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Adult Phone Chat

Adult Phone chat

Oh daddy I missed out on adult phone chat so so much! I want to play again but what should we do? Maybe a naughty little roleplay? You are the daddy and I am your naughty girl! Your wife left for a girl’s weekend and I’m home from college! I invite you to one of the sorority bars where I and a few of my girlfriends are playing and getting fucked up! It is a pretty private event and you are invited to come and play with all 6 of us! When you get there all of us are half naked taking body shots when you walk in. The first thing we do is offer you so shots with us and some more of the hottie party things in the back! I take you to a table where a few of us strip slowly and move our bodies against yours, giving you a hot lap dance while that cock grows harder and harder for us! I help you remove those pants and boxers before getting to my knees! A few other girls join me on the floor to pleasure your cock. The remaining give you a show of stripping and kissing. They get all of those panties off and start to lick each other’s pussies while you watch and feel us massage your cock with my tongue. Your moans make our pussies so wet! We are on our knees in front of you whimpering for more cock and more of your cum. You stand and pick my skinny little body up, laying me across the table before shoving your cock into me! All of the girls are moaning and playing with each other, with themselves as they watch you fuck me into the table. Don’t stop daddy! We all want your cum!

Adult Phone Chat Slut Kelly

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Adult Phone Chat Sluts Love First Responders

adult phone chatAdult phone chat sluts appreciate First Responders Day. This sexy BBW sure does. A few months ago, I had a firsthand encounter with some hunky first responders who came to my rescue. Want to know what happened? I was home masturbating. I had candles burning for ambience. I was at my farmhouse that I rent out as an Air B and B, but I hang out there too because it is a great love shack for my married lovers. Very discreet and no way to pass by and see your husband’s car easily, LOL.  On this day, a married lover stood me up. So, I made the most of the day. I decided to watch porn and masturbate. I took a luxurious bubble bath but fell asleep in the tub. Some how a curtain caught on fire, and the next thing I knew the smoke alarm went off. Now, I contained the fire. I yanked off the curtains and put them in the tub. I burned my hand, and scorched a wall, but it could have been worse. These hunky firemen and a hot EMT showed up not long after I had defused the situation. I was naked. I am an adult phone chat BBW. I am always naked.

adult phone chatThey were impressed with my fast thinking, but they were also impressed with my rocking body. I have big tits and a fine ass, and they took notice. All of them had big bulges in their pants. My pussy was wet. My nipples were so hard they could have cut grass. I was turned on by these sexy and hunky first responders. Once they bandaged my hand and made sure the structure of my bathroom was sturdy, they decided to show me their fire hoses. Even with a sore hand, I could still suck and fuck those men who came to my rescue. I had to show my appreciation somehow, right? I have no problem sucking, fucking and taking care of men who save lives daily. I mean if I had not acted fast, they may have found me in worse shape. I think it was fate telling me I needed to fuck 4 first responders. I did too. I drained their fire hoses. Cum has healing property because I was feeling no pain playing with those hunks. Strong arms, washboard abs and huge cocks are just what every horny adult phone chat slut craves.

Happy First Responders Day to the men who saved me that night and all of you hunks who risk your lives daily for sexy BBWs like me.

adult phone chat

Sexy BBW Glenda

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Adult Phone Chat Slut Lauren

Adult Phone Chat

I love being your favorite adult phone chat slut! I have a dirty little secret to share with you, but you have to keep it a secret darling. No telling your other sluts. So, this man has been visiting me, watching me, I can always feel his eyes on me. At first, I thought I had a little ghost or shadow, but then when the hairs rose on the back of my neck and I turn to see his blaring cherry off of a cigarette I knew it wasn’t paranormal. He snuck in just the other night when the world was asleep. He caught me with my hand down my lacy baby blue panties and took it upon himself to make me cum in his mouth. At first, I was scared but he took good care of me with his tongue against my clit and my hands in his hair. I wouldn’t be surprised if my pleasured screams woke my neighbors. He pulled his cock out right after. I swear he had to be paranormal at that moment! No normal person had a cock that huge. I felt the searing burn of my pussy stretching as he forced himself inside my sopping wet cunt. He promised he would fill up all my holes with his seed, starting with my cunt.

Adult Phone Chat Lauren

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Adult Phone Chat Slut Ashley

Adult Phone Chat

Your adult phone chat slut is back tonight! Are you ready to take all of me? I really do love the weather change, it reminds me of pumpkins which reminds me of pie and other fall things to do! You and I spent the day on a hot date with a nighttime trip to the fair after dinner and a movie. The whole time you could not look away from my fat tits or keep your hand off of my thigh. You were groping and squeezing the whole way back to your place where we left my car. I plan on leaving it there the rest of the night after you invite me inside for a couple of warm alcoholic drinks. We drink the night away, our bodies feeling looser and looser after each sip. By the time we finish our last drink my pussy is dripping wet and I can not keep my hands off of you. My lips on yours and our skin. You lead me to your bed where you immediately take off my top and bra to see my giant tits. You suck and kiss my tits like an adult baby before stripping me down the rest of the way. Then came the rest of our clothes and I see how hard you had been for me all night. I pleasure you by getting to my knees and sucking your rock-hard dick into my mouth. You take my tits to play with as I suck you. You rub the soft and sensitive buds until they are nice and hard. Then I crawl onto your bed and spread my legs for you to see just how wet and ready I am to take you into my tight pussy. You get on top of me and start pushing deep into my fat pussy!

Adult Phone Chat Slut Ashley

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Adult Phone Chat Sluts are BBC Sissy Trainers Too

adult phone chatAdult phone chat sluts can be sissy trainers too. I love training sissies. I have been a professional dominatrix since I was 18. This is what I did in college. While my sorority sisters were slaving at fast food restaurants or babysitting, I was making bank pegging men’s assholes and dressing them up in my pretty lingerie. I have always been dominant. I enjoy putting men in their places. Now, I am more about sissy training, and instead of pegging an ass with my big strap-on, I have a stud peg a sissy’s ass with a big cock. I love it too. I enjoy being in charge. This sexy milf enjoys pushing boundaries and making men the best sissies they can be. Tyrone is a black stud friend of mine. His cock is massive, and he does not care what hole his huge dick goes into. The key for him is that his cock gets off. When I am breaking in a new sissy, I often use Tyrone. I am a bbc sissy trainer. I believe in training sissies with the biggest and best cocks around, and in my opinion that is almost always a black cock. Jerry is my newest sissy with a virgin ass. A sissy only in his head until he hired me as his trainer. Now, I can be your phone trainer too. I have real-time clients I have met locally, then I have all my phone sissies too. I broke Jerry in last night with Tyrone’s 13-inch black cock. Jerry begged for it, but once he got it, he had a change of heart. Sorry Jerry, once Tyrone is in, he is in until he nuts. Jerry worked through the pain like most sissies, and he eventually had a good prostrate draining. His little sissy hole was finally broken in properly. What is your phone sex fetish?

BBC Sissy Trainer Coraline

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Adult Phone Chat

Adult Phone Chat

Adult phone chat is so much fun with a young girl isn’t it baby? I can be your dirty young girl for just what you need? What’s on your mind tonight? Maybe you need a sweet girl who is much better than your ugly and dumb wife. I am your cute neighbor, the girl next door. So, it would only make sense that we hang out, have dinners, and drink wine while she is away on her work trip. Tonight, I wear a little black dress that hugs my body so nicely. I wear soft jewelry to match and a black, lacy thong hiding underneath that I plan for you to see later. I flirt much harder tonight and drink an extra glass of wine before sitting way too close to you on the couch. You want to fight it but you want me more don’t you baby? I place my hand on your thigh, moving it softly up higher on your pants. I can clearly see you so hard for me through those jeans baby don’t you want my help relieving that big problem of yours? Can’t you just imagine how nice my pussy is going to feel compared to hers? I let my dress ride high up on my thighs and I place your hand on my soft skin. Take my dress off for me baby. I stand up in front of you, pulling you up with me. I feel you lift it up and above my head leaving me in just my panties, no bra tonight. I lean up and kiss your lips to move them with mine before I tug your jeans down to the floor and watch you step out of them. You can’t hold yourself back anymore before you pick me up and carry me to your room as I giggle on the way knowing what we were about to do.

Phone Chat Numbers Slut Kelly

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Adult Phone Chat Slut Kelly

Adult Phone Chat

Your adult phone chat slut loves to play horny and hot games! I have a setup for us tonight! It’s a bit of a drinking game so you better enjoy me while all fucked up with me! See we take turns using the die and these cards. Yes, you will take a shot or a drink and then I will! My pussy is already dripping wet in excitement. See, these are naughty cards! We get to take turns doing all sorts of things such as taking each other’s clothes off with our teeth or massaging each other and all these other dirty things, Here, you first. Oooh! Give me those wet kisses along my neck. Mmm baby you feel good. Now take a drink and it’s my turn next. Oops, I get to take off your shirt. Aww, you look so cute while I slowly trail my fingers across your skin to lift your shit, making your cock jump in excitement! I can see your cock growing harder under those jeans baby. You look so horny. Now your turn! Time to slip my dress off to leave me in nothing but, a little, black thong. You can see my horny pussy juices trailing down my thighs. Now, your clothes are off all the ways! Your cock is practically jumping out of your boxers after another drink and it’s your turn to take my panties off. You are on your knees in front of me and you can’t hold yourself back anymore. You drag your tongue along my pussy lips, right through the folds, and reach my clit to start sucking on. My hands fly to your hair, and my head falls back in a long and loud moan. I squeeze your hair in my hands as our long night of fun awaits us1

Adult Phone Chat Slut Kelly

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Adult Phone Chat With Sexy Mommas Who Are An Anal Sex Whore Like Me

Adult phone chat with Anal sex whore.

Adult Phone Chat

I use my Big bouncy breasts to get whatever I want. I have been so horny lately and i wanted something more so when i heard the neighbor boys talk about Sexy mommas, they want to fuck i knew i was going to be able to get what i wanted. I told my sissy boy to invite them all over. I spiked their drink and when they were all loose, I walked out naked. All they saw was my Big bouncy breasts and bald cunt. I bent over and showed off my cunt. I laid back and spread my legs and plunged my fingers inside. I told them I need cock and I will take them all in my asshole. One by one they took turns shoving their cock in my mommy asshole. An Anal sex whore like me loves watching a cock disappear in her asshole, i finger my pussy to feel how deep they are fucking my ass. Finally, when I squirted, I heard them talk about how they had never seen that before. They fuck me again in the hopes they can make me squirt again while having Jackoff porn playing in the back.


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Adult Phone Chat Trixie

Adult Phone Chat

As an adult phone chat slut, I have to keep up with all of these crazy and hot fetishes! But, a few always really stick out to me. I have always adored how women look pregnant and I always imagine myself being stuffed full by a hard cock. I want that cum stuffed as deep as it can go and keep it from dripping out as I lay in bed and wait for the cells to make me a hot, pregnant teen mommy! My tits would grow and start to lactate as I got bigger in the pregnancy that a daddy dick gave me/ I want to be bred just like that and I really feel like you are the man to do it! You would come over and watch a horror movie, eat some snack and start to rub my sweet, teen tits! You would kiss and lick my skin to turn me on. Then get that rock-hard cock close to my little dripping wet pussy. Your balls are begging for release as you close in on me before thrusting that cock deep into my teen pussy! My screams echo through the room as you start to pound me nice and deep. Oh, daddy! You are hitting all of the right spots in my cunt. My wet and slick walls are squeezing around that thick dick of yours. I can feel your cock tensing and needy so fucking needy to cum inside of me! I’m ready for it daddy let me have it, baby! I want to be knocked up daddy, please. You know you want to see me so fucking pregnant with your seed. I rock my hips against you and feel you tense up as I milk your cock of all the cum! Give me all of it!

Adult Phone Chat Slut Trixie

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Adult Phone Chat is For Any Man, But I Love Cuckolds

adult phone chatAdult phone chat is for any man. There are all sorts of phone sluts in the world too. I am a mature phone whore. My specialty is cuckolding. I am a slut wife who is addicted to those big black cocks. I love cuckolding my husband, but sometimes I must cuck some random loser white man who thinks his shrimp dick is enough to satisfy me. I need 10 inches or more to cum. I ran into this white man I have known for years. He is the ex-husband of a friend of mine. She told me all about his short stack, so I encouraged her to leave his loser ass. I even hooked her up with some black lovers so she would know just what she was missing. He has blamed me for his divorce ever since. So, when I saw him, I tried to act like I did not see him, but he cornered me. He started yelling at me in public. I do not think he knew his surroundings. He was dropping his car off to get detailed and I was picking mine up, but the detail place is owned by one of my many hung black lovers. Theo came to my rescue. He heard me screaming for help because this dude had me pinned against the wall of the building on the outside alley part. Theo in his deep voice told Alan to walk away, but Alan ran his mouth. Some awful racist shit too. Alan talked his way into a free hardcore ass fucking. In Theo’s office, I got to kick Alan in his worthless balls a few times before Theo shoved his big black cock in his mouth. Theo taught Alan a lesson in manners and cock size. Seeing Theo’s big black cock and feeling it made him realize why his wife left him in the first place. This sexy milf always enjoy a cuckold, even if he does not realize he is a cuck yet.

Slut Wife Vinny

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