Sink Your Balls

adult phone chat cleoPool is the sexiest game. Any time I feel a little naughty and extra saucy I find a pool hall and look for an instructor. Wearing the shortest skirt I can get my hands on with a super low cut top just adds to the fun.
Sometimes I am able to find a teacher that has a pool table at home and wants to give me private lessons. Yesterday was one of those days!
His rippled body caught my eye right away. Dark, sun kissed skin led me to believe he was a construction worker or a laborer of some sort that works out side.
Great for stamina!
After a little bit of flirting he invited me to his place. When I saw the pool table I knew we were going to have an afternoon of fun.
He didn’t have much will power because before the first game was half way done he had me bent over with his dick inside m wet and waiting pussy.

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