Men Love My Big Bouncy Breasts

big bouncy breasts apscBig bouncy breasts are a man’s best friend. I have had big tits since a school girl. I have used my natural 44 EE’s to my advantage since then too. Guys go crazy for tits. Boobs of any size make a man speak in tongues; but ones as big as mine, make them weak. I get out of traffic tickets. I never wait in lines. I did well in school without doing much work. I get free shit all the time. I never pay cover charges at bars or buy my own drinks. Why? Just because I have tits with their own zip code. I love to flaunt them too. When a sexy BBW squeezes her big knockers into a tube top she can cause accidents. I love the attention they bring me, as well as all the perks.

Men with women try to subtly check out my rack, but almost always fail to be subtle. Today, a man gave himself whiplash checking me out as I jiggled by. His wife or girlfriend smacked him across the head with her purse so hard he fell over. She left him there in the parking lot too. I watched her speed off in a huff. I felt bad. My tube top and mini skirt were clearly at fault. I helped him up, making sure his face fell into my cleavage. I gave him a ride home as he was stranded. I just gave him a ride to my place first. I pulled out his cock, immediately started sucking it. Suddenly, he felt better. He really started feeling good when I wrapped my big breasts around his hard shaft. I made him forget all about his flat chested skinny bitch of a girl when I fucked him. My tits bounced in his face, practically knocked him out. He shot a river of jizz up my plump pussy. I took him back to his place, but not before I blew him again in my car. I appreciate a man who appreciates my 40 EEs.

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