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Adult Phone Chat with a hot Anal sex whore

Adult Phone Chat is where whores like me go to find a big dick john you will pay to fuck my asshole. My asshole always makes me lots of money and like always I get all the blow I want. Come over baby, make sure to bring my flower$ and party favors is what I tell them before they get here. This is hot and they want o get to fucking me right away. But not until I get what I want. As I bend over to do my lines you stick your finger in my ass. You want to see what kind of grip my ass has. Then I wiggle my ass and get your finger deeper in it.

I love showing off so you can see you will get your money’s worth. Before you fuck my ass you want me to suck your cock like your wife wont. You see my mouth baby, don’t you love how your cock disappears. That is how I want your dick in my ass. Deep until you bust that big load. Your wife won’t let you do it, that is why you pay me. After taking you down my throat I took some blow and rubbed it on my asshole. Hooker secret “ it numbs you all the way, which makes it easy for me to get a hard pounding.

Adult Phone Chat

“Look how I spread my ass cheeks for you baby”. That is all it took for you to start fucking my hole like you have been needing and paid me to. My asshole swallowed your dick deep. Since you have been wanting this for a while you fucked me hard. Finally you start pumping your semen deep in my ass and I knew I had a new customer. “ you are such a good whore i don’t have to use Jackoff porn tonight” is what you said before leaving. 


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Adult phone chat bbw slut

adult phone chat

Adult phone chat after a long night of being a good whore.  You know you want to touch my little clitty  and feel up on my big breasts don’t you want to suck on my nipples and taste me down below. Ever since you had a taste of thicker girls you’ve really understood the assignments and no one’s a pleasure of a sweet chubby slut like me.  I’m the kind of girl  that wants your cock day and night I have an appetite for more than just food especially meat. Split me open with that cock of yours and slide it right in me show me you know me and tell me that I’m Yours. Once you do that I begin to explode because all I want is a climax like no other. Good girls may go to heaven but bad girls go everywhere and that’s a fact Jack.



Adult Phone Chat Sissy Trainers

adult phone chatAdult phone chat sissies need sissy trainers. When I was younger, I chose to be a professional dominatrix. I earned more money with less time and effort put into the job than my friends who worked retail. Being a domme came easily to me too. Something changed, however. And it was not me. The laws changed. Now, pegging and many of the things I did as a professional dominatrix, the law considered illegal.

I changed career paths. The way I thought about it was simple. Sissies and submissive men are cut from the same cloth. I went down the sissy training path. And I have been there ever since. Turns out, I enjoy sissy training. I can turn men into Barbie dolls. I can teach them to suck Ken’s cock too. Even though, I am no longer a professional dominatrix, sissy trainers are dominatrix phone chat women.

Sissy Training with a Dominatrix

Marc is a sissy boy. But in fantasy only. When he hired me to be his trainer, he informed me he needed pushed out of his fantasies and into a glory hole. No problem for me. I love to make a sissy boy’s fantasies cum true. After a makeover to look like a bimbo Barbie, I took my new sissy to this black cock sissy glory hole downtown. You cannot be a sissy if you do not suck cock.

Have you been to a glory hole? Marc felt like the belle of the cock sucking ball. He was the only sissy at the glory hole. I shoved his head down on every cock that popped through the holes. All massive, big black dicks that challenged my new sissy’s capabilities. But guess what? I helped him reach his potential. Sometimes, a sissy trainer must push her sissy out of the safe zone. So, his mouth hurts to day. That was a small price to pay for becoming a real cock sucking sissy.

Sissy Trainer Coraline

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Adult phone chat for guys who love feet

I use Adult phone chat to find guys who want sexy princesses like me. They could have never gotten a girl like me before but now they can because their wallet is double the size of their dick. When he comes over he always brings gifts just so he can get on his knees and kiss my pretty feet. I sit down to open my gifts as you keep licking my heels. You beg me to let you take them off and to give me a foot massage. I hold out my hand and you hand over your wallet, as I open it you start to unbuckle my heels. With every bill I take out, you start rubbing and kissing my feet. It makes me giggle and laugh and that turns you on even more when I do. I can see your dick poking out of your pants. I let you pull it out and I started teasing you with my toes.

Adult Phone Chat

I flick them all around your balls and the head of your cock. It starts twitching and I stop. I want to edge you and have you so hot and bothered that you beg for me to let you cum. I wait and edge you until your cock is leaking all over my sexy feet. He finally begged for me to let him cum and I wink at him giving him the okay to bust his load over me. You left happy with empty balls and empty wallet.


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Adult Phone Chat with a Black Cock Whore

adult phone chat

Adult phone chat with me may not be what you are expecting. I am a size queen and I love to cuckold men who fall short of my expectations. I am addicted to big black cocks. I was addicted to them before I knew I was addicted to them. Before I even knew what cuckolding was. And way before the Internet was a thing. When I married my husband, he knew I would only marry him if I could have black lovers. He has never tried to make me something I am not. I wish my callers would read my blogs and bio. I am all about big black cocks. Some loser called me yesterday and wanted me to suck my husband’s two-inch dick for his amusement. First, I am not here for any man’s amusement. Two, I never suck my husband’s worthless nub. Three, you do not call me and bark orders. If you call me, I will be in charge. If you are not a cuckold, or a sissy or bbc faggot or a humiliation junkie, you may be in the wrong place. I am not sucking or fucking your worthless white pecker. Not today, not tomorrow, not ever. This loser who called found out the hard way that I am not sucking any tiny dick.

BBC Whore Vinny

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Jackoff porn whore Mommies

Jackoff porn

Jackoff porn whore Mommy Regina has some blonde milfs she would love to have double teaming with you. What better way to get lost in a sexy milf experience, than adding a sexy bimbo to the recipe. I have all you need to succeed in a whore call with two milfs. The naughtiest mommies work on the Fuckalicous sites, and we know that getting to play with each other in a lesbian way will make you cock throb so fucking hard. Let mommy rub her titties with the neighbor, or even her own sister for some naughty incest play for you. Big milky tits for a big cock fuck is always ready for you. Slide that fuck pole between my bouncy ass tits pressed against her. 

How fun can we make our adult phone chat this morning? 

I want to be licking her slick cunt while you pile drive me from behind. I want to be double stacked while you chose one of these blonde Milfs to phone bones. Cum and ride the mommy Train with mIlftastic Regina!

Mommy Regina

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Jackoff porn while licking my feet

Jackoff porn is what I had on while you used my pretty feet with your cock. You love that I am your princess slut that you pay to tease you. I will rub my manicured feet on your face and slowly wiggled my toes in your mouth. You start sucking every toe in your mouth like if you wanted a cock fucking your mouth. You try to pull your cock out but  I wiggle my finger and point to your wallet.

Jackoff porn

You quickly pull it out and hand it over. I pull all your money out as you pull your throbbing dick out. My feet are all you want and I rub every toe on your leaking dick. With every stroke of my cock I feel your dick getting close to exploding but I stop before you can cum. I love to edge you and tease you while I transfer money from your account to mine. It is fun for me to tease you and build up your nut while taking all your money. You just love submitting to me and worshiping my pretty feet. When i finally am done I show all I took from your account and your body shakes as I watch you explode all over my cute toes.


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Adult Phone Chat with a Cum Guzzler

adult phone chat

Adult phone chat with a cum guzzler is what you need. I am a dirty cum eater. I am raising all my daughters and adopted girls to be cum guzzlers too. Swallowing jizz takes no skill, but it does take training to do it without grimacing. If a woman or a girl will swallow a load in a heartbeat, then a guy falls in love. He knows he has a keeper. Many women spit out the jizz, or simply refuse to even entertain cum in their mouth. That is some bullshit if you ask me. I have a family of cock suckers. A family of cum whores. I took my middle teen daughter to a gang bang last night. The client wanted mother and daughter cum dumpsters. This client was having a party for some of his biggest clients, and we were the entertainment. This sexy milf can suck the chrome off a doorknob and swallow a gallon of jizz an hour. My daughter helped me entertain all those cocks. There were at least 30 men at this party and only two of us. But there are no better cock suckers than us. Honestly, we are so good at licking up cum, we even licked it off the floor too. We came back home with cum dripping out of our holes. I played with my messy pussy watching my teen slut lick the cum that dripped out of us off the carpet. She is a cum whore just like me. After she cleaned up the floor, she cleaned her mommy up too. She was in between my legs for awhile because I had that much cum in my pussy and ass.  If I can raise my girls to be great cum whores, maybe I can help you train your daughter? Sexy mommas like me know how to make a good cum guzzler.

Milf Tramp Lilibeth

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Live Jackoff porn is what you wanted

You wanted live Jackoff porn so when i pulled my tranny cock out your mouth watered thinking you were going to see me jack my lady dick for you. But I want more and you will give me what I want.

Jackoff porn

You can’t just watch me jack my ladycock. I want you to suck me off. You tried to resist as I grabbed your head to push on my shedick. You opened your mouth slowly but there was no way to stop me from pushing my cock inside your mouth. Once you tasted my cock, you naturally sucked it like a good whore. You are a good whore you just wanted to pretend like you didn’t need a tranny cock like mine, but you do. I feel your tongue swirling on the head of my tranny dick and it makes me want more. I make you bend over and I spit on that tight asshole. You tried to beg me to stop but you didn’t even finish your sentence. You want me to fuck you with my lady meat. I could feel it as soon as I was able to push inside you. Your man pussy swallowed my shecock like a natural pussy whore. You had mentioned how you use Adult phone chat to get you off but i know me fucking you would get you addicted to tranny dick especially after you felt my cock pumping inside you. 


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Adult Phone Chat with hired anal whore

Adult Phone Chat with an anal whore like is the best i know what i am hired for. My body is hot and I know how to use it. All you have to do is have money and party favors and I will take any big cock you have for my asshole. I will do lines until my body is loose and numb. That is when you put your neck around your hired sluts throat and you tell her to take a big black cock in her ass. I will do whatever you want since you paid me for it and I am high in the clouds. When I felt him pumping inside my ass he was already balls deep. My trick threw money at me while slapping me with his hard fat cock. I made sure to bounce my ass hard. I know what gets my holes sold and I do it well. My mouth was ready to get filled and so was my ass.

Adult Phone Chat

I sucked on my tricks cock as i got fucked in my ass and that is all it took. I got my bootyhole filled with thick bbc jizz and I got a mouth full of cum. Paying me you don’t even need Jackoff porn, just my holes.


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