Queen

adult phone chat

I’m ready for some really hot adult phone chat today, aren’t you? It’s scorching hot outside so we might as well make our sexy chat that hot, too. I can’t fucking wait to hear what turns you on. I’ve been getting a lot of calls from guys who want to see their wives or girlfriends get fucked by a big black cocks and that so freaking exciting to me, so I’m happy for the influx of these guys. Big girls like me always love big cocks and black guys fucking love us. I can’t really blame them can you? 

Watching a giant chocolate dick slide inside me and stretch my fat cunt out and then fuck it until it’s filled with a hot load of sticky cum. Watching it drip out of me and then scoop it up so I can eat it really makes me fucking horny all over again. Do you want to hear about all of my naughty sexcapades with giant black cocks? I want you watch me get fucked in ways that you couldn’t ever do to me. I’ll be waiting to humiliate you for your lack of cock. I’m ready for a good time. Are you?


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Adult Phone Chat With Mommy

adult phone chatAdult phone chat sluts are the best at draining your balls without laying a hand on you. Just their voices and the roleplays can have you squirting your load so fast. I have a favorite caller that I play his mommy. I catch him doing naughty things with my panties and then punish him. I just love to put him over my knee and spank his cute little bottom. Of course, that gets his cock hard and makes my pussy so wet. I always have him put panties around his cock and stroke it. I love to hear him and when it gets really wet, I make him put the phone close so I can hear every slick glide of his hands. Don’t think I am not rubbing my pussy while we talk either. When his cock is nice and wet, I slide my juicy wet mommy pussy down on top of him. Then I ride my baby boy. I mean hard and fast. I love to hear him moan. I tell him mommy wants him to plant his seed inside of me. That gets him even more excited and that cock starts to get thicker and I ride faster and harder, finally draining his balls inside of me. I am hot just thinking about all of that baby. I might just have to watch some jackoff porn while I wait for your call.


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Adult Phone Chat For Aspiring Sissies

Adult Phone Chat
I know that adult phone chat can be intimidating when you’re a pathetic sissy whore, but have no fear when I say I will own you completely. I’m Queen Presley, a harsh sissy trainer who expects nothing but the best from her sissy slaves. Can you deep throat cock like a professional slut without gagging or vomiting all over yourself? No? Well today is the day to practice.

Get down on your knees, and lick this massive cock. Start down at the balls, and slippy sloppy drip drop your way to the tip. Once it’s sloppy wet, it’s well lubed up enough to potentially slide down your sweet sissy throat. Don’t you want to be a good thick cock gobbling slut?

True sissies know their place.  Yours is on your knees. Don’t forget it.

Sissy Queen Presley

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Adult Phone Chat Sex Therapy

adult phone chat

Are you up for some adult phone chat with a no taboos whore? So many women say they are open minded, but then they turn their noses up at some of the things that get you fired up, don’t they? Well, that won’t fucking happen with me and I can promise you that.  If you think you can make me cum with your filthy mind, then you need to get on the phone right now and give me a call. I’d like to see if you can outdo me when it comes to taboo and extreme fetishes and fantasies. It’s unlikely, but it’ll still be fun for you to try.

You see, the word no is not in my vocabulary. The world is so limiting sometimes, so why should that carry over into your sex life? You should do what makes you happy. That is the approach that I take when it comes to sexuality, and it’s opened up a whole new world to me. Wouldn’t it be lovely if that happened for you, too? I can help show you the way to total sexual freedom. All you have to do is get on the phone and call me. I promise it’ll be the best thing you’ve done in a long time.


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Adult Phone Chat With A BBW

adult phone chatAdult phone chat with a BBW is hot. I know it always gets my pussy warm and wet. So, the other day when I did a call this hot ass man and I had so much fun. Ending in orgasmic pleasure. We did a hot roleplay. I was his little one’s babysitter. The wife was out of town, and I was spending the weekend. Thinking everyone was asleep I went to the pool and did a little skinny dipping. He walked by the window and saw me. My tits bouncing and my big, beautiful body under the moonlight had him standing there stroking his cock to me. I looked up and we locked eyes. I knew what he was doing as I wrapped a towel around me and headed into the house. I started to apologize to him but the size of his cock and how wet it was was all I could think of. He walked towards me and ripped the towel off of me and grabbed me close. He buried his head into my massive tits and started squeezing them as he fingered my wet cunt. Then he turned me over the couch and pushed his soaking wet cock deep inside me. Want to hear the rest of the weekend baby? I promise it is nothing short of jackoff porn.


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Adult Phone Chat Slut’s Are Nasty

adult phone chatAdult phone chat with a hot ass horny man always makes my pussy soaking wet. The other night I had a guy call who was all kinds of dominating. Secretly, I love to be forced. It was all about him. He wanted me to stick two dildos up my cunt. Demanding and instructing me all along the way. The thrill of being commanded into spreading my legs across the arms of my chair, the sound of the lube squirting on to the tips of them. Then the feel of pushing one deep inside of me, followed my stretching and moving the second one inside. The feeling of fullness and his ordering me to fuck myself was so damn hot. Then I could hear him jerking as I moved them. It was a fucking hot ass time, and I came all over the heads of both of the dildos. Then he had me pull them out and lick them clean. The taste of my cunt juices on them was so dirty and so hot that my pussy was begging to be played with the rest of the night. Some come on baby let’s have a jackoff porn type of night, shall we.


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Adult Phone Chat Sophisticated Slut

adult phone chat

I think today is a perfect day for some sexy adult phone chat, don’t you? Life is busy and you probably get very little time to yourself, so you should really make it count when you do. I love giving my callers the girlfriend experience when I talk to them. And I don’t mean the dumb real life girlfriend stuff. I’m not going to nag you, criticize you, or be negative. I am the perfect GFE girl and you’re going to see that when you get me on the line. You can have anything you want, anytime you want and I really mean that.

It goes without saying that I am kinkier than your actual girlfriend or wife. Honey, I will do things for you that would make a sailor blush. One of my very favorite things to do is have you spread your legs so I can tongue your asshole while I’m stroking your big dick. Has your wife ever done that? I didn’t think so. You need to just spend all your time and sexual energy on me from now on. She’s clearly not even worth your efforts. Promiscuous women like me are all men like you need.


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