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On Display

adult phone chat robynOh he was mad as hell when he came home. I knew as soon as he stormed through the door that I would be the one that made his day better. I would be the one to bear the brunt of all that frustration and tension.
He stormed towards me and grabbed my hair throwing me to the floor so hard that my knees bruised instantly. Shoving his cock roughly into my mouth he growled something that I couldn’t make out because I was gagging so hard. I could hardly breath and my own spit was covering my tits with in minutes. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and shoved me backwards so hard that my head bounced off the floor and I thought I would pass out. Ripping my panties off he filled my cunt and wrapped his hands around my neck, squeezing tight, taking my breath again. I could feel myself on the verge of darkness when I felt the hot sting of his opened hand across my face bringing me back to the moment.
After filling my cunt with his spunk he did something he never does, he cleaned me up and dressed me. I was so confused. And then I knew why. He hog tied me and threw me on the bed ripping my top opened and turning the computer video camera on.
He left me there all night while he went out. I knew he was laughing at me on web cam with his friends while he was drinking at the bar. Laughing while I squirmed around on the bed…..adult phone chat computer

Submissive Whore Robyn