I Love Teasing Daddy

sexy slut (8)

I love teasing Daddy, that’s why I was cooking dinner naked last night and you know what? He could barely wait till he was done eating before he was all over me like a wild animal! He bent me over the table right there and shoved his cock in my pussy and fucked me till the plates fell off the table! Daddy fucks me better than anyone else, he knows my body so well, you know what I mean? He should know it, he has been touching me since I was super little and now I guess I’m trained cus whenever I see him I just want to fuck his brains out. He makes me feel oh so good every single day and I just could NOT be happier! But don’t worry, I have enough love to share with you too, in fact I’m getting horny just thinking about strangers coming over here to fuck me. How about you? Wanna be my daddy too?

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