Adult Phone Chat Sluts Lead Perverted Lives

adult phone chatAdult phone chat sluts have the best stories. The kind you do not hear every day. Take me for example. I ran away as a young teen girl. Never finished high school. I hitched from Pittsburgh, PA to Los Angeles, CA. And sucked some cock along the way to pay it forward. Once in LA, I hooked on the streets and stayed in hostels. I told this one hostel I was 18 and they believed me that I was a homeless college student. I paid $100 a week and I got room and board.

On the streets I met many older men. One became my husband. He married me when I turned 18 and got me into porn. However, once I started birthing him babies I stopped porn. During our marriage, I gave him three daughters and three sons. Big brood I know. Sadly, I am a widow now because he was almost 40 years older than me.

I Love Being a Dirty P Mommy

He liked young pussy. And I knew that. He traveled to foreign countries for work often, and he would buy some young pussy. But in the US that young pussy appeared harder to find or buy. So, I gave him his own daughters to play with. Now, I am a widow, but I am also raising 6 step grand angels. But since the money my husband left me needs to go towards our offspring and staying in the life, I became accustomed too, I need to whore out these step grand angels.

But my husband knew a lot of other P men like himself. And those men have friends just like them and my late husband. So, I can pimp them out, make bank and support everyone in the life of luxury. Call me an age play specialist. For decades I have matched older men with the most perfect young companions. Sexy mommas like me know what men need.

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