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Adult Phone Chat Cum Whore

adult phone chat

Over the holidays, my parents insisted that I go to a bunch of hoity-toity, high society parties. An adult phone chat with me will tell you I don’t do that kind of shit. It bores me. I’d rather be partying in a different kind of way while I have dicks in every one of my holes. I decided to try and make the best of the party, but this snooty bitch walked up to me and told me that she could see my “lady parts” when I bent over because my skirt was so short. I told her that she must be mistaken because I am not a lady and have no “lady parts”.

I was pretty pissed off, so I figured out which rich old white man was her husband and I set out to seduce him. It didn’t take long and before you know it, we were upstairs in his hotel room banging like rabbits. I told him I’d eat his load if he gave me some blow and $1000. He grabbed into his pocket for both and once they were in hand, I got down on my knees and swallowed his throbbing, cock. Do you wish to hear more? 


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Adult Phone Chat Slave

adult phone chat

My Master informed me yesterday that I’m not having enough adult phone chat, so I’m going to swallow what little bit of pride I have left and beg you to call me right now. You don’t have to do anything at all to please me. All you have to is let use me, abuse me, degrade me, and of course, humiliate me. If you can’t think of anything that you’d like to do to me, I would be more than happy to tell you stories about things Master and his friends have done. I will be so embarrassed to tell you, but I still will because it’s the right thing to do.

Just the holiday season alone has been full of humiliation and degradation for me. I’ve said before that I always end up being the party entertainment and that’s been especially true at the holiday parties this year. Master invited so many more men than he usually does, and he made sure that they had big dicks. He loves watching me choke on them and he loves watching them stretch out my asshole. I want to tell you everything, 


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Adult Phone Chat For Holiday Fun!

Adult Phone Chat

The holidays do something wild to me, I’m craving cock this week in a way I’ve never felt before! I’m playing with my soaked little cunny all day thinking about getting bent over and mounted like a whore. I wake up excited like a child on Christmas morning knowing that on all my calls I’m going t be masturbating and cumming so hard that I squirt all over my bed. If you need a cock thirsty cum slut who loves a nasty fantasy then I’m your girl! I want to hear about all your filthy kinky fantasies that get you rock hard. When I hear my phone ring my cunny is dripping in anticipation of making hot guys like you cum thinking about fucking me! I’m dreaming of a white cum covered Christmas! Call me!


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Adult Phone Chat With Emily

adult phone chat

Hello to all my favorite perverts! I have to say that it’s SO nice to have peers who are as dirty as I am to have a nice adult phone chat with. What kind of twisted things are on your mind today, sexy? I sincerely hope that it’s something so nasty you haven’t ever been able to share it with another living soul. Those are the kinds of fantasies that I live for! Taboo fetishes and roleplays are more than okay with me. I prefer them. Anyone can talk about what it would be like to suck your dick. Don’t you want more than that?

Tell me about what you desire that would make other people’s skin crawl. Baby, those are the things that make my pretty pussy wet. Don’t you think it’s time that you share those feelings with someone? If you tell me your fantasies, I’ll tell you all about mine, too. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we ended up being turned on by the same things? Let’s get nasty. I’m feeling pretty horny today, so why don’t you go ahead and give me a ring? I’ll be here waiting with my imagination and my dildo!


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Adult Phone Chat Sluts Have Big Veiny Cock

Adult Phone Chat

Adult Phone Chat Sluts have a big veiny cock. I know how much you have been wanting a cock like mine. That is why I will tease you until you are begging for it. If I’m in the mood I’ll pull it out and shove it in your mouth making you taste my pre-cum. I know it makes your cock hard when my shemale dick is in your mouth and you can look up at me while I play with my tits. I’ll make you suck on my balls and lick on my asshole until I’m ready to fuck your tight man pussy. Then you will bend over like a good slutty cum bucket. It drives you crazy when I just shove my cock deep in your ass with one push. As I pound you hard I’ll stroke your small dick showing you who you belong to and when I fill you up, I know it will make you cum all over my hand. Like a good slut you will then clean my hand and cock! 


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Adult Phone Chat With a Filthy Mommy

adult phone chat

It doesn’t matter how many calls I get every day – it is never enough. I love adult phone chat of every kind so no matter what you’re into, it’s always going to be cool with me. If it involves me getting dick, I’m going to be very happy. And when I’m happy, trust me when I say that you’re going to be very happy, too. I’ve been fucking since I was young, so I know I can make you shoot your load hard every single time I play with you. Men can never hold it for very long when they’re inside me.

Do you have any fantasies that involve family members? Those are my favorite. I would love to tell you about me teaching my little ones how to fuck. I think it is the sexiest thing in the world for family members who already share an intimate emotional bond to go a step further and start sharing a physical one. Do you want to hear about me teaching my daughters to suck cock or would you prefer the stories about me teaching my sons to eat pussy? I’ve got all of that and then some to tell you if that’s what you’re into. There’s nothing sexier than a filthy mommy corrupting her own flesh and blood.


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Adult Phone Chat Dirty Girl

adult phone chat

Are you ready for some adult phone chat? I hope you know that I’m not like other girls that you might fuck. I’m the kind of slut that never conforms to what society says is right or wrong. I do what I want. Fuck what other people think. So, if you have taboo fantasies that old white church ladies would shun you for, then you’re my kind of man! I’m kind of in the mood to do lines of cock off your dick before I fuck you. We’ll both be nice and fucked up and the sex is going to feel like magic.

Speaking of those church ladies – it’s been a while since I made a cumsicle and gave it to them in their drinks. Do you want to be the one to provide me with a load to freeze? Maybe I’ll use it to make a pitcher of cider or something for their holiday church gathering. Ah, they will be celebrating the birth of Jesus while they drink your load. Won’t that be so fucking exciting? It’s making my cunt wet, so get that cock and filthy imagination ready and come play before I start without you!


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Adult Phone Chat Cock and Ball Torture

adult phone chat

I love the holiday season and you know what it really gets me in the mood for? I love having adult phone chat that includes cock and ball torture. I’m not sure why I always love it more during this time of year, but I do. I guess maybe it’s because of all the naughty guys out there who really need to be punished. What have you done that would cause me to tie you down and cause pain and suffering to your cock and balls? And don’t say nothing. You’re a male, so by default you’re going to fuck something up.

While I’d love to tell you everything that I’ll be doing to you, I like to leave some things as surprises for my CBT callers. But I’ll just tell you that you’d better not call me and tell me that you have nothing on hand to torture yourself with. You can use lots of household items like spatulas, wooden spoons, hairbrushes, hair ties, rubber bands, candles, ice, and hot wax just to name a few. I can promise you one thing. You’re going to be in a lot of pain, but you’re going to cum hard and it’s going to be so worth it. Don’t keep me waiting.


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Jackoff Porn For A Snuff Addict

Jackoff Porn

I know my snuff films are some of your favorite jackoff porn so you don’t have to hide how hard you’re getting. You love to watch me snatch some young little filly from the street, and either coax or drag her out away from where anyone can help her. You’ve been craving a phone sex session that is so immersive in your fantasy, and I’m going to deliver so listen up baby. I dragged the drunk little whore from the street by her hair, and she was screaming and begging the whole way into the woods. Nothing nice waited for her between the trees. I chained her to a big, old oak that needed cut down, and pulled out my bright pink lollipop chainsaw! Well she was absolutely taken aback and terrified, begging me not to hurt her and to please let her go. She was crying, but giggling from time to time. The little bitch thought this was a prank all the way until I made my first pass through her with the screaming blade of the chainsaw. She was louder as her arm fell in a bloody puddle on the ground. After sawing her up from the elbows and knees, I left her chained there to rot. If the wolves didn’t get her, the rats would.

Cheap Phone Chat

Bitchy Butcher Indigo

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Adult Phone Chat: Knock Up Mommy

adult phone chat

This mommy gives the best adult phone chat you can find.  As a sexy mommy and milf I play with my offspring and lots of neighbor boys and girls too. I get older and my playmates get younger. It is perfect.  I have no limits or taboos. A caller wanted to do an extra hot taboo role play today.  I could tell he was nervous about his fantasy. I assured him that there was not much I have not done. I am a sex addict. I need cock like I need air. He wanted to knock up mommy. My only regret is I never let any of my boys knock me up. I am past my prime for that at 54, but I love a good role play. In our fantasy mommy role play, I stopped birth control. I told my son I wanted him to fuck me daily to get me pregnant.  I told him he was man of the house now since daddy left. I told him mommy needed another little one. I discussed it with my boy, and he admitted he always wanted to fuck mommy.  It is a healthy and normal desire. Lots of men have impregnation fantasies. My son agreed to knock up mommy. It was a hot mommy son role play. Fantasy or not, putting a bun in mommy’s oven means you are helping to grow the family. You are keeping the legacy going. I told my son giving me another little one means I can groom our little one to be our fuck slut.  I would be lying if I said this was not a sexy role play. I love fantasy phone chat. We can age play and be whomever we want. I love to take care of your taboo role play too. I have no limits. I love being your mommy whore.


Sexy MILF Esmerelda

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