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Just What I Wanted

adult phone chat sashaDaddy slid his hand up my skirt and I wriggled underneath his touch. He made me feel so hot and warm inside. I knew that no one would ever make me feel this way, no one would could turn me on more than my Daddy. I moaned as I felt Daddy’s fingertips opening up and parting my pussy lips. They of course were bald and shiny and wet because I was so turned on. I’d been sitting on Daddy’s lap all night and had been turned on the whole time watching this soft core porn movie. How could I not feel his cock fill me up? I just wanted to bounce on it…kiss it… just take it all. And it wasn’t long before Daddy was giving me what I wanted.

Mommy Sex Slave Training Camp

adult phone chat nicoletteI’m a mommy whore. Now do not mistake that to mean I am submissive. Quite the opposite. I make my brats my bitches. Don’t let that scare you however, I am not a whips and chains kind of mommy. I am more the face sitting, lick mommy’s ass kind of mommy. None of my brats complain and I have a huge brood too. I have been married twice and both husbands have helped me birth some brats. Now my older brats help me train their half brothers and sisters. They know just what mommy likes. My younger slaves are learning how to eat mommy’s cunt and lick her ass just the way I like it. My oldest son, who is my second husband’s age, has been willing to lend his cock to help my young girls learn how to suck dick. I am so proud of my army of sex slaves.

Blowjobs Phone Sex with Cody

adult phone chat CodyLet my Blow jobs Phone Sex blow your mind. I want to lay on your chest and suck your cock, while you tease my pussy with your fingers. I love sucking cock. Tasting the pre cum that drips out of a nice thick cock head makes my pussy wet. Spread my bald pussy lips apart and look at my tight pink holes. Tease my pussy and asshole. I want this nice thick cock in my mouth, my pussy and my ass. All of my holes are for my sexy man. I am your big titties human fuck doll. Make me your sexy girlfriend and show me off to all of your friends. Show them my sexy pictures and let them be jealous of you. Tell them how I love to suck your cock, and how I beg you to fuck my ass!


sexy phone chat viv (2)As soon as he saw me his eyes lite up and I knew that we would be fucking before the night was over.
I imagined the huge cock that I saw growing in his jeans tearing my cunt open with long, hard strokes.
I imagined him holding my legs against his chest as he pounded my pussy hard.
By the time we got to his place my pussy was so wet with anticipation that I was on the verge of cumming on the spot.
When he laid me on the bed tenderly and began taking my clothes off slowly, instead of ripping them off, I was taken a bit off guard.
He caressed my body admiring every curve as he took his time, driving me even crazier with lust then I already was.
i could see his cock straining against the material of his jeans and still he took his time. It was like his hands were mapping and memorizing every curve of my body.
When he finished with his hands he began the same slow adoring of my body with his mouth. I had a puddle of juice under my body and I was begging for him to fuck me.
Laughing he let me know that we had all night.
I think I may need a paramedic on speed dial.

I want all your cum!

blowjob phone sexDo you see that nice close up of my wet, pink pussy on my page? Isn’t it the hottest pussy you have ever seen? I belong in fucking playboy. This brings me to my point of topic; your cum. It’s all I want. Seriously…all I want is your hot fucking cum! I want you to cum all over my perfect tits and my soaking wet pussy. You can cum in me if you want, that really turns me on!!! I’m your little cum slut and blowjob phone sex is my specialty! You know what would be incredibly sinful?  If you made me suck that fat cock of yours then came all over my face! That makes ME cum. It makes me just feel like your little slut. You like that too huh? When I’m your little whore sucking that fat cock of yours, doing everything in my power to please you. We both know Adam was here before Eve, and I personally think Eve could have done a better job. Don’t you? You know what I really like, when a guy has me beg for his dick, mmm. “Please let me suck your dick!” or “Fuck me please!!” I am simply here to please you, sir. I had a man call me the other day; he wanted me to come into his work and start working on his dick, of course. I sucked that dick so good he came everywhere, eventually. It was soo hot, I told him I want him to fuck me in the ass and he stuck it right in and it felt so good!!! He fucked me harder and harder; as hard as I wanted! He came in my mouth and I loved all of his delicious cum, and I would do it again and again…

Suck my giant tits.

adult phone chatCraving some great big tits? I’m a retired stripper and mine are huge 42GG. I love teasing men with these breasts because every man has a deep-down desire to be a little boy again. Once I have that face or cock buried between these tits, every man goes crazy. I may be an old slut, but I still get the boys. Speaking of that, I love young cock. I get to be their dream mommy as they remember the times they jerked off after seeing their own mom naked. When I get them between my legs, nursing big fat nipples and plunging that dick into fine mature pussy, they all yell, “Oh mommy, I’m gonna cum!!” Men are so easy and they will do anything to keep their Mama happy.

Anal phone chat with Makayla

Anal phone chat

I am a dirty whore! I love having my tight teen ass filled up with big thick cocks! I love big black cocks, big white cocks! I just want big thick cocks to fuck my tight teen asshole! I want to feel you going balls deep inside of me as I rub my clit! I fucking squirt so hard as you fuck my tight teen asshole!

Teen phone chat

I love it when you fill me up with your thick cum load! Please fuck my tight ass! I want that big thick cock deep inside of my tight asshole! Don’t you want to fuck this very tight asshole? My asshole is ready for your big thick cock! Please fill me up with your cum! 

Fetish Freaks!

fetish phone sex (14)

Mommy and I can get QUITE fucking nasty. We can do more than you think…we’re not afraid of getting dirty if that’s what gets your cock rock fucking hard! Mommy and I still look just as pretty covered in cum, ya know! You just will have to try that one out and see for yourself…but don’t worry. Mommy and I are far from done with you. I am going to show you the things that my Mommy taught me how to do though, I can’t be sure how she learned all these naughty things seeing how my daddy has such a tiny little clit of a dick. Most likely it was mommy talking all those big black cocks that she grew up around but nonetheless Mommy has taught me how to swallow a cock of any size. Mommy likes to make sure my cunt is nice and warmed up for the next cock that plans are filling me up so she gets straight down to business and goes down to my little tiny cunny. No one can make me wetter than mommy can she knows that! That’s why she licks my pussy so hard and fingers me like crazy with her long fingers. In no time I will be sucking cock that full of cum and sharing that dick with my Mommy too.

Fetish phone sex with Daphne

Fetish phone sex

I always daydreamed of what it would be like to have a special gift growing inside of me. I would rub my belly acting like it was growing daily. Every man I fucked NEVER wore a condom. That is how I was blessed the first time! I loved being pregnant. Watching my nipples grow and getting darker. They become even more sensative each and every day. I loved squeezing the milk out of my titties. I sucked on my own titties to get them nice and full for my son when he came into the world. My belly was so big and attracted so many men! I was so fucking horny I would fuck at least 3 men a day. I loved having my pussy full of cock while I was pregnant. I loved having men squirt their loads all over my belly! I loved watching it slowly drip down my big round pregnant belly! Knock me up and my belly will be yours to cover in cum!

Dirty Mommy Phone Sex with Sexy MILF Lilibeth

dirty mommy phone sex apscDirty mommy phone sex with me is always no limits and no taboos phone chat. I was raised as a breeding whore for my parents. Born in a white trash backwoods trailer park town in West Virginia with little job prospects, my parents decided they could make money pimping me out to dirty old men. Guess what? They were right. They made mint on my tight young fuck holes. One of those dirty old men made an honest woman out of me. He took this cash cow away from the sticks for a small fortune since my parents didn’t want to let me go. But, he never made me a decent woman. He didn’t want too. He liked my depraved mind. I now have 6 brats of my own; I live in a gated community and I even attend fancy fundraisers and school functions and people think I am one of the Hollywood wives . They would never guess I am a dirty mommy who gets high, fucks anything that moves and pimps out her brats. My husband is very wealthy so don’t want for anything but dirty fun. I have my husband’s blessing to do whatever I want with our brats, so I arrange play dates for them with much older men. Not because I need the money, but because I think it is so hot to watch an older man with a tiny young girl or even a young boy. Men don’t need to go to Thailand for young boys and girls. They just need to pay me a small fee and they can do whatever they want to my brats in sunny California. Does that sound good to you? You have your choice of 6 young brats to do whatever the fuck you want. Only catch is that mommy gets to watch.

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