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Adult Phone Chat Slut Kelly

Adult Phone Chat Slut

As you can see I am a hottie and I am here to be your adult phone chat slut! I am the sluttiest girl who you can bend over and shove that big daddy cock so deep, deep inside of me! I want my cheeks clapped daddy! Pretty please? listen to me beg to you while on my knees. I want to swallow down a big hard cock! No! I want to swallow down several big dicks down my throat! The feeling of hot cum juices being shot down my throat makes me so wet! It makes my pussy dripping wet and leaking! When I am nice and wet, I bend over and spread my ass cheeks nice and wide. Look at how soaking wet I am for you. My horny cunt dripping down my tight all of me craving your hard daddy cock! Now let me suck it and make you wet! I suck it hard and swirl my tongue all around your daddy dick and massage your balls. I finally spread my lips again and make you shove your cock into me! Deep and fast and hard. So hard that I let out a scream! I cry out loud and start to beg for you to shove it harder, fuck me harder ad make me scream loud enough for the neighbors to get concerned. I feel myself cumming for the first time tonight but I know by the end of the night that I will be squirting all over you! You’ll be filling me up with hot and horny cum juice! let me get a good taste of you please daddy, I want to taste your baby batter ib all of my holes. The feeling of you filling me up makes me wanna cum again! Let me squirt all over you!

Adult Phone Chat Slut Kelly

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Adult Phone Chat Cock Sucking BBW

Adult Phone Chat

I started sucking cock as a very young age which is why I’m the best BBW cock sucking slut! As a teen I’d hear boys talking about how fat my ass was or how big and juicy my tits looked at school. Unlike other girls who would cry or be upset by it, I took it as a challenge! I started sucking dick behind the bleachers after school to prove them right, that I am a slutty little cock whore and I would make them cum in minutes. Soon enough the whole school knew that I loved licking balls, sucking cock and getting my face fucked like a cum slut. I sucked off at least 20 boys before I left middle school. I was proud of myself then and when these guys see me around town now they get rock hard thinking about my sweet little mouth.


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Adult Phone Chat with a Dirty Girl

adult phone chat

Adult phone chat can take many different forms and I happen to love all of them. I’ve never been one to shy away from anything sexually. Personally, it seems silly to me that people say no to taboo activities just because other people say they’re bad or wrong. Fuck that noise. I won’t ever let anyone tell me where I can put my mouth, pussy, or asshole and you shouldn’t let anyone dictate your sex life, either. So, when you call me, you can expect me to try to talk you into all sorts of naughty things that you might not otherwise do.

I’d love nothing more than to talk to you about things that make your cock harder than it’s ever been in your life. Don’t you think you could use a little excitement in your life? Take a walk on the wild side with me. We’ll start slow and then work up to you doing some kinky things in real life. I hope you’ll let me help you explore worlds that you never thought possible. So just pick up that phone and put a little trust in me and your cock is going to be rock hard in no time!


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Adult Phone Chat For Fetish Lovers

adult phone chatDo you have an Asian fetish babe? Looking for a hot adult phone chat with a sexy Asian slut. Oh baby, you have landed on the right page. I am a horny tramp who just can’t get enough. I love when men come into my studio looking for that trivial happy ending. Oh, they will get their happy ending but I damn sure am going to get mine too. They want a piece of this tight bald pussy and tight heart shaped ass, practically begging for it. They are going to need to take care of me first. Spread my legs and worship this hot cunt. Suck my clit and lick my wet hole until I squirt my juices onto your face. I taste good don’t I love? Now that I have gotten mine it is time to please you. How would you like it love? My pretty mouth? My tight bald perfect pussy? My heart shaped tiny tight ass. The options are limitless on what I will do to please you. Might I suggest a session of hot jackoff porn to get us in the mood? I will be waiting for you.

China Doll

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Adult Phone Chat – Incest Is Sexy

Adult Phone Chat

Adult phone chat that turns into phenomenal incest sex just rocks my fucking world, so if you’ve got any balls and want to play a sexy little game, give me a ring. I love to role play where I’m your sister, maybe even your daughter or your niece! I’ll even let you take my panties, yes those soaked little pieces of cotton fabric, for you to take home so you have a little memento to remember my little molestation. You know you want to slip your hand down my shirt, up my tight little skirt. You know you’re desperate to taste the steamy wet juice drooling from my cunt. Incest sex is how I love to play; and the ball’s in your court, Daddy. What’s it gonna be?

Slutty Sister, Heather

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Adult Phone Chat Slut Kelly

Adult Phone ChatI am your new favorite adult phone chat slut! I can be your sweet, loving, and supportive girlfriend. Or I can be the girl next door with the fine, slim body that you are craving to touch. You see me from afar through your upstairs window while I walk out of my bathroom in nothing but a white towel, representing how pure this young and tight body is. I swerve and move my body to the music playing up in my room as I go into it. I lay out a black pair of Brazilian panties and a matching silk top. Once I drop my towel, your eyes nearly pop out of your head, seeing my soft curves and skin. My gentle and sweet cunt is glistening and my tits are all hot and perk. My ass is so round you just want to lick it all over. I slowly dress only to walk and lay onto my bed and match my eyes with yours as I slowly run my hand down into my panties and being rubbing my clit. I tease you as I move my panties down to my ankles and being to finger myself gently. I start to moan, my face as you can tell is in ecstasy. I grab a toy from my bedside and use it on my clit. I turn it up higher and higher until you can hear my screams of pleasure from right next door. You can ignore it no longer and give me a show yourself as you being to jerk off for me. We match our rhythms and fuck ourselves for each other as we don’t move our eyes away from each other’s faces. Soon, my body builds up the pleasure and I start squirting, letting out a scream for you! and you, do the same for me.

Adult Phone Chat Slut Kelly

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Adult Phone Chat Therapy

adult phone chatAdult phone chat therapy is what I offer. I am not your typical phone sex woman. I am a college professor of psychology. I specialize in human sexuality. That is a very broad specialty. I started doing this sort of work when I was in grad school. It was research for my dissertation on kinks and fetishes. I love it so much that I do it part-time now. I am not here to judge you or cure you. I am here to help you understand your fetishes and accept them. Whatever your kink or fetish is, there should be no shame. Take cuckolding for example. Many men love he idea of their wives fucking other men, especially if they can watch. Sure some bisexual guys look at it as a safe way to explore their bisexuality, but cuckolds are not necessarily gay. They are sexually submissive men who recognize the need for their partners to get bigger dicks. Being a cuckold is a selfless thing to do for your woman.  I help cuckolds all the time. I help men understand the need for them to be cuckolds and the reasons why they love being cuckolds. There is no shame in being a cuckold. It saves marriages. I can help you with whatever your kinks or fetishes may be.

Phone Sex Therapist Farah

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Adult Phone Chat With A Mistress

adult phone chatJackoff porn is what brought you to me. Shemale and anal films. Watching cum leak out of the gaped asses. You couldn’t keep your hand off your tiny clitty. Stroking and moaning and all kinds of pathetic shit. It was sad, you are sad. I took you in though, I do love a challenge, even when the odds are so big against me. We worked hard, breaking your desire to do anything that I did not ask of you. You waited on me and fulfilled my every desire. My sissy maid bitch is what you became. You slipped a few times and punishment was harsh but fair. By fair, I meant that I enjoyed it. So now we take you farther. How far do you think you can go? Waxing? Implants? Cock cages? How far are you willing to go to please me? I need to know. I have dresses, panties, hose, and heels just waiting for your sissy ass to put on. Glory holes to visit and cocks to get hard for me. Cum to suck from my perfect pussy and ass. Of the things we will do together, as long as you behave. So go ahead, pick up the phone and let’s have an adult phone chat faggot.


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Alanza Adult phone chat DP

jackoff pornI pride myself on being a jack off porn whore. I cant do vanilla sex it just doesn’t get my pussy wet. I need to Dominate or else have a man who can whip and spank my big tits until they feel like raw hamburger meat! When I first came out to the BDSM world I needed to try everything out. I went gaga for cum eating, cream pie’s, double anal, and face fucking! I was often invited to test my cock sucking skills for the men in the hood. Public display no less, watching a dirty whore suck a golf ball through a garden hose! I would practically run down to the dealers house. I needed a couple of men with big dicks and I sucked them both off like the true motherfucking whore that I am! With my legs spread wide inviting a gangbang!

Alanza Forced to get DP! 

Soon I would have a dealer that shared depraved fantasies that got me really hot. This man takes control and loves to humiliate and dominate me. He is the one who taught me all about double penetration. Not ass and pussy at the same time, but two in my ass, or two in my pussy. I had to be restrained and tied up tight to get both cocks in my hole at the same time! But Imp a good adult phone chat tramp and I did it! 

adult phone chat
And since he knew what a cock sucking slut I am, I was given as much cock as I could, so I opened wide and had two guys fuck my mouth. And took two on my ass hole while screaming around the other two cocks! It took some Intense maneuvering, but hey, I love cock, so I finally got both their hard salamis in my mouth and I sucked their balls dry. They don’t call me  Big hole whore for nothing!

Accomplice Switch Alanza

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Adult Phone Chat Victim

adult phone chat

I got an adult phone chat call the other day from this guy who was just as sick and fucking twisted as I am. He told me about his fantasy of us picking up a hitchhiker and taking her home with us to do pretty unspeakable things. Let’s just say that by the end of the night, she was no longer with us in any way, shape, or form. The first thing we did when we got home with her was tie her up to the bed and let her know that her evening was not going to be as she had expected.

The fear in her eyes made my pussy so wet. I just love it when those young ones get so scared that they piss themselves. I know it also makes my partners dick so fucking hard. She’d probably start screaming and begging us not to force fuck her, but little does she know that being sexually assaulted is the least of her concerns. She’d better enjoy the dick because it’s the last one she’s ever going to have. We plan on fucking her and then turning her into a feast for the night. Wanna know what we’re gonna do to her? 


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