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Adult Phone Chat Druggy PMom

Adult Phone Chat
I’m the most desperate addict I know. I’ve taken to prowling the adult phone chat for a new source of gathering clientele, since I’m a traveling slut and all. Well, one of my regulars asked me to bring my little darlings along for a sesh and offered me a quarter pound of pot in return. I prefer the harder shit but Bob Marley’s bane gets me through my days. I eagerly said yes, and packed up all eight of my youngins to head to his place.

When we got there, he had several blunts as thick as my finger laid out, and he insisted we each smoked one each. Now some of my sweet ones can handle their hash, but some of them have never even tried it. Before long, everyone was giggling and getting horny! This shit was laced with some serious aphrodisiac and it was driving me crazy.

Our client grabbed my little girl and forced her open, sleeping mouth over his cock. Well she began to suck it in her sleep, and woke up to a hot load in her throat. She started screaming, but her forced drugging was too powerful for her tiny body to fight.

Dirty Mommy Phone Sex

Druggy PMom, Amara

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Adult Phone Chat With an Obedient Whore

adult phone chat

My Master requires that I indulge men in adult phone chat nearly every single day. At first, I didn’t love it because I felt like I was cheating on Master, and I never wanted to seem anything other than devoted to him. But he sternly explained to me that it was what he wanted and if I didn’t do it with a smile on my face, I would be disappointing him. Of course, a sub never wants to upset her Master, so I started doing as he said. And before too long, I started to like it more and more.

I love having a Master and being on the phone with other men makes it feel like I have tons of Masters. It’s amazing to be told what to do all day, every day. Every now and then I get tempted to say no to someone, but I never do because I know that I would get into so much trouble with my main Master. Do you want a submissive whore to do anything you say, whenever you say it? I’m ready and willing to serve you anytime. And remember, no is not in my vocabulary, so if I happen to mess up and say it, reprimand me and tell me again, Sir!


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Adult Phone Chat BBW Ashley

I love some adult phone chat mixed in with the pleasure of having my tits fucked by your long and hard dick! Nothing gives me more pleasure then taking your daddy cock and having it shoved down my throat and use me up like your perfect, chubby and horny fuck toy! I need to play with you and have naughty fun with our chat! Listen and head me moan and squirt for you while imagining my big tits pushed on your face, smothering you! Chatting with you and rubbing my pussy as you listen to me tell you what a naughty girl I am for being an adult phone chat slut!adult phone chat

Being the chubby queen with a wet and dripping cunt and huge knockers to go with it! I love to make a man like you happy with this sexy body. What ever you need on me that you want to use just say the words and I’m on my knees sucking to get you wet and make that hard dick slide so easy through these huge tits! Don’t you want to see your dick dripping in my saliva and pushing through me and all my holes! I know I want to be dripping all over you baby!

Let me feel your hard dick cum into me and fill me up the way you desire! I love how much cum you can drip out into me baby. I am your pretty little cum slut who loves to worship your cock baby, you need a sexy girl like me who wants to swallow your dick down and take all that baby batter! I need to be your kinky chubby slut who lets you use me us! I will lick that sweet juice right off my chest and clean it all up !

Adult Phone Chat Slut Ashley

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Adult Phone Chat Sluts

Adult phone chat sluts have the best lives. You do not get into this business being choir girls. My life is not typical of most women’s Iives. I would make your wife blush. I ran away from home when I was a teen girl and never saw my mother again. I doubt she ever looked for me. All of her boyfriends wanted me over her and she grew to resent me for that. She turned a blind eye when they fucked me. I never wanted fucked by her scuzzy trucker boyfriends. I hitched to California from Minnesota and I have not  left California since. I hooked on the streets to make money to pay for a sleazy motel that rented by the week. I lucked out because men paid me well because I was a jailbait hooker. I met my future husband on the streets because he was out looking for a young whore. It was like meeting God. He became my regular then he moved me into his house. He was a porn producer. Just a filthy rich old man who liked young girls. He made me a porn starlet when I was 18 and by 20 I was his wife and the mother of his little ones. I continued to birth him brats until I was in my early thirties. Now I am forty and he is dead. He got to play with daughters before he died. They knew their daddy’s love. I am a P mommy and a phone sex whore. I am also raising the little ones of my late husband’s first born daughter as she is in prison. My husband taught me the joys of being a P parent. I make money slutting my little ones out to P men my husband knew. Their little holes keep me living in the life of luxury. No other job could I talk about my experiences like this one. I cannot wait to share some of the dirty details with you.

adult phone chat

Sexy Slut Gianna

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Adult Phone Chat – Indigo Blood

Adult Phone Chat
You must understand that I merely prowl the adult phone chat network for victims, right? Or maybe some hot accomplices I can turn on to my dark arts. I’m a Domme at heart, and a sadistic bitch at that. Giving pain to others makes me drip more than anything else. If you don’t like a scary story, scroll on. But if you’ve ever had snuff fantasies, well, we can talk this one out.

He was squirming, bound and broken at the bottom of my basement steps. My sharp, pointed leather boots had just toed him in the ribs hard enough to give him a bouncing jaunt down the long, cement flight. He was bleeding, a cracked skull and broken ribs for sure. The hungry beasts I keep down there were snarling and snapping, rushing in on his broken body. I shut the door to the sound of him being ripped apart, eaten alive by a staring pack of monsters.

The Butcher, Indi

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Adult phone chat Horny Sluts

adult phone chat  Horny Deviant sluts make for the best adult chat. Why? Because sex and evil fucked up things are always on our brain. I need sex 24/7. My wet bald pussy needs to be stuffed by a big dick. I’m not shy about what I like and I get into soem kiny ass roleplays. I love to snuff men and young sluts out the same. Why, because sometimes a man just needs his balls and cock chopped off and thrown into the meat grinder. Don’t worry, I will get my pussy off by force fucking you with my extra large and in charge strap. The clit stimulation as I pound you gets me really going! And the young sluts, the wife whores, the Girlfriends who have cheated all need snuffed and force fucked too.

Last night I had the greatest jackoff porn experience.

A caller and I were watching an asian fuck flick with a couple trannies, some asian moms and daughters and a nice big black man in the mist. I’m getting high as fuck with my caller and he said now imagine that you came through and demolished every last life but the black guy? We went into how we would do it to each sweet ass. But when we got to the Asian moms, we really got brutal. And as we both got higher. You know I was forcing him to take more hits then he does, I found out his true fetish was milf asians and how he wanted to ravage and destroy them one by one. My caller’s biggest desire was to have a BBC gangbang with a bunch of older Asian cougars and let me decide how we would snuff them out. I was down right squirting on my little lush remote vibe as we went through the scene. He was a happy camper too with a huge load for me at the end!

Horny Whore Alanza

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Adult Phone Chat Babe Belle

Being a naughty adult phone chat babe is what makes me happy with my sweet pussy. I can play with myself all day and all night while talking to you about all the hot fetishes and naughty secrets that you keep hidden from that sexy wife if yours! Does she watch while you play with a sexy girl like me or maybe we watch her get fucked by another man? I think I have the perfect idea on how to play together! Cum and join me for you best and sexiest fun of the night and let us have a great time!Adult Phone Chat

I invited over a few of my girlfriends baby even that pretty wife of yours we talked about! We’re all in the same room either naked or dressed in sexy and dark lingerie! I have all the girls laid bare back across the bed. Come and pleasure us one pussy at a time. Starting with your wife’s cunt then mine, then my other three sexy girl friends I brought here! Pull their panties up or to the side, spread our soft lips of different variations some with a bit of hair, some bare and some with a bush! What’s your favorite babe?

Now that you’ve gotten all these sweet cunts off and your face is dripping in juices that were squirted out of our tasty pussies, it is finally our turn to get you off. We take that hard dick out and we all start sucking hard and fast, gagging and choking in down while taking turns, jerking it off and wanting to get that milky baby batter and drain your ball sack of your juices. We are so needy and all of us our fighting to give you the best head with our teen mouths and get your cum!

Adult Phone Chat Babe Belle

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Adult Phone Chat Is For Fetishes

adult phone chatI love it when the perverts come to me for some adult phone chat. The ones with an Asian fetish. I can be a submissive or a dominant, whichever your dirty mind wants me to be. I do love it when they degrade and humiliate me. Making me get on my knees and service them. Bend over so they can ram their big cocks into my tan heart shaped ass. Spread my legs and push their dicks inside my tight soft smooth pussy. Pull my hair while I am on all fours, and they take me from behind. However, some of you dirty boys want me to dominate you. Make you my submissive little bitch. Make you worship me. Kiss my small feet and suck my toes. Kissing me from my heals to my sweet juicy pussy. Pushing your face deep inside of my cunt and grinding against your nose until I cum. Did I mention the big strap on that I have? I would love to put it on and take you for a ride to. A little fun hot cowgirl action. Either way you choose I am sure we will make some hot dirty naughty jackoff porn baby.

China Doll

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Adult phone chat is the way to your heart

adult phone chat

Adult phone chat is fun with a cute blondie who can truly make your cock throb in so many ways. I know you can’t resist me and have to have every bit of me. Whenever I tease you and your cock you begin to lose your mind. How can a sweet angel be so devious? Let me tell you how the art of talking about sex makes girls really horny. Actually, it’s a proven fact women can orgasm with only mere thoughts. Those thoughts can range from past sexual encounters to also fantasies they have suppressed in their minds. Kinky porn can also attribute to the longing of these sexual fantasies. Who knows how to make a girl cum? If you know, you know 😉

women can truly get lost in the depths of fucking as long as you seduce that mind. If you seduce my mind, you have the key to my heart. Men are more visual women want to be conquered. So conquer me, and you too will own me even if it is only for a short while.


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Adult Phone Chat With Lacey

adult phone chat

I have been really into playing with my asshole lately. I mean, I have always loved it, but I’ve just been in the mood for it a lot lately. I even bought myself a brand new toy that is bigger than the ones I am used to using fucking myself with. I have discovered that when my ass is full of dick or dildo, my orgasms feel so much stronger. Once I figured that out, it was game on. My new giant black dildo makes me feel so good. I shove it inside me with tons of lube and then use either my fingers or a vibrator to play with my pussy.

Sometimes I even like to pull my dildo out of my gaping ass and put it in my mouth to clean it off. I love doing that with real dicks, so why not do it with my toy, too? Wouldn’t you love to fuck my ass, cum in it, and then make me clean it all off your cock? Well trust me, sexy, I would love that too. If you want to hear more about my ass playing adventures, give me a call for some adult phone chat!


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