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Jackoff Porn with My Three Sons

jackoff pornJackoff porn happens every day in my house! Maybe it’s not recorded, but it is certainly made. I have three horny boys living under my roof. They wake up bright and early for school will balls full of cum. They come home from school with balls full of cum. Mommy needs to take care of their cum filled balls so they don’t have so much energy. I don’t look at it as a chore. I want to drain their balls. I have always been a cum whore. More so now that I have my own sons to fuck. Boy batter is sweet. I love the taste. This morning all three of my boys jacked their dicks right into my mouth. I love holding my mouth open wide so I can get all that cum. They don’t cum big loads yet, but when all three jizz in my mouth at once, it leaves me with a nice protein shake. I guzzled it down like a cum guzzling porn star. They went off to school drained of their cum. I stayed home masturbating, savoring their seed until they came home from school and I got to do it all over again. I’m gonna hate when they grow up and move out.

Jackoff porn No Strings Attached

Jackoff pornI put out a Craigslist ad for a no-strings-attached blowjob So I was more than happy when he responded. All I knew about you was that you had a nice big veiny cock and it looked amazing. So and I met each other and I found out that the rest of you matched that beautiful cock. I almost creamed myself. We both stripped and I could feel my mouth salivating at the sight of your cock. I kneel taking your cock in my hand as I move under your balls licking and sucking them into my mouth worshiping them like the slut I am. Seeing all that precum dripping from the head of your cock. Licking from the base to the head to make sure I don’t miss a single drop of that yummy cum. Circling your cock head with my tongue I tease it with the tip, pressing the tip of my tongue against the cock hole. I could tell by the shaky hand that rests on the back of my head as you push your cock into my mouth. I tease the base of your cock as you push it into my mouth, opening my throat so you can push your cock all the way in. I moan as I feel your cock stretch my throat. You began to fuck slowly. Your cock going in and out teasing my gag point enough just to make me gag and my throat to squeeze around your cock head. Your thrusts getting faster and shorter as your breath catches in your throat. Knowing your about to cum I suck hard against your head. My hand reaching under to tease a finger into your ass. My pussy clenching as your cock explodes in my mouth. Your cum coating my tongue in your yummy cum. I know this was a NSA thing but I would totally be okay with fucking again.

Cody’s hot Jackoff porn!

Jackoff porn

He sat in the hallway watching me. He was rubbing his cock, rubbing his cock till it was dripping. “Fuck this is better than Jackoff porn.” He got in front of me and I just kept fucking my pussy with my little red toy. Making him watch me. My bald pussy looks so fucking good when it’s being filled up! He wanted to fuck my bald tight pussy so bad. Begging me to let him push just the tip of his cock in so he could feel how tight it was. After about 45 minutes of him begging and a couple of hundred dollars worth of amazon cards, I finally let him put just the tip inside of my tight pussy! I started doing kegels around the tip of his cock and within a minute he was blowing his load right on my pussy. He couldn’t handle my tight bald pussy!

Adult Phone Chat Cougar Whore

adult phone chatAdult phone chat with a cougar is better than with a coed. Why? Because us cougars have way more experiences to share. Plus, we tend to be dirtier. With age comes less inhibitions. I was always a dirty whore, but once I hit 40 it was like I became dirtier than even I could imagine. I know right? How does a cum dumpster get dirtier? Well, she goes to the local truck stop and begs to get gang banged by all those truckers who have not felt the touch of a woman’s pussy in a long time. I was the whore of the truck stop. I just yelled that I was there and down to fuck and they came out of their cabins in numbers. As the truckers swarmed around me like a piece of meat, my pussy dripped wet. I so enjoy being  cum whore. The truckers circle jerked on me before I had the pleasure of sucking their cocks back to life for the gang bang. If you like orgy phone sex you won’t be disappointed in the details. I got my ass and cunt filled with so much cum that I shit and pissed it out in a cup when I got home so I could have something to drink later and remind me what a whore I am.

cock ready

adult phone chat My photographer found me on indeed looking for a gig, and told me that I was a face that needed to be behind the camera and get paid for it.
So I totally went for it. He got me naked and it turned me on so much that I could feel my pussy getting wet my soaking wet panties were rubbing against my little pussy lips. He was the sexiest photographer I ever worked with. Every position he put me in I knew I would enjoy him fucking me raw. He kept hitting on me telling me how great and gorgeous I was. I told him to put the camera down and to come put his cock in my mouth. Why all that talk and no action to back it up right?
Well he was totally into it and my pictures came out great and his dick was just what I needed.

I love adult phone chat

adult phone chatI am a proud anal sex whore and I don’t ever want to be anything else! What can I say? I love a big fat cock in my ass and if I had my way, I’d have one in there every fucking day! I’m a total slut, I have been since I was a teen but I don’t ever feel bad about it, someone has to be the slut right? It may as well be me seeing as how I love being the dirtiest, nastiest little slut I can possibly be. Trust me hun, there is nothing that you could ask me to do that I won’t do…even if we are talking about piss, shit or even fucking your furry little friends! I want to get wild and crazy and try something new, don’t you? Tell me all of your nastiest fantasies hun,  I just know that whatever they are, I am going to be turned on by them too! Just try me, you’ll see!

Dirty phone talk

dirty phone talk

 Daddy loves when I am a stupid nasty whore. He tells me he loves when I drink his piss and eat his shit. He tells me he wants to spice it up a bit. I start chocking on his cock deeper into my mouth, gaging on it. He hands me spikes bowl and keeps pushing my face down on it more and more.

I puke up all of my daddy’s shit and piss. I even saw some precum in my puke in spikes bowl. He is getting so turned on! He hands me someone empty water balloons and tells me to fill them up. I suck that puke, piss, and shit up inside the balloons. Once they are full I put them inside my ass.

I am now going to be a little whore that takes it up that ass for my master. I am going to clean his cock once they burst inside of me all over his cock.

Dirty mommy phone sex

dirty mommy phone sex

I was laying down watching tv in my room, relaxing applying lotion all over my body. Starting with my legs then working the lotion up my thighs then up my bald pussy. I heard a noise in the living room and decided to see what was going on, so I made my way through the house until I noticed that it was just my son working out. To my suprise I lost my balacance due to the floor

being wet and fell, exposing my nude body to my son. I was just wearing a towel to begin with. My son rushed over to help me get up, and then he noticed my huge delcious mommy titties, and my bald wet cunt. As he reached over to grab me to help me up I could tell that he wanted to see more and was fighting the urge to not

look away. I thanked him for helping me up when suddenly I lost my balance again this time grabbing my son and bringing him down with me. It took a while for my son to grasp what was happening since he was on top of me, with his face burried in my chest and his booner touching my wet cunt. I didnt expect my son to reach down with his

hands to finger my wet bald pussy, but i didnt try to stop him either because it felt incredible. I spread my legs wide for him letting him twist and spin and work his fingers in side of my really wet twat. I couldn’t help but moan as he began grabing me hard kissing me up

and down my body. I grabbed his thick throbing cock and begged him to penetrate me. My son ripped off his shorts and undear wear and slid his huge cock in to my wet cunt. I grabbed him forcing him to slide all the way inside of me until it could not longer go any further. I told him to fuck his mommy hard and fast. Those words really motivated him since he kept slamming his thick hard cock in and out of my pussy. Making me sore as rolled his hips into me. Until finally he bursted and came all inside of me leaving my pussy cream pied and raw.I guess I am to much of a freak to care since mommy likes to get fucked.

Mommy loves to share us.

adult phone chatThat first push of a cock into a tiny pink hole. That’s what drives us and fuels our fires. We are really just sharing people who love it young. When I became a mommy, I never planned to violate them. It just kind of happened. Fresh tender little bodies, tight and pink, and so willing to please. I love the feel of my daughter’s lips as she licks my pussy. Sometimes my stepson joins in and gives mama some of that big boy dick that he’s always jerking. I’m just helping him out and giving him an outlet for all of that tasty cum. And the girls are such quick learners participating in our family game of Truth or Dare. So, when I offer to share with you, that just means you are part of this naughty P-family.  Tell me the truth. Don’t you lust for the young ones, too? I see the way you look at mine. Wouldn’t you love to help me do some training?

Kinky phone chat with Mommy Kathy!

Kinky phone chat

It is almost the end of summer and my angels and I are exhausted! They have had all of their little holes stretched open and forced fucked all summer long so far and so has mommy! I love making money and so do my sweet angels. That is why we have been fucking all the cocks we can fuck! They have been cumming so much everyday i am shocked that they can even walk! Their tiny cunnies must be so swollen! Now it is time to go get some sun and rub coconut oil all over our bodies and soak up the warm sun… I remember last year’s vacation my little sneaky angels got out of their car seat and started playing with each other’s pussies on the way to our vacation home!! I wonder what will happen this year? I wonder how much their little bald cunnies will drip on this vacation? I can hear them now in the other room rubbing each other making each other feel so good.. I am going to join them.. Do you? 

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