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Adult phone chat with an incest lover

Adult phone chat with an incest loving whore.  Yes I am into my daddy he always raised me to be a good girl that must obey. Whenever daddy wanted to blow I got on my knees and sucked till I got that creamy sperm right out of that pee hole.  There’s no denying that I enjoy family fun it’s truly what I desire it’s what makes me want to orgasm.  As I masturbate I think about daddy as I am sucking another man’s dick   I’m always imagining my daddy’s dick. Sure  it may be sick to some but its hot for more. Everyone is into incest deep down and I am here to show you how. Can’t wait to be the whore that talks about daddys pecker and get s your hard. Now youre guilty by association. Lets be perverted incest lovers together.


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Adult phone chat Queen

adult phone chat

I want to give you the best adult phone chat you could have ever thought about it’s so hot to be able to engage in some hot phone bone.  Time to sit back relax and let me tell you what I like to do to that cock of yours. First and foremost I’m going to suck and lick and tease your dick like there’s no tomorrow. Best believe you’ll be begging me to put it in my mouth whole. Once I do that you’re going to completely lose it and want to explode. As you’re about to let the big o out I pull back and stop. Now that’s what we call stalling and I love to use that method because it leads to the best orgasmic experience you have ever thus far experience


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Adult Phone Chat Slut BBW Lois!

Adult Phone Chat

I’ve been a BBW cum slut for so long that I naturally started having hot adult phone chat! I had no idea that being the school slut would make me want to have hot dirty phone talk all the time. I got addicted to showing off my big bouncy breasts and watching kinky fetish porn while I played with my slippery wet cunt, the best part was being able to make guys cum while I talked about my past sexual experiences. All my years as a filthy school girl cum whore made me the best at talking about taboo fantasies and giving hard studs jackoff porn! I’m proud of being an experienced BBW sexy slut now because I make so many guys cum hard just for me!

Dirty Phone Talk


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Hadley’s Dirty adult phone chat rocks your cock

adult phone chat

Hadley’s Dirty adult phone chat rocks your cock! He never knew what a dirty party girl you needed until you met me. I was a young slut back then and you, my coke dealer lived downstairs. 

It was easy for me to party all weekend between trying to hustle up moolah and apply at the strip club. You promised me that you’d keep me high and all you had to do was get that big dick out. I took it from there using my oral skills to make my body and my pussy feel better as the drugs reach through my system.

But you said no that I needed something to help pay the bills so you set me up with the manager of one of the skankiest kitty cat lounges in town. And when I started dancing and making money I still was sucking your cock. We all know the business is brutal and I needed a little pick me up from time to time. Not to mention that all the girls are doing it backstage and it made our pussy as wet right through our g-strings. 

Dancing didn’t make a good amount of money but it never had quite keep up with my habit. That’s when you turn me on to a couple of your friends that were really big money for a really dirty slut. I still remember the first time someone paid for an anal fuck. Did you know that one men are paying they don’t give a fuck if a little asshole please afterwards? But I enjoyed it cuz something about that Coke makes me into a dirty pains like that just needs to get more and more fucked up with you! I know you’re watching some druggie jackoff porn why don’t you stroke that cock and come talk to me about some of the things I’ve done.


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adult phone chat teen slut

adult phone chat

Adult phone chat to talk about all those dirty fantasies you have about the girl next door the hot little cheerleader that really turns you on. Don’t act like you don’t want to ram my little pussy it’s all you can think of my wet little twat is all for you if you act on it. I so want every inch of your Meat it’s all I can think of and the fact that you’re married makes it even hotter I won’t lie. My little secret is that I have a thing for married men they just make me want to hunt. The fact that I can make you throw away your relationship in just a blink of an eye makes me want to let you pound me raw. I know I’m a bad girl but you like that don’t you.?


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Adult Phone Chat with a used up nasty slut

Adult phone chat for a nasty slut who has been used for gangbangs. I learned at a young age sluts like me get used to make dicks explode thick semen loads. My holes have been ripped open many times before I was actually a willing participant. I recall the time my cunty was so hurt was the day I was caught outside and the homeless sadistic pervs used me for a gangbang. They dragged me into the abandoned house and started  putting their stinky big cocks in my mouth. They wanted me to get them hard so they can use their cock meats to fuck my bald pussy. The first cock shoved inside my cunty ripped me open to the point I had blood dripping down to my asshole. They used the blood to lube their dicks up as they forced it into my asshole. It didnt take much before they are were taking turns fucking any hole they could. By the time they were done i couldn’t move and i had pissed and shit myself. One of them said that I was better than masturbating to Jackoff porn.

Adult Phone Chat


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Adult Phone Chat Sexy Slut Ivy!

Adult Phone Chat

I’m a proud adult phone chat slut who loves getting her face fucked and pussy pounded! What good would these big bouncy breasts of mine be if I wasn’t a total sexy slut who loves getting titty fucked? I’m a dominant type, I can’t get enough dirty phone talk about me owning men with my tight wet cunny! I’m the freaky bitch you want to call when you are bored of jackoff porn and need to take a walk on the wild side. I want to bring out your nastiest fantasies, I’m a dark little seductress and I need to know your secret obsessions. I want to make you my pay pig when you call me for the hottest submissive phone chat and best phone sex specials!


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Adult Phone Chat Anal Slut Katy!

Adult Phone Chat

I got so fucking horny while having nasty adult phone chat with my older brother that I made my cunt squirt all over my fingers! I’d been having a hot incest relationship with my older brother for years before he went off to college. I started sending him jack off porn of me sucking other boy’s cocks at school but then he got a girlfriend. I had to think outside the box to keep my big brother’s cock hard for me and only me with all those sluts at college. I started calling him every night for dirty phone talk about all our hot incest fucks over the years! My big brother loved hearing how I seduced him into fucking me as a teen sexy slut! It made him cum so fucking hard knowing that his dick was the one I became addicted to because he treated me like an anal sex whore. Now my big brother can’t stop calling me every night for phone sex porn!


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adult phone chat dirty girl

adult phone chat

I love adult phone chat. You know what I want, baby? I want to be a fucking slut for daddy. Let me daddy’sdys slut. Spitting in my mouth, showing me what a slut I am, will be the best. Ever since I have had a good cock I have only wanted big dicks. Let’s turn me into an accomplice and bring over different girls. It’s going to be a fuck fest for all my friends and me so we can fuck older men with mean boners and wanting to be treated like fucking slut.

I can’t wait to be a good whore and do all these nasty fantasies. There will be porn blasting, and the smell of sex will be all over the room.


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Adult Phone Chat Slut, My Cuck

Adult Phone Chat

This adult phone chat slut wants some fun with a naughty daddy! Do you have something special in mind baby? I know how sweet and gentle you are to me, but I am looking for something more exciting! More rough, kinkier! I think you should sit back and watch me get dicked down the way I like it and you could learn a few things? Would you mind? Aww, look at you too shy to say no! Here. I promise it will be so much fun! Get your cock out, I’ll let you touch yourself while he takes care of my body. As you lean back and take out your cock, I welcome it a stunningly handsome, light skin man with pretty green eyes and short, curly hair! He already has his hands on my while he flashes you the sexiest smile that you have ever seen. He starts taking and ripping off my clothes until I’m completely nakes with my perky tits and my bald pussy out. He palms my tits and starts kissing down my body before kneeling down and taking my cunt into his mouth. He flicks his hot tongue against my pussy, making me scream. Your cock grows harder by the minutes until he takes out his inhumanely large cock. He gives you a cocky look before turning me around and grabbing a fistful of my hair to bend me over. I feel his cock push into my pussy and stretching me out! My screams fill the room as he moans and sinks every. last, inch. of himself inside of me. He holds just for a moment to let me adjust to the size of his large cock before he begins pounding me. My face is shoved into the blankets as he pumps and fucks hard. Your cock twitches in excitement as you start pumping and enjoy the show!

Adult Phone Chat Slut Kelly

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