Every Game Night Needs Adult Phone Chat With Twisted Sisters!

Adult Phone Chat ZitaAlexGame night with adult phone chat? You must mean those hot times Alex and I play strip poker or strip Yahtzee! And to think it starts innocently enough with just friendly competition. Nothing between me and my sister stays mediocre I hope you know. We love to challenge each other and force each others hand to make the first move. Alex is much more dominant then I, so naturally she loves to over power me! And to tell you the truth, my hot incest pussy loves hearing her order me around. Loves to feel her hand around my neck, and definitely loves to taste her golden stream of piss trickling into my thirsty tongue.  If you were just a passerby, you would think she was being a bit mean to me. But I beg for her heavy hand and her harsh tongue. I beg for her to push me to my limits. I need to feel alive when I am fucking, and there really is no other that can take me to the edge like Alex. My all time favorite is when she gives me no other choice but to star in her own little jackoff porn production. I sit quietly like a good pet, and one by one, she brings in perfect strangers to watch her give me a mixture of pain pleasure and public humiliation. I will beg to be allowed to be her toilet slave. I will beg to clean the ass of every stranger in the room, as long as I have her approval and her bodily fluids. No one can make me cum like my sister.  I would love it, if you could join one of our game nights. I am sure you can guess what the winner gets at the end of the events, can’t you?Jackoff Porn ZitaAlex

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