Dirty Mommy Fantasies

Dirty mommy phone sexI am a dirty mommy. I love everything young. I started licking my baby girls sweet pussy when she was very small. My nephew is another one of my toys. I have been handling that little cock almost as long as he has been able to talk. I love dirty mommy phone sex because it gives me a chance to talk about the thing I obsess about – young pussy and cock. As I tell my stories, I can fantasize about having a young one to manipulate for the first time. I also get to listen to your stories which are sometimes dirtier than my own. If they are dirty enough you will hear my breath quicken and often come in gasps because I have my hand in my panties rubbing my clit and  thinking of those luscious little ones. They are cute enough to eat up and I make sure that I do – every chance I get. I’d love to share my daughter with you. I would feast upon her sweet pussy until it was ready for that cock. I’d guide it in and masturbate as I watch you stretch her young cunny open with your thick cock. Sometimes I will sit on her face and let her lick Mommy’s hole while you fuck her pussy. She is such a good little cunt licker. I knew what I was doing when I started her young.

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