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Adult Phone Chat with a good trained pet

Adult Phone Chat with a subby bitch will have you getting all the cock worshiping that you have been needing from a bitch slave. My master only pulls me out of my cage to use me or punish me. Sometimes I get so excited my master doesn’t even have to say a word and I know what he wants. After I watch my master undress, my mouth and pussy start to water.

Adult Phone Chat

I feel so lucky to be his kept pet. “Master may i feed on you?” I ask as I crawl to you. You just nod and slap your cock on my face. Right away I start sucking my master’s cock. With all the training I have received I know my masters cock feels best deep in my throat. Even after I start to see stars I keep sucking my master’s cock down my throat. Before I pass out my master pulls his cock out of my mouth and lifts his balls.

“Bitch get to licking you demand of me. There is nothing I won’t do for my master. Therefore my tongue dips right into your asshole. As your cock and balls bounce on my forehead, I lick your ass. All I could think of is how lucky I am to be used by you and to be let out of my cage. Sometimes I have to suck your  cock through the cage.

That is why when your balls tighten up and you start to spray me I feel lucky and try to eat as much sperm as I can. You have big thick gooey loads that is why my face gets drenched with sperm too. You get up and pull me by my leash back into my cage. “You did good hoe” you say as you walk away leaving me leaking with your jizz.


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Adult Phone Chat with subby slut pet Casey

Adult Phone Chat with a subby bitch like me will have you pleased. When you have a long day at work and you need to get some frustrations out you can use a worthless whore like me. “Get out your cage bitch” my master demands of me. After I crawl out of my cage you grab me and put me over your lap. “Bitch don’t move,” he says as his hand hits my bare ass. My master spanks me over and over making sure it gets read and swollen.

Adult Phone Chat

All I could think about was pleasing my master. Even when my body started to shake from the pain that shot up my body. After more spankings, my master stood up over me. Then he pulled his cock out his pants. “You better be hungry bitch” my master said as he shoved his hard cock meat in my mouth. Part of my slaving is to milk my master any time he wants with any hole he wants

. Therefore I suck his cock down my throat but it wasn’t fast enough. So my master grabs me by the hair and throat and starts pounding my mouth hole really hard. After I choked he laughed and said “take my cock deeper, I don’t care if you can’t breathe”. I want to make my master happy. Therefore i suck his cock fast and deep.

I don’t want to let him down. “That’s it bitch, make it worth me keeping you as my slave pet” my master moans out. Finally I could feel his balls tighten up. Then his cock started spraying all his thick semen in my mouth and down my throat. I made sure to swallow every single drop. “Now go back in your cage, subby pet.


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Adult Phone Chat with subby hoe will have you cuming over and over

Adult Phone Chat with a subby whore who knows how to be used in any way is always fun. This year my master used me as a Christmas gift for his friend. First he tied me up and slapped my face. “Bitch you better not let me down”. “Show my friend I trained you well” he said with a stern look on his face. After the last knot was tied, he put me in a big box and sealed it.

“Stay in there bitch and don’t make any sounds”. Therefore when I heard talking I made sure to keep real quiet. After some ripping, the box opened up. “You are gifting me your whore?” He asked my master “yes for the weekend”, my master responded. “You can do as you please with her ” he smiles and hands over my leash attached to my neck. After we arrived at his house he walked me down like a dogbitch with my hands and arms still in bondage to his basement.

Adult Phone Chat

His fun dungeon is what he calls it. “Get on my lap and bend bitch” he says loudly as he pulls hard on my leash so hard I almost fell. Therefore I got on his lap and got ready for whatever he had in mind. After he slapped my ass a few times he demanded me to “beg me to fuck your mouth”. Then I begged “Please sir fuck my pathetic mouth, make me worth taking your semen”. First he slapped me with his cock and I opened my mouth to wait for his cock.

“Suck my cock and show me you are worthy of being my Christmas gift” he said while fucking my throat. He was pumping his cock deep in my mouth that I almost threw up. But I wanted to show my that I have gotten good training and I didn’t and just sucked him harder. “Yeah you were trained very well” he moaned out as his balls tightened up and he started pumping all his gooey jizz in my mouth. Finally I was getting fed something.


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Adult Phone chat Subby obedient whore seeks to please

adult phone chat

For men seeking a submissive adult phone chat star, I’m an obedient cunt. This subby slut enjoys being dominated and taken control of. Can I be your dirty little whore and obey your every command? True be told, I just want to please you and make your cock, mind and soul happy.

The only thing on my mind is doing what you demand and being used as a sexy cum dumpster. I know I look so much better with your dick in my mouth. My body is your temple of debauchery. Mark me with stripes and welts to claim me!  I am desperate for pain, pleasure, and submission. 

submissive adult phone chat star,

I love to watch extreme BDSM Jackoff porn with Kinky Dom’s. Let me know exactly what happens to a good jizz catcher like me. I will tell you how I get brutalized and put through my scenes until I’m a sobbing mess of a women. Sometimes I am not longer feeling human as I disassociate into sub space. My very favorite place to be. No thinking on serving and taking cum is perfect for a dumb whore like me.

Oh! How I long to be used and abused until I can no longer take it. The perfect life is to be owned and used as a cum receptacle. I seek to be degraded and humiliated.

A woman who has been in domesticated service gives you the raw Submissive phone chat

Cum Slave Robyn

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Adult Phone Chat with a submissive fuck tool

Adult Phone Chat with a subby whore is what most men want. “I need you to shut up and take my cock” is all my master says as he pulls me out of my cage. After my master ties me up I say “master use any hole you want and I will take it”. “That is all you are made for whore” he laughs. “Yes master I am lucky to have you use me as I am intended to be used” I respond with a smile.

Adult Phone Chat

“I am going to feed you a big load of semen”, he says while pulling his cock out. Therefore I opened my mouth and let him use it to jack his dick off. He grabs my head and fucks me so hard I almost throw up. But I try to just take it. “That’s right you slut your holes are made for me to use” he says as he continues to fuck my throat.

Knowing he feels my throat is worthy to fuck, gets my cunty wet and my belly hungry. When I taste his precum, my pussy twitches. The way he fucks my throat is the way I wished he fucked my cunt. Finally his balls tighten up. Then his cock starts pumping his thick load of semen and he feeds me a big load. After he pops his cock out my throat I thank him. “Thank you for feeding me master”.


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Adult phone chat with slutty submissive Venice.

Adult phone chatAdult phone chat with slutty submissive Venice. Where you are able to try me before you buy me. That is what you get to see now isn’t it. If I am submissive enough for you, and whether or not you want to be my master. In a word, try me.

Now, I am willing to share with you some things that you need to know about me. Take me from behind and hear me howl. Give me a spanking and I will beg you for more. Next, you may choose to put me in stockade and fuck me like a prisoner on death row. You will see me squirt all over the place.

Another key point is everything is pierced as me. As shown above, which means you can attach chains and lead me around by my clit, attach small amount of electricity to it. All things considered I must say that I am yours for the taking and you can chat me up if it’s not safe to call, as long as we have talked before.

In conclusion even if you only want to watch some jackoff porn this slutty submissive whore, Venice will be at your beck and call.  

Submissive Whore Venice

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Adult phone chat with curry sissy slut

Adult phone chat is always fun with a pathetic little curry slut. I love pissing on his face and drenching him before I make him do lines of blow. I love to torture his pathetic clitty by sticking a straw into it and spitting in it, or even pouring blow into it. I will bring his sissy ass over to clean my cummy filled cunt up. “Lick the cum out of me, feel lucky to be close to my cunt” I laugh over and over as I feel your tongue trying to scoop out the thick leftover cum inside me.

Adult Phone Chat

Only a worthy cock can fuck me. “Your little dick isn’t worthy of my pussy” I say laughing again. Then i get the idea that you should be fucked while i fuck your little clitty hole. Aws i put my strap on, I take a long pole stick and stuff in your little pee hole. After feeding you a few lines, I rub some blow on your ass and on my strap.

I push it all the way deep in your ass and fuck you just like i get fucked. That is because you are a curry cunt whore and you need your holes used just like me. “Come on fuck my strap back with your cunty. Your pussy was made to be fucked”. That makes you excited because you know that is all you are and were made for. I fuck you until your asshole is gappy even your pee hole is spread open from my pounding stick.


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Adult phone chat with a worthless sub

Adult phone chat with a subby whore is what most men need. They want to have some bdsm fun and I am the one you need. I was raised to submit and have always been put in my place as a worthless whore. First I dress slutty and get on to entice men to use me. Once you walk through the door I hear you say “bitch greet me on your knees like a slave whore that you are”. Then I drop to my knees like my life depends on it. “Yes sir, anything you demand of me” I respond obediently.

After that you slap my face, “remember you are my worthless slave and i want you on your knees unless instructed otherwise”. Then you sit down and signal for me to come to your side. Making sure to show how I have submitted, I crawl to your feet. “You learn quickly, don’t you slave?’ you ask me while petting me like a dogwhore. “Open your mouth whore” you say as your fingers open my mouth wide. “Don’t you move until i am done with you” you continue on as you tie my hands behind my back.

Adult Phone Chat

Then you pull your cock out and while shoving your cock in my mouth you start squeezing my neck. “Now submit to me and be my slutty fuck toy” since your cock is in my mouth i cant speak but i nod while looking into your eyes. The way you fuck my throat tells me you are a strong alpha male and if i get out of line you will punish me. Your cock is so far down my throat I feel the air leaving my body, but you fill my throat up with your semen before I pass out. Then I wake up to you paddling my ass so hard it is swollen and red.


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Adult phone Chat for a new sissy bitch

Adult phone chat with a sexy bitch like me will get you fucked the way you have been needing. You keep it a secret that you need cock. That is why the first time I met you, I forced cross dressing onto you. I knew it was in you, but you just needed a push. First I made you undress and wear sissy bitch clothes. It doesn’t matter if you hesitate and do not want to wear it. You will because you belong to me. Your body is mine now and there is no denying it.

That is why I push you down and spread your ass. If you don’t get it now, you will get it after i fuck you hard. The way i slammed my cock inside you is the way i watched my daddy fuck his sissy brother. It turned me on so much that now i look for sissies i can fuck just like daddy did. My cunty squirts from the pounding I give you. To know that I can set you on the path to being who you were meant to be brings me joy.

Adult Phone Chat

You are going to love it, but now just take my cock and beg me to let you be my filthy whore. The harder i fuck you the more my pussy gets rubbed. Major reason why I pound you hard, another reason is I want you to squirm and be sore. Finally my pussy clenches and I start to squirt all over. As my pussy juices spray you, you beg for me to let your clitty cum. Fine you can cum now but i want you to not waste any of it and eat it up.


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Adult Phone Chat for sissy bitches who have been trained

Adult Phone Chat is where my sissy whore goes now. She fill find guys to suck on and fuck. All the sissy training I have given her has made her ass ready to be used as a milking tool. I would make her do her anal exercises all night. She had to fuck the biggest dildo i would suction to the wall. I love watching her fuck the wall as she massaged my pretty feet with her tongue before we went to the next chore or exercise. You did so well the first time I broke you in with a real dick was something I had to film. You walked in looking like the proper whore with your picked out sissy outfit.

Adult Phone Chat

You got on your knees and asked your mistress for any directions that she must follow. I told her she was to milk the cock or take anything coming for her just like she did during our training sessions. It started with live Jackoff porn for you so your clitty could start leaking before you even got fucked. That would make it easy for you to wiggle your clitty in your chastity. I zoomed in to the moment you got your first cock in your sissy man pussy. That will always be my favorite part to watch.


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