Fetish Freaks!

fetish phone sex (14)

Mommy and I can get QUITE fucking nasty. We can do more than you think…we’re not afraid of getting dirty if that’s what gets your cock rock fucking hard! Mommy and I still look just as pretty covered in cum, ya know! You just will have to try that one out and see for yourself…but don’t worry. Mommy and I are far from done with you. I am going to show you the things that my Mommy taught me how to do though, I can’t be sure how she learned all these naughty things seeing how my daddy has such a tiny little clit of a dick. Most likely it was mommy talking all those big black cocks that she grew up around but nonetheless Mommy has taught me how to swallow a cock of any size. Mommy likes to make sure my cunt is nice and warmed up for the next cock that plans are filling me up so she gets straight down to business and goes down to my little tiny cunny. No one can make me wetter than mommy can she knows that! That’s why she licks my pussy so hard and fingers me like crazy with her long fingers. In no time I will be sucking cock that full of cum and sharing that dick with my Mommy too.

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