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Adult Phone Chat Therapy

adult phone chat

Adult phone chat therapists can help you with all your kinks and fetishes. I love exploring a bunch of different things with men, but my specialty is cuckolding. I was married before I went to grad school for psychology. I was young and naïve. I married for love not pleasure. I assumed that if I was in love, the sex would be great. I sat there counting ceiling tiles for years never having an orgasm. A chance encounter with a hung guy and I was a slut wife getting all the big cock she wanted. Now, I am a bit different. I am no longer married, and I do not fuck a man with less than 8-inches between his legs. I will likely never marry again unless my husband to be agrees to be my cuckold. In my therapy sessions, I help men become cuckolds. I help their women get what they need which is way bigger cock than their husbands. I love seeing couples. I can help a man realize he has an underwhelming cock, and I can help his wife understand that size matters to her sexual pleasure.  Women get older and their sexual pleasure matters more. That is why I am here. To turn their men into cuckolds who want their women to have intense sexual pleasure.

Phone Sex Therapist Farah

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Adult Phone Chat Confessions

adult phone chat

Adult phone chat woman make great mistresses. Sure, we are phone mistresses, but nowadays that is a great thing to have. I am the kind of woman that keeps all your dirty secrets. That is because I have so many of my own. I am full of incest stories that go back to my schoolgirl days. I am the mistress you confess your taboo desires too and share all the naughty things you have done over the years with too. I am not your wife. I will not judge you. I will not out you either. I fucked my siblings growing up. I still fuck them too. Just now, I fuck my sons too. Plus, my nieces and nephews. I am a P mommy. I like hairless cocks and bald cunnies. And I am an incest queen. Last night, I helped a man explore his desires for his young daughter. The way it sounded she is a complete cock tease anyway. She walks around in spandex shorts that give her camel toe and she sits on daddy’s lap and grinds. I told him she was begging for Daddy’s dick. Many young girls are. They are growing up seeing male celebrities and billionaires like Elon Musk dating women a quarter of their age. They also grow up with porn on their phones and laptops. When I was a schoolgirl, we had to pray that some one’s daddy had a Playboy or a Penthouse magazine if we wanted to see naked women. I helped this guy fantasize a daddy daughter seduction role play. Jackoff porn memories were created with a simple role play. The mind is your most powerful erogenous zone. Sometimes men just need a sexy, dirty mommy to help them realize their most taboo desires. Who can I help you fuck?

Sexy Mommy MaryAnne

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Roughneck adult phone chat

adult phone chat He never knew what was coming next during our adult phone chat. I kept him high, by encouraging him to smoke more meth! I’m his meth momma and I feed into the very vile fetishes he has. You want me to dress up in latex and find us some ethnic playmates? The type of victim that a whore like me loves to fuck and then snuff! Then take a nice big fat hit for me. Roll that glass dick nice and slow and blow some meth clouds down around your hard dick for me! That’s it, you’re a good boy. Let’s go stab and shoot some people and keep that methed up cock hard! I’m his roughneck accomplice going into gutter slut mistress status with my newport menthol 100’s! I’m going deep in the slums to find every kind of victim we can in his joyride of slaughter! There’s no jackoff porn that cums close to his snuff needs!

I love dark demented fucked up men! 🎉

I always want you to cum with and for me, as we go on our bloody crusades together! Do you need to see blood dripping off of my knife? Is there a way you would like me to cut some stupid hooker slut for you? First intoxication on the end of that meth pipe as I get deeper into your fucked up brain. There’s no escaping the onslaught of fucking filthy disgusting shit. I’ll make you my slave just by keeping you high and bringing out the fucking deepest darkest most demented shit I can. Alanza want your dark secrets to be exposed. I want to make sure your cock is happy and we both know that means there’s going to be a lot of bloodletting and fucking evil shit. 🎉
This roughneck Sexy mommas gutter slut is ready for anything you threw at me! 🎉

Accomplice Whore Alanza

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Making Jackoff Porn with My Son

jackoff porn

I made a jackoff porn with my son last night. It was for his spank bank. He has quite the collection of mommy son porn on his phone. It is all legal because he is in his 20s. When he was younger, I did not have a cell phone, or I would have filmed us fucking all the time. I like to see myself riding my son’s cock, or any cock. My boy has a large cock. He may not be my ex-husband’s son because my ex was average. My boy is big. He is thick too and he has more stamina than most men my age. Hell, more stamina than an army of 20 something studs. He took a blue pill when he was out with friends last night. He has it in his mind that a Viagra will circumvent drunk dick. I guess it does, but it gives him a ragging and painful hardon. He saw no fuckable women at the dive bar, so him and his friends came to my trailer for a proper ball draining. Hard cocks that never go soft require the skills of a trashy mommy like me. I can suck the chrome off a doorknob. I pretty much did too. I filmed myself taking care of my son and all his friends. I was a gang bang whore for four 20 something men. And they had a hard time keeping up with me. That is because I am a seasoned old whore.

Trashy MILF Beverly

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Adult Phone Chat With A MILF!

Adult Phone Chat

I love being a sexy MILF cumslut! When guys see me out at the playground with my little ones they can’t help but stare at me and my gorgeous babies. I always try to dress extra slutty to show off my juicy milk filled mommy tits and my thick ass so guys know I’m looking for cock and hoping to get pregnant again. Yesterday at the park I ended up talking to a hot younger guy who couldn’t stop staring at my jugs, he offered to help me get the tots to the car and put my stroller in the trunk for me. Seeing him be so strong really got my mommy pussy so fucking wet. I told him to come home with me so I could thank him properly. As soon as we got my little angels inside, they were settled in to watch mommy suck some cock and get filled with cum right on the couch!


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Adult Phone Chat Mommy

adult phone chat

Adult phone chat mommies are what every man needs.  As a sexy mommy who has been playing with her brats since they were in her belly, I am no limits or taboos when it comes to anything. A caller asked me today to do a taboo role play with him. He was nervous about sharing his fantasy with me because he thought I would be shocked. Nothing shocks me. I pimp my brats out and I was pimped out as a young girl.  I assured him that there is nothing that has not already been done to me when I was young or that my husband and I have not done with our own offspring. Well, what he told me I have not yet done, but it certainly was not off limits nor was it too taboo. He wanted to breed his mommy. I think it is a common fantasy for boys.  I fuck my three sons daily. I am on the pill, but that is not because I do not want my sons to breed me. It is that I already have 7 boys and girls. But after this role play, I am thinking about stopping the pill. Women are having brats well into their 40s nowadays. My time clock is not over yet. I discussed it with my husband after my call. He thinks one of our boys knocking me up is super hot. What do you think? Want to knock up mommy?

Dirty Mom Lilibeth

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Adult phone chat StepMommy

adult phone chatMy step son knows how to make this adult phone chat star cum. He’s a maniac when it comes to mommies pussy. Licking and slurping and trying to get his tongue so far up his step mothers birth canal. I know he will plant his seed there eventually. Once I have his brat inside me I will have power over him and this whole house. Never said I was in it for love. I do love a teen cock and a nice cum bath inside my pussy. I have been trying to get knocked up by his daddy, That was until I saw that line from the vasectomy he got last year. He doesn’t want me to have any claim to his money or house. I got one for him. I’ll get knocked up by his son and then he can do shit about it!

Getting knocked up by my step son was the plan.

I seduced him with milf jackoff porn. And of course being topless around the house. Who knew this teen stud was Mr. Pussy? Lapping me up from the inside and pulling my ass in the air. Soon I’ll land on my back and he will crawl on top of me and call me mommy over and over. Pumping me hard and fast due to his very prominent mommy issues! I would have never left this handsome stud behind! His dick is thick, his balls huge as he rails me! This mother fucker just railed me and now he’s laying her sucking my fake titties, asking if he’s a good boy. My stepson is a very good boy with a big teen cock and lots of cum. I’ll be his therapy as one of his slutty sexy mommas!


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Adult Phone Chat Therapy

adult phone chat

Adult phone chat therapy is very popular. I am a phone therapist and a real one too. I went to grad school for psychology. I teach and I have a private practice. And I do phone sex on the side. I started this line of work in grad school. I needed a job that I could do from home. And I wanted research on sexual fetishes and kinks for a paper I was doing. My early callers were my lab rats of sorts. I specialize in sexual dysfunction and fetishes. Right now, my private practice is full of cuckolds. Men with small dicks who cannot satisfy women. Some men who come to me are married. Some cannot get a woman to save their lives because they have a small dick. My kind of therapy is the same either way. I give a healthy does of small dick humiliation, and if married, I encourage the wife to cheat. I love helping women do better. Better than their shrimp dick men. If you come to me for phone therapy, I will be brutally honest. I am a cock size queen. Women need to be with men with big cocks. Cuckolding men is something I love to do. I will not stroke your ego or blow smoke up your ass. I am team woman and women deserve big dick.

Phone Sex Therapist Farah

(800) 210-2047 ext 806

Adult Phone Chat Horny Milf

Adult phone chat with a Horny Milf what every boy needs. I’m Eva a naughty naughty milf and nothing I love more than playing with my son. An incestuous mommy that loves young cock. My sons friends all enjoy coming over to our place. My horny milf pictures can be found on many of those boys his phones.

Texting my sons friends my hot horny milf pictures it’s always fun. I just love to rub my pussy thinking about those hard teen cocks. And they just love looking at my pussy my tits and my ass.  They sit in class with hard-ons for a naughty milf.

It’s really hard for me to deny my appreciation for young horny guys. Those young guys can keep going for hours fucking a cougar cut like mine. You know that’s what every cougar needs is a hot young fuck.  Guys fantasize about mommy all the time. I’m a hot mommy that they fantasize about. Catching these young men jerking off in my bathroom and smelling my panties it’s always so much fun. It’s true, I do discipline them. But I discipline them my way.

My way of disciplining these young men is often by making them watch me fuck. I make them watch me fuck a big daddy cock. A big alpha bull cock. Huge cock that spreads my milf cougar cunt open. Fucking these hung guys in front of younger hard teens is exciting. What’s more exciting is making them clean me up

My milf cream pied pussy is ready for you to feast on. I cannot wait to sit on your face young man.

Adult Phone Chat

Horny Sexy Milf Eva

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Adult Phone Chat for Christmas

adult phone chatAdult phone chat holidays are the best. I am a dirty mommy with a blended family, so I enjoy the holidays a lot. It is a chance for my two sons and daughter from my first marriage to spend some time with me and their half siblings from my second marriage. Last year, we could not all be together because of travel restrictions. Now, we are ready to celebrate like a family should. I fuck all my sons and daughters. The difference now is that I have a husband who joins me in the family fun. It makes incest so much hotter when both parents partake and there are no secrets. My oldest son is already here. And we have been making up for lost time by fucking like rabbits. My youngest son is a bit jealous because his big brother is monopolizing mommy’s holes. Last night, I had them share me. I have a couple holes that can be used. I love being a mommy whore. My sons enjoyed sharing me. My oldest boy showed his baby brother some moves. My daughter watched and played with her bald pussy. It was all so fucking hot. My middle son arrives tomorrow, then I get to be a three-hole whore. I just love the holidays.

Dirty Mom Nicolette

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