Adult phone chat Francine will tease, humiliate, and train.

Adult phone chat         Adult phone chat Francine will tease, humiliate, and train. That is to say I know what you want. Not a mommy. No, you don’t need it. In fact, the furthest thing you need is a mom. For one thing you need to have someone that doesn’t want to coddle you and pamper you. What you need is someone while tease you about having such a small little dick that we might as well take your balls and make you have a pussy. This way you can be fucked in three holes at the same time.

            As soon as you know how good it feels you will never want to go back. Next, we have the humiliation, and you know as well as I do that a mom just doesn’t know how to grind the salt into the wound. No, they would want to dilute it with water. Giving it to you hard. You have an itty-bitty teeny weenie shriveled short penis Lay it out and compare it to all those other great big dicks. Black is best to compare. Look at the contrast and see how much smaller you are.

            Pick them up, suck on them. In other words, going to train you to take all those big cocks while we laugh at you in tighty whities. Little sissy panties will be next. Even have the Jackoff porn be of faggots to get you off to. That is all that we will chat about.

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