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Anal Sex Whore Jamie


Anal Sex Whore




Anal sex whore you’ve been looking for here! I’ve been addicted to a lot of things. Drugs and booze are one thing but my craving for anal sex is beyond compare. I’ll do anything to get a guy to slam his cock right into my shitter and ride me like I’m a blow-up doll. I love the way it feels when I get a load of cum shot straight into my ass. Especially having it drip down my thighs while I suck any left over creamy dreamy sperm out of your hole. The first time I experienced it was with my Uncle when I was just a sexy little bratty babe. I knew then that my favorite thing to do when it came to being touched was the part at the end where the joystick makes it’s way into my brown brick tunnel. It’s nice and yummy too when you flip me around and have me suck the flavor of my own anus off of your wang. You weren’t done though, were you? Not for a second! You flip me back around and continue to fuck me like I have nerve damage in my ass and cannot feel a thing. You finally complete the session by filling me up like a cream filled donut made of filthy slut. That was blast, babe. Literally! I’m game to have you take me in the 3rd entrance any time. 😉

Jackoff Porn – Slutty Teen

Getting fucked is always so much fun, and such great stress-relief! Sometimes, though, you can’t get a good fuck in time. Sometimes life just happens, and you have to fucking rub one out on your own. That’s what happened to me the other day. Class was just getting into full swing, and I was horny, stressed, and agitated. My teacher asked if I needed to excuse myself, so I took the opportunity and left my class. Jackoff pornWhen I saw the restroom, it dawned on me what I needed to do. I picked the furthest stall, locked myself in, hiked up my skirt, and shoved my fingers deep into my cunt. I let the heel of my hand massage my clit as I started to fuck my cunt with my middle 2 fingers. It took almost no time to cum, but I knew it wouldn’t be enough. So, I picked up the pace, really ramming my fingers into my cunt. Just as I was about to cum, someone else walked into the bathroom and threw me off my pace. I had to wait until they left to drive myself up again. But, when I did get to cum again, it was mind-blowing!

Adult phone chat with Tiffany is super fun!

adult phone chatAdult phone chat with me is super fun daddy! Trust me, I know I can get you off just ask my daddy Michael, he calls me almost every day! Yesterday we talked about how much he loves my sweet young body, he asked me to do a little strip tease for him and by the time I was totally naked he was super ready to fuck. He grabbed me and bent me over the chair and just shoved his rock hard dick into my dripping wet pussy and fucked me so hard and deep that I just had to scream! I was cumming harder than I ever came before and it was awesome! He really knows what a girl like me likes and he’s so not afraid to give it to me, that’s why he’s one of my favorite callers!

Adult Phone Chat with a Teen Slut

Adult phone chatI saw him walk into the men’s room, and the nod that he gave me told me it was all clear. I sneaked my way in, and we locked the door. He settled me on the sink and stood between my legs, running his hands up and down them. He slid his hands up my shirt, and lifted it over my head. No sooner had he slid his hand up my skirt and started fingering my little pussy than a guy walked out of the last stall with his phone in his hand. Apparently he’d been recording the whole thing, and was going to share the video with the world unless I let him fuck me. We invited him over, and my friend stood aside while our new playmate slide the phone into the pocket of his shorts. I stroked his cock and let him finger me, then guided him into my cunt. I worked all my muscles, clenching and unclenching, showing him how to really fuck a girl. This little bitch boy barely lasted for 5 thrusts in my hungry pussy before he was spasming and twitching, shooting his spunk all up inside of me. I had to hold back a laugh as I lifted his phone and my friend tossed the punk out of the room. My friend shoved his big dick straight into my cunt and used the punk’s jizz for lube as he thrust deep and hard. He drilled me for a good half an hour before we finally finished. I tossed the boy’s phone back at him when we left, after I erased his video, of course.

Ooops I was kinda naughty again!

teen phone chatOopsie, I was kinda naughty… again. See, I was babysitting for this guy that works at home, he said that it was real important to be quiet, that he couldn’t concentrate if we were noisy. So I was trying really hard to keep this little bitch super quiet but she fell down and scraped her knee and started totally bawling loud as fuck! I was freaking out, trying to get her to shut the fuck up when her daddy came out of his office. He was super pissed, the first thing he did was slap that little whore in the face so hard that he knocked her down on the floor. Then he grabbed her buy her hair and shoved his cock down her throat! I wasn’t expecting that but it really turned me on to see it and I think the daddy knew it.He bent me over and ripped off my panties, he said that he was gonna fuck me whether I wanted it or not but I was all like yes yes yes please fuck me!! Now he is gonna make me his permanent babysitter and this is one job I am gonna love!

It’s almost Father’s Day!

teen sex blogsDaddy! You know it’s almost father’s day and I’ve got some seriously fun plans for you and me! We’re going to do sooo many things, all day will be for us. I’ll wake you up with a blowjob, then a yummy breakfast and a massage while you eat. After that it’s round two of me sucking your cock while you watch the game on tv. But soon Daddy, your balls are going to yearn for something else. Something so tight, something like nothing else. What’s that? Oh yeah my tight little pussy! Hehe!!! You can’t do anything but let me sit right on it and take it. Take all the big and hard Daddy dick that has been working so hard for his little girl. Now I am going to work hard for you Daddy I am going to give you what you want and deserve. And you’re going to blow the biggest load in my tight little cunt, I’ll never complain about your cock Daddy cuz it always makes my tight holes gape and me beg for more.

I bet you wanna play with a girl like me!

teen sex blogsI bet you wanna play with a sexy young girl like me don’t you? I am super cute and really, really dirty just like Daddy taught me to be. I love to suck cock and I will let you fuck all my holes, nothing is off limits for me! I know what you’re thinking…aren’t I too young to be such a naughty little slut?! Well, hehe! Barely legal over here! I’ll choke on your dick until cum is dripping down my pretty little face. Make me your cum slut, and then fuck my little holes until your cock feels ALL better! I won’t be like your wife, I never ever nag or complain, I’m just here to fuck and suck and make you super happy every single day! I am going to be whatever you want me to be Daddy I promise! You are going to love playing with me I just know it and you know what else? I can’t wait to talk to you!!

Hot Teen Office Slut

adult phone chat summerI’m a dirty little whore. I love teasing and taunting men with my tight pink cunt. I was at a house party over the weekend. I had way too much to drink and went into exhibitionist mode. I never wear panties. I like men to have easy access to my sweet pussy. Now this party was not a wild party. I put the wild in a boring office party. Once I started giving men a glimpse of my sweet pink mound, the guys started dropping their drawers and whipping out their cocks. Turns out a bunch of boring suits really like to show a hot teen slut a good time. They started showing my mouth a good time first. I blew like 10 guys before I got gang banged. They were all sober, just horny. The drunk slut was getting trained on a kitchen floor. I livened an otherwise boring party up quite a bit. Now of course I am known as the office slut. But guess what? I don’t care. I will fuck them all again and blow them by the water cooler. I give great DICKtation.

We Give The BEST 2 Girl Phonesex

2 girl phonesex (5)

Mommy and I stay soaking wet! Actually just the other day, something happened that had me dripping and oh so horny.  It’s on my mind now, so I just have to tell you about it. You see, Daddy is a rich Daddy. But I think Daddy was too busy at the poker ring and lost a bit of money. He thought he would simply not pay those guys back…that’s not what happened. They broke into our house and Mommy and I ran to hide in the bathroom, but of course they found us. They tied Daddy up and loosely bound me and mom. They told Daddy they were going to fuck our holes raw, right in front of them. They had us look at Daddy and tell him how much we loved those cocks and tell him exactly how pathetic he was! Truth be told, mom and I were loving every second of it! But we pretended not to for the first hour, then we became greedy cocksucking whores…we can’t help it.

I kinda slutty but it’s all Daddy’s fault!

teen phone chatI’m kind of a slutty girl… but it is all Daddy’s fault! I mean really, what did he expect when he brought all those guys home for me to fuck?? Plus all those times that he fucked me too… how could I not turn into a total whore? I am addicted to sex, I want to fuck all day long every single day and I don’t care who knows it! I don’t just sit at home waiting for Daddy to bring guys home anymore either, I go out and find my own guys to fuck! Like my teachers and the guys I go to school with and random guys I see on the street… I’m not really very picky at all. If you have a nice big fat cock, I will want to fuck it! I am going to be a slut forever and ever… even if my daddy sometimes doesn’t like it! If he didn’t want me to be a slut, he shouldn’t have made me one!

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