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Adult Phone Chat – Indigo Blood

Adult Phone Chat
You must understand that I merely prowl the adult phone chat network for victims, right? Or maybe some hot accomplices I can turn on to my dark arts. I’m a Domme at heart, and a sadistic bitch at that. Giving pain to others makes me drip more than anything else. If you don’t like a scary story, scroll on. But if you’ve ever had snuff fantasies, well, we can talk this one out.

He was squirming, bound and broken at the bottom of my basement steps. My sharp, pointed leather boots had just toed him in the ribs hard enough to give him a bouncing jaunt down the long, cement flight. He was bleeding, a cracked skull and broken ribs for sure. The hungry beasts I keep down there were snarling and snapping, rushing in on his broken body. I shut the door to the sound of him being ripped apart, eaten alive by a staring pack of monsters.

The Butcher, Indi

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Adult Phone Chat Cum Slut

adult phone chat

Are you ready for some adult phone chat with a dirty cum slut like me? I know you are turned on by shooting your load all over a girl’s face. All guys are obsessed with that for some reason. Luckily for you, I love it just as much as you do, if not more. The only thing I like more than that is when you tell me to open my whore mouth so you can blow that load of jizz all over my tongue. Oh, don’t worry. I love swallowing cum so I won’t ever fight you on it, I promise.

My mouth isn’t the only hole I like cum in, though. It makes me feel so good when you plow me with your big cock and then empty your balls inside me. God, that feels so good and if you’re lucky, I’ll cum with you as you’re filling me up. I am just a slut for cum and I’ll do anything at all to get it. If you don’t believe me, then you better get on the phone and call me so I can show you how wrong you are! Let me prove to you what a cum slut I am!


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Adult Phone Chat with a Submissive French Maid

adult phone chatHave you ever had adult phone chat with a submissive whore? I fill some dark needs for men. I do not always enjoy what they do to me or have me do, but in the end, I love being used for a man’s pleasure. This week I was whored out as a French maid. I thought it would not be a bad gig. A little light cleaning maybe mixed with some light fucking. French maids are tame, I thought. Not in the eyes of the man who rented me for a day from my master. It was a lot more than the cute black and white outfit. It was one of the most humiliating experiences of my life. I had to scrub dirty toilets with my tongue. Yes, you heard that correctly. He made me lick the rim of gross toilets and clean under the seat where pubes and piss stains were with my tongue. I had to lick his skid marks off the porcelain too. Gross.  It took all day to clean the four gross toilets with just my tongue. I wanted to puke. In fact, I did puke. I puked all over my cleaned toilet and had to clean it again. I was not happy with myself. I was not happy with my master for lending me to his friend for the day either. My master said I needed more slave training because the year we were apart due to COVID I got spoiled. Perhaps he was right. There was nothing more humiliating though to bring me back to my submissive phone chat roots than scrubbing dirty toilets with my tongue.

Submissive Whore Bernice

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X-mas is Cumming!

adult phone chat joniShe is getting so big! It is going to be an exciting holiday season with our new little X-mas angel to play with! She is ready and kicking like crazy to get out and finally get to touch that cock she’s been feeling from the inside for so long. She is going to be so precious and sweet and daddy’s little girl. I will wrap her up for you just so you can take your time unwrapping your perfect little princess. Her little pink body and pussy waiting just for your touch.
Your fingers look huge next to her little cunny and I watch as you touch her between her legs so gently. She begins to squirm and you flutter your finger across her tiny little clit while she giggles away. You know exactly what she needs to be taught to enjoy all the family fun we are going to have when she arrives. Her legs kick as you kiss her gently all over, smelling the powder and lotion I applied so well and for your pleasure. Nothing smells quite as sweet as our little one.
Your cock is hard, and I suck it for you while you play with her. She will learn to suck you, a little at a time, and will become very good at getting every last drop of that hot cum out of you. I only need a little once she takes over. A little bit to make more just like her to make our family even bigger for next year. I don’t know if our next will be a boy or girl, but I don’t care – I know we can teach them both how to please us and please each other. She is so lucky to have you and my heart swells with love as I watch you lick her sweet little pussy.

Sexy MILF Joni


On Display

adult phone chat robynOh he was mad as hell when he came home. I knew as soon as he stormed through the door that I would be the one that made his day better. I would be the one to bear the brunt of all that frustration and tension.
He stormed towards me and grabbed my hair throwing me to the floor so hard that my knees bruised instantly. Shoving his cock roughly into my mouth he growled something that I couldn’t make out because I was gagging so hard. I could hardly breath and my own spit was covering my tits with in minutes. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and shoved me backwards so hard that my head bounced off the floor and I thought I would pass out. Ripping my panties off he filled my cunt and wrapped his hands around my neck, squeezing tight, taking my breath again. I could feel myself on the verge of darkness when I felt the hot sting of his opened hand across my face bringing me back to the moment.
After filling my cunt with his spunk he did something he never does, he cleaned me up and dressed me. I was so confused. And then I knew why. He hog tied me and threw me on the bed ripping my top opened and turning the computer video camera on.
He left me there all night while he went out. I knew he was laughing at me on web cam with his friends while he was drinking at the bar. Laughing while I squirmed around on the bed…..adult phone chat computer

Submissive Whore Robyn