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Jackoff porn to Myself

Jackoff pornAt the risk of sounding narcissistic… The best Jackoff porn is porn that has you in it. That’s exactly what we did as we stumbled upon a video of me fucking on your favorite porn site. I was sucking your throbbing cock, drinking all the pre-cum and sucking it straight out of your piss hole. My fingers wrapped around your shaft edging and pushing you to madness as I paid attention to the head. The same exact things I was doing in the video. It was making my pussy so wet, and every time I heard a grunt or groan. You thrusting into my mouth just that little bit. Knowing you were watching me… Fuck, I wanted to drink your cum. Feel it shoot across my tongue and let it pool there just to show you what a good girl I was before I swallowed every drop. So when you grabbed my head, you’re panting hard and fast and held my head just there as you give me the biggest load of cum I’ve ever had from you. I knew that I needed to find more porn videos of me, because doing this was so fucking hot.

Stuck in a sex shop during the snow!

Jackoff porn

It was a fucking miracle! I mean what are the chances of a dirty horny slut like me getting stuck in a snow storm at the sex toy shop?! The power went out and the door auto locked on us. This place is huge and a few girl friends and I went in to find some new toys. When the power went out the back up generator came on but it wasn’t powerful enough to unlock the doors. The employee asked us girls and a few guys to go to the movie rooms. He was gonna put something on for us to watch. We got in and saw this bitch taking a giant cock deep inside of her. These movie rooms were disgusting. Glory holes and cum all over the walls. We started taking pictures and pulling out pants down posing like we we doing some nasty glory hole porn.

Sexy slut

I was bent over and rubbing my pussy against an open hole when a fat cock rubbed against my bald pussy! I giggled and my friends dared me to put it inside of me. I giggled, spit in my hand and rubbed it against my pussy. I spread myself open and slid my cunt on that cock. We all took turns during the snow storm fucking in the glory hole. My friends and I sharing cum loads and cocks! When the storm cleared up and the power came back on. We walked out to see these guys all napping after a long night getting their balls drained through the glory holes!

Adult Phone Chat with Tasha is Irresistible

Adult Phone Chat

He thought I was a little too young to be an Adult Phone Chat slut, but he had no idea. This old fool who thought that he was going to rock my world had no fucking clue. He was freaked out that someone like my parents were going to walk in and find me talking like a dirty little slut. I laughed and shut the door. I turned around and started stripping my clothes off. He adjusted himself as he sat on the bed, trying to not let me see that he had a hard cock. I know I don’t have to do much to make a cock hard. I was going to show him how good I was. I pulled my shirt up over my titties and pinches my nipples making him bite his lip. See, that means he is starting to forget about how old my pussy was. He was starting to forget about that golden ring on his left finger as I kissed his neck.

Teen phone chat

I unbuttoned his shirt as I kissed him. I pushed him back on the bed and climbed up over his head. I sat my little bald teen pussy on his face and unzipped his pants. I could hear him moan as he slurped on my pussy.  I haven’t even touched his cock yet and it was rock hard. So hard in fact that it popped out of his tight hipster jeans on its own! He was rock hard eating my pussy with a throbbing hard and drooling cock that I haven’t even touched and he was questioning me! I started blowing on the tip of his drooling cock as he licked and tongue fucked both of my tight teen holes. I kept blowing my warm breath on the tip of his cock as I came all over his face. He blew his load without me touching his cock one time. I made him pay and get out of my face before he could even ask to clean up.

Can you hold it?

Jackoff porn
It was his first time calling any phone chat numbers and he called mine! I was so excited for new boy toy; my pussy was so wet while I was taking his information I pulled my panties to the side as I processed his card and put an 8-inch colorful glass dildo in my tight wet pussy. His shaky voice clued me in on his fantasy. He wanted me to make him my bitch. So, I made him strip down and to wrap 3 rubber bands around his cock and balls. I started to fuck my pussy as I told him to start stroking his cock. Every time I heard him moan I made him snap a rubber band on his swollen rock hard cock. Making him whimper, but beg me for more. I told him to take his super swollen cock and put it in my pussy. Before I even got the word Pussy out of my mouth he came so hard he choked! I think he had a great first time, and I loved taking his virginity!

Halloween horrors with Isis

Adult Phone Chat

I got paid triple what I am normally paid to watch these brats and take them out for candy. Ugh just so their whore of a mommy could go out and get fucked all night. That was my plan for Halloween but I was getting paid to take these brats out and I was going to have a good time. I got an idea from one of my favorite movies. These little bitches were brats while we went out. I called a few of my friends over for some Halloween fun. I brought them back in and these little fuckers just started chowing down on their candy! I smacked their little painted faces so hard the candy was knocked out of their mouths. They started crying and screaming. I told them their were going to be punished for not listening to me. I made them stand on 5 books and tied their hands up in the air over their heads. My friends showed up drunk and horny for tight virgin pussy. I started to remove one book at a time as my friends rubbed their cocks on their naked bodies. They were hanging in the air as my friends started to fuck their little virgin holes. I watched and took each piece of their candy and checked it. I shoved it in my dripping wet pussy! 

I love being your dirty girl!

adult phone chatI just adore being your dirty girl Daddy! I love every little thing about it, from sucking your cock all the way to you fucking all of my tight little teen fuck holes! I want to do anything you like, even if it hurts me cus all I care about is making you happy. You’re the bestest daddy in the whole wide world so I am gonna show you just how much I love being your little girl! I will wait on you hand and and foot and make you feel oh so good. I am the girl of your dreams Daddy, I just know it! We will have so much fun all day long, you will definitely be satisfied by the time I am thru with you!

Adult Phone Chat with Teen Slut Makayla

Adult Phone Chat


The tingles I feel down there … they give me chills. I just need something so bad… Please Mr, James. Please just the tip of your finger.. It tingles SO bad… I know you are married and your wife is super pregnant.. but knowing that your baby batter is good, and could knock me up makes my pussy so wet. Mr, James I watched you all last year watching me as I walked through the halls. I am just so tinglie I need to grind on you… Please Mr, James. I want to feel your cock.. Maybe just the tip of your cock. Please just feel how wet I am for you. I know you are my teacher but I swear I will never tell anyone.. Please fill up my pussy before I grab your stapler and fuck myself with it right on your desk.. I’d rather have your big hard cock in me instead of this cold metal stapler. Please Mr, James.. Fuck me or I’ll tell everyone you tried to fuck me. I want your cock deep inside of me.. Fuck me. 

Ooops I was kinda naughty again!

teen phone chatOopsie, I was kinda naughty… again. See, I was babysitting for this guy that works at home, he said that it was real important to be quiet, that he couldn’t concentrate if we were noisy. So I was trying really hard to keep this little bitch super quiet but she fell down and scraped her knee and started totally bawling loud as fuck! I was freaking out, trying to get her to shut the fuck up when her daddy came out of his office. He was super pissed, the first thing he did was slap that little whore in the face so hard that he knocked her down on the floor. Then he grabbed her buy her hair and shoved his cock down her throat! I wasn’t expecting that but it really turned me on to see it and I think the daddy knew it.He bent me over and ripped off my panties, he said that he was gonna fuck me whether I wanted it or not but I was all like yes yes yes please fuck me!! Now he is gonna make me his permanent babysitter and this is one job I am gonna love!

Kinky Phone Chat W/ Ur New GF

kinky phone chat

I love being that cute girl for you! I love being the girl that makes you smile, but also the girl that makes you cum. I am the perfect example of a lady on the streets and a freak in the sheets. I like to spoil my man – make him dinner and pack his lunch. But never forget to wake you up with one of my kinky blowjobs. I never stop sucking that cock till you’ve had your morning draining of those full balls! I am the best girlfriend you’ll ever have! Polite to your parents, a sense of humor and a bald tiny pussy that makes your cock throb. I am the one you’ve been looking for! I am the girl you want to spoil, give gifts to because I make your day THAT much better. I am sweet and sexy and best of all young! That’s why I am your tiny teen girlfriend, the sweet and kinky girl that is going to make all your dreams cum true!

Submissive phone chat with Makayla

Submissive phone chat

I know you want this tiny body against yours. I know you want to stick your tongue into my juicy wet bald pussy! But what do you want to put inside of me first?! There are so many options. Do you want to tease my bald cunny with your fingers? Or do you want to lick my cunny through my white cotton panties? Thinking about every option is making your thick cock so hard! I mean you could pull my panties to the side and tease my bald light pink cunny lips with the tip of your tongue or with your fingers.. There are so many options and we haven’t even gotten to you touching my tiny clitty!! See you could slowly pull my panties off and kiss me gently. You could spread my puffy bald pink cunny lips apart. Look at my tiny hole and see how wet my cunny is for you! You could stick your tongue in my tight little cunny hole or you could tease me with your fingers… So many options!! What will you choose? 

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