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Adult Phone Chat

Jackoff pornI brought a guy home from the bar late last night. I fucked him for hours. I was so trashed out of my fucking mind I remember some of it but not all of it. I remember the good parts. Well this morning I got woken up to loud moans. I could tell that my son was one of the ones moaning and my daughter was another. At first I thought it was just them and their sibling fucking bonding that they do often. But then I heard a third voice and this perked my interest. Are they having a three some and did not invite mommy dearest. I snuck down the hallway and peeked into the room. It was that fucking guy I brought home last night. Him and my son where tag teaming my daughter. And the little slut was cumming and cumming. I can fuck on a dime. My pussy is always wet and wanting to get laid. I was not going to let my daughter have all the fun. This three some turned into a four some. I took my sons dick out of my daughters mouth and took over the pleasant job of blowing him. The guy I fucked last night was shocked and more turned on I was blowing my son. I could tell he was fucking my daughter’s ass and when he caught me. He went ape shit on her ass. Like a wild fuckng animal. Her screaming in pure pleasure made my son explode into my mouth. Loving that taste of my son I started suckling on him like it was my bottle of life. My son slid his cock out of my mouth and made my way to my daughter sticking my cunt in her face. It was time for mommy to get her cunt licked. That is some good jackoff porn of memories I will have for years to come.

Adult phone chat with Stephanie

Adult phone chatHey there is your favorite nasty fucking slut Stephanie. I am here to please your every need no matter what it is baby. I am literally into anything you want me to be and I promise my cunt will be dripping wet by the time you are done telling me your fucking fantasy. I love being tied up and my pussy and asshole used while you call me dirty degrading names. Can you do that? The last guy that fucked me tied my hands to my feet and face fucked me until I was red in the face and tears falling down my face. That’s what I want tonight baby I want you to make me feel like the nasty fucking cum dumpster I am.

Adult phone chat with Miss Lilibeth was so much fun!

adult phone chatAdult phone chat with Miss Lilibeth was so super fun, especially cus she was right there with me and we were doing all kinds of naughty things. We were naked and I was feeling so awkward, I didn’t know what to do but Lilibeth just took charge and leaned over to kiss me. That was all it took, suddenly I wasn’t feeling awkward any more, all I was feeling was horny as hell! Then she grabbed my foot and started rubbing and kissing and licking it. It was sending shock waves of pleasure thru my whole body, I swear! I never felt anything like that before, it’s like she had a magic tongue or something! I was begging her to touch my pussy, I was ready to do anything she asked if she would just let me cum. When she put that vibrator in my face I didn’t hesitate, I started licking and sucking it to get it all slippery and wet for my juicy cunny. By the time she actually fucked me with it I was half insane, driven wild with lust, I came just as soon as she touched my clitty with it! It was super hot, I really hope we can do it again soon!

dirty phone talk

Adult phone chat slut Stephanie

Adult phone chatBeing a adult phone chat slut means that I am here to get you off and be your personal little fuck doll. I love being treated like a little slut and getting all my holes fucked. A couple days ago I went to my moms house for dinner and she had a couple of her guy coworkers there, and my cunt immediately got wet seeing those big fucking cocks sitting at the dinner table. I walked over and introduced my self as I was putting my plump ass in there faces, and of course they couldn’t control there selves. My mom had to run to the store so it was a perfect time to get my little cunt and my asshole fucked by 5 guys. They bent me over and they put one cock in my cunt and one cock in my asshole and of course they put one in my mouth and I was just getting filled in every hole. Mhm, I squirted so hard all over the table and when we where done I bent over and licked up all my sweet cum off the table before my mommy got home.

Adult Phone Chat

Jackoff pornI went to one of those sex shops that has the .50 cent jackoff porn booths in the back of the shop. I try to visit this shop at least twice a month. All those men who you know do not get it often. And probably still live at home with mommy. I feel like a I am doing my civic duty draining all those poor men. When I walked in I saw a new hot looking guy behind the counter. I made eye contact and smiled as I undressed him in my mind. Nice young Black dude with I am sure a nice BBC under those jeans of his. I went into the back and stayed there for a few hours. Sucking on dozens of cocks. Getting cum sprayed on my face and down my throat. When I was done I walked out from the back I could see the new hired help was still there. He could see the dried up cum on my face. And made a comment to the other clerk there. I laughed and started to flirt with him. Asking him if he wanted to come back to my house and fuck me for a few hours. He looked at me for a moment than said. “Ok slut but I am only gonna fuck your ass and nothing else. I got 10 inches for your white slut ass.” I gasped and could feel my cunt drenching from his words. I stuttered out the words “Yes please!” Or at least I think I did. He followed me back to my place and when we walked into my house. He was rough and got right down to business. Stripping off my panties and bending me over the couch. With no forplay or lube he spread my ass cheeks wide and slammed his huge mother fucking cock balls deep in my ass! I screamed in such fucking pleasure I think I passed out.

I just can’t get enough!

adult phone chatI just can’t get enough dick, no matter what I do! I swear I’m addicted or something cus I am just so horny all the time! I went to the park yesterday with my little ones and there were a bunch of hot dads there so my of course I was going crazy, I just picked the horniest looking one and invited him back to my place and of course he accepted my invite. He followed me home and even brought his brats with him too so that they could all play too. We ended up in one big orgy, all of us fucking and sucking and licking, it was hot as fuck! I just love it when we can have fun with the whole family like that, don’t you?

Semen Lover

Adult phone chat

I’m a cum dumpster. I love thick, milky semen. I love the taste of cum and how it feels on my skin. A lot of females know that cum will give you a beautiful, clear complexion. My skin is flawless. And cum is full of protein it’s good for your health. My name is Carmel and I’m a stripper. I love bouncing my ass for cash. Being a stripper provides with so many opportunities to score cum. Every night I choose a lucky man to take to the champagne room. It get down and dirty in the champagne room. And last night I chose a real winner. I got on my knees and sucked him dry. His cum felt and tasted like honey when it hit the back of my throat. He was a real gusher it streamed like a small water fountain. I got a good taste then pulled his cock out of my mouth to spray my face. That warm semen felt so good on my skin. Semen…Oh my God! I can’t get enough of it.

Spank Me

Adult phone chatI need a dominant man to control my every move. I’m a submissive. I need to be controlled. I want you to be my master. If you want me to crawl around naked on my hands and knees, I’ll do it. If you want me at your beck and call, I’ll be there. Let me suck your cock for hours until my lips swell. This cunt will belong to you. You can fuck me in any position whenever you get ready. “No” is not in my vocabulary. If you want to pass me around to your friends, you can. I’ll fuck your friends so good, I’ll make you proud. Master, you control me. Be rude and disrespectful it makes my pussy wet. You can have any hole you want. Fuck me in my tight ass, make it hurt. I won’t complain. I need a Master that will punish me when I upset him. Bend me over and spank my ass red, I deserve it. Let me be your submissive whore.

Sexy Slut Knows How To Get Her Way

sexy slut

Being a sexy slut gets me anything I want and I fucking love it. I can play my naughty games of tease and denial and make men fall at my feet. Older men and young boys worship me and it’s so damn easy for me to wrap them around my little finger. Once they get even a taste of how good I can please their cock they are like putty in my hands. One of my amazing deepthroat blowjobs and they’ll be following me around the mall like my new puppy. I just let them think they’re going to get inside my sweet little honey pot and they do whatever it takes to keep me happy and I’m quite the spoiled little princess. My Daddy got me everything I ever asked for me make me into a little brat and now I don’t like being told no, and that’s ok, because no one ever does. You don’t get denied with a tight young body like this. Now I like to use it to my advantage, teasing cocks and getting my every command fulfilled.

Adult Phone Chat

Adult Phone ChatI woke up today hornier than I think I have been in a long time. I got washed up and started trolling the trailer park for cock to fuck. I went around and all the men were busy with their wives or not at home. I could not even find a furry friend that was outside to fuck. Can you believe that fucking shit. I mean my pussy was so fuciking wet my thighs were sticky. I started walking up on of the trails that was a bit past the all the trailers. And came across a nice fat stick just leaning up against a tree. Like it was sent from heaven above. I thought about it for about 2 seconds before I started to walk over to the stick. I grabbed it and felt how nice a rigged it felt. I knew this was gonna feel good. I stripped off my panties and slid my soaking wet pussy down on the stick. Moaning so loudly. The ends sticking off the stick rubbing me good on the inside. I pushed down as far as I could on this stick. The wood breaking off inside. Grinding my G-spot on the edge of the stick. Humping up and down. I felt like a dog bitch in heat I could not stop fucking this stick. I wanted to fuck it harder and quicker. The wood breaking off felt so good moving around in my cunt making my squirts that much more intense. This stick felt fucking amazing. I never knew a stick could bring such pleasure to a loose fucking whore like me. But it did. When I was done fucking that fat juicy stick. I brought it home with me. I for sure found my new favorite toy. I think I am going to make a Jackoff porn the next time I decide to fuck this stick.

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