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Adult Phone Chat With a Submissive Secretary

adult phone chatAdult phone chat women can be submissive whores too. As a submissive slut, I am attracted to alpha males. Although I have a master, he sometimes pimps me out to other guys. He uses me to get favors from clients and colleagues. However, this most recent guy gets me hot and bothered. I admit I have masturbated thinking about him before. He looks strong and sophisticated. But that can be a deadly combo for a woman like me.

Sometimes, I fantasize about his hands around my throat and on my ass. Since my master pimped me out to him, I assumed we were on for some BDSM fun. But he wanted a legal secretary, LOL. Not what I expected. But perhaps the BDSM part would come later.

My Ass Gets Spanked and Fucked as Punishment

Boy did it come later. I messed up a legal brief. And I accidentally deleted his voice mail for the day. In my defense, he did not train me. He just threw me to the wolves.  To say he was livid would be an understatement. He flew into a fit of rage when he discovered my fuck ups. This man does not even want a pen on his desk out of place. Although he yelled at me, my cunt got wet. Perhaps, I love angry men.

He pushed me down on his desk and pulled my skirt up around my waist. Then he ripped my panties off. When he began wailing on my bare ass, I wondered if this was his plan all along. He wanted to punish me.  My ass turned beat red. But my cunt got wetter at the pain. And this man pitched a tent in his trousers seeing and feeling my bare ass.

However, he did not just spank. He fucked my ass too. Punished my ass with his cock and no lube. Now, I cannot sit without grimacing. I guess it is my turn to serve you.

Submissive Slut Bernice

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Rainy Days Are Jackoff Porn Days

Jackoff pornRainy days for me are my Jackoff porn days.  I love being on phone calls and masturbating while watching some hot fucking going on.  Something about watching porn with a caller, hearing the moans through the phone and on my screen, it makes me want your dick even harder and my pussy to stay this wet forever. Picking out a porn is fun for me, I like to know we are both stroking and feeling all warm and tingly watching the same dicks get harder and the same cunts cream pies forming in between my legs. 

Telling a grown man to stroke his big fat cock and hearing him agreessively play with it on the other end.  I tell you to spit in your hand for lube. Hearing you obige makes the  blood rush down to my vagina in a way that if it could talk, would be screaming “fuck my pussy with that fucking cock, give it to mama!” With every word said over our adult phone chat while watching porn together, I want you more and more. 

I close my eyes and picture you doing the nasty things to my body being done to the girls little slut holes, and I mean every one of them slut holes is getting used.  That’s  what I want that throbbing cock in your hand to be doing, I want more than just Dirty phone talk, I want to feel you squirting that load up in my holes.

Jacqueline Submissive Pet Whore

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Adult Phone Chat for lonely Cocks to Find satisfaction

Adult Phone Chat

Ramona had been considering getting a job, but when she stumbled upon an advertisement for adult phone chat lines she was intrigued. She had always loved phone sex, and the money seemed too good to pass up. So, she signed up.

At first, Ramona was embarrassed, but soon enough she found a comfort in talking to the various people who rang continuously. Some called out of curiosity and others to have a good time, but regardless of the reason, Ramona did her best to make each conversation special. She truly enjoyed her job as it gave her the opportunity to express her sexuality in ways she had never been able to before. She also enjoyed the money she was making – far more than she ever thought possible.

A man named Thomas, shared her interest in sexuality and the pair quickly hit it off. They entered into a virtual relationship and Ramona was finally free to be her true self in the bedroom.


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Adult Phone chat Subby obedient whore seeks to please

adult phone chat

For men seeking a submissive adult phone chat star, I’m an obedient cunt. This subby slut enjoys being dominated and taken control of. Can I be your dirty little whore and obey your every command? True be told, I just want to please you and make your cock, mind and soul happy.

The only thing on my mind is doing what you demand and being used as a sexy cum dumpster. I know I look so much better with your dick in my mouth. My body is your temple of debauchery. Mark me with stripes and welts to claim me!  I am desperate for pain, pleasure, and submission. 

submissive adult phone chat star,

I love to watch extreme BDSM Jackoff porn with Kinky Dom’s. Let me know exactly what happens to a good jizz catcher like me. I will tell you how I get brutalized and put through my scenes until I’m a sobbing mess of a women. Sometimes I am not longer feeling human as I disassociate into sub space. My very favorite place to be. No thinking on serving and taking cum is perfect for a dumb whore like me.

Oh! How I long to be used and abused until I can no longer take it. The perfect life is to be owned and used as a cum receptacle. I seek to be degraded and humiliated.

A woman who has been in domesticated service gives you the raw Submissive phone chat

Cum Slave Robyn

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Adult Phone Chat with nasty mommy

Adult Phone Chat with a nasty mommy like me will have you fulfilling your family needs. Every horny boy needs a big tit mommy to help them explore and bust a big nut of sperm. “Come suck on mommies big boobs” I smile and pull my tits out. Then you start sucking on them. “Good job you know that makes my mom cunt wet” I moan out. I start to play with my cunt and I wink at you “get ready to taste these pussy lips”.

Adult Phone Chat

“Kiss them like you kiss mommy and don’t forget to use your tongue”. Therefore I spread my legs and you dive face first into my cunt. “Lick me like you lick ice cream” I moan out while you are fresh kissing my pussy. “Tonight I want to try something new”, I say as I lay back and spread wide enough for you to see my asshole. ” I want you to fuck both my holes tonight”. After I say that you stuff your hard young rod in my pussy.

As soon as you feel the wetness of my pussy you start pumping me hard. “Now use my pussy juices to lube your dick out”. Then I push your cock into my ass. Like an eager horny boy you push your young meat fast and deep into my ass. All I can do is just rub on my clit until I start squirting. “Mom I love when you do that I can feel your pussy squeezing through your bum” you say as you start pumping your load in my ass. 


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Anal sex whore Donna is looking to be fucked hard.

Anal sex whore

          Anal sex whore Donna is looking to be fucked hard. Take out your cock and spread my ass cheeks. Cock going between those cheeks, your head penetrating into my asshole. No lube is necessary for the fucking whore I am, adding some pain makes me even wetter.  Driving deep up inside of me. Pinning my hands to the wall. Twisting the up behind my back. I like it all.

          Definitely will be needing you to dump you jizz inside of my asshole. Get as far and deep up into me so that you balls are between my cheeks, flexing and squeezing around them. Draining your balls of every drop of your jizz as you are pumping into me. Tits slamming into the wall I am pinned up against.

          Now fucking take this ass as hard as you fucking want. At the same time we will have some jackoff porn playing in the background. Hearing those grunts and groans. The women masturbating. You know it is because they are thinking of what you are doing to this fucking whores ass right now. As soon as you cum in my ass I will drop to my knees and take your cock into mouth to clean it all off. Licking and sucking all of my shit and your cum off of you. Going down to your balls and they cleaning them too.

Fornicating Donna

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Jackoff porn while getting my asshole licked and fucked

Jackoff porn is what I like having on when my sugar daddies come over. First I dance a bit and shake my ass in your face because I know you have a thing for asses like mine. “Don’t I remind you of your high school crush” I say as I grab your head. “Lick my asshole, you know you want to”. Then your tongue starts flicking on my pretty booty hole. Then I rub my clit as I watch a big cock being stroked on the screen. It is much bigger than your cock will ever be.

But that is why you pay hotties like me. I keep using your tongue to wet my asshole up. First I will cum from you licking my ass. Then i will tease you until you beg to fuck it. “Don’t you want to fuck my pretty asshole daddy?” I ask while grinding on your tongue. “I will feed you all my juices baby and then  you can feed my asshole” “as long as i get my sugar baby allowance I’ll let you fuck my ass whenever you want” i say as i tease you with my ass.

Jackoff porn

Finally my cunt squeezes hard and i start squirting all over your face. I use my juices to lube my asshole up. After i bend over you don’t hesitate to take your price and start fucking my asshole. “What a good sweet paid slut” you say as you pound my ass. Since you paid for me you love using me to milk your cock. Therefore you use any hole you want, especially my ass. Finally you get to fill it up when your calls tighten up. After every drop of your semen fills my perky ass up, you pull your wallet out and empty it for me. “But sugar daddy I want more” I wink and kiss you making sure you know to transfer money to me.


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Adult phone chat with slutty submissive Venice.

Adult phone chatAdult phone chat with slutty submissive Venice. Where you are able to try me before you buy me. That is what you get to see now isn’t it. If I am submissive enough for you, and whether or not you want to be my master. In a word, try me.

Now, I am willing to share with you some things that you need to know about me. Take me from behind and hear me howl. Give me a spanking and I will beg you for more. Next, you may choose to put me in stockade and fuck me like a prisoner on death row. You will see me squirt all over the place.

Another key point is everything is pierced as me. As shown above, which means you can attach chains and lead me around by my clit, attach small amount of electricity to it. All things considered I must say that I am yours for the taking and you can chat me up if it’s not safe to call, as long as we have talked before.

In conclusion even if you only want to watch some jackoff porn this slutty submissive whore, Venice will be at your beck and call.  

Submissive Whore Venice

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Adult phone chat with Colleen with up your game

Adult phone chat

Some are nervous to try adult phone chat. I’ve heard so many stories about how it was all just a scam and that there was nothing real about it. But, I was feeling always have had a  little adventurous spirit and I love talking dirty.

If you do your research and happen to stumbled upon Colleen’s profile. As soon as you read my profile you will know I am the one you want to experience adult phone chat with.

The first time you called in, you might be a little nervous. You might wonder what I am going to sound like, or if you’ll  make a fool out of myself. Let me put your mind at ease.

With my soft voice you be touched with a soothing and sexy enticing voice, which immediately puts you at ease. We will talk about a variety of topics, from our favorite toys to your darkest fantasies.

By the third week of chatting with Colleen, I felt more relaxed and I was able to step my game up. Instead of feeling shy and timid you can open up and showing me your true self. I felt like I am able to express myself in ways that I had never done before. The connection was real and it felt amazing to be able to let go and just be myself.

Allow yourself to be open and allowed us to explore your fantasies and desires. I feel liberated knowing that I could explore your sexuality without feeling shy or judged.

You will be so glad you decided to try out adult phone chat with Colleen. It has been a real eye opener for many in terms of self-expression and allowing yourself to freely explore without feeling ashamed. I’m looking forward to seeing where our conversations will take us in the weeks and months to come.


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Adult phone chat with curry sissy slut

Adult phone chat is always fun with a pathetic little curry slut. I love pissing on his face and drenching him before I make him do lines of blow. I love to torture his pathetic clitty by sticking a straw into it and spitting in it, or even pouring blow into it. I will bring his sissy ass over to clean my cummy filled cunt up. “Lick the cum out of me, feel lucky to be close to my cunt” I laugh over and over as I feel your tongue trying to scoop out the thick leftover cum inside me.

Adult Phone Chat

Only a worthy cock can fuck me. “Your little dick isn’t worthy of my pussy” I say laughing again. Then i get the idea that you should be fucked while i fuck your little clitty hole. Aws i put my strap on, I take a long pole stick and stuff in your little pee hole. After feeding you a few lines, I rub some blow on your ass and on my strap.

I push it all the way deep in your ass and fuck you just like i get fucked. That is because you are a curry cunt whore and you need your holes used just like me. “Come on fuck my strap back with your cunty. Your pussy was made to be fucked”. That makes you excited because you know that is all you are and were made for. I fuck you until your asshole is gappy even your pee hole is spread open from my pounding stick.


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