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Mommy Son Jackoff Porn

jackoff pornJackoff porn is something all men watch; even men getting fucked regularly. My boy toy husband watches porn; so do all my sons, even the school age ones. Porn is so easily accessible these days thanks to the Internet. The kind of porn the men in my family watch is MILF porn.  Even though, they all fuck me, they still enjoy stroking their dicks in between fucks. The truth is I am a very busy dirty mom and wife. I have 6 sons and a husband with a high sex drive like me. In my house, it is 7 boys to 1 mommy. Porn must be watched. But the kind of porn watched is unique to our house. Yes, it is MILF porn, but I am the MILF porn star. With every son and with my husband, I make little spank bank videos of our time together. Modern technology makes that so much easier. A cell phone is the modern day Polaroid camera. I hit record, fuck and then send it to them afterwards. Wouldn’t you love a hot sexy video of your mother fucking you? You could masturbate reliving the hot memory; you can even share the video with your friends. Boys who fuck their mothers are very popular with the boys who wish they fucked their mothers. You can even upload the video to incest sex sites and rate my mom sites. My sons love knowing other guys get off to watching me fuck them. My boys and my husband even share their videos amongst each other because it is hot to see me fucking their brother and their daddy. I love being a phone sex mommy too. Maybe we can make our own home porn? My husband loves to fuck my ass; my sons love to tag team me. How do you want to fuck mommy?

Adult Phone Chat Mommy

adult phone chatAdult phone chat mommies are the naughtiest mommies around. I know I got into this line of work so I could share my incest stories. I have been fucking my son and daughter since they were little. That is not something I can tell just anyone, you know? But the way I look at it, if you even find me on the Internet among all the other hot moms and milfs, you are looking for an incest mommy. I have never had a real job. I went from wife and mother to phone whore once my babies left the nest. Just because they are in college now, doesn’t mean we don’t fuck. We still fuck, just not every day like before. That is when my phone sex career began; when my daughter left for college, leaving me home all alone. My son and daughter are good to their mother. They miss me. I was so excited when they paid me a surprise visit this weekend. They missed one another as much as they missed me. I can never decide who to fuck first, so we usually have a sexy threesome. I got in the doggy style position so my son could fuck me. It is the position that I love the most. The reason I like it so much is because it allows me to burry my face between my daughter’s legs while getting hammered from behind. I can never get enough of her sweet teen pussy. She tastes so good. Of course, she tastes best with her brother’s seed in her cunt. I got his load first, however. It was up my ass too. This mom is an anal sex whore. I don’t care where my son puts his batter, I can still share it with my daughter. I squatted my cum filled ass over her face and shit his seed into her mouth. Watching his sister suck his cum out of his mother’s ass, made him hard all over again. God, it was good to have then both home again.

Naughty Elf on the Shelf learns a lesson from mommy Kathy’s girls!

I got my little girls the crazy elf on a shelf doll. I love putting him in different naughty positions! My girls love searching around for him. They have found him eating a Barbie pussy while getting fucking in the ass by another Barbie with a strap on! They wanted to reenact the same position they found that naughty little elf on the shelf. Lucky for them I had a client walk in who wanted to be a naughty boy and be punished.

Adult Phone Chat

He paid top dollar for my little sluts so I made it extra fun and sexy for him. I dressed him up as their elf on a shelf doll and told them to use him the same way we found their elf on a shelf! My oldest pulled his pants down and started spanking him for being such a bad boy! She pulled him by his ears down to her tiny bald pussy and made him lick her little cunny.

Dirty mommy phone sex

My youngest pointed out that his little cock was dripping his yummy cream and she wanted it hot and fresh out of the spigot. She got down and started sucking on the head of his tiny cock as my middle child grabbed the biggest strap on I had! She lubed it up and slammed in deep into that naughty elf’s ass! He screamed in my oldest pussy as he was getting butt fucked my middle child and his cock drained by my youngest!

What is your favorite Jackoff porn?

Jackoff porn

His favorite Jackoff porn to watch when he is on his bender is a dirty trashy white whore taking big thick fat nigger cocks in all of her nasty holes for a line. When he found me behind the dumpster after chasing a group of guys away, I started yelling at him. “You stupid fuck! Mind your own god damn business!” He bent down to help me up and I grabbed his cock and squeezed hard on his rock hard cock as he fell to his knees. “So you like watching a dirty trashy whore getting gang banged? 20 bucks and I’ll give you a live show Pervert.” He grinned as his cock throbbed in my hand. “Can, Can I lick all the cum out of your pussy after?” I spread my legs open wide as I slid my hand down my inner thigh to my dripping cum filled cunt. I slid in two fingers and scooped out some cum and put my wet fingers to his mouth. Without hesitation he started sucking the cum off my fingers like I suck a dick for coke! I texted a few guys and told them where to meet us. His Jackoff porn wasn’t going to be enough for him anymore. I knew when he wanted to rub his cock he was going to call me for now on. I was going to be his Live Jackoff porn whore. Right in his livingroom. Getting my coked up pussy, asshole and mouth brutally fucked and filled by big black nigger cocks and spunk! We were perfect for each other! A rich lonely man with sick sexual fantasies and a dirty druggy whore craving money, who is willing to do anything for coke. We were the perfect couple. I was his coke whore and he was my rich cuckold, sucking cum out of my filthy pussy! 

I love adult phone chat

adult phone chatI am a proud anal sex whore and I don’t ever want to be anything else! What can I say? I love a big fat cock in my ass and if I had my way, I’d have one in there every fucking day! I’m a total slut, I have been since I was a teen but I don’t ever feel bad about it, someone has to be the slut right? It may as well be me seeing as how I love being the dirtiest, nastiest little slut I can possibly be. Trust me hun, there is nothing that you could ask me to do that I won’t do…even if we are talking about piss, shit or even fucking your furry little friends! I want to get wild and crazy and try something new, don’t you? Tell me all of your nastiest fantasies hun,  I just know that whatever they are, I am going to be turned on by them too! Just try me, you’ll see!

Cody loves Anal sex!

Anal phone chat

I love having all of my holes filled up but I really love anal sex! You can’t rush anal, it takes time to get that fat cock into this tight asshole baby. I love it when you lay me down on my belly to watch some nasty anal porn while you start licking my asshole. Freshly shaved all for you baby. I keep my pussy and ass hairless for you! I know you love having this tight ass on your cock and you know how much I love having you balls deep into my ass! The way you lick and tongue fuck my asshole send shivers down my body. The pressure of the head of your cock pushing on my tight asshole makes my pussy dripping wet. It feels so good baby. Push it in more, make it hurt just a little bit, you know I am a little kinky hehe.. Oh fuck yes baby push your cock in and out of my asshole.. Make me take it balls deep in my tight ass! 

Anal sex is the best sex!

adult phone chatDo you know what I love about anal sex? Umm fucking everything that’s what! I love getting my tight little asshole stretched way out by your giant cocks… and seriously bring a friend with you too cus one dick is never enough for me! I need a cock in every hole and some extras for after the first ones are done… I am just that kind of whore. If I could do nothing but fuck all day long I would, some people would call me an addict but I don’t give a fuck, I’ll suck their dick too! I’m the kind of whore that is always ready to fuck… and I am totally down for whatever too, nothing is too kinky or too nasty for me! Shit, I’ll even suck the shit off your cock after it’s done fucking my dirty asshole, I don’t give a fuck at all! I’m the whore you need in your life baby I can tell you that for sure!

Adult phone chat can be wicked.

adult phone chatSex and drugs are what fuel me. I love the way I feel after a few lines and some rough sex. I know  alot of you guys are the same way. Your cock gets totally rock hard and blowing a popper rocks your world. A girl like me needs you. I love the violence that’s triggered after drugs corrupt you. You do those things that you wouldn’t otherwise. Like making a girl eat shit and be your human urinal. Beating me because you can’t cum. Or violating me with household objects. Come on. We all get those urges, don’t we? Of course most women won’t tolerate your shit. Not me. I welcome the pain and abuse. Make me scream for you while you share the filthiest fantasy you can imagine. I love the stuff that others won’t touch, the most taboo of topics, so bad that I won’t even mention them here. Don’t be shy though. I’d love to talk about them when you’re ready to do a call.

Anal phone chat with Daphne

Anal phone chat Daphne

My sweet son love’s his mommies ass. I am so fucking happy he loves to eat my ass just like his daddy did. I am so fucking lucky that my sweet son got the same big cock that even curves to the right at the tip like his grandpa. I am going to so honest with you I was fucking my daddy and my husband all at the same time when I got pregnant. Good thing my daddy and my baby daddy look exactly alike. I thought I was marring my daddy’s twin when I met my husband. But his cock was just so disappointing. I married him for his money and the way he loved to lick my asshole! Every fucking night my bitch of a husband would lick my asshole and beg for me to fart in his mouth. My son loves to lick his mommies asshole and finger her pussy at the same fucking time. My baby boy knows how to make his mommy cum!


The Boss’s FuckToy

Anal sex whoreEver since the boss had caught me stealing his dope, I had been his fucktoy. I submitted to any and every sexual desire. In return, he let me keep my job and he keeps me supplied with my nose candy. Secretly I enjoyed being his whore. I loved being used whenever and however he wanted. Tonight he was entertaining a very important client. He called me into the office and demanded I suck his client’s cock. I quickly dropped to my knees and took his cock into my mouth. At the same time, The boss came up behind me, roughly shoved my panties to the side and entered me. He fucked hard into my pussy, shoving me further down on his clients cock. Someone suggested we change positions. I ended up on top of my boss riding cowgirl. His client wasted no time coming behind me and filling my ass with his big fuck stick. There is nothing I love better than being filled in both holes by rock hard cock. I was in heaven being fucked back and forth between them. I was so turned on, I started squirting. The tightening of my muscles from my orgasm must have sent them over the edge because I was soon getting hot thick cum filling both my holes. I was a sloppy mess, and I couldn’t be happier.

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