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Jackoff Porn – Bondage & Submission

Jackoff PornThere is something so beautiful about rope art, and so liberating about being bound and conquered. Knowing in your own mind that you willingly give up control of your person and thoughts to the whims of others can be scary, but it is utterly exhilarating and erotic, too. Not knowing what they will do to your body, and knowing that they will probably try to break your will while they’re at it, is such a turn on. When they hurt you, you know they’re doing it to test your limits, while also teaching you that pain is a part of pleasure, and can be pleasurable in and of itself. The crops to the thighs and tits, the whips to the ass and back, the flogs, the cat-o-nines, the violet wands – each play a part in that lesson. When they have machines, though, you know you’re in for a hell of a time. They can stick that dildo into whichever hole they want and set it on, and you will have the ride of your life.Adult Phone Chat

Jackoff porn Taste the Pussy

Jackoff porn

“Your beard is so… Mmm, sexy. I want to touch it and run my fingers through it. Can I? I promise I’ll be the most perfect little jackoff porn whore ever if you just let me touch it.” is how I got into this mess. When I first walked up to you and asked if I could touch your face and promised to be a good girl I never thought you’d take it seriously. Now, I got to poof your beard and you have gotten to lick, suck, and otherwise torture my pussy with your ticklish facial hair and tongue. You are amazing, your lips know just how to tease my clit and the tickles just make everything feel that much more intense. I never understood the love of beard porn until just now as I grip the sheets so hard my knuckles are white and cum yet again. My quivering thighs holding your head in a vice grip as you hum with my piercing in your lips making it vibrate through an already overly sensitive pussy. You have no idea how much I hate you right now, and how badly I want to just smother you in my thighs. If I did that though you might stop, and I can’t have you doing that now either now can I? So once I can let go of these sheets, you better watch out or I might grip your hair and force you to do… Oh shit, I forgot. Just shut up and lick me.

Dirty fucking whore

Last night I got fucking drilled by 8 big black guys. I meet them online, and we meet right infront of my apartment. They where all black and that is the way I like them. Big fat black cock is my favorite to take in my holes. I like having two in my tight pink pussy and 2 in my tight rosebud asshole. I can even fit at least 3 cocks in my mouth at once. I am just a fucking cock whore and I learned that from my mom. My mom was a nasty whore just like me, and I want to make my mom so happy. She would love watching these 8 big black cocks ramming me. She would want me to take all that cum that I can.

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Orgy phone sex fucking the Elfs

Orgy phone sex It’s hard being the wife of a very busy man. He’s too tired to fuck and when he does, it’s too quick or all he wants is a blow jobs. So, what is a horny wife to do!? I think that’s why there are elves. They make the toys, do the work, and don’t get shown nearly enough appreciation for it. So I put on one of the sexy outfits I kept for my husband. It was velvet and fur lined and fluffy and jinggled when I walked and went right into the relaxation hall where all those handsome, young, horny elfs ate, hung out, and drank their beer after a long day of making toys. Everything stopped when I walked in, they were surprised by my sudden appearance wondering if they were in trouble because we never came and told them how great they were being. “Hey boys.” I purred, licking my lips as I looked over all that handsome flesh. I went down to the middle of the room and saw eyes on my big bouncing tits and could feel them on my full and jingling ass. None of them had moved yet and I’m sure that they didn’t really get what I wanted just quite yet. So as I undid my dop I told them “I just wanted to tell you guys how awesome you’ve been doing and how I just wanted to give you guys a…” I paused trying to think of the right word even as I pulled off my top and dropped it to my side. “Bonus.” I grinned. Watching those in front of me with their now noticeably hard cocks. This was the best idea ever, I could see some of those cocks were much much bigger than Santa’s and I could tell by the hunger in their eyes as they stood up, pulling their cock out for me that I was going to be in for a long… Satisfying night.

Sissy Trained Elf on a Shelf

Adult phone chat

I trained myself a perfect little sissy this year. She’s dressed as my own personal elf on a shelf, to pose as I tell her to. I make her display her hard little dick in it’s pretty panties under her red elf outfit. I throw a party, inviting some of my sexy friends over, with massive, manly cocks. I take my sissy elf and make her sit on the floor while I suck and fuck these guys all around and over her. I’m bent right over in front of her eyes, while my little asshole gets gaped and filled with thick, chunky cum. I get two heavy rods in my face while I straddle her sissy lap. Her knowing feeling my drippy wet cum leaking holes through the fabric over her rock hard little dick is as close as she’ll ever get to fucking me.

Over and over again I get fucked over her. Under her. Around her. I can see her little, pathetic sissy cock straining hard, leaking onto the fabric of her little elf on a shelf costume. How cute.

Just to keep her in her place where she belonged, I took a break from all my fucking about. I piked my little sissy elf up, and laid her across my lap. I could feel her little body relax a bit already with my contact.

“Now, you’ve been a good little sissy elf for mamma today, and I wanted to remind you of that.” I purr into her ear. Slowly I pull down her red pants, and her pink panties, exposing her assc heeks and the back side of her little sissy balls. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! I spank her little ass and balls till she’s crying, and I sooth her again with pets and strokes. Once she’s reusmed her pposition on the floor, I go back to my merciless fucking in her face.

I open wide and I lick and slurp those man meats till they go off in my mouth, dripping gobs all over her face.

How shall I reward the good little sissy slut now ?

Mrs. Claus is such a slut!

adult phone chatI don’t care what anyone says, Mrs Claus is a fucking slut! Everyone acts like she is some kind of saint just because of her husband but nothing could be further from the truth. Do you know what she does when Santa is out delivering presents? She is busy sucking elf dick! Do you really think that she stays there all alone with all those fucking elves and fucking knits or something while her husband is gone? No fucking way, that bitch is getting gangbanged by all of Santa’s elves! She lets them do everything to her, they fuck her mouth and her pussy and her saintly ass… and then she sucks her ass juice off that elf dick like it’s a fucking candy cane! She is one filthy fucking whore, I can’t believe that none of you have figured that out for yourselves yet! Honestly, I have no idea why Santa puts up with it, he deserves a wife that won’t be banging his elves!

Adult Phone Chat – Small Dick Humiliation

Adult phone chatSanta was at my door, and I couldn’t help but invite him inside. His tubby, roly poly body seemed perfect for the outfit, and I knew that under all that was my little-dick pansy boy. He came in and sat on the couch, patting his knee gently. I let my robe fall to the floor and sat on his ample lap in just my intimates. I knew that me sitting there wouldn’t help him, would just frustrate him, and I was milking it for all it was worth. After several minutes of grinding my hips around on his lap while telling him all I wanted for Christmas, I stood up and told him to take his clothes off. Once he was stripped of all but his hat and beard, I made him crawl up onto my bed so that I could get a really good view of his short, fat little cock. I started teasing him for having such a tiny dick, even as I started fingering my clit through my panties. I made him lift his belly up so that I could see his little dick better, because it was so small it was just hiding out. He finally started getting hard, what with all the little-dick teasing I was giving him. Once his baby cock was finally extended to its full 3 inches, I made him start playing with it as I started fingering his ass. The entire time, I was telling him what a good little tiny-dick bitch he was, and how much fun it was going to be fucking him with my strap-on, I was sliding my fingers up into his ass. It took almost no time for him to cum all over himself, and I made him scoop it up and clean up the mess. I love my little bitch boy.Jackoff porn

Naughty Elf on the Shelf learns a lesson from mommy Kathy’s girls!

I got my little girls the crazy elf on a shelf doll. I love putting him in different naughty positions! My girls love searching around for him. They have found him eating a Barbie pussy while getting fucking in the ass by another Barbie with a strap on! They wanted to reenact the same position they found that naughty little elf on the shelf. Lucky for them I had a client walk in who wanted to be a naughty boy and be punished.

Adult Phone Chat

He paid top dollar for my little sluts so I made it extra fun and sexy for him. I dressed him up as their elf on a shelf doll and told them to use him the same way we found their elf on a shelf! My oldest pulled his pants down and started spanking him for being such a bad boy! She pulled him by his ears down to her tiny bald pussy and made him lick her little cunny.

Dirty mommy phone sex

My youngest pointed out that his little cock was dripping his yummy cream and she wanted it hot and fresh out of the spigot. She got down and started sucking on the head of his tiny cock as my middle child grabbed the biggest strap on I had! She lubed it up and slammed in deep into that naughty elf’s ass! He screamed in my oldest pussy as he was getting butt fucked my middle child and his cock drained by my youngest!

Adult Phone Chat is Submissive Phone Chat with Me

adult phone chatAdult phone chat submissive whores do as they are told on and off the phone. My master is also my boss. I have been his office slave girl for decades. He is older now, so cannot abuse me with the frequency and intensity he once did, but he enjoys letting other men abuse and humiliate me. Last week, master held a holiday party for some of his more wealthy clients. Did I mention they were all dominant men and I was party whore? I dressed up as Santa’s sexy assistant. My boss was Santa. He is old and grey just like Santa too. I would serve drinks and snacks to his clients while being groped. Guys would squeeze my tits, grab my pussy, even spank my ass. They would also find ways to humiliate me. A common way was to piss in their empty cup and make me toast them. I hate drinking piss, but I don’t really have a choice in the mater. At one point, Santa tossed me over his knee, pulled down my panties and gave me a bare bottom spanking that got him so turned on, his dick got hard. I had to suck Santa’s old dick in front of a team of men chanting “whore” and circling jerking around me. Cum was flying all over the place, but I was forced to lick every drop up. They came on me repeatedly. They spanked me frequently. They fucked my ass whenever they wanted. They manhandled me in amusement. They made me drink their piss. Nothing was off limits to them. I was merely the office submissive whore. They took all sorts of degrading photos too and put them on Instagram and various other social media sites. They didn’t care who saw me in such compromising positions. Master has pimped me out to some of his friends for their holiday parties too.

submissive phone chat

What is your favorite Jackoff porn?

Jackoff porn

His favorite Jackoff porn to watch when he is on his bender is a dirty trashy white whore taking big thick fat nigger cocks in all of her nasty holes for a line. When he found me behind the dumpster after chasing a group of guys away, I started yelling at him. “You stupid fuck! Mind your own god damn business!” He bent down to help me up and I grabbed his cock and squeezed hard on his rock hard cock as he fell to his knees. “So you like watching a dirty trashy whore getting gang banged? 20 bucks and I’ll give you a live show Pervert.” He grinned as his cock throbbed in my hand. “Can, Can I lick all the cum out of your pussy after?” I spread my legs open wide as I slid my hand down my inner thigh to my dripping cum filled cunt. I slid in two fingers and scooped out some cum and put my wet fingers to his mouth. Without hesitation he started sucking the cum off my fingers like I suck a dick for coke! I texted a few guys and told them where to meet us. His Jackoff porn wasn’t going to be enough for him anymore. I knew when he wanted to rub his cock he was going to call me for now on. I was going to be his Live Jackoff porn whore. Right in his livingroom. Getting my coked up pussy, asshole and mouth brutally fucked and filled by big black nigger cocks and spunk! We were perfect for each other! A rich lonely man with sick sexual fantasies and a dirty druggy whore craving money, who is willing to do anything for coke. We were the perfect couple. I was his coke whore and he was my rich cuckold, sucking cum out of my filthy pussy! 

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