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Naughty Sexy Milf

sexy milf

Mommy’s been getting a lot of calls lately. It would appear there are a lot more bad Daddy’s out there than bad Mommy’s…but alas I have no problem being that naughtiest mom of the century. The most naughty love to talk about my youngest, who is a fresh as they come. So incredibly little and tiny! I’ve nursed my little baby on the phone before, rubbing my cunt…but that’s actually quite vanilla. The things I want to do involve you trying to force your massive cock in that tight wet little cunt. I know that’s what you really want, and what I really want is to help you do just that! I know, I am a very bad mommy, but I understand that you can’t resist those tight holes. In fact I am so understanding that I am going to hold open these chubby legs for you, let you violate those tiny and tight little holes! It’s what you and I both want baby….don’t worry it can be our little secret.

Rough Sex Phone Sex with Cody

adult phone chat numbers CodyThis tight pink pussy hole need a big thick cock to to have Rough Sex Phone Sex with! I love having my ass spanked as you fuck me from behind. Sliding your big hard cock in and out of this tight bald pink pussy hole! Stretch me open on your cock big daddy! Make me drip my hot pussy juices down your cock and balls to your asshole. The let me lick all of my pussy juices off your cock, let me suck on your big hairy balls till all of my juices are gone. I’ll lick your asshole clean of my pussy juices too! Throat fuck me and titty fuck these big fake tits until you cover me in your big cum load!

We Give The BEST 2 Girl Phonesex

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Mommy and I stay soaking wet! Actually just the other day, something happened that had me dripping and oh so horny.  It’s on my mind now, so I just have to tell you about it. You see, Daddy is a rich Daddy. But I think Daddy was too busy at the poker ring and lost a bit of money. He thought he would simply not pay those guys back…that’s not what happened. They broke into our house and Mommy and I ran to hide in the bathroom, but of course they found us. They tied Daddy up and loosely bound me and mom. They told Daddy they were going to fuck our holes raw, right in front of them. They had us look at Daddy and tell him how much we loved those cocks and tell him exactly how pathetic he was! Truth be told, mom and I were loving every second of it! But we pretended not to for the first hour, then we became greedy cocksucking whores…we can’t help it.

Mommies hot night out!

Dirty mommy phone sex

I needed a night out. I have three beautiful girls at home who call me mommy and they make me so fucking tired. I needed to let my hair down, go out to a club and have fun. It has been a very long time since I have gone out with a friend. My friend Addison and I have worked together before. She is the life of the party and I was happy she got me out of the house. As we left I told the sitter I’d be back by 10 and I knew that was a lie before I even said it. I have been laying in this bed hung over trying to figure out what happened.

Fantasy phone chat

Addison is naked and sleeping on top of me. I get flash backs of taking shots, kissing everyone and sucking a few cocks to get some free drinks. We came home with someone but ended up fucking each other all night long. Her bald pussy was right in my face and I wanted to lick her again. being sober I still wanted Addison. I started fingering her pussy as she slept, just like I do to my little girls pussies. I wake them up each morning by kissing and fingering their pussies. Addison was wet, filled with cum and so fucking juicy.

2 girl phonesex

As I fingered her harder and faster she started to moan, slowly waking up in a state of pleasure. She looks back to see me finger fucking her pussy and she slowly backs up and sits her cum filled pussy on my face. I lick her up and down tasting all the cum inside her as she starts licking me. I have no idea what time it is, where I am, who’s cum I am eating out of Addison’s pussy but I can not stop! I want her to cover my face in her yummy pussy juices! 

Dirty Mommy Fantasies

Dirty mommy phone sexI am a dirty mommy. I love everything young. I started licking my baby girls sweet pussy when she was very small. My nephew is another one of my toys. I have been handling that little cock almost as long as he has been able to talk. I love dirty mommy phone sex because it gives me a chance to talk about the thing I obsess about – young pussy and cock. As I tell my stories, I can fantasize about having a young one to manipulate for the first time. I also get to listen to your stories which are sometimes dirtier than my own. If they are dirty enough you will hear my breath quicken and often come in gasps because I have my hand in my panties rubbing my clit and  thinking of those luscious little ones. They are cute enough to eat up and I make sure that I do – every chance I get. I’d love to share my daughter with you. I would feast upon her sweet pussy until it was ready for that cock. I’d guide it in and masturbate as I watch you stretch her young cunny open with your thick cock. Sometimes I will sit on her face and let her lick Mommy’s hole while you fuck her pussy. She is such a good little cunt licker. I knew what I was doing when I started her young.

Phone Sex Fetish Junk Removal

phone sex fetishWhat is your phone sex fetish? I have a lot of them, but none of them are vanilla. I cater to dark fetishes. Castration for example, is my favorite fetish. Yes, you read that correctly. I enjoy taking  a man’s worthless balls. Not just on the fun, but in real life too. I advertise in fetish magazines and hardcore S and M magazines. Guys looking to be castrated understand the term junk removal services. I don’t haul away your trash. I lob of your balls. For a price of course. It has to be done discreetly, however,  because the law states you cannot consent to torture. I think that is bullshit. If you know you have a worthless pecker and/or are some deviant who doesn’t deserve his testicles, you should be able to hire me openly. The way I look at it, I am saying the state thousands of dollars. You will either commit a deviant act that will wind you up in prison on our dime of course, or you will impregnate some woman and never pay support. It is best you cannot knock anyone up or commit a sex crime. For the enlightened thinker, there is me. A private junk removal specialist you can hire to do what you are too much of a wuss to do on your own. So next time you see an ad for junk removal on the Back Pages or a fetish site, you will know what you are getting yourself into.

Sexy Sissy Mommy

adult phone chat darlaBeing the mommy of a sissy boy while still being a hot ans sexy MILF that loves dick is a lot of fun. I love my sweet sissy and his friends just as if they were my own and when I need to teach them about being a sissy in the real world my boy friends are always eager to lend a helping hand. Watching them help with sissy training, teaching the boys that there is more to being a sissy then looking pretty and twirling around is one of the best things about being a sissy loving mommy. Watching them learn how to take a cock deep in their throats and how to please man like the girls that they long to be makes for hot phone sex that will make you cum for days! Cum play with us, it doesn’t matter if your a sissy that wants to be loved and accepted or a man that wants to help train the boys, either way we can have lots of fun together.

I kinda slutty but it’s all Daddy’s fault!

teen phone chatI’m kind of a slutty girl… but it is all Daddy’s fault! I mean really, what did he expect when he brought all those guys home for me to fuck?? Plus all those times that he fucked me too… how could I not turn into a total whore? I am addicted to sex, I want to fuck all day long every single day and I don’t care who knows it! I don’t just sit at home waiting for Daddy to bring guys home anymore either, I go out and find my own guys to fuck! Like my teachers and the guys I go to school with and random guys I see on the street… I’m not really very picky at all. If you have a nice big fat cock, I will want to fuck it! I am going to be a slut forever and ever… even if my daddy sometimes doesn’t like it! If he didn’t want me to be a slut, he shouldn’t have made me one!

Titty Fuck With Ramona

adult phone chat RAMONAI am a nympho. Probably one of the reasons I decided to become a career driven escort. Filling my fuck holes with a cock at any given time is like second nature to me and I live for it. So I figured why not get paid for it. And I get to sample some of the most prestigious dick around? Sounds like a win/win for me! Just the other night I had a well known CEO call me up. Married of course but what I gave him he surely could not get from his haggy old lady. He just adored my big bouncy tits. Even more so when they were wrapped around his dick giving them a nice tight titty hug. He pumped that cock so fast and so hard through my fuck mounds that he shot his load all over my face and tits.

Incest phone sex

adult phone chat MadelineI party a lot, I am always begging my brother and cousin to come over so I can have my little play time with each of them. They love to hear me whine and beg for the pussy and dick. I beg so well for it, I’m a girl that always gets what she wants.
My parties are always the best. Who doesn’t like a lit ass party with drugs, sex alcohol and horny little sluts with their pussies out waiting to get fucked ? Last night i surprised my cousin and brother right after we smoked some tree and drank a bottle of Jack. I put my Deluxe Fantasy Door Swing up, and I had my sexy little whore cousin scissor my dripping wet pussy as I rubbed on her clit , my brother pounded my little tight ass hole from behind swinging us back and forth thrusting fast ,feeling amazing as I did take a guess? Yes I felt myself squirt all over my cousins pretty pussy. We always cum at the same time. Hit my line so we can experience some wild ,fun and exhilarating fuck time.

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