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Adult Phone Chat Submissives

adult phone chatAdult phone chat submissives take care of your every need. I am a good slave. I was taught at a young age that what I want does not matter. Daddy taught me my place good and young. I am not a princess. I am a slave. I am not a goddess. I am a bitch. Your bitch. Need your cock sucked? I will suck the chrome off your knob. Need your balls drained? I will swallow all that cum in your balls. Need to piss? I will be on my knees with my mouth open wide. Give me your golden nectar. You want to fuck an ass raw? I will bend over and spread my cheeks for your cock. You want to tie me up? You are in luck. I am a bondage whore. I am serious when I tell you there is nothing that you can ask that will make me say no. Not K9 fun. Not gang bangs. Not bathroom play. I was raised a submissive whore. I will die one too. I am hoping I do not die being a submissive whore, but my fate is not in my hands. It is in your hands. Do with me what you wish.

Bondage Whore Bernice

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Jackoff Porn Victim Slut

Jackoff porn is best when you can victimize some bimbo slut. I’m the masochistic little slut that slices her wrists and longs for the burning singe as men jerk off over me getting their salty sperm in my cuts. The stinging burn makes my cunt wet and my nipples erect and throbbing to be clamped or bit. Use me, torture me and fuck me hard until I cum. The only satisfaction is the hands of a real sadistic that wants to show me his love with pain and mutilation of my perfect body. Cut my breast implants off and stuff them in my whore mouth as my blood flows down to my cunt lubing it for the big fat cocks of all of the guys that paid you to fuck me. I’m the whore that loves the abuse. I get off on being cut. I need to feel pain to know I live. I need to be numbed to know I have died. Use me, fuck me, love me, kill me.

My dream is to be in a snuff film and really endure so much pain and blood shed that it lands me in the ER or better still the morgue. I want you to love me, and I want all the men to love me. I just want to please my sadistic fancying men to make them feel their undying hard-ons get bigger and harder as they jack to every bludgeoning blow and stabbing slash of flowing life force. Bleed me and violate me like the fuck meat I am meant to be. Film me and share me with all the fellow sadistics because I want to be on the bloody screens of your desires. Take me, I am the one you desire as you think about slicing into that flesh. Flowers on the razor wire.

Jackoff porn

Sexy Slut Geneva

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Adult Phone Chat with a Bondage Whore

adult phone chatAdult phone chat women can be submissive whores too. I love to serve men. I have spent my entire life on my knees and on my back being whatever a man wants me to be. I love being a whore. I have had my challenges with this virus. I cannot see my master. He is older than me and married. He is also my boss, so we can have some video conferences without alerting his wife, but even those have been few and far between for a dirty old whore like me. I got on Tinder recently. Master would not be happy if he knew what I was doing. Normally, I am a good slave. Honestly, I am very loyal. But I have not been spanked or tied up since February. That is like an eternity for an old subby bitch like me. I met Mark who was younger than me, but an experienced BDSM master. I just wanted him to own me for a few hours. I got more than I bargained for. He tied me up, called his friends and I got gangbanged like a street junkie whore. He let men in my home. I did not give them permission to enter my house or my ass, but they did not need my permission.  They force fucked me for hours. Left me covered in cum and extremely sore. The guy I met on Tinder filmed it all too. I was not happy. I mean what if my master sees the gangbang film. He will not be happy. I got fucked in a few hours enough to make up for no dick since February. My bad Tinder date left me tied up with a prolapsed ass and covered in cum. He snapped a few pictures that I know will end up on the Internet. I am going to be in a world of trouble if master sees them. Maybe, I should just stick to submissive phone chat.

Bondage Whore Bernice

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I Made a Jackoff Porn with My Daughter

jackoff pornI made a sexy jackoff porn with my daughter last night. Sexy bitch took a strapon like a cock. My husband, her daddy, was watching and filming. This little bitch is in training. We have all our other girls well trained. This girl, however, fights us. I had to get rough on her to break the bitch. For hours last night, I fucked every hole she has.  That strapon of mine is bigger than most cocks. I fucked her mouth. I fucked her ass and I fucked her little bald cunt. Even when she begged for mercy and promised to be a good girl, I did not stop. Why would I? I have heard all her bullshit before. And the next day she is back to being a smart mouthed disobedient little bitch. My husband and I have a family of whores. They make us money. She has a premium cunt that we can make money from selling, but she needs to be obedient. I fucked her hard. No lube. No break. I made her sleep in the dog cage naked last night too. I treated her like an animal not a daughter for damn near 15 hours. She was a different girl this morning. Sometimes, you just have to show no mercy to break a bitch in properly.

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Sexy Mom Lilibeth

sissy adult phone chat slut

adult phone chat

I have a new little sissy pet that I can’t wait to play with again! I only got to play with her sweet pussy for a little while before she had to go back to her mistress. I dressed her in her sexy, silky nightie with the matching panties. She loves the way the silky material feels against her hard clittie! I could see the wet spot starting to grow on the front of those panties. I brought in my 12 inch strap on and made her suck it like a good sissy cum slut. Once she got it nice and wet, I pounded her tight puckered asshole with my huge cock. I fucked her until her little clittie creamed for me. I cleaned her up and got her in a new pair of pretty panties. I can’t have this sissy slut playing with that little clittie without me or her mistress around, so I put her in a cage to keep that precious jewel safe! Before I pulled her panties back up, I made sure to put my favorite sparkly butt plug in her perfect little hole. Now she got a taste of Miss Remi’s sexy adult phone chat and she’ll be  all ready for her mistress to play with her!



Jackoff Porn For Doms Is Using A Sexy Victim

You won’t catch me whining about being a victim like everyone does these days, no I am the perfect victim and slut for that jackoff porn your dying to record. I’m really ditzy with a killer fucking body. I’m a movie star wannabe stripper and I do anything to be on camera. In fact I’m a little notorious in being the willing snuff victim and am always getting myself gang fucked and then some. The ER near my home know me well. It rarely goes without a hitch that I go to cast for a film that it will be one involving all kinds of rough and sick shit and I am right there willing, our secret, I am an adrenaline junky for pain and death.

Jackoff porn

Submissive Victim Geneva


Submissive Adult Phone Chat

adult phone chatI love adult phone chat. As a submissive whore, I get super wet talking to masters who make me do and say degrading things. I had a caller last night that made me expose my naked body in front of my big bay window. Many neighbors were walking by and saw me. My caller loved it. He made me yell out the window that I was a dirty fat old whore. He had me oink like a pig and bark like a dog, to add more humiliation to the mix. I am a humiliation pig. I love to be shamed. My caller had me lick the toilet bowl too. It was gross, but I did it. I do whatever I am told. It was how I was raised. I was daddy’s fuck slut and submissive whore as a little girl. Now, I am a phone sex whore for all the phone masters out there. What would you have me do to humiliate myself?

Submissive Whore Bernice


Submissives’ Are made for Jackoff Porn

jackoff porn

I am A submissive whore milf who was made for jackoff porn. I am a great piece of ass for anything Masters’ want to do to me. I am in front of the cameras and I know my fun will begin and end in a short amount of time. I pour my big tits and ass in my little pilots uniform. I am having fun as I prance around and My asters of the evening are cooing at me from the sidelines. Then A masked man with his very large cock grabs my hair from behind. I knew this was coming, I was still in shock as I was tied and bound to the doorknob. My shirt is torn open and my nipples pulled and sucked in right before I am gaged. Jacking His cock the robber yells to the darkness behind the cameramen. This man is much larger and is nude expect a black hood he wears. He is holding a Knife and demands to know where the cash is. I shake my head and moan making my tits bounce as I try to free myself. My face is smacked and my gag removed. “Now bitch, tell us what we need to know.” I am lost in the roleplay, I no longer know if this is fantasy or real. My ball gag removed as both stocky men begin to face fuck me one after another. My panties are cut off and my ass is lubed with my own milf wetness. I am being pounded in my sweet ass cavity as my throat is forced open. I am still tied to the doorknob and my legs still bound up tight. I know this is the kind of abuse this adult phone chat slut deserves and craves. But at this moment I am lost to all reality except my BDSM forced fucking. I know the camera catches gold and many others will see my shame and humiliation as I am subject to piss play and more fucking and cum loads. 

Submissive Whore Robyn


BDSM Adult Phone Chat

Adult phone chat

I love it when Master ties me up and let’s his friends use me. I feel so vulnerable and powerless, they could do anything to me, but he’s such a good dom and knows how to treat his submissive slut slave right. He had a party and each of his friends were allowed to fuck any of my holes while I was tied up and bound. I sucked their cocks and several of them fucked my tight little asshole and pussy while he watched. He loves seeing me used like a whore, because he knows only his cock can really satisfy me. He was so proud of me for pleasuring all of his friends and letting them use me like a good cum dumpster, so he gave me a reward. He fucked each and every one of my holes and then gave me a tasty treat in my mouth to swallow down.



Adult Phone Chat with a Submissive Whore

Adult phone chat

My brothers hogited me to the foot of the bed so they could have full access to my ass and pussy. With my bare ass exposed and tied up, they spanked my bottom until it was red and raw. Only when they had whipped my ass red, did they finally take their turns fucking my ass and pussy. They each lined up with their cocks out, stroking them and keeping them hard. My dad fucked my pussy first and told me what a good little submissive whore I had been for him. He pumped me full of his cum before letting each of my brothers have a turn with me. Two of them took my ass and fucked me raw, then my oldest brother took my pussy. They love creaming my holes while I’m tied up and helpless.



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