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Life of a Sexy Slut and a Sexy Milf

sexy slut

I bet you’re wondering what it’s like to be sexy slut and sexy milf. You wonder what our life is exactly like…and I am here to tell you ALL of the dirty details. I wish I remember being in Mommy’s belly, but I don’t. But I’ve seen how mommy was when she was pregnant with me. She was so sweet and loving then, ready for her little mini me to come into this world…so many things to teach me. But I do remember all the lessons mommy had for me. I loved my lessons because they made me feel like a grown up even though I was very far from it at the time…What were these lessons you may ask? Well there were lots and lots of them, actually! First Mommy taught me my body parts…I knew the proper names and the dirty names too. Mommy then started teaching me what spots of my body felt really good being touched…after that Mommy had be do the same with my little hands. And soon it upgraded to the tongue. Once I knew how to take care of Mommy’s body the way she took care of mine I knew that I would be set on the next lesson…the next lesson? Boys. Or rather…men. My little body was going to take a cock. It was my mouth first that came…then my pussy and my ass. I knew all my holes had to be popped at the same time and Mommy was RIGHT there the WHOLE time. It was so sweet the way she held my hand and watched every moment, guided all of my studies, I think that’s why we’re so very close now. I’m really a very lucky girl to have a mommy like mine and I just don’t what I would ever do without her!

sexy milf

I Make Boys Chubby Chasers

adult phone chat glendaHave you ever fucked a sexy BBW? Trust me, you don’t know what you are missing if you have not taken a ride on the chubby train. Some guys at the mall started singing that “It’s All About That Bass.” I had a feeling that had never banged a chubby cutie before. They followed me around the mall for an hour or so like lost puppy dogs. I just turned around and flashed them my big tits. Their jaws fell open. I couldn’t leave my shirt up for long as we were in a public place, but I did tell them to meet me in the family bathroom on the second level in 30 minutes. They were punctual. Wood in their jeans.  I ordered them to show me their cocks. “I’m a big girl, boys, I need something I can feel,” I quipped. I was impressed. They all had over 7 inches. They were just schools boys to find out and virgins, but I let them train me in the mall bathroom. Four young hard cocks rode my hot fat ass, filled me up with a ton of cum. I never finished my shopping , but I made 4 boys men. And bonus, I made them chubby lovers too.

Got Milk? Mommy has it.

adult phone chatI feel you suck at my engorged breast. I love the feel of your hot man mouth on me as you take what you need. My nipples harden and my pussy gets wetter as you slurp my milk. Mommys boys love being fed by a caring nanny. Let me rock you back and forth as my hand slides into my panties. I can barely wait until feeding time is over so I can give you a bath. I’ll wash your hard pee pee as you giggle and touch it. That big boy cock loves mommy’s soft stroke. I see your cum floating in the tub with the bubbles. What a bad little one you are. But soon your dickie will be hard again and it will be time for games with mommy.

Ellen is a Big dick sucker!

adult phone chat EllenI am a Big dick sucker! I love choking on cock as you throat fuck me. I want a big dirty cock to throat fuck me. I am a dirty fucking whore who sells her body to feed her habits. My nose candy comes first in my life. I need to get high and be high all fucking day. Being high makes me so fucking horny! My tight young body and my bald pussy makes your cock throb as you sit there in your car watching me. I know you have seen me a few times, getting in and out of cars with cash in my hands and cum in hair. I know the cash you have is burning a hole in your pocket. Why don’t you spend your cash and time with me? I’ll make you get a loan to keep fucking me!

Do you know why I love dirty mommy phone sex?

dirty mommy phone sexDo you know why I love dirty mommy phone sex oh so much? Well clearly it’s because I am a dirty mommy in real life! I am currently pregnant and a mom of 6 and we all love to play naked games with horny men like you! Trust me, all my brats are very obedient, they will do as they are told no matter what… even if it hurts them. Besides the way I see it, if one of you ever breaks one of them, I can always make another one! My brats are here for the taking because Mommy has lots of bills to pay, I don’t have time to listen to all their whining and crying, I don’t want to hear “It hurts me Mommy!” or “Please make him stop Mommy!” no all I want to hear is please hurt me more! They won’t be complaining too much though, not a one of them wants to make mommy mad too many times because that will put them on the short list to go play with some pretty rough guys… usually one trip there is all it takes to set them back on the good path. It’s not all rough or hardcore though, there are plenty of daddies that come by that like it sweet and gentle and very very loving. Those are the ones that bring presents and spend the most time with the brats, they want a very close relationship with them, there’s no fuck em and leave em with these daddies! Shit, I’m pretty sure that those daddies would move right on in if I would let them! Anyway… we have a whole lotta fun over here and I wouldn’t change a single thing about my life, clearly my life is truly perfect just the way it is!

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Men Love My Big Bouncy Breasts

big bouncy breasts apscBig bouncy breasts are a man’s best friend. I have had big tits since a school girl. I have used my natural 44 EE’s to my advantage since then too. Guys go crazy for tits. Boobs of any size make a man speak in tongues; but ones as big as mine, make them weak. I get out of traffic tickets. I never wait in lines. I did well in school without doing much work. I get free shit all the time. I never pay cover charges at bars or buy my own drinks. Why? Just because I have tits with their own zip code. I love to flaunt them too. When a sexy BBW squeezes her big knockers into a tube top she can cause accidents. I love the attention they bring me, as well as all the perks.

Men with women try to subtly check out my rack, but almost always fail to be subtle. Today, a man gave himself whiplash checking me out as I jiggled by. His wife or girlfriend smacked him across the head with her purse so hard he fell over. She left him there in the parking lot too. I watched her speed off in a huff. I felt bad. My tube top and mini skirt were clearly at fault. I helped him up, making sure his face fell into my cleavage. I gave him a ride home as he was stranded. I just gave him a ride to my place first. I pulled out his cock, immediately started sucking it. Suddenly, he felt better. He really started feeling good when I wrapped my big breasts around his hard shaft. I made him forget all about his flat chested skinny bitch of a girl when I fucked him. My tits bounced in his face, practically knocked him out. He shot a river of jizz up my plump pussy. I took him back to his place, but not before I blew him again in my car. I appreciate a man who appreciates my 40 EEs.

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Pleasure Your Goddess

adult phone chat LenaCome and worship at my temple of perfection. Gaze at my magnificent titties, my perky nipples, and touch yourself. Let your eyes trail down my flat stomach to my cute lil’ belly button, all the way down to my pretty, pink pussy lips. Watch me spread my lips and show you my wet, eager holes, ready to take a thick cock deep inside. Sit back and touch yourself as I spread my legs and flick my clit, lubing up with my pussy juices and getting my kitty all shiny. I want you panting at my feet, your hand going up and down your cock as I stick a few fingers inside my cunt, pumping them in and out, making me squirm with pleasure. My whispery moans are sweet music to your ears as I squeeze my titties and flick my nipples hard. MMmmm… Your cum making a gooey, sticky mess all over my precious body, perfect to moisturize with, Yum!

Snuff Teen Lyda

adult phone chat lydiaI missed our special dark time together. It’s been too long since we have played our deathly game of hide the knife inside the unsuspecting bitch! Let me torture her Daddy please! I love the way she squeals so much. I want you to fuck my tight little teen pussy while I ram this big knife in and out of her soft tummy like a cock. My little cunny is dripping from seeing all of this blood and feeling her spasm underneath me. We’re not done yet though Daddy. I made a hole especially for you! Will you fuck it for me, please? Fuck that hole I made for you just like it’s a nice soft pussy. Only MUCH MUCH harder. Don’t worry I’ll be sure to clean it all off when you are done. I’m nothing if not thorough. Giggles!

Sexy slut with Makayla

Sexy slut

I am a Sexy slut. I love it when you tease my tight underage cunny with your big grown man cock. The way you slide your cock over my tight bald pussy. God I love the way you lick my bald pussy. Your tongue teases my clit. and how your fingers know what spots to hit to make my body shake. I love fucking a older man. Married men are my favorite. They never get pussy and when they do, god damn they make sure you fucking cum. I love having my tight pussy filled with big thick cocks. Feeling your stretch me open as you fuck me makes my body shake. I love cumming on your big thick grown man cock. I want to cum on your thick cock over and over again. I know you want to cum in this tight wet pussy don’t you. oh big daddy fill my tight pussy up with your cream white cum!

Sink Your Balls

adult phone chat cleoPool is the sexiest game. Any time I feel a little naughty and extra saucy I find a pool hall and look for an instructor. Wearing the shortest skirt I can get my hands on with a super low cut top just adds to the fun.
Sometimes I am able to find a teacher that has a pool table at home and wants to give me private lessons. Yesterday was one of those days!
His rippled body caught my eye right away. Dark, sun kissed skin led me to believe he was a construction worker or a laborer of some sort that works out side.
Great for stamina!
After a little bit of flirting he invited me to his place. When I saw the pool table I knew we were going to have an afternoon of fun.
He didn’t have much will power because before the first game was half way done he had me bent over with his dick inside m wet and waiting pussy.

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