I kinda slutty but it’s all Daddy’s fault!

teen phone chatI’m kind of a slutty girl… but it is all Daddy’s fault! I mean really, what did he expect when he brought all those guys home for me to fuck?? Plus all those times that he fucked me too… how could I not turn into a total whore? I am addicted to sex, I want to fuck all day long every single day and I don’t care who knows it! I don’t just sit at home waiting for Daddy to bring guys home anymore either, I go out and find my own guys to fuck! Like my teachers and the guys I go to school with and random guys I see on the street… I’m not really very picky at all. If you have a nice big fat cock, I will want to fuck it! I am going to be a slut forever and ever… even if my daddy sometimes doesn’t like it! If he didn’t want me to be a slut, he shouldn’t have made me one!

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