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Adult Phone Chat Late Night With A Cum Filled Cunt

Adult phone chat works late at night when you need to bust a good nut. I use it even after I got fucked by a BBC. I need a dirty sissy to clean up my cum filled cunt. I like making sure you are dressed like a sissy maid. When you have your face in between my legs I grab you by the hair and grind your face into my gooey cunt.

Adult Phone Chat

I want you to make sure to stick your tongue deep in my hole and scoop out every drop of gooey nut out of me. Yes! Eat it all and clean my cunt right! If you do it right, I will bless your face and mouth with some cunt juices. Your tongue fucking my hole makes me squirt hard. I want you to clean every drop up and stick your tongue in my asshole making sure it is nice and clean. When we finish, I will pick your next slutty outfit.  


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Milf slave adult phone chat

adult phone chatHello, I’m robyn, a submissive whore of Adult phone chat. I’m a mommy and a wife and I adore all types of physical and physiological punishment an tourture. My body is nice and curvy and my tits make perfect target practice for belts and cum shots. I keep my pussy tight by doing one thousand kegels a day as rendered by my Own Master. He married me because I was young and he says the perfect way to own a woman is to put it on legal papers. He is not monogamous and I don’t expect a man with a nice big dick to ever be! And I must submit to any man or women who sees fit to use me as a sex slave. I am a lowly woman who only does as she is told. WHat more could you ask for than a MIlf straight off the S/M jackoff porn you watch? Jack it to a real domesticated slave and be amazed how well i perform for a dominate man.

Not just a submissive whore But a true pain slut as well…

Sometimes man has a detailed fantasy or scene from his past that needs recreated. And a knowledgeable submissive such as I can help build your imagery. Seductive and playful and wet for domination like you have never seen!
I crave pain to orgasm. I need a hit, slap or a whipping and pussy torture play date!! My body reacts to a Voient man, one I would have to explain my bruises to my littles! Your mommy is a whore dear and during sex she can only get that Milf cunt off to bodily and mental pain! I didn’t choose to be thai way, but I am everything you need for BDSM phone chat!

Robyn Milf SLave

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Adult Phone Chat Stories

adult phone chat

Adult phone chat sluts are full of dirt tales. I have been in the adult industry since I was 18 and I am in my 30s now. I guess you could say daddy gave me my start when I was just a schoolgirl. My father raised me until I ran away. Then, I raised myself. I have done well for myself. I have stripped, escorted, posed nude and I do phone sex too. Sex sells. When I was a schoolgirl, I hated the things I had to do for daddy and his friends. Daddy treated me more like his sex slave than his princess, but I turned out okay. Just about daily, Daddy and a few of his friends would fuck my tiny holes. At the time, I thought daddy was abusing me. Now, however, I know he was preparing me for life.  If you are uneducated and poor, but have a great body, the world can be cruel. Women hate you because they are jealous. Men want to use you because they think you too stupid to know you deserve better. Daddy taught me that sex sells. I can sell my body for a pretty penny and lift myself up out of poverty. That is exactly what I have done. I live high on the hog now. But you do not get to where I am now without accumulating a few dirty stories. I will share them with you on a call.

Sexy Babe Cassandra

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Adult Phone Chat With An Anal Sex Whore

Adult Phone Chat with an Anal sex whore like me is the perfect way to start your day.  I know you woke up with a hard throbbing cock, I love that. I love it when you tell me you dreamt about fucking my asshole and stuffing your cook deep in me. It gets my cunt dripping and pulsing at the thought of you stretching my asshole out. I will pull my dildo and stick it deep in my ass thinking of you pounding it hard. Hearing you jack off to me gets me so wet I can’t help but cum all over my fingers.

Adult Phone Chat

I’ll just use my juices lubricate the dildo in my ass and I’ll fuck myself until I make you nut for me. Give me every drop of that gooey nut, I won’t stop until I empty your balls. It will have you relaxed and ready for your day. Having Jackoff porn playing while you thank me is what I love.  


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Adult phone Chat Pain slut

adult phone chat

Nice big fat daddy dick craving adult phone chat of the subby teen whore variety? Oh, I am young just the way you like it! I can’t wait to tell you about how my tiny cunny gets stretched open by the huge dicks I crave. See step-daddy turned me out young! And you know every since then I have had a craving for cock! Jack off with my sexy little voice as I tell you how I want to work over your balls and cock! I have daddy issues! I love men who want to fill the void in my life with lots of cum. Tight young age play pussy is right here waiting for you to use. Take control of me. 


Give me a facial just like in teen jackoff porn!


I will even be your young girl to have a train pulled on her as you have me covered in cum. 

Fuck, two or three loads of cum at once is something I live for! Just a cum guzzling teen whore, I promise not to disappoint your cock on that sexy topic!


 Consider me your teen cum slave! 


Speaking of cum slave, My cock sucking skills are stellar as fuck already! Force me, and use my mouth!  By the time I’m done getting you hard, that daddy dick will be throbbing, and ready for my sweet young cunt to ride you. I know you want to feel your prick slide in and out of my silky smooth wet tight cunt. Control this pain slut! and make me scream daddy as you feel my velvet snatch lock around your prick and flood you with my orgasm. Don’t worry daddy my mouth will get you hard again so you can fuck my rosebud asshole. I won’t deny you the simple teen phone chat whore  pleasures in life.


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Adult Phone Chat Sluts Have Big Veiny Cock

Adult Phone Chat

Adult Phone Chat Sluts have a big veiny cock. I know how much you have been wanting a cock like mine. That is why I will tease you until you are begging for it. If I’m in the mood I’ll pull it out and shove it in your mouth making you taste my pre-cum. I know it makes your cock hard when my shemale dick is in your mouth and you can look up at me while I play with my tits. I’ll make you suck on my balls and lick on my asshole until I’m ready to fuck your tight man pussy. Then you will bend over like a good slutty cum bucket. It drives you crazy when I just shove my cock deep in your ass with one push. As I pound you hard I’ll stroke your small dick showing you who you belong to and when I fill you up, I know it will make you cum all over my hand. Like a good slut you will then clean my hand and cock! 


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Adult Phone Chat Submissive Whore

adult phone chatAdult phone chat with me is for guys who like submissive whores. My callers know I am a no taboos kind of whore. My life has been one big taboo. Nothing is off limits for me. I like to explore dark desires and fantasies. My life is not vanilla. Now, I am not shackled and caged like a wild animal, but I once was by my own father. I was his submissive whore first. I was just a schoolgirl back then and not a day went by that I was not his fuck doll and punching bag. My father was not a good or nice man. I endured years of chronic abuse at the man who gave me life. The woman who gave me life had abandoned us both. Eventually, I ran away. I married a man just like my father, bore him a son and a daughter. Now, I am divorced and the owned slave of a much older married master. My life is full of dark shit, which makes me perfect for the darkest jackoff porn you can imagine. Do not feel sorry for me, however, I have embraced my dark past and become a professional submissive whore. I am not your girlfriend or wife. I am your submissive whore. You do not need to spoil or pamper me or worry about my orgasms. I am here for your wicked needs. I can be your private whore, or you can share me with your friends. Nothing is off limits for this mature whore.

Submissive Whore Bernice

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Adult Phone Chat Sluts Who Are Submissive

Adult Phone Chat Sluts like me love being submissive. I was raised to be a good submissive whore by my daddy and now I love it, it is what I was made to be. Getting tied up turns me on and having you use me for all your kinks and pleasures is what gets me off. There is not much I haven’t tried; my last master was very kinky and would take me to sex parties. At these sex parties he would loan me out to men making sure to tell me to do exactly as they wanted. I’m a good sub so I made sure not to let my master down.

Adult Phone Chat

If they want to cum all over my face, I took it like a good girl. Whatever hole they wanted to fuck they could fuck. I took many loads in my mouth pussy and ass, but my favorite is when master watched and would stroke his cock in my face as I got fucked.  


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Adult Phone Chat with a Sex Slave

adult phone chatI am an adult phone chat whore. More times than not, men mistake me as a regular mature woman. The kind of woman they could date or who would be a good mom to their brats. I look like a soccer mom. I look like the MILF next door. I get it. Never judge a book by its cover though. The true me is a total submissive whore for you.  Nothing is off limits with me. I want a master not a lover. I was brought into this world to be a sex slave. Daddy used me first. My husband used me next. After that, I belonged to the dominant men of the world. I want to be owned. I want to be used. I want to worship men head to toe. I want to be dominated.  I prefer to wear a collar instead of jewelry. I want to be beaten, abused and force fucked. I belong in a cage not a pedestal. I want a master servant relationship based on ownership, control and pain. Hit me. Slap me. Torture me. Shame me. Fist me. Cut me. Strangle men. Suffocate me. Sodomize me. Piss on me. Do you get the picture? I am not your girlfriend. I am your whore. I am your submissive phone chat slut.

Submissive Whore Bernice

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Submissive MIlf jackoff porn

jackoff porn

Submissive milf jackoff porn is in high demand and I’m your start of the show. Recently I was involved in some urine denial that had my bladder about to burst. I love piss play as much as the next woman, but not being able to pee was something that I had never come across. This man had a fetish to make me hold it. As a submissive I had no clue I would be holding it in and willingly drank a gallon of powerade. As you can see I haven’t been owned one in quite a while. I had not been made to withstand not urinating for a decade and so as I was ready to be fucked until I pissed myself, I was hot with hold it bitch!  


I was not expecting to have this type of adult phone chat. 


There are ways to torture me and this one was not high on the list of things I wanted. Couple that with being a rope bunny and being told you will be whipped until you pass out if you let loose one single drop!  I was begging to be able to piss and crying to be released, it was the most painful thing I had endured and then this younger guy decided he was going to fuck me. And if you know anything you know being fucked while having to pee is a sure way to hold it for a little while, but I had been holding it so long that as soon as he entered me and pumped a few times I exploded with a river of piss all over him and his cock and balls! 


He reciprocated by grabbing my hair and tossing me around like the bound fish I was and pissing in my mouth and giving me intense facial abuse as he pumped a big fat load down my nasty whore throat! How’s that for Submissive phone chat?

Subby Milf Elizabeth

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