Wine Tasting

adult phone chat melindaA friend of mine is just getting into selling wines and decided to have a wine tasting for men on Black Friday. While wives are out fighting each other for the best deals, the husbands would be gathered in his fancy living room about to taste the wines he had for sale for the holidays.
His gimmick for getting them to buy is me. Each glass will be served by me in my own very special way. My big ass will hold each glass by the stem and the taster will get on his knees.
First I will twerk my ass to swirl the wine in a most uncustomary way. Then I will stand slowly, pouring the wine into the opened mouth of the connoisseur, for a tasting experience like no other!
We had barely gotten started before a line had formed and all the men in the room wanted to sample the wine.
This is one of the hottest things I have ever done and I can already see the milky juice of my pussy starting to film on the base of the wine glasses.

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