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Adult Phone Chat with a Submissive French Maid

adult phone chatHave you ever had adult phone chat with a submissive whore? I fill some dark needs for men. I do not always enjoy what they do to me or have me do, but in the end, I love being used for a man’s pleasure. This week I was whored out as a French maid. I thought it would not be a bad gig. A little light cleaning maybe mixed with some light fucking. French maids are tame, I thought. Not in the eyes of the man who rented me for a day from my master. It was a lot more than the cute black and white outfit. It was one of the most humiliating experiences of my life. I had to scrub dirty toilets with my tongue. Yes, you heard that correctly. He made me lick the rim of gross toilets and clean under the seat where pubes and piss stains were with my tongue. I had to lick his skid marks off the porcelain too. Gross.  It took all day to clean the four gross toilets with just my tongue. I wanted to puke. In fact, I did puke. I puked all over my cleaned toilet and had to clean it again. I was not happy with myself. I was not happy with my master for lending me to his friend for the day either. My master said I needed more slave training because the year we were apart due to COVID I got spoiled. Perhaps he was right. There was nothing more humiliating though to bring me back to my submissive phone chat roots than scrubbing dirty toilets with my tongue.

Submissive Whore Bernice

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Adult Phone Chat for Dark Desires

adult phone chatAdult phone chat sluts can be evil bitches too. I am a case in point. I am not a GFE. I am not your whore. I am your accomplice, or you are my bitch. If you call me and think I am your bitch, you will be sorry. I do not care that you are paying. I do not care if you have a big dick. I do not care if you are rich and handsome. Fuck calls are not my thing. Well, fucking me is not my thing. Fucking some small tender age victim, well, now we are talking. I am a sick bitch. I am not married. I do not have brats.  I hate ankle biters. My hatred for these soul sucking, germ spreading fuck trophies bodes well for you because I will bring you one to explore your rape fantasies with and I will dispose of her body afterwards. The world needs less brats. I am population control.  Do you have rape fantasies for tender age flesh? You name the girl or the boy if that is your thing and I will deliver him or her to your cock. Now do not mistake her for me because if you try to slip me your dick, I will cut it off. Trust me. If I want to fuck you, you will know. So, keep your hands and your dick off me and fuck what I bring you. If I can hand over a young brat to his or her death, just imagine what I can do to you.

Sick Bitch Venus

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Adult Phone Chat with a Slut Wife

adult phone chatAdult phone chat has been a game changer for me and for you, I am sure, too. I found myself horny and trapped at home with a husband who is too old to take care of me anymore. I love him. The age difference was no big deal when I was in my 20s, but I am 53 now and he is in his 70s. He has a broke-down dick, and I was unable to bring random men home like I once could because I did not want to give my husband Covid. What happened was I started working more. I had more free time, and I was hornier. I am a trophy wife with a cuckold husband, and suddenly, I was not getting dick. I did have my sons’ home with me for some of the quarantining, so they kept me busy. When they went back to their homes, I went looking for more than dildos and dirty talkers to occupy my pussy. I lucked out and found a neighbor who was in my boat with a wife who put a lock and key on her pussy. We started having our own phone sex. That graduated to mutual masturbation looking at each other through our windows. He has been sneaking me over to his place after his wife goes to work for the past few months. He has a huge cock. But the bonus is he has a stepson who lives there too. He busted his stepdaddy banging the hot milf next door and blackmailed my neighbor lover. He did not want money, however. He wanted me. Hell, yes. I fucked his lusty stepson not just to keep him quiet but to get me off too. For the past three months, I have fucked both step daddy and son. I am finally getting the dick I need again, often a couple times a day.

Sexy MILF Esmerelda

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Jackoff Porn

jackoff pornJackoff porn is what men of all ages need. I call it spank bank material. My son and I love to make movies for our spank bank. I grew up in the age of Polaroid cameras and handheld cameras. I know how to make discreet films. I have always fancied myself a druggy porn star anyway. My son and I look good fucking. I have some porn that could get me arrested too if you get my drift. My son has been fucking me for many years and I have the photos and movies to prove it. He came by last night with a hard cock happy to play with mommy. We did some lines of coke and started fucking. We are high, we do our best work. I sucked his cock. He ate my pussy and we fucked in every position we could get ourselves into.  A few we struggled to get out of too. It is so much easier to film ourselves fucking with iPads and iPhones. My son decided to stream our homemade sex video for money to line our wallets a little. He set it all up because he is a tech guy. I just lent my pussy, ass and mouth to the business endeavor. Who knew that live streaming a mother and son fucking would be so profitable. Would you pay to see that?

Sexy MILF Beverly

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Adult Phone Chat Threesomes are Welcum

adult phone chatI love being an adult phone chat slut. I get to talk to all kinds of men. I also get to explore fetishes and share stories and experiences with men. I talked to a couple last night. I loved it too because it brought back memories I have had of hot threesomes. I have had many threesomes with two other men, but not many with another woman. Women are not as cool with sharing their men with a buxom blonde bimbo like me. They feel threatened. I have this one bestie though who is married to this guy. She is bisexual and he is straight. They have this deal. He can have other pussy 4 times a year if she gets to have some pussy too. Often, I am one of the pussies he gets, and she gets. They both have the hots for me which makes me feel good about myself. I was over the other night for a play date. I love eating her pussy while her husband fucks me doggy style. She likes eating her husband’s cum out of cunt too.

She says the best way to eat her husband’s spunk is fresh out of my pussy or ass. He has a nice cock. It is too bad she does not appreciate it fully. And she is a great pussy licker. It is win win for me. I get a nice cock and a pretty brunette who can eat pussy for hours. So, when I get to be part of a couple call, I channel my experiences and cum so hard. Is you wife cool enough to share me with you? Maybe if she is not cool enough to share you, we could settle on her and I fucking while you watched? I am a sexy slut who loves to eat pussy too.

Sexy Slut Cassandra

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Adult phone chat with Mommy Regina

adult phone chat

Adult phone chat with your mommy. What could be better. We have a lot to talk about. Starting with your dick size. Oh, don’t pretend you hid jacking off for mommy very well. 

I have seen that cock in your hands so many times. But I let you keep peeping on me. 

Why because it  keeps mommy horny. My own son is jacking off as I get dirty and dirtier. 

First it was being naked as I changed. Then it was long soapy sensual showers. And last night mommy pulled out her rabbit and began to fuck herself with it! I didn’t want you to leave so I moaned your name. Your own mommy locked eyes with you and requested in silence your assistance. 

It was live jackoff porn for my boy. His cock out and hard, and I wondered if he had his first cum shot.  I was about to see if I could procure my own sons cum. I motioned him to the bed and told him in a husky breathe to get his dick out. I wanted to watch him stroke as I pushed this vibrating toy in and out of me. I loved the way he watched every part of my flesh. 


And when I grabbed his hand to touch me, he almost fainted. 


Boys can be so shy and awkward. Perhaps that is what draws me in. that innocence, raw sexual needs. Its very arousing for me, that is all I know. I began to take over stroking for my son. His fingers found my tits, my belly and my wet pussy. Slow, as he was exploring forbidden terrain. Instinctually he removed the toy and asked if he could taste me. Men my age almost never go for the pussy eating first. He was brand new to a woman’s body. My son had to taste me. ANd soon I would taste his sweet young dick! 


Mommy Regina

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Adult Phone Chat about Incest

adult phone chatAdult phone chat is always naughty with me. I am a sexy grandma. I am not new to incest though. When I was a young girl, I seduced my brother. I took care of his every need. It was not an easy sell, but the first time my mouth was on his dick, he was sold on his sister being his slut. Every morning before school and every night before bed, when he got home from school and often in the middle of the night too. I had to suck his dick all the time. He was a horny teen boy. My mouth was so tiny, and his dick was so big, but I never complained. I wanted to be his sex slave.  But as I got older, my fuck holes got better at accommodating my brother’s fat fuck stick.  That was when I quickly realized I had all the power. My brother was super horny, and I had the power of the pussy. I started bribing my brother. I made him lick my hot pussy and ass or no more blowjobs. My brother became my slave. He had to eat my pussy and rim my ass whenever I wanted. We are all grown up now, but my brother still loves eating my pussy. I still suck his cock too. It is just now I have sons and daughters and grand angels to worship my pussy and ass too.

Sexy Granny Samantha

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Accomplice Adult Phone Chat Alanza

adult phone chat

Your accomplice in all things adult phone chat related! Men who love to grab helpless victims need a ride or die chick like me! A woman who can stalk her prey and find you the most delectable little street whore. Plus I got a bomb ass pussy to go with these serial killer moves! 

Young whorelettes have nothing on me. I’d love to be your dirty little secret and personal confidante! Let me explain what I mean in my latest sexcapades! I adore tying sweet Little Latinas and these were so  helpless within I was done in mere seconds. Her little toes barely touched the floor. The curvy one lay on the bed spread eagle. My leather dominatrix gear was flush against my skin! You just sit there in your big leather chair stroking your cock as I bring out the cat of nine tails to whip these little whores into submission.

Two sweet ones to destroy. 

Cutting clothes off to get them naked so you can see those sweet young bodies. Then I cracked my whip at their tits, cunts, and faces. Lets film them for jackoff porn and get us some extra cash! Dip your big sadistic  cock in these whorelettes. Fuck faces, and deep throat tied up sweet ones who are going to be murdered by me for you. So nothing you do will ever be known! Get hard all over again for me and splice open sweet  baby girl cunny until they bleed. I will pop this pussy down and take them out.

One gun shot to each skull as i cum on sweet faces! Pull out ad dump cum in tight dead girl ass holes! I can always scope out two new young ones so we can torture them in my basement alter for a long session where maybe your buddies can gangbang them to death! 


jackoff porn

Accomplice Whore Alanza

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Adult Phone Chat with a Sexy BBW

adult phone chatAdult phone chat sluts with big tits are what you want. Admit it. A sexy BBW gets your cock hard. I can do things skinny girls cannot do or refuse to do. I was at a party recently. I felt like Bridget Jones. I was the only single woman there. It was all couples. But you never would have known that by the way the men fawned over me. The woman at the party were not happy with me. Well, the host was because she invited me for a reason. She wanted to teach some of her bitchy friends a lesson. They are not very nice to my friend either because she is a trophy wife. I was a pawn in her revenge game. She knew the husbands were like me. Once I knew the wives were mean girls to my friend, I was happy to seduce every married man there. I have big tits and a big ass and no morals. Married men? Hell yes. They will always fuck me the best. I entertained 5 married men in my friend’s basement. I was a gangbang whore to horny married men while their wives talked shit upstairs clueless.  The best revenge is taking a bitch’s man.

Sexy BBW Glenda

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Adult Phone Chat for Sissies

adult phone chatAdult phone chat for sissies is what you get when you call me. I am a sissy trainer. I was born to be one too. I have never had a submissive bone in my body. Now, I am not a ball buster unless it is called for. I prefer sensual domination and sissy training. I help make boys the girls they were meant to me. I have two sons and a daughter. My sons were born in the wrong bodies. They are more girly than their own sister. Sure, I could have scolded them for playing with dolls or dressing up in my things. I could have disowned them or sent them to conversion therapy, but I love them. They are my flesh and blood. I decided to nurture their feminine ways. I taught them how to be girls. I dressed them like girls. I let them grow their hair out. I showed them how to wear make-up. And yes, I taught them how to suck cock. I think it is important for sissies to have good cock sucking skills. My boys lost their virginity to one of my black studs. My sissy girls live their life on their terms. No more closets for them.  I can help you be your true self too. I love to help sissies.

Sissy Trainer Coraline

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