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Adult Phone Chat with Sexy MILF MaryAnne

adult phone chatThis adult phone chat mommy had a naughty Christmas and a nude year’s eve. What about you? You see, I got some festive sex toys from my sons for Christmas. They enjoy watching their mommy masturbate. I think they would enjoy watching any woman play with her pussy, but it is extra hot to watch your own mommy do it. Did you ever get lucky to spy on your mom having some alone time in her bedroom? I watched my mother all the time. I learned quickly that “I have a migraine,” meant mommy was horny. She would pretend to go into her bedroom to lie down, but what she was doing was using her vibrator. I learned how to masturbate spying on my mom. I masturbate all the time, just like my mother did, but the difference is now that I masturbate in front of my offspring. I don’t hide that special time from them. Boys need to see a sexy MILF pleasuring herself so they know how her girl parts work. My sons had a bunch of boys over for New Year’s Eve. I let them stay up late and play XBOX games all night, but my pussy was purring around all those boy dicks. While they were in the recreation room playing video games, I was upstairs using my candy cane vibrator having naughty thoughts about all those young boys below me. One of the boys came upstairs for something to drink and caught me toying with my bald pussy. He was in shock and awe. He didn’t say a word. He just stared at me while his cock grew in his jeans. I spread my legs wider and said his name every time I impaled my pussy with my new toy. He came in his pants. Didn’t even need to touch himself. He ran away embarrassed. I went to find him. When I did, I brought his cock back to life with my big bouncy boobs. Trust me, he lasted a lot longer in my mommy pussy.

Everyone loves cream pies, right?

adult phone chat

Adult phone chat is so fucking sexy! I get off so hard making guys cum for me! Just the thought of them sitting there, stroking their cocks just for me makes me cream my panties so fast! 

Oh and who doesn’t love creamy panties? The first thing I do when I’m group fucking is find a cum-filled pussy and bury my face right into that delicious cream pie! Getting all that sweet, salty, thick cummies on my tongue is so delicious! And I absolutely LOVE slurping it out of some girls gaped-open, destroyed asshole! Especially when she squats over my face and pushes it all into my mouth so I can swallow it in one gulp! It makes licking and sucking a sweet little cunny even sweeter, in my opinion. Besides, then there’s the added treat of suckling on that fucking clit untill the little slut squirts her yummy sweet love juice all over my face! Of course, usually by then I’ve gotten someone’s cock so fucking rock hard watching me eat a pussy like a fat kid eats cupcakes, and I get my puckered little ass broke-in too! Even if only my ass gets fucked, so long as it’s a good, hard, hair-pulling pounding, I cum so fucking fast and hard I can’t help screaming while I squirt all over us both!

You know what? I think I just love fucking in general! The nastier and stickier, the better!

How about you? Do you have a favorite? I’d love to hear about it! 

Hope to be fucking ou soon, lover! 

xoxo Pepper xoxo

Mommy & Daughter Adult Phone Chat Sluts

adult phone chatAdult phone chat sluts have the kinkiest lives. My daughter Morgan and I do phone sex together because we enjoy sharing our kinky lives with callers. Now that Morgan is on the right side of barely legal, we can play together on the phone too. Plus, I can tell more people about my real relationship with my daughter. Once she was legal age, I didn’t really care as much what folks thought about us bumping and grinding pussies. Morgan and I enjoy sharing our incest sex stories and exploring your family fantasies. We are dirty girls, which is the best kind of girl to be. Yesterday morning we woke up horny. We have Mondays off, so we played in bed for a few hours. I don’t know about you, but I wake up horny, needing to fuck. My husband was never worth a damn in that department. Fucking Morgan is better than fucking her daddy. When I went down on my baby girl, her pussy was extra creamy. I asked her what she had been up to last night. She giggled, pushed my head back between her legs and moaned sweetly as I licked up her creampie. I buried my tongue in her juicy center so I could see how many licks it took til she popped. Not many. She has always been pretty weak when it comes to her mommy being between her legs.  She squirted on my face as my tongue was deep in her cunnie pot and my nose was on her clit. She sounds so sexy when she cums. She returned the favor, but I didn’t have anything extra in my puss. I peed a little in her mouth, however to make things dirtier. I also made her lick my hot ass. She got her tongue in my asshole like she was digging for gold. We made each other cum a few dozens times before we rolled out of bed. I love our lazy mornings together.

Greedy GFE!!

Adult Phone Chat

Being called a Sugar Baby makes my little bald pussy wet! I am young and full of cum! I want to share my pussy with someone who is going to take care of me! Iam always so busy keeping my body looking sick that I don’t have time to work! I go get my nails done twice a week. I get a body wrap every week and that alone is like 3 hours. I love to party so I’m out looking hot on the red carpet! Being in the public eye means I need those designer clothes! You can’t just stop at the top coat daddy. I need those sexy panties to boost me. Sliding those silk panties up my freshly waxed and tanned legs to my freshly waxed bald pussy feels so fucking good.

GFE sex

Makes me feel unstoppable. Wearing my skin tight dresses out knowing every man and woman on earth is checking me out. I know those men are slowly undressing me with their eyes. By the time I sit down in my brand new car, my silk panties are soaking wet! I love knowing I have teased every man I just walked past and didn’t give a damn about who was calling out to me. I have my Sugar Daddy waiting for this freshly waxed pussy to ride his big cock! I don’t need any one else! I am so excited on my way home I start rubbing my pussy as I drive home! I am so ready for his big cock in my tight little hole! 

Adult Phone Chat Submissive Slut

adult phone chatAdult phone chat with me is submissive chat. I know I am a mature whore, but I have always been submissive to men. I love doing what ever a man tells me. Last night I hooked up with two guys. I was drunk and stoned at a bar during last call. They were younger than me by a decade at least, but all I could think about was being used. Doubly used. They knew I looked like an easy fuck. I was just thinking tag team heaven. They were too, but they had more in store for this dirty whore than just their cocks. One of them skull fucked me while his friend poured Jack Daniels straight down my throat. He called it Jack and Cock. I was getting sick. I can handle my booze, but slow and steady over time. This was forced intoxication. The combination of being skull fucked and forced to guzzle whisky made me puke on his cock. They acted disgusted by me vomiting, but they had to know that would be the out come. Like a scolded puppy who pissed the floor, they rubbed my face in the puke, forcing me to lap it up. I tried my best not to puke further. I may be a submissive whore, but these young men were vile. As I was licking up my own vomit, they fucked my ass in tandem. They were both pretty hung, so my ass was being stretched beyond anything ever before. I knew what was next. They were predictable. After they shot a bucket of cum up my ass, they made me clean their shitty dicks with my mouth. I didn’t like the taste of my own ass. I felt so sick to my stomach from the booze, cum, puke and now shit that I projectile vomited. They fucked and humiliated me till the sun rose, then kicked me out the door like a bag of trash. Guess I asked for it.

Adult Phone Chat with a Submissive Whore

adult phone chatAdult phone chat with me is anything you want it to be. I am a submissive whore. I do what I am told. Most of my callers enjoy humiliating me because I am a little long in the tooth. I guess compared to those hot college coeds I am old, but I still can be used and abused and not complain. I love gang bangs and cum, especially. Now, I know I don’t have a say in the matter because you are in charge. You are in control always, but I am just letting you know if you like to degrade an old cum whore, I may be the perfect submissive slut for you. This guy I hooked up with over the weekend decided that I needed to be whored out to his friends. In fact, he owed several of them money for a football bet that didn’t go his way. Instead of money, he offered up me. Those guys swarmed on me like vultures. They saw my big tits and my fat ass and got hard at the suggestion they could do ANYTHING to me. They started slapping my face with their cocks. Some spanked my ass and joked about how it jiggled. Others pissed on me and informed me that I was nothing more than a human trash receptacle. They all enjoyed cumming on me. They circle jerked on my face making me look like one of those Japanese bukkae princesses. Cum was thick on my face. It stung my eyes, but they just laughed. One guy pushed me on the ground with his foot and made me mop up the cum with my tongue. That was just foreplay to them. Their real fun began with my ass. I lost count of how many loads of cum I took up my back door, but when it was all done and over, I know my friend’s debt was settled.

Adult Phone Chat Sex Education

adult phone chat Adult phone chat with me is always dirty. Like extra dirty because I love young boys. I am a P mommy. Well step mommy to be exact. I have raised my husband’s sons from his first marriage since they were knee high. Now they are college boys. I have been fucking them since the day I married their daddy. I knew he was older than me and likely his dick would not work forever, but he had two young boys who I knew would take care of their sexy step mom once my hormones went into over drive. Every day before school, I woke them up with a blowjob. Their father was long gone at work by the time they needed to get up for school. My mouth is an amazing alarm clock. I would blow them awake and they would give me the cream I needed for my coffee. Actually, I never acquired a taste for coffee. I have always been all about the cream. Now that the boys are out of the house, I miss giving head every morning. Luckily for me there is a home schooled boy on the block. He is of that age where his dick is his best friend. I brought him some MILF and cookies one day and now we fuck like rabbits several times a day. I know what you are thinking. How is that possible with a home school boy. Easy. His parents leave for work at 6 AM and the boy answers to an online teacher. We make sure I am never on cam. I can blow his little wiener while he sits at his desk in his bedroom learning about history. I give him  human anatomy and human sexuality lessons, so my encounters with him every day help to further his education. I am better than jackoff porn.

jackoff porn

I love adult phone chat

adult phone chatI am a proud anal sex whore and I don’t ever want to be anything else! What can I say? I love a big fat cock in my ass and if I had my way, I’d have one in there every fucking day! I’m a total slut, I have been since I was a teen but I don’t ever feel bad about it, someone has to be the slut right? It may as well be me seeing as how I love being the dirtiest, nastiest little slut I can possibly be. Trust me hun, there is nothing that you could ask me to do that I won’t do…even if we are talking about piss, shit or even fucking your furry little friends! I want to get wild and crazy and try something new, don’t you? Tell me all of your nastiest fantasies hun,  I just know that whatever they are, I am going to be turned on by them too! Just try me, you’ll see!

Craving Cock

Big bouncy breastsI know you love these big bouncy breasts. Don’t you want to put that rock hard cock between them? They make such a nice soft place for you to slide back and forth between. I love the way your cock head plays peek a boo out the top of my mountainous valley as you slide back and forth. You look good enough to eat! So, when that mushroom head peeks out, I dip my head low so I can catch it in my hot wet mouth. Mmn, that slows down that sliding for a minute, doesn’t it? You can’t decide which place your cock likes better, huh? Being surrounded by these big luscious tits or my hot wet mouth? Guess what baby? I got two more holes for you to choose from. My fat pussy is even hotter and wetter than my mouth because you have gotten me so turned on playing with these tits like you have been. Then there is my ass. I’ll hold these cheeks wide for you to explore that nice tight hole if you like. It’s all waiting for you, baby. I’m craving your big hard cock tonight.

Dirty mommy phone sex

dirty mommy phone sex

I was laying down watching tv in my room, relaxing applying lotion all over my body. Starting with my legs then working the lotion up my thighs then up my bald pussy. I heard a noise in the living room and decided to see what was going on, so I made my way through the house until I noticed that it was just my son working out. To my suprise I lost my balacance due to the floor

being wet and fell, exposing my nude body to my son. I was just wearing a towel to begin with. My son rushed over to help me get up, and then he noticed my huge delcious mommy titties, and my bald wet cunt. As he reached over to grab me to help me up I could tell that he wanted to see more and was fighting the urge to not

look away. I thanked him for helping me up when suddenly I lost my balance again this time grabbing my son and bringing him down with me. It took a while for my son to grasp what was happening since he was on top of me, with his face burried in my chest and his booner touching my wet cunt. I didnt expect my son to reach down with his

hands to finger my wet bald pussy, but i didnt try to stop him either because it felt incredible. I spread my legs wide for him letting him twist and spin and work his fingers in side of my really wet twat. I couldn’t help but moan as he began grabing me hard kissing me up

and down my body. I grabbed his thick throbing cock and begged him to penetrate me. My son ripped off his shorts and undear wear and slid his huge cock in to my wet cunt. I grabbed him forcing him to slide all the way inside of me until it could not longer go any further. I told him to fuck his mommy hard and fast. Those words really motivated him since he kept slamming his thick hard cock in and out of my pussy. Making me sore as rolled his hips into me. Until finally he bursted and came all inside of me leaving my pussy cream pied and raw.I guess I am to much of a freak to care since mommy likes to get fucked.

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