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Adult Phone Chat Trixie

Adult Phone Chat

As an adult phone chat slut, I have to keep up with all of these crazy and hot fetishes! But, a few always really stick out to me. I have always adored how women look pregnant and I always imagine myself being stuffed full by a hard cock. I want that cum stuffed as deep as it can go and keep it from dripping out as I lay in bed and wait for the cells to make me a hot, pregnant teen mommy! My tits would grow and start to lactate as I got bigger in the pregnancy that a daddy dick gave me/ I want to be bred just like that and I really feel like you are the man to do it! You would come over and watch a horror movie, eat some snack and start to rub my sweet, teen tits! You would kiss and lick my skin to turn me on. Then get that rock-hard cock close to my little dripping wet pussy. Your balls are begging for release as you close in on me before thrusting that cock deep into my teen pussy! My screams echo through the room as you start to pound me nice and deep. Oh, daddy! You are hitting all of the right spots in my cunt. My wet and slick walls are squeezing around that thick dick of yours. I can feel your cock tensing and needy so fucking needy to cum inside of me! I’m ready for it daddy let me have it, baby! I want to be knocked up daddy, please. You know you want to see me so fucking pregnant with your seed. I rock my hips against you and feel you tense up as I milk your cock of all the cum! Give me all of it!

Adult Phone Chat Slut Trixie

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Adult Phone Chat is For Any Man, But I Love Cuckolds

adult phone chatAdult phone chat is for any man. There are all sorts of phone sluts in the world too. I am a mature phone whore. My specialty is cuckolding. I am a slut wife who is addicted to those big black cocks. I love cuckolding my husband, but sometimes I must cuck some random loser white man who thinks his shrimp dick is enough to satisfy me. I need 10 inches or more to cum. I ran into this white man I have known for years. He is the ex-husband of a friend of mine. She told me all about his short stack, so I encouraged her to leave his loser ass. I even hooked her up with some black lovers so she would know just what she was missing. He has blamed me for his divorce ever since. So, when I saw him, I tried to act like I did not see him, but he cornered me. He started yelling at me in public. I do not think he knew his surroundings. He was dropping his car off to get detailed and I was picking mine up, but the detail place is owned by one of my many hung black lovers. Theo came to my rescue. He heard me screaming for help because this dude had me pinned against the wall of the building on the outside alley part. Theo in his deep voice told Alan to walk away, but Alan ran his mouth. Some awful racist shit too. Alan talked his way into a free hardcore ass fucking. In Theo’s office, I got to kick Alan in his worthless balls a few times before Theo shoved his big black cock in his mouth. Theo taught Alan a lesson in manners and cock size. Seeing Theo’s big black cock and feeling it made him realize why his wife left him in the first place. This sexy milf always enjoy a cuckold, even if he does not realize he is a cuck yet.

Slut Wife Vinny

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Sexy Milf On Adult Phone Chat Loves Watching Jackoff Porn

Jackoff porn is what this Sexy milf wants to watch while you are a good boy and lick her pussy clean. You just were watching mommy get fucked by big black dicks and being an Anal sex whore. You normally hear from the door while you jack your dicky off but this time the door swung open, and you saw mommy getting a big black cock in her asshole.

Adult Phone Chat

You saw mommy’s Big bouncy breasts getting pinched as mommy squirted all over. Then you saw mommy get her asshole filled up with a big load of cum. That is when I saw you were watching from the door and told you to be a good boy and clean mommy up. You did as this sexy slut asked and you licked my holes clean while I watched Jackoff porn and did some Adult phone chat fun. From now on mommy will let you watch as she is an Anal sex whore but only if you lick her clean.


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Adult Phone Chat Cheating Wife

adult phone chatI’m an adult phone chat whore. Not only does my hubby not know about my side gig as a dirty phone sex operator, but he does also not know that I am fucking our sons too. I’m a bored housewife in my sexual prime with a hubby who is never home. Plus, he is much older than me and that means his dick rarely works anymore. His assistant stopped by the other day with some paperwork to be signed. I was horny. My fingers likely smelled of pussy because I had been masturbating all morning. I have needs that are going unmet. I took one look at the bulge in his assistant’s pants and fell to my knees. Unzipped his pants, and I devoured his cock. It was nice to have a cock that barely fit in my mouth instead of one that felt like I was swallowing a wet noodle.  He was moaning and thrusting his cock with force in my mouth making me gag. I love to gag.  Apparently, he had never experienced a blow job from a sexy milf before, let alone the boss’s slut wife. I told him I fuck every assistant my husband hires. I sometimes wonder if he hires them with me in mind. I pushed him down on the couch and slid my pussy on his cock. I clenched down so hard on his cock, that I gave my pussy muscles a workout. Guess my married cunt was greedy for some young working cock. He grabbed my legs, spread me wide and trusted in and out of my cunt until his balls slapped against my ass making a loud smacking noise. I rubbed my clit as he fucked me. In no time I had one hot squirting pussy. Thank God I had the couch scotch guarded, because between his load of cum, and my dripping cunt, that couch would have had an enormous wet stain not easy to clean up. I am really going to enjoy my husband’s newest assistant. I always do. I am sexy slut.

Sexy MILF Lilibeth

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Adult Phone Chat For Sexy Slut Who Loves Jackoff Porn

Adult Phone chat is perfect for a Sexy slut like me who loves watching Jackoff porn. I actually started loving watching a man beat his meat when I was young.

Adult Phone Chat

Daddy was the first one to masturbate in my face. But then my brother started to jackoff while I watched and would even cum on my Big bouncy breast when I got older. Once my daddy. Uncle and my brother got together and came into my room. They all used my mouth to suck on their cocks and get it hard. As soon as they were throbbing hard, they jacked off in my face until they all had the Biggest cum shot i had seen, my whole face was dripping with their semen, and I could taste all their cum mixed together. Now when I masturbate, I put on Jackoff porn so I can watch their loads all over.  It reminds me of when Daddy first started cumming on my pretty young face. 


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Adult phone chat game so strong

adult phone chat

Adult phone chat game so strong it will have you wanting some of my sweet voice when you are at work or with your family. I can guarantee you will fall oh so hard for my voice. All you will want is to jerk off thinking about me and to want me in your life. No one is quite like me, so if you get the chance to be graced with my filthy mind, you are lucky. I’m always so busy and am always on with a regular when I’m on, or if I’m not on, I am enjoying some much-required TLC. I take this very seriously. I’m a slut who wants to get high and talk about the nastiest things on the phone. If you find yourself in the predicament that you may be able to be squeezed in, that would really be a stroke of luck. Now you will see why I am the queen bee of partying and having some nasty phone fun. There’s no one like me. I promise you that much is true.


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Adult Phone Chat Belle

Adult Phone Chat

This adult phone chat whore has a ton of new ideas on how to play! I love dark, twisted naughty fantasies to play all night long! Tonight I read a story about a stalker coming in and playing with his naughty play toy while she was asleep. The first thing he did was find her in nothing but her panties before tying her arms above her head and forcing her legs apart. He waited for all the movement to wake her up before she kicked and screamed but, he duct taped her mouth shut. Tears welled in her eyes but her pussy was giving into him. She was a bit different as fear turned her on. It made her pussy wet to think about a mask, crazed, psycho chasing her around and making her little cunt cum. She loved the idea of him making her scream after she begged him not to. His tongue danced over her pussy lips. flicking at her clit and tasting how wet she was for him. His cock grew hard, straining his jeans as he pushed two fingers into her dripping wet pussy. She screamed into the gag he place on her lips as his fingers pushed deeper into her and she could feel her tears begin to fall just as her pussy juices did right down his wrist. She couldn’t help but to buck her hips against his hand as he hit all of the sweet ports in her pussy, driving her so close to cumming. He ripped off her tape to hear her scream again! To hear her beg for him to stop. So, that he could hear her moan gods name as he made her cum all over his fingers. Her screams filled the room as he sucked on her clit again and let her cum all over his fingers!

Adult Phone Chat Slut Belle

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adult phone chat with hot mommy

Adult phone chat with hot mommy. You know mommy is a freeagent.

I want to be the mom that will fuck all of her son’s friends. Whenever I got to fuck my daughter’s friends, I felt so fucking good. The only reason why I end up blocking their boyfriends is that they are easy targets. And my sons love my sexiness and don’t mind when I fuck their friends. On the other hand, my girls don’t love when I fuck their hot girlfriends. Luck Mommy is buying Mommy loves cock, and she loves to fuck pussy. Why wouldn’t I be honest about it when it greatly pleasures me? I think my girls should stop being jealous little hags. If they want to be a Mommy one day they are going to end up having daughters or sons or both who will have to except them for who they are.
Mama isn’t going to change her ways. I’ll fuck whoever I want when I want. There are no if ands or butts about it. Whenever I get nice and horny, I want a cock, or I want pussy or both!

adult phone chat


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Adult Phone Chat Women are Non Judgmental

adult phone chatAdult phone chat women are open minded. You cannot be a choir girl and do this kind of work. I do not have some dirty past. I never hooked. Never had incest. Was never some man’s bitch either. But I am a psychologist. I have a PH. D in Psychology. I teach college and have a private practice. I am well experienced with all sorts of sexual fetishes, and I do not judge. I do not try to cure men though. I think that is the problem with most modern-day Psychology. It wants to label you or fix you. I want you to celebrate your kinks and fetishes. Want to be a cuckold, a sissy or an adult baby? Have a porn addiction or are you a chronic masturbator? Do not look at me to cure you. I am a phone sex therapist who will take you further down that rabbit hole with some kinky jackoff porn. I think there is no shame in kinky, alternative lifestyles. I also am a modern woman who understands that archaic notions of masculinity need to be reformed.  I love putting men in their place and making them worship me. Most women are goddesses who do not realize their true power. I can make a man addicted to my body, smell and taste quickly. I do not care what your kink is. I will help you explore it and maybe even help you discover some kinks you never knew you had too.

Phone Sex Therapist Farah

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Adult Phone Chat Harmony

Adult Phone ChatI think adult phone chat is the best thing to ever happen to me! I know it is definitely the best thing to happen to my dirty little lover Austin! Oh, he is so so fucking dirty! He always has me screaming “give it to me daddy!” When he has me on top of his cock riding him and banging on his chest so animalistic like! We fuck, make love, suck and party for such a long amount of times and my pussy is always feeling so good with my body trembling after. You would never be the same once I am done with you baby. Why don’t you join us tonight? We can start with a little party kicker, sniff up some of your favorite snow and let’s get to fucking! I rip off my clothes first to give you a sexy little dance like I always do for him before we get started. I play some music and start to sway my hip and watch as you both get hard for me. I know those cocks are growing harder by the minute. I crawl to my knees and hands and put my head in your lap. “take out that hard cock daddy.” I tell you before wrapping my lips around the head and sucking out that precum all sweet and salty for me. I swallow you down my throat with ease and suck, using my hands to massage those balls full of cum that I need. Then Austin takes out his cock and gets onto the ground beside me where he centered it right at my pussy hole. He stretched me as I take your cock down my throat so needy as I would die without it! Give me all of your cum baby! I need it to cum on Austins cock, daddy!

Adult Phone Chat Slut Harmony

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