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Adult Phone Chat with Ellen


Adult Phone Chat

I want my master to be happy. Being his subby whore means I have to do what ever he says when he tells me to do it. Master is throwing a BBQ for 4th of July! He asked me to come and be the slave for the party. I know that this is going to be so different and hard. I have never subbed for a group of people before. I have no idea how bad it is going to be, but I know I will love every minute of it! Before I left his house he gave me a pack of hot dogs. He told me to practicing. I didn’t waste any time. On my way home in the cab I pulled my panties off and stuck one up my ass hole. By the time I got home I had the entire pack shoved up my ass. The next challenge was to walk up the stairs to my apartment without dropping one! What do you think? How do I look?

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Sexy MILF on Fourth of July

sexy milfSexy MILF on the Fourth of July. I love this holiday. Something about fireworks that make my pussy drip. Maybe it’s all the power and danger of them. Maybe it’s all the cute guys into getting drunk and setting them off in their back yards? I know it’s a few days early, but these college boys have been partying like it is the holiday already. I put on my festive red white and blue bikini to check them out. I wanted to look really hot in case they were sexy young studs.

Holy fuck. What handsome boys. They looked like roadies for Motley Crue. I love the bad boy look. I saw their eyes bulge out and their cocks throb in their tight jeans . “I was just checking out the action, seeing if anything fun was going on for the fourth?” One grabbed me roughly, which I liked, threw me on the ground, ripped my bathing suit off and started fucking me. He had a nice rocket. Let off a ton of fireworks in my pussy too. His friend got himself some sloppy seconds. Like a bottle rocket, they were both done quickly.

But that was not the end of our fun. I can revive the dead with my cock sucking skills. I took both their dicks and crammed them in my mouth. Slid my tongue up and down the length of their shafts, working my hands on their nut sacks as I gulped on their cocks. I wanted some ass fucking, but they shot their loads down the back of my throat like fireworks. The nice thing about those college boys, they may have shot quickly each time, but they kept coming back to like. We fucked all night. Eventually they had the staying power to double stuff my ass. I do love an explosion in all my fuck holes. This is going to be one hell of a Fourth of July with these neighbors.

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River Of Hot Piss

adult phone chat NikkiMy legs were spread, my eyes closed, and I couldn’t help but rub my snatch as hard as I could. The pressure that was building up inside was overwhelming and my nipples were as hard as a rock. They rubbed incessantly on the inside of my small tank top. I have never been this overwhelmed with eroticism before. I’m not even sure how the feeling came over me. All they know is one moment I was taking a piss and the next moment I was orgasmic over and over again on my toilet. I think it was when I woke up half asleep I didn’t realize that the night before when fucked all night long and had left my clitoris very over sensitive. I wake up in the middle of the night and when I start to piss it just feels so hot, running down over my clitoris like a rock at the mouth of a river. It was flowing, my juices. I wasn’t sure if it was piss or come, but I couldn’t stop touching myself and I had spasms on that toilet for what seemed like forever. My eyes started to water and I let out a huge moan. And I will never ever look at toilet paper the same ever again!
The contrast of the rough toilet paper and my soft hands working my sex over in a frenzy made my knees so weak that when I stood up to go back to bed I almost fell flat on my face. I’m not sure if I was making a lot of noise but my lover stood up walked towards me immediately started to grope caress pinch squeeze and finger fuck my cunt so hard that I must have came again. He said he saw me and heard me on the toilet piss all over myself and he started to suck on my fingers telling me how sexy that was. Do you find toilet sex and golden showers sexy? If you do give me a ring I’m dying to hear your story!

Brother Loves Sister Fucking, Maybe Too Much?

adult phone chat SherriMy brother loves sister fucking so much, I wonder if his girlfriend gets any loving! Lately, she started getting a little suspicious about how often he comes over to my place, so the last time he came over for his regular visit, she came, too.

Oops, did I say “she came, too?” Why, yes, that’s what I meant. Because we had a very fun time that night. 🙂

She found out that evening that my brother and I are closer than most siblings, but once we started including her, it turns out she didn’t mind! It started when he began making out with her, but when I came over and started feeling her up, she didn’t pull away. When my hand slipped under her skirt, she spread her legs wider to admit me entrance.

Soon his head was down on her breasts, and she’d turned her
head to begin kissing me. And then, my brother and I were fucking her over completely, making sure she came, and came, and came. Then, when she was as limp as a dishrag and about as wet as one, he fucked me. He fucked me hard, pounding me with an intensity I haven’t seen in a while. It was fucking amazing.

I fucking love incest phone sex, with my brother or with anyone else. Would you join me for some?

Every Game Night Needs Adult Phone Chat With Twisted Sisters!

Adult Phone Chat ZitaAlexGame night with adult phone chat? You must mean those hot times Alex and I play strip poker or strip Yahtzee! And to think it starts innocently enough with just friendly competition. Nothing between me and my sister stays mediocre I hope you know. We love to challenge each other and force each others hand to make the first move. Alex is much more dominant then I, so naturally she loves to over power me! And to tell you the truth, my hot incest pussy loves hearing her order me around. Loves to feel her hand around my neck, and definitely loves to taste her golden stream of piss trickling into my thirsty tongue.  If you were just a passerby, you would think she was being a bit mean to me. But I beg for her heavy hand and her harsh tongue. I beg for her to push me to my limits. I need to feel alive when I am fucking, and there really is no other that can take me to the edge like Alex. My all time favorite is when she gives me no other choice but to star in her own little jackoff porn production. I sit quietly like a good pet, and one by one, she brings in perfect strangers to watch her give me a mixture of pain pleasure and public humiliation. I will beg to be allowed to be her toilet slave. I will beg to clean the ass of every stranger in the room, as long as I have her approval and her bodily fluids. No one can make me cum like my sister.  I would love it, if you could join one of our game nights. I am sure you can guess what the winner gets at the end of the events, can’t you?Jackoff Porn ZitaAlex

Adult Phone Chat Fun

adult phone chat melindaI never thought that I would love being a phone chat whore as much as I do. I mean what other job can you earn a great living and sit home naked all day long with a toy or your fingers stuffed in your cream pie pussy. It is the perfect job for a nasty mommy that loves to fuck and cum.

The girls have always helped keep this pussy satisfied and now that I am really into my job I have learned how to let them help mommy make money yet anther way. They love it when they come in my office and I put my caller on speaker phone. All three of us dip our fingers in each others pussies while I talk to my caller and my caller talks to me. They get off just as much as I do knowing that he is on the other end of the phone jerking his hard cock and we are on our end fucking each other for all we are worth.

Of course the caller never knows if and when the girls and I are playing on our end, for all they know it just the two of us, and that makes it more fun then ever!

The girls help me make money in other ways to. It never fails that a date or a boyfriend finds them attractive and asks if they are available. Since they love sucking cum out of all my holes, why not let the guys pay to fill their little mouths up with the same jizz? Or let them squirt all over their faces or cunnies.

Last weekend I invited three guys over, one for each of us, or at least that is how it was supposed to be. It ended up that each of the girls wanted to try taking on all three guys at once. I am a loving and kind mommy, who am I to refuse my little angels anything?

I let them have their fun while I watched and at the end of the weekend I made them watch while the guys gave mommy the same treatment.

Adult Phone Chat Cum one Cum All

Adult phone chat      Adult phone chat makes me want to cum! I got into a little trouble at school! I call my mom but she is busy working! The call goes to her boss who I ask to pick me up! When he arrives I am sitting in the office with my legs wide open. It’s been a while since we saw each other last. He can’t believe how big my tits are and how plump my ass has gotten. I am sent home because I chose to wear a shirt with a marijuana leaf on the front! Big fucking deal! I live in Denver, Colorado, who gives a fuck! He nods in my direction and talks to the school principal. She tells him I have violated the dress code and am being sent home. I don’t want mom to find out because she caught me with my boyfriend fucking last night! I move my skirt up to show boss man a little bit more of my thigh. He likes I can tell because I spot the bulge growing in his pants.
      I walk back to his car in silence not sure what to say. I cross my legs in the seat and show more of my bare skin. I turn the radio off in the car. Who wants to listen to talk radio? He tries to yell at me for being bad. All I know is how to be bad so I start rolling my eyes. He pulls me over on his laps and snatches down my panties. Inserting his finger in my tight pussy I acknowledged that I wanted more. He knew I was a natural born slut by the wetness of his fingertips. Unbuckling his pants he inserted the tip inside of me. Turning around I hear the knock that would change my life forever! My boyfriend was standing at the window with his cock in his hand and a devilish smile on his lips! I looked behind him and there were four other guys lined up outside of the car! By the end of the night I drank so much cum that I had to go get my stomach pumped! Too bad you weren’t there to join the fun!

Adult Phone Chat Slut Teen In Need Of Gangbang Punishment!

adult phone chat

As a super slutty adult phone chat babe, sometimes I get worked up and need to let off a bunch of steams. The guys at the strip club were really starting to just bug me, I was sick of all of the same people. It was the same guys in and out that had wify problems and I wanted to have way more fun. I put an ad on craigslist, hoping to attract more than the average Joe looking for jackoff porn.

“Adult Phone Chat Slut Teen In Need Of Gangbang Punishment!
Hi I am 18 year old Randi and I need a few guys to punish my teen pussy. Must be clean. Down for anything, just a girl with an addiction and a hungry cunt. No taboos! No condoms required! Get ready to plow this pussy! I want you to fill me up! Call my number 866-971-2241! I am horny and ready to play!”

It did not take very long and my phone was blowing up with all kinds of fun offers. One reply in particular really caught my eye. There two hot older studs were working in a theatre overnight. They said it would be hot if I joined them, they would give it to me like I never had it. That sounded good enough to me! I joined them at the location of their choice, my pussy was wet as soon as I saw their glistening muscles from their night of hard work. One of the guys to his cock and lined it with some coke! I snorted it right from his rod! Then I took it into my mouth and licked it clean. His friend joined me right next to his friend. A second line of coke on his cock made me stop, snort his, and suck it clean.Those two had their way with me after that. I was one horny ass slut! They made sure to take turns stuffing every one of my soaking wet fuck holes. Then when they were done they gave my favorite of all of the gangbang poses. They stuffed my ass and my pussy and pounded me hard like the double penetration slut that I was. I took it like a good whore too. I am a good fuck slut! What can I say? All I wanted was to be pussy plowed and I was. Those two coated me with their jizz. My eyes had so much cum on them it was hard to open. It was hard to work too, and that made me a happy whore. I would like to say that I wanted to have fun again, but I don’t like to double dip.

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Adult Phone Chat with Sidney

Adult Phone Chat

Your wife might not understand what you are looking for but I do. You have a fantasy that you think is sick, wrong and you could possibly go to hell. But if we really aren’t supposed to look and get attracted to or even want to fuck someone who is pretending to be your little sister. Men want a slutty whore to do what ever they want. I believe every man should have sex their way with the fantasy they want to try. So if you are looking to fuck your sister and I mean fuck her hard. Fuck her ass, her pussy, titties and her face! I want to be your sister.

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Your younger sister, your big sister. I can be any age you want me to be! I want to suck your cock till your eyes roll back in your head. Oh big brother I want to fuck you like you have never been fucked before. I want to feel that big hard cock deep in my tight cunt. I want you to feel how soft and warm my cunt is, how small that hole is. I want to get your cock so nice and hard. Ill squeeze the base of your dick till the head of your cock gets so fucking swollen you will grab the back of my head and push my mouth over your cock and hold me there while I choke!

Kinky fetish porn

Oh big brother don’t you know that I walk around in my panties and crop shirts just for you? I want you to watch me, to look at me. I want you to want me so bad you will do what ever it takes to have me. All I want from you is a yummy treat. I want you to fill me up with all your yummy spunk. I want to have a little piece of you where ever I go! 

Adult Phone Chat for the BDSM

Adult Phone Chat      Adult phone chat puts you in control! You dated a lady once that was into beauty and not much else. She would stand in the mirror for hours and play with her hair and put on shades of makeup. You would excuse yourself and go home with a hard cock in your hand . You would turn on the evening news and stroke your cock to reports on Viagra and the aging male Adonis. You spent an hour on the phone telling her you were horny. She missed every cue and just stayed home and gossiped with her friends.

      I do those little things that endear you to me. I put the pillow under your head, not concerned about my pleasure but zoned into yours. In the back of your head you thought our games would have me covered in welts and bruises    You are not sure how you convinced yourself to meet with me because my blogs made you shudder. Your stomach flip flops because it has been a long time since someone has cared.

It has clicked in my head what you need and what you need badly! I want to give you one night and one night only of what you need badly! Your needs matter to me! If you want me to suffer, I will suffer for you! If you want me to serve you in any way just ask me! I am your property tonight, tomorrow night, and every night! You yank my hair and pull me to the bedroom! I feel your elbow pin me to the wall and hold me there. You are giving me a taste of what you are capable of doing to me! You slide the ball gag into my mouth .

You lock the handcuffs in place and make sure they are secure. You push me towards the bathroom. There are two metal bars that come out of the wall and a pair of chains. An enema bag and hose stand in the corner. Whips, chains, and canes are on the table! A video camera stands on a tripod ready for every detail! I am secured to the mattress waist, neck and ankles contorted in an unbelievable position! You are going to hit me now and it’s going to hurt!
I am at your service, a fuck toy ready and willing to obey your every command!

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