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Adult Phone Chat With This MagiCunt!


Adult Phone ChatYou’re not getting the most out of your adult phone chat sessions until you give Goddess Reesa a try, I promise. I’m the Domme Mommy of your absolute dreams. Say the magic words; “You own me, Goddess.” And I’ll take all the worry away. Goddess will tell you what to wear, what to eat, how and when. I’ll dress you like the sexy little toy that you are, and parade that cock around. You’ll pleasure who I tell you to, and do as I say. Do you understand?

Surrender yourself to me. I’ll edge you, and cuck you, and play and tease and love you unlike any other Domme you’ve ever encountered. Harsh, tender, and fucking hotter than the sun. It’s rude to ask a woman her age, but I’m in my fucking prime, and my literal fucking prime.

I know how to Dom right, in that special way that leaves you trembling and unable to sleep until you know when you’ll be getting another dose of me. I’m fucking magic, sweetheart. A magical cunt, a magicunt if you will. Show me your magic wand; I might even open wide to say abra, kadabra, alakazam! If you’re big enough, Mommy will slurp down your cock. If you’re not, it’s the strap on for you, pretty baby.

Adult Phone Chat Lines

Domme Mommy Reesa

(800) 270-5026 ext 824

Jackoff Porn with Mommy

jackoff porn

Want to make jackoff porn with mommy? I love making incest videos with my sons and daughters. I know I could make a lot of money selling family fun videos, but they are for our spank bank only. I have videos a few decades old from my daughter and sons from my first marriage. Back then it was just me and them playing in front of the camera. Now, my second husband loves to be recorded doing things to his daughter. He likes to film me fucking our son and daughter too. These videos could get us arrested, but it is worth the risk. Honestly, I should have been a porn star. I missed my calling, but then again maybe my calling was to be a dirty mommy. My second husband is half my age. He is only a few years older than my oldest offspring. He has the energy to keep up with me. When we first got married, he was only into older women. He had mommy issues like my boys. Now he is a P daddy. We make our own porn too, but we love the family porn the most. If you call me for adult phone chat, be prepared to get dirty. Nothing and no one is off limits to me.

Sexy Mommy Micolette

1-800-248-6755 Ext 801

Adult Phone Chat With Aimee

adult phone chat

Happy Sunday, pervs. Are you up for some adult phone chat this afternoon? I’ll be on for a while and I have to say that I am feeling pretty fucking horny. I don’t know exactly what I’m in the mood for, but I know that we can come up with something really freaking taboo and nasty together. That’s the good thing about perverts like us. We both know that we can talk about anything and our phone fucking partner won’t judge us. Isn’t that the best feeling in the whole world? If that’s something you value, then I am the slut for you.

I don’t know what proclivities you have when it comes to the bedroom, but I will go ahead and tell you mine if you don’t already know. I love family fun. I have fucked pretty much every member of my family and I love talking about it. So if you want to hear stories about that, I’m more than ready to tell you. And maybe you have some family fun stories to tell me. Was there someone you always wanted to fuck but didn’t? Well, let’s role-play! I’m here for all of your needs today, baby! Just call me.


(800) 224-4604 ext 801

Bridgette’s Adult Phone Chat

adult phone chat

One of the things I love the most about adult phone chat is that it can literally be anything you want it to be. I know that I’m a classy and sophisticated woman, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t like to get down and dirty from time to time.Actually, I think you’d be really surprised by the taboo things that get my pussy wet. You’re not the only one who loves all those fantasies that really push peoples limits. I love when I hear about a new fetish or fantasy that I’ve never tried before.So if you think you have something new for me, I am extra excited to talk to you today.

But our time on the phone doesn’t even have to be anything other than a regular fuck. There is something to be said about an animalistic fuck fest where you use me like a nasty whore. My pussy is throbbing and I’m feeling so horny. I don’t feel this kind of excitement very often, so you better call me while I am ready to do every single thing you want. And I don’t even care how nasty it is. I’m ready and waiting for you. All you have to do is take the plunge.


(800) 219-3930 ext 805

Adult Phone Chat for Dark Desires

adult phone chatAdult phone chat sluts can be evil bitches too. I am a case in point. I am not a GFE. I am not your whore. I am your accomplice, or you are my bitch. If you call me and think I am your bitch, you will be sorry. I do not care that you are paying. I do not care if you have a big dick. I do not care if you are rich and handsome. Fuck calls are not my thing. Well, fucking me is not my thing. Fucking some small tender age victim, well, now we are talking. I am a sick bitch. I am not married. I do not have brats.  I hate ankle biters. My hatred for these soul sucking, germ spreading fuck trophies bodes well for you because I will bring you one to explore your rape fantasies with and I will dispose of her body afterwards. The world needs less brats. I am population control.  Do you have rape fantasies for tender age flesh? You name the girl or the boy if that is your thing and I will deliver him or her to your cock. Now do not mistake her for me because if you try to slip me your dick, I will cut it off. Trust me. If I want to fuck you, you will know. So, keep your hands and your dick off me and fuck what I bring you. If I can hand over a young brat to his or her death, just imagine what I can do to you.

Sick Bitch Venus

(800) 207-6329 ext 810

Adult Phone Chat Girlfriend

adult phone chat

When you guys call me for an adult phone chat, I’m up for any number of different things. But today I would be so happy to get a call from you if you’re looking for a phone sex girlfriend. I’m VERY good at giving you the girlfriend experience. I’m a pretty nurturing woman and I love hearing about your day and how things went for you. I even love hearing about things like what you had for lunch or dinner – I’m quite the foodie. I’m smart, funny, and I know that I can make your world better just by being in it.

However, as much as I love all of the non-sexual parts of being your girlfriend, I always look forward to the sexy parts, too. Do you want to hear about how wet my pussy is by listening to you talk and realizing how fucking smart you are? That really does it for me and you’re sure to get a good romp if you’re intelligent. Or maybe you’re the kind of guy who likes to be tortured with CBT. That turns me on, too. I’m ready for you and it really doesn’t matter what kind of things we talk about – what matters is that we’re going to have a good time.


(800) 219-3930 ext 805

Adult Phone Chat Teen Slut

Adult Phone Chat with a Teen Slut like me is awesome fun times for a pervert daddy like you. It’s hot! My neighbor has been watching me for years. When I caught him last night peeking into my window while I was dressing, I decided to give pervert jerk off man a show. Wiggling  my ass as I slipped out of my tight jeans and shimmied my upper body as I slipped my t-shirt over my head.

You will never guess what I did next. Obviously, I went to my lingerie drawer and only my panties and bra. Grabbing out this lacey babydoll nighty in turquoise I felt naughty and also grabbed my toy. It was so obvious he was pulling his dick out. I have a camera facing his window so I can see how he jerks it to me. It was a couple years ago I got a full glimpse of him stroking to my open window. My decision to put in a spycam was a great one.

It was time to turn on my computer screen and log into the webcam

This is when I slipped my panties off and my bra as well. The obviousness was that I could now see him undoing his pants. His cock was so big and hard. I zoomed in and saw it close it was big. You know it was the point that I needed to get nasty. I put on the sexy lingerie sat facing the window with a light on and the curtains open. I took my toy and fucked my pussy until I came.

Guess what that jerkoff was doing! He was furiously jerking his cock and I got up went to the curtain and yanked it close. I picked up my cell phone and snapped a close up of my pussy and texted it to that pervert daddy.

Adult Phone Chat

Sexy slut Charlie

(800) 258-5131 ext 815

Adult Phone Chat Slut

adult phone chat

I might still be a teenager, but I am more than ready for some adult phone chat with you! I’ve been fucking for a long time, so you don’t have to worry about offending me or talking about something that I’m not ready for! I’m probably dirtier than you are, believe it or not. And if you don’t believe it, you’ll have to give me a call and see for yourself. I’ve never been the girl to do what prim and proper cunts would do. That’s why I have always been the most popular girl in my town and my schools. It’s also why I’m hated by a lot of women, but oh well. I don’t give a fuck.

So, what kind of dirty things do you have on your mind now, baby? Do you have a fantasy about defiling my young body? Do you want a pretty little thing like me to pound your asshole with a strap-on? Maybe you want me to suck your cock while you’re on the phone with your wife and you’ll tell her what’s going on. Will she be mad? I guess that remains to be seen. Anything you want, you can have when you call me! What in the world are you waiting for?!


(800) 219-3930 ext 807

Isabella Craves Your Incestuous Adult Phone Chat

adult phone chat

Adult phone chat is what I crave, I get so many of my son’s friends hanging out drooling over my big size C tits and ass. I love  way their eyes light up at the very prospect of fucking a horny milf. For me it’s an instant turn on to tease these young lads. My son knows he can have mommy, but I enjoy making him jealous with these friends. Especially the tall brown football players. I know they have a good sized dick and would fuck me ruthlessly and with great stamina. I end up torturing myself with these hard bodies and all the teasing I do. Throbbing, panties soaked, I went a little too far one day and did a playful strip tease for my son’s closest friend.

Teen cock drives me out of my mind.

I was frustrated when I got a call from a sexy man wanting me to be his mom. He could sense that I was already horny and needed a release. I told him that I was teasing teen dick and made my own son mad at me. That’s when he said I needed to get that young cock back over to have him and  my son sit down to watch jackoff porn. My caller got me off and gave me great advice. He said he would have loved to tag team his own mommy and his best friend years ago. I should keep teasing my son and make sure I tell him that half way through the porn I am going to blow his black teen friend. I lost myself in this role play thinking of how my son would react and how much I would enjoy lifting my ass up for my son to fuck me hard and deep with a jealous rage as I sucked that Teen BBC.

Incest Whore Isabella

(800) 988-2055 ext. 817

Adult phone chat slut Janie

adult phone chat

I love when a sexy adult phone chat conversation gets hotter and dirtier than you ever imagined! That’s what happened this morning at work, while I was on the phone with my boss. He called me to discuss some things that have been going on at the office, while he’s been out on vacation. After a few minutes of talking and innocent flirting, he asked me to check my email for a copy of a report that he was sending me. Instead, he sent me a photo of his huge, hard dick! I thought he might have made a mistake but then he asked me to send him a “copy of my report”. I snapped a quick picture of me spreading my wet pussy open under my desk, followed by a video I had of me, rubbing my clit and moaning. I could hear him jerking his cock as he told me to make my wet pussy squirt for him! I sat right there at my desk and finger fucked my soaked cunnie for him! I made my wet kitty cum so hard while he stroked his cock and came for me! He said that when he gets back from vacation, that we will go over our reports together!


1-800-279-3016 ext 804

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