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How to Treat a Druggy Slut

adult phone chat ChelseaBeing a druggie whore suits me fine. Ever since I got addicted at 22, people have forgotten that I existed. Except for men. Dominating men can smell a woman like me. I draw them like flies because not every man wants a porcelain princess. Men need an outlet for their testosterone. Fueled by drugs, I’m that outlet. Man love to beat me, bust my lips, and bruise me. They bite my tits, kick me, and spit on me. Maybe I am skewed but I get off on it. The more vile names they call me, the wetter my pussy gets. That wild look on a man’s face when he calls me a worthless, dumb cunt, piece of shit, cum dumpster, or white trash, makes me feel the danger radiating from him. I know that if I can get him to fuck me right then, he will pound the shit outta me, violate my asshole, and viciously face-fuck me. I have the need to be choked on cock, anally violated, or have my hair pulled while being fucked. The meaner and nastier the better. Hear me beg for more.
Maybe you’re looking for that girl like me who loves her drugs, will party all night on the phone, allow you to treat her like trash, and will make your cock explode, then call me for some hot fun.

The Twins Are Waiting

adult phone chat lillyThe twins are waiting for you. I told them you were cumming. They have the entire weekend planned. From the minute you arrive they are going to quench your every thirst for young and tender flesh. They want to give themselves to you completely. They want me to be the French Maid for the weekend, cooking and cleaning and licking the cum off all three of you so that you can start all over again. Don’t forget to bring my maid uniform and you can leave the panties at home. You would just rip them off of me anyway so I don’t think we will need them.

adult phone chat with my men

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Black Friday is going to get wild! I told my brats that we would actually participate this year. Little did they know what I meant by participate. How else can you celebrate black Friday, without a big black cock getting stuffed into your mouth? I am rather excited to watch my loves take a huge big black cock deep into their throat, getting it nice and lubed up. Once that cock is soaking wet in saliva, it gets shoved in a tight little ass hole or pussy. There is nothing like a monstrous cock getting pounded into a tight pink little hole, stretching it wide to its max. Other people will be shopping and spending money on stuff like TV’s, but we are not going to do that. We will go out shopping- sure. But only for something big and black. Something that can make us scream. Something we can all take turns stuffing our holes with.

Cum filled cunt

I love being a mommy. My angels take good care of me. They love to give their mommy kisses, hugs and they love to stick their mouths on mommies pussy. I know they love to suck mommies nipples, and my hairy mommy cunt. But Mommy needs more in life. Mommy needs a nice big thick cock to fuck her. I love getting my cunt licked by my angels but mommy needs her cunt filled with cum.

Phone sex fetish

Maybe one day I can have a cute sexy son, but for now I love getting my cunt filled up with cum and then having my sweet angels eat my cunt and clean it out. I love how their tongues caress my pussy lips and how they fight over the cum load inside of me. They love to watch me get fucked and they even beg to have a big grown man cock inside of them. If you think you can handle my mommy pussy and my three daughter’s then call me tonight! 

I love fucking Daddy!

teen sex blogsI love nothing more than fucking my Daddy! I have tons of cute ass shirts made making sure everyone knows I am Daddy’s special girl. Daddy’s little cocksucker! Daddy’s great teen pussy! The list goes on and on,  but it’s just an advertisement for all those other Daddies out there who don’t have a sweet daughter to fuck like me, more like an invitation to come join the party. You can fuck me just like all the other Daddies and my Daddy too! Everyone deserves a taste of my cotton candy pussy, and of course to see if I really am Daddy’s little cocksucker! Mmm, I’ll show you how good of a girl I am  just by sucking your cock, but between my moans you know my pussy is getting super wet while I’m there on my knees doing my job! I know you need to feel how tight my pussy is, so nice and small and bald! I know how badly I wanna be fucked, I also know you need it too – dontcha Daddy? I think this boner in my mouth is a clear explanation of what you want. I don’t blame you, your need a girl like me who loves to fuck her Daddy and I will show you how eager I am to be bent over and to feel that  cock of yours sliding deep into my cunny… are you already going to blow your load? Again… I don’t blame you – I’m just that good, right Daddy?

Fetish Phone Sex: BDSM!

fetish phone sex (5)

What are you calling me for today? I am sure you need to let off some steam… and you know you can do that right here with me. All that built up anger can make me into your perfect submissive whore. You can treat me anyway you want, undress me into whatever clothes your sexy slut should be wearing for you and shut my mouth as you make me all tied up, helpless to your smacks and whatever your cock has in store for me. A ball gag in my mouth as any dumb slut needs, who cares what I have to say? I need to keep my mouth shut and my legs open and ready to be used and abused. That’s all I am good for anyway… and pain slut like me needs to be treated this way, tied and bound up and fucked like a dog. Degraded, laughed at smacked and hit. Punch me till I am out cold and continue to fuck my holes raw. I know it’s what I deserve for being such a stupid dumb whore.

Wine Tasting

adult phone chat melindaA friend of mine is just getting into selling wines and decided to have a wine tasting for men on Black Friday. While wives are out fighting each other for the best deals, the husbands would be gathered in his fancy living room about to taste the wines he had for sale for the holidays.
His gimmick for getting them to buy is me. Each glass will be served by me in my own very special way. My big ass will hold each glass by the stem and the taster will get on his knees.
First I will twerk my ass to swirl the wine in a most uncustomary way. Then I will stand slowly, pouring the wine into the opened mouth of the connoisseur, for a tasting experience like no other!
We had barely gotten started before a line had formed and all the men in the room wanted to sample the wine.
This is one of the hottest things I have ever done and I can already see the milky juice of my pussy starting to film on the base of the wine glasses.

Fetish Phone Sex with a Submissive Phone Chat Slut

fetish phone sexFetish phone sex calls are my favorite type of calls. I am no vanilla woman. In fact, I am a downright kinky slut who likes it rough. Tie me up, spank me, cum on me, pimp me out for bukkake and gang bang parties, whip me, ass fuck me, bound and gag me… Anything but love me. I don’t deserve love, only pain and humiliation. I know I am a MILF, maybe even a hot one to some of you guys out there, but I am here for YOU. I don’t deserve pleasure. My daddy made that clear to me when I was just a wee lass. So, here I am now, a mature submissive phone chat slut begging for men t to abuse and degrade me all day long. I get off being treated like a piece of shit. We are perfect together. I need to be used and abused, and you need a punching bag to take out your frustrations on. Let me be your submissive whore.

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Adult phone chat for Sissy Boys.

adult phone chatEvery man needs a sexy milf who loves adult phone chat. I’m a mommy who raised 2 boys of my own. I taught them young what they needed to know to please a woman. One of them is a total stud and the other is a Mommy’s boy and a little sissy slut. I caught him wearing my panties and knew he needed Mommy’s ASSistance to find his purpose. I loved the way he whimpered when I first broke in his boy pussy with my big black strap-on. I was gentle at first but by the time I was done, his backdoor cunt looked like the real thing. Eventually, I hired a BBC hung like a horse to give him his first taste of cum. He gobbled it like a turkey. My pussy gushed watching my sissy boy take that cock like a pro.
Are you a sissy who needs a mommy mentor to make your dreams come true? I’ll teach you how to dress and how to please a man. I’ll send you your very own pair of Mommy panties to get you started. Time to bend over and take it like a girl.

Let it Rain

adult phone chat bobbieIt rained hard today so I had to go to my neighbor Hector’s house that lives one trailer over. When I got there he had a house full of guys and they were all drunk and leering at me. Hector decided to snatch out my tits and start sucking them in front of everyone. I pushed him away but before I knew it there were cocks everywhere in front of my face and all around me. I started sucking on a few of them because they did look nice and one of them ripped my pants off. They took turns pounding me from behind and face fucking me for hours. I had cum dripping from my face and cunt and was still being thrust at both ends. They then grabbed my arms and held me down while one of them fucked me in the ass with a long nose beer bottle. Since the bottle was so long it stretched my ass to the point where it bled. He only viewed that as lube and fucked me harder with the bottle until I screamed out in pain and pleasure together. They then sent me home dripping beer, blood, and cum from my ass. Hope it rains

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