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Adult Phone Chat Slut BBW Lois!

Adult Phone Chat

I’ve been a BBW cum slut for so long that I naturally started having hot adult phone chat! I had no idea that being the school slut would make me want to have hot dirty phone talk all the time. I got addicted to showing off my big bouncy breasts and watching kinky fetish porn while I played with my slippery wet cunt, the best part was being able to make guys cum while I talked about my past sexual experiences. All my years as a filthy school girl cum whore made me the best at talking about taboo fantasies and giving hard studs jackoff porn! I’m proud of being an experienced BBW sexy slut now because I make so many guys cum hard just for me!

Dirty Phone Talk


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Adult Phone Chat with a used up nasty slut

Adult phone chat for a nasty slut who has been used for gangbangs. I learned at a young age sluts like me get used to make dicks explode thick semen loads. My holes have been ripped open many times before I was actually a willing participant. I recall the time my cunty was so hurt was the day I was caught outside and the homeless sadistic pervs used me for a gangbang. They dragged me into the abandoned house and started  putting their stinky big cocks in my mouth. They wanted me to get them hard so they can use their cock meats to fuck my bald pussy. The first cock shoved inside my cunty ripped me open to the point I had blood dripping down to my asshole. They used the blood to lube their dicks up as they forced it into my asshole. It didnt take much before they are were taking turns fucking any hole they could. By the time they were done i couldn’t move and i had pissed and shit myself. One of them said that I was better than masturbating to Jackoff porn.

Adult Phone Chat


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Adult Phone Chat for sissy bitches who have been trained

Adult Phone Chat is where my sissy whore goes now. She fill find guys to suck on and fuck. All the sissy training I have given her has made her ass ready to be used as a milking tool. I would make her do her anal exercises all night. She had to fuck the biggest dildo i would suction to the wall. I love watching her fuck the wall as she massaged my pretty feet with her tongue before we went to the next chore or exercise. You did so well the first time I broke you in with a real dick was something I had to film. You walked in looking like the proper whore with your picked out sissy outfit.

Adult Phone Chat

You got on your knees and asked your mistress for any directions that she must follow. I told her she was to milk the cock or take anything coming for her just like she did during our training sessions. It started with live Jackoff porn for you so your clitty could start leaking before you even got fucked. That would make it easy for you to wiggle your clitty in your chastity. I zoomed in to the moment you got your first cock in your sissy man pussy. That will always be my favorite part to watch.


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Adult Phone Chat Sexy Slut Ivy!

Adult Phone Chat

I’m a proud adult phone chat slut who loves getting her face fucked and pussy pounded! What good would these big bouncy breasts of mine be if I wasn’t a total sexy slut who loves getting titty fucked? I’m a dominant type, I can’t get enough dirty phone talk about me owning men with my tight wet cunny! I’m the freaky bitch you want to call when you are bored of jackoff porn and need to take a walk on the wild side. I want to bring out your nastiest fantasies, I’m a dark little seductress and I need to know your secret obsessions. I want to make you my pay pig when you call me for the hottest submissive phone chat and best phone sex specials!


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Adult Phone Chat for secret sissies

Adult phone chat is what some sissies use because they love getting fucked like whore bitches by big black cocks. I know this because I train them to be the perfect sissy bitch. They have all their lives like normal men but when they come to me it is time for them to let their inner whore out. That is why you pay for me to be the mommy you have needed that will make you into the girl slut you are. I will dress you up and make you look like the whore big dicks need to get milked. From now on in my presence you will have panties stocking and heels on. I will have Jackoff porn on because I know your mouth waters when you see a big dick being stroked and all you want to do is suck it just like I have trained you to do. Getting cum in your holes now is your goal. You are no longer the man I met, you are the sissy bitch I trained. Nothing in life matters, all you want and need is to be the fuck doll cum dumpster you pay me to use.

Adult Phone Chat


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Adult Phone Chat for sissy bitch recruiting

Adult Phone Chat is where some of my sissy bitches go when they are recruiting more sissy sluts for me to train. I use my bbc friends to break their holes in. When my sissy bitch came over with a new slut for me to train, I was so very happy. Her clitty was put in a cage after he was tied up. I stood right in front of him with just my stockings on, I told her that she was going to use her mouth to clean my cunt full of cum. This sissy whore had never tasted cum before but was very excited and willing to do so when my sissy begged for me to let her show our tied up sissy slut we found, I put my leg over her shoulder as she knelt in front of me. Her tongue dug into my cunt getting to my pussy creampie. She got her first taste of cum and her body knew this is what she had been missing. Now she was willing to do whatever it took to get more of it. So i put some Jackoff porn and called my bbc friend over. This new sissy was going to be milking cocks with her ass and eating semen tonight.

Adult Phone Chat


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Adult phone chat for anal sex bbw slut

Adult Phone Chat is where this BBW gets lots of anal fucking. I love when i find a dominant guy who will climb on top of me and fuck my tits. When I see you shoving your cock in between my tits it gets my fat pussy wet and you know it. So you use your cock to fuck my tits and mouth even if i start choking on it. You don’t care if I can’t breathe, all you care about is using me to bust your nut. A fat slut like me is lucky to have your cock in my holes, weather i want it or not i will get fucked. You flip me around and spread my fat juicy ass open. You shove your cock deep in my ass fast and hard. You don’t care if I enjoy it or not, you just use my fat ass to make your cock cum. You know I have a thing for Jackoff porn. so instead of filling my fat ass with your load of thick cum, you climbed on top of me and stroked your meat into my tits and face making sure to coat all of me with your cum.

Adult Phone Chat


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Adult Phone Chat goit me what I needed when master was away

Adult Phone Chat is what I used when my master left me horny and wet. He had tied me up so tight this time the rope burned my skin. It only made me more excited knowing he was using me so rough the rope was burning my skin. He pounded me until my holes were sore and even spanked my ass until it was welted. I just took it like a good slut because I knew he would be gone for the weekend and I would be stuck in my cage, so he thought. I learned how to get out and when I was on my fun call I met a guy who wanted to come over. I let him over and i fucked him hard. I did everything my master would not have let me do. I wanted to use someone’s cock  just like my master uses my holes. I squirted all over that stranger, he really liked it and told me he had a big load for me too. But he wanted me to suck it out of his cock. I was fine with it. That is what I am used to with my master. I had Jackoff porn on and I sucked his cock deep  while I played with my cunt. When he was ready to cum he pulled out and splashed all over my face. After he left i cleaned up any mess i made so my master wouldn’t find out.

adult Phone Chat


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adult phone chat with an ABDL mommy

adult phone chatCome and have the best adult phone chat with an ABDL mommy! My pussy is throbbing from being in a soaking wet diaper all morning. I love reaching down into my diaper and playing with myself while you tell me what a naughty girl I am. Confine me to my crib and don’t let me out until I have soiled my diaper and am on the verge of making a huge mess!
I have a kinky reputation that much is true, but I have always loved age regressing and being little for a few hours, or even days with the right mommy or daddy! Being changed and cleaned up by my daughters is my new fixation. Something about my girl wiping mommies pussy and ass clean turns me on so much. And of course she learned to touch and tickle mommy as she is cleaning the shit and piss off of me! She’s a naughty little girl for her big ABDL mommy!

I guess I should tell her that I have never had much control of my bladder. I buy adult diapers online but can fit into a size 6 Luvs. And I just love making it known at the store that I am buying these diapers for me! I even use ABDL hashtags to find me some diaper jackoff porn throughout the morning when I’m taking calls.
Maybe you are wondering if this means I’m a great ABDL mommy for you! Well, yes, Mommy is my set point and I regress so I can have the best of both sides of the fetish! Bring me your stinky Pampers! I’ll treat you like I need to be treated often! Your Adult diaper loving Phone sex fetish is just a call away. Let mommy do you, or do mommy! Don’t forget the diapers!

ABDL lover Elizabeth

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Jackoff porn from my nephew

Jackoff porn is what I wanted to see so badly last night. Something about a big hard cock being stroked until a big load blast makes me so wet and ready to get my mommy cunt fucked. The last time I saw a big load get shot all over me was by my youngest nephew. He came to stay with aunty while my sister was on vacation. I heard him masturbate all night for a few nights in a row and I knew he is a horny boy who has lots of loads. I played with my pussy as I heard him moan for mommy. I figured he had been fantasizing about her. I couldn’t take it anymore. I wanted to see his load. I walked into his room, and he froze with his cock in his hand. I told him not to stop and to squeeze his cock a bit more. He kept stroking just like aunty asked as i got closer. I laid down and spread my legs and played with my pussy, showing him what I liked. His eyes widened as I fingered myself and I knew he was close to busting his load. I fucked my cunt harder so i could cum all over my fingers too. When I saw him shoot his load, I started cuming. His load was thick and sprayed far even hit my tits. I just had to get on Adult Phone Chat to keep my night going.

Jackoff porn


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