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Adult phone chat with me is always hot!

adult phone chatAdult phone chat is always fun with me because I am always horny as hell! I love talking about all kinds of nasty things that we like to do, my favorite tho is to tell you just how much I love sucking dick. I spent half the day sucking dick yesterday, my neighbor came over to help me fix my dishwasher and one thing just kind of led to another. How could I resist? I could see the outline of a huge cock in his pants, I just had to have it! I pretty much just took what I wanted, I got right down on my knees in front of him and pulled it out of his pants and just started sucking it. He didn’t stop me, in fact he just started fucking my mouth! It was hot as fuck! I let him fuck my mouth till he came and told him he could come b anytime!

Adult Phone Chat – Sensual Sex

Adult phone chatI was sleeping soundly, dreaming a dream that got me all hot and bothered. Slowly, I was awakened to the reality of his hands on my body, gently sucking on my tit while his hand teased mercilessly at my pussy. When he realized I was awake, he smiled up at me, kissed me gently, then slowly kissed and licked his way down my body. His mouth and tongue worked their way between my breasts, over my tummy and belly, and straight to my clit. They wrapped themselves around that little bud, licking, stroking, sucking, and teasing at it, as his fingers slid inside of me. His other hand found its way back up to my left tit, massaging and toying with the nipple. He was quickly working me into a frenzy, but seemed to be not the least bit in a hurry to help ease my frustrations. I started grinding my hips and trying to work my way to orgasm, but the harder I ground my hips and tried to fuck his face and fingers, the slower and gentler he got. The message was clear – we were doing this on his terms, and I’d get off when he was ready. He worked my body over tenderly, lovingly, for several minutes, and by the time he was finally ready to really lay into me, I was in a heated frenzy. I was begging him for his cock, and when he gave it to me, I wrapped myself around him, latched on, and started fucking up and down his cock. He laughed a little, but started pounding deep and hard into me, finally helping me to that sweet, sweet release I was craving.

Call me pervert

Adult phone chatHey you, how are you doing tonight? I want you to call me and lets have some adult phone chat, and see where it takes us. We can either talk about normal things or I would love to get you off over and over again. I can talk dirty about anything you want and you better believe I am the best. I am into ever phone sex fetish there is so I can get off on anything you want baby. I want to be your dirty little whore and I promise you can make do whatever you want. You don’t even have to beg I will do whatever it takes to make my man happy. You want me to get on my knees and beg for your cock than I will.

Adult Phone Chat Slave Girl

Adult phone chatMaster is out of town for the week, and has forbidden me to pleasure myself. I have a very active imagination, which has made it terribly hard to refrain from playing while he’s gone. It’s been 3 days since Master left, and my cunt is so hungry. Making breakfast this morning, all I could think of was the last time Master had made breakfast for us. He’d put me on my knees and face-fucked me while he flipped pancakes. Master had me follow him on my knees, sucking his dick the entire time, as he walked to the table, sat down, ate, and even cleaned up. He stayed nice and hard for me, and never once got close to cumming until he’d finished. Then, he lifted me up, bent me over the counter, shoved up into me, and fucked me until he came. He actually let me cum that time, too, for being such a good girl all through breakfast. Thinking about it had my pussy so fucking wet and ready to cum, and I wasn’t allowed to even flick my bean! Oh, the next few days are going to be hell!

Don’t you love adult phone chat?

adult phone chatDon’t you just love adult phone chat? I know I do, I learn something new every single day and that ain’t bad for an old broad like me! Last night I talked to Vince, he was a whole lotta fun cus he just wanted it to be all about me! He loves grannies like me, he says the older we get the sexier we get and he is all about loving some old pussy. He always starts by burying his face in this granny pussy, he will stay right there until I cum all over his face! Then it’s time to fuck! He bends me right over and fucks me so hard and deep that I feel like I’m going to die from the pleasure of it!

Adult Phone Chat with a Teen Slut

Adult phone chatI saw him walk into the men’s room, and the nod that he gave me told me it was all clear. I sneaked my way in, and we locked the door. He settled me on the sink and stood between my legs, running his hands up and down them. He slid his hands up my shirt, and lifted it over my head. No sooner had he slid his hand up my skirt and started fingering my little pussy than a guy walked out of the last stall with his phone in his hand. Apparently he’d been recording the whole thing, and was going to share the video with the world unless I let him fuck me. We invited him over, and my friend stood aside while our new playmate slide the phone into the pocket of his shorts. I stroked his cock and let him finger me, then guided him into my cunt. I worked all my muscles, clenching and unclenching, showing him how to really fuck a girl. This little bitch boy barely lasted for 5 thrusts in my hungry pussy before he was spasming and twitching, shooting his spunk all up inside of me. I had to hold back a laugh as I lifted his phone and my friend tossed the punk out of the room. My friend shoved his big dick straight into my cunt and used the punk’s jizz for lube as he thrust deep and hard. He drilled me for a good half an hour before we finally finished. I tossed the boy’s phone back at him when we left, after I erased his video, of course.

Adult Phone Chat Freak

adult phone chatAdult phone chat with me is not what you would expect. Don’t judge this book by its cover. I look like a suburban soccer mom. I am. I married well. I am educated. I could be a real housewife of Atlanta or something. Instead, I am a dirty, nasty, drug addicted mommy. I don’t work unless you consider being a phone sex whore work. What I do is a lot of coke and a ton of fucking. I can class myself up for a PTA meeting, but my pussy will be dripping cum. Either the cum of one of my young sons or my black drug dealer. Likely, my ass will be dripping cum because I am an anal sex whore too. Last night, I had an anal sex party to score some weed and coke. I invited a few dealers I know well over and told them anything goes. The only catch was that whatever I did, I did in exchange for drugs. My sons took a front row seat to the freak show because they love watching me be a whore. In fact, they brag about what a freak their mother is to their school friends. I got gang banged in the ass, circle jerked and skull fucked until I was about ready to pass out. But, my sons enjoyed my freak show and I got free drugs to last me a couple weeks. Sound like any suburban soccer mom you know?

anal sex whore

I love adult phone chat don’t you?

adult phone chatI love adult phone chat, it gives me so many great ideas on what slutty thing I should try next. Like yesterday this guy told me that he wanted to fuck me outside and I just couldn’t stop thinking about it. I begged Daddy to take me somewhere public and fuck my sweet pussy but at first he didn’t want to. I had to pitch a fit to finally get my way! He was kind of in a bad mood so I knew he was gonna fuck me hard and deep and I sure wasn’t wrong! He bent me over at the park in front of everyone, just lifted up my skirt and shoved his cock in me balls deep! I was moaning and begging for more even tho people were staring at me… I just couldn’t get enough!

Adult phone chat whore

Adult phone chatI really want to be nasty tonight! My tight pussy has been throbbing and dripping with cream all day, and I need a fat cock to please me. I love getting fucked and used like a sex doll, and I love being roughed up. You can pull my hair and spank my fucking ass till its super red. My favorite way to be fucked is from behind and I love when my nipples get pinched and squeezed. I love feeling your balls hit my fucking clit and you big balls getting wet from my dripping cunt. I am into every phone sex fetish so we can get as nasty you want. I will literally do anything your cock desires, and I wanna take your loads in every hole.

I love adult phone chat don’t you?

adult phone chatI just adore adult phone chat don’t you? It really gives me a chance to explore the dirtier side to my sexual life you now what I mean? Last night I had three men spend the night with me, I was in the middle of all of them and they used me all night long! I had cocks in every fuck hole and I was in heaven! They were stretching me out and pounding me so good I was cumming over and over again like a total whore! I love being used like that, by the time they were done with me I had cum dripping all over me and a belly full of it too and I couldn’t have been a happier girl! I hope I can be a whore for you too very soon.

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