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Kinky fetish porn

Kinky fetish porn

Every week my family gets together and has spaghetti for dinner. My parents left town to go on a month long trip to Europe, so it is just my brother and I. We decided to keep the family tradition alive and has spaghetti together last week. One tiny little secret that my parents don’t know is how much I love my brother…. Physically. At last week’s dinner we made it about three minutes in before he couldn’t resist anymore. He got up, grabbed me by my hair and bent me over the table. He hiked my miniskirt up to reveal that I wasn’t wearing any panties. He took this as an invitation and fucked me deep and hard right there. I sure hope I get to have a similar experience this week. Give me a call and I’ll tell you just how bad I want him to fuck my tight little ass.

Anal sex whore

anal sex whore

Me and my sis know how to have a good time! We are such crazed girls that want dicks in every hole that a man can fill up. Our daddy has been having a lot of get togethers with his friends. They usually drink and do their man business but me and Tara have been sneaking away from our rooms to spy on them. Some of his friends have paid attention of me and my cute sis in our booty shorts and tank tops, they have even disappeared to the “bathroom” to give me and my sis a big huge cock right in our ass. We are such anal sex whores. We whores in general, if you can shove it in us, we won’t stop begging for you to fill us up more and more. We want to be stretched open, we want those big manly hands digging into our hips as you pound your balls against our pussy lips! Please fuck me and my sisters holes! We need your cum so bad.

Sexy Slut Gets a Workout at the Gym

sexy slutA sexy slut goes crazy at the gym. I was working out the other day, trying to get in shape for summer; but everywhere I looked there were beefcake men in little shorts with bulging packages. My pussy was all a flutter. All I could think about was cock and cum. It was almost closing time, so not many men left in the club, but enough to distract me from squats. One hunk was checking me out pretty intently. I followed him into the locker room. What the fuck, right? He wasn’t going to complain. Pretty sure the few remaining dudes in the place would not complain either. He was naked in the shower when I walked in. I tried to act like I had a blonde moment, but he knew I wanted to fuck. He waved his dick at me to signal me over. It was a pretty sizeable cock too. I blew him as the warm water cascaded over my body. My pussy got wetter than it already was with his dick on my lips. I got my squats in after all. I squatted up and down his throbbing shaft while a few other men stroked and watch. They were actually just waiting their turn. Turns out  I got a really good work out at the gym. I need to go more often.

I Love Teasing Daddy

sexy slut (8)

I love teasing Daddy, that’s why I was cooking dinner naked last night and you know what? He could barely wait till he was done eating before he was all over me like a wild animal! He bent me over the table right there and shoved his cock in my pussy and fucked me till the plates fell off the table! Daddy fucks me better than anyone else, he knows my body so well, you know what I mean? He should know it, he has been touching me since I was super little and now I guess I’m trained cus whenever I see him I just want to fuck his brains out. He makes me feel oh so good every single day and I just could NOT be happier! But don’t worry, I have enough love to share with you too, in fact I’m getting horny just thinking about strangers coming over here to fuck me. How about you? Wanna be my daddy too?

You know you need sexy mommas in your life!

sexy mommasSexy mommas… Sounds hot as fuck right?  I have always wanted to be one and now that I am pregnant again, I feel like the sexiest momma in the world! My tits are bigger and full of milk, my belly is round and full and my sex drive has gone crazy! I am literally always horny as fuck and craving big stiff cocks… I swear I just can NOT get enough! I’ve had six men over just today and I am just getting started… tonight I’m going to set up a family style gangbang. We are all going to participate, me and all 6 of my little ones will be satisfying all kinds of big thick cocks tonight and I just can’t wait till they get here! Can’t you just picture their little lips wrapped around huge cocks, their sweet little bald pink cunts stretched out and their tiny little puckered assholes dripping with cum? I can picture it and it has me horny as hell! I wish tonight would hurry up and get here cus I am way to horny to wait for long!

Fucking In The Great Outdoors

adult phone chat genessaI’m so thrilled to have this beautiful warm weather. You know how I love shedding clothes. Your farm is a great place for that. With nobody for miles around, we can walk around completely nude and fuck wherever we want. I love coming down to the creek with you. Nothing is as sensual to me as a skinny dip and some sexy frolicking in the water and on the creek bank. Lets spread our blanket out here and lay side by side basking in the warm weather. I love the way your cock rises just from the slow caresses I give you as I touch your body all over. I take that cock in my mouth and tease the head with my tongue before taking the rest of your cock into my mouth. My pussy is dripping wet for you as I crawl atop you and impale myself on your rock hard cock, fucking you cowgirl style until you explode deep inside my wet cunt.

Bare that ass for Mama

jackoff pornI told you before, son, that if you pissed mommy off, there would be hell to pay. You’ve gone and done it. I was missing my most favorite vibrator and I found it in your room, covered in shit. You dirty little sissy, having such a tiny cock is one thing, but abusing my personal toys is another. At least have the decency to wash your crusted butt filth from it. Like I said, you’re gonna pay. I’ll be waiting when you come home from work. You’ll see me standing there with the filthy latex penis in hand, knowing that you’re in trouble. I smile an evil smile as my robe falls open, revealing a massive black strap-on. I’m holding a small riding crop and I slap it against my hand. I don’t say a word but merely point to the floor. You drop to your knees, dropping your jeans. I see that you’re wearing a pair of my favorite panties. I land the crop with a loud swish right on your waiting ass. It gives me pleasure to see you arch in pain. I give you 5 more until you beg for mercy. As I place my fat head against your puckered hole, you know that your punishment is about to begin.

Racing for Pussy

adult phone chat AmaraBusiness was slow at the truck stop tonight. So I went out for a little fun. One of our favorite pass times around this small little hick town are street races. So me and a couple of my guy friends went down to watch them get it on. On a back road covered in blacktop you could smell the rubber burning and the fumes of racing fuel. Something about it gets this bitches pussy wet. There are a couple guys who are in heavy competition with each other. One guy has a “67” GTO and the other fella runs a “97” Z28. They were going back and fourth with a stack of cash. I’ve seen Paul run his GTO before so I was favoring him to win. In fact I just had to sweeten the deal with my pussy. I let everyone know that who ever took this race would be able to take a ride into this juicy cunt. So they got lined up at the start line. Instead of the traditional arm drop on the mark, get set, go I gave my all natural big tits a flash. They ran a heads up grudge race, but at the end of the 1/4 mile it was the GTO by a cunt hair. The GTO has way more room than that Z28 does which means more fucking can be done in a comfortable fashion. I climbed in the front seat and Paul had a ragging boner. I grabbed his big cock and started stuffing my face with it. Just because he wanted the traditional road head he ran up and down that black top a couple times doing some burn outs while I had his fuck rod jammed deep into my throat. Every time he hit the breaks I would choke a little more on his meat. He pulled off to the side of the road and we hopped into the back seat. I was wearing a jean skirt with no panties of course so I took my legs and stretched them up to the ceiling. Letting my dripping wet juice box hang out in plain view. He dove in for a little taste of my sweetness before he took this bitch for a real ride. Driving that big fucking cock so deep into my pussy my head would bang off of the door. We definitely had that hunk of steel rocking. As he pounded away at my cream pie he was gripping onto my over sized fun bags. I could feel his dick begging to pulsate he pulled it out and started to ride my mouth again releasing that hot load of his own personal racing fuel deep into my throat.

Daddy Was Drunk!

adult phone chat kaliDaddy came home drunk last night…I knew it was going to be super forceful and super mean this time. He HATES me when I am drunk…he thinks I’m just a stupid dumb whore. He grabbed me hard and threw me across the room, I flew so far that I crashed into the wall and almost went right thru it! Then he started beating me, he was punching me in the face and my breasts and belly, I could barely breathe and I was choking but that didn’t stop him at all. He just increased the violence, he shoved his cock down my throat even tho I was already choking and then on top of that wrapped his big strong hands around my neck too! I was gasping for air and struggling to breathe when he finally stopped choking me and started pounding my pussy instead, I know I shouldn’t like all this violence but somehow I really do…

Eww Cucky Loserrrr

adult phone chat

Ewwwww! I just caught a little cucky loser wearing my panties and peeping in the window while I was fucking! Ugh he was so gross! He had his tiny little dick in my panties and he was just rubbing it like crazy so I definitely don’t want those back. It was super funny tho when I yelled at him, he froze up and couldn’t even move at all… Not even when I sent my lover out there to snatch him up and make him come inside. He was shaking and crying and begging me not to call the police, it was so funny all I could do was laugh. I told him that I wouldn’t call the police as long as he did whatever I told him to and he agreed pathetically fast. I told him that he made my stud’s cock go limp so he was gonna have to fix that for me and even tho he clearly didn’t want to, he opened his mouth and got to sucking! I guess I have a new little pet now huh?

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