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Adult phone chat with a worthless sub

Adult phone chat with a subby whore is what most men need. They want to have some bdsm fun and I am the one you need. I was raised to submit and have always been put in my place as a worthless whore. First I dress slutty and get on to entice men to use me. Once you walk through the door I hear you say “bitch greet me on your knees like a slave whore that you are”. Then I drop to my knees like my life depends on it. “Yes sir, anything you demand of me” I respond obediently.

After that you slap my face, “remember you are my worthless slave and i want you on your knees unless instructed otherwise”. Then you sit down and signal for me to come to your side. Making sure to show how I have submitted, I crawl to your feet. “You learn quickly, don’t you slave?’ you ask me while petting me like a dogwhore. “Open your mouth whore” you say as your fingers open my mouth wide. “Don’t you move until i am done with you” you continue on as you tie my hands behind my back.

Adult Phone Chat

Then you pull your cock out and while shoving your cock in my mouth you start squeezing my neck. “Now submit to me and be my slutty fuck toy” since your cock is in my mouth i cant speak but i nod while looking into your eyes. The way you fuck my throat tells me you are a strong alpha male and if i get out of line you will punish me. Your cock is so far down my throat I feel the air leaving my body, but you fill my throat up with your semen before I pass out. Then I wake up to you paddling my ass so hard it is swollen and red.


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Adult phone Chat for a new sissy bitch

Adult phone chat with a sexy bitch like me will get you fucked the way you have been needing. You keep it a secret that you need cock. That is why the first time I met you, I forced cross dressing onto you. I knew it was in you, but you just needed a push. First I made you undress and wear sissy bitch clothes. It doesn’t matter if you hesitate and do not want to wear it. You will because you belong to me. Your body is mine now and there is no denying it.

That is why I push you down and spread your ass. If you don’t get it now, you will get it after i fuck you hard. The way i slammed my cock inside you is the way i watched my daddy fuck his sissy brother. It turned me on so much that now i look for sissies i can fuck just like daddy did. My cunty squirts from the pounding I give you. To know that I can set you on the path to being who you were meant to be brings me joy.

Adult Phone Chat

You are going to love it, but now just take my cock and beg me to let you be my filthy whore. The harder i fuck you the more my pussy gets rubbed. Major reason why I pound you hard, another reason is I want you to squirm and be sore. Finally my pussy clenches and I start to squirt all over. As my pussy juices spray you, you beg for me to let your clitty cum. Fine you can cum now but i want you to not waste any of it and eat it up.


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Adult phone chat for guys who love feet

I use Adult phone chat to find guys who want sexy princesses like me. They could have never gotten a girl like me before but now they can because their wallet is double the size of their dick. When he comes over he always brings gifts just so he can get on his knees and kiss my pretty feet. I sit down to open my gifts as you keep licking my heels. You beg me to let you take them off and to give me a foot massage. I hold out my hand and you hand over your wallet, as I open it you start to unbuckle my heels. With every bill I take out, you start rubbing and kissing my feet. It makes me giggle and laugh and that turns you on even more when I do. I can see your dick poking out of your pants. I let you pull it out and I started teasing you with my toes.

Adult Phone Chat

I flick them all around your balls and the head of your cock. It starts twitching and I stop. I want to edge you and have you so hot and bothered that you beg for me to let you cum. I wait and edge you until your cock is leaking all over my sexy feet. He finally begged for me to let him cum and I wink at him giving him the okay to bust his load over me. You left happy with empty balls and empty wallet.


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Jackoff porn while licking my feet

Jackoff porn is what I had on while you used my pretty feet with your cock. You love that I am your princess slut that you pay to tease you. I will rub my manicured feet on your face and slowly wiggled my toes in your mouth. You start sucking every toe in your mouth like if you wanted a cock fucking your mouth. You try to pull your cock out but  I wiggle my finger and point to your wallet.

Jackoff porn

You quickly pull it out and hand it over. I pull all your money out as you pull your throbbing dick out. My feet are all you want and I rub every toe on your leaking dick. With every stroke of my cock I feel your dick getting close to exploding but I stop before you can cum. I love to edge you and tease you while I transfer money from your account to mine. It is fun for me to tease you and build up your nut while taking all your money. You just love submitting to me and worshiping my pretty feet. When i finally am done I show all I took from your account and your body shakes as I watch you explode all over my cute toes.


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Live Jackoff porn is what you wanted

You wanted live Jackoff porn so when i pulled my tranny cock out your mouth watered thinking you were going to see me jack my lady dick for you. But I want more and you will give me what I want.

Jackoff porn

You can’t just watch me jack my ladycock. I want you to suck me off. You tried to resist as I grabbed your head to push on my shedick. You opened your mouth slowly but there was no way to stop me from pushing my cock inside your mouth. Once you tasted my cock, you naturally sucked it like a good whore. You are a good whore you just wanted to pretend like you didn’t need a tranny cock like mine, but you do. I feel your tongue swirling on the head of my tranny dick and it makes me want more. I make you bend over and I spit on that tight asshole. You tried to beg me to stop but you didn’t even finish your sentence. You want me to fuck you with my lady meat. I could feel it as soon as I was able to push inside you. Your man pussy swallowed my shecock like a natural pussy whore. You had mentioned how you use Adult phone chat to get you off but i know me fucking you would get you addicted to tranny dick especially after you felt my cock pumping inside you. 


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Adult Phone Chat with Anal sex whore helen

Adult Phone Chat is where I find guys with ass fetish. They love my big round juicy ass. They worship it by stuffing their face in between my ass cheeks. When I need my pussy or ass licked, I just climb on top of you and smother you with my big ass. I make you lick me hard until i cum all over your face. That gets you hard and I know I must get ready to have you use my milf body just like i used your face. Since you licked me until my mommy pussy squirted  hard all over you. You love to use my asshole for your favorite ass play and make me into your personal Anal sex whore.

Adult Phone Chat

Using my wet mommy asshole so hard that i fell down to the ground just made you fuck me harder like your personal anal fuck doll. How hard your cock exploded inside my asshole told me that you love how it feels and that is what this milf hoe enjoys. I want to know that I can use my milf body to milk you just like you need it keeps my reputation of being a hot milf just like i want.



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Adult Phone Chat Slut BBW Lois!

Adult Phone Chat

I’ve been a BBW cum slut for so long that I naturally started having hot adult phone chat! I had no idea that being the school slut would make me want to have hot dirty phone talk all the time. I got addicted to showing off my big bouncy breasts and watching kinky fetish porn while I played with my slippery wet cunt, the best part was being able to make guys cum while I talked about my past sexual experiences. All my years as a filthy school girl cum whore made me the best at talking about taboo fantasies and giving hard studs jackoff porn! I’m proud of being an experienced BBW sexy slut now because I make so many guys cum hard just for me!

Dirty Phone Talk


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Adult Phone Chat with a used up nasty slut

Adult phone chat for a nasty slut who has been used for gangbangs. I learned at a young age sluts like me get used to make dicks explode thick semen loads. My holes have been ripped open many times before I was actually a willing participant. I recall the time my cunty was so hurt was the day I was caught outside and the homeless sadistic pervs used me for a gangbang. They dragged me into the abandoned house and started  putting their stinky big cocks in my mouth. They wanted me to get them hard so they can use their cock meats to fuck my bald pussy. The first cock shoved inside my cunty ripped me open to the point I had blood dripping down to my asshole. They used the blood to lube their dicks up as they forced it into my asshole. It didnt take much before they are were taking turns fucking any hole they could. By the time they were done i couldn’t move and i had pissed and shit myself. One of them said that I was better than masturbating to Jackoff porn.

Adult Phone Chat


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Adult Phone Chat for sissy bitches who have been trained

Adult Phone Chat is where my sissy whore goes now. She fill find guys to suck on and fuck. All the sissy training I have given her has made her ass ready to be used as a milking tool. I would make her do her anal exercises all night. She had to fuck the biggest dildo i would suction to the wall. I love watching her fuck the wall as she massaged my pretty feet with her tongue before we went to the next chore or exercise. You did so well the first time I broke you in with a real dick was something I had to film. You walked in looking like the proper whore with your picked out sissy outfit.

Adult Phone Chat

You got on your knees and asked your mistress for any directions that she must follow. I told her she was to milk the cock or take anything coming for her just like she did during our training sessions. It started with live Jackoff porn for you so your clitty could start leaking before you even got fucked. That would make it easy for you to wiggle your clitty in your chastity. I zoomed in to the moment you got your first cock in your sissy man pussy. That will always be my favorite part to watch.


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Adult Phone Chat Sexy Slut Ivy!

Adult Phone Chat

I’m a proud adult phone chat slut who loves getting her face fucked and pussy pounded! What good would these big bouncy breasts of mine be if I wasn’t a total sexy slut who loves getting titty fucked? I’m a dominant type, I can’t get enough dirty phone talk about me owning men with my tight wet cunny! I’m the freaky bitch you want to call when you are bored of jackoff porn and need to take a walk on the wild side. I want to bring out your nastiest fantasies, I’m a dark little seductress and I need to know your secret obsessions. I want to make you my pay pig when you call me for the hottest submissive phone chat and best phone sex specials!


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