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I love being your dirty girl!

adult phone chatI just adore being your dirty girl Daddy! I love every little thing about it, from sucking your cock all the way to you fucking all of my tight little teen fuck holes! I want to do anything you like, even if it hurts me cus all I care about is making you happy. You’re the bestest daddy in the whole wide world so I am gonna show you just how much I love being your little girl! I will wait on you hand and and foot and make you feel oh so good. I am the girl of your dreams Daddy, I just know it! We will have so much fun all day long, you will definitely be satisfied by the time I am thru with you!

Adult Phone Chat with Teen Slut Makayla

Adult Phone Chat


The tingles I feel down there … they give me chills. I just need something so bad… Please Mr, James. Please just the tip of your finger.. It tingles SO bad… I know you are married and your wife is super pregnant.. but knowing that your baby batter is good, and could knock me up makes my pussy so wet. Mr, James I watched you all last year watching me as I walked through the halls. I am just so tinglie I need to grind on you… Please Mr, James. I want to feel your cock.. Maybe just the tip of your cock. Please just feel how wet I am for you. I know you are my teacher but I swear I will never tell anyone.. Please fill up my pussy before I grab your stapler and fuck myself with it right on your desk.. I’d rather have your big hard cock in me instead of this cold metal stapler. Please Mr, James.. Fuck me or I’ll tell everyone you tried to fuck me. I want your cock deep inside of me.. Fuck me. 

Ooops I was kinda naughty again!

teen phone chatOopsie, I was kinda naughty… again. See, I was babysitting for this guy that works at home, he said that it was real important to be quiet, that he couldn’t concentrate if we were noisy. So I was trying really hard to keep this little bitch super quiet but she fell down and scraped her knee and started totally bawling loud as fuck! I was freaking out, trying to get her to shut the fuck up when her daddy came out of his office. He was super pissed, the first thing he did was slap that little whore in the face so hard that he knocked her down on the floor. Then he grabbed her buy her hair and shoved his cock down her throat! I wasn’t expecting that but it really turned me on to see it and I think the daddy knew it.He bent me over and ripped off my panties, he said that he was gonna fuck me whether I wanted it or not but I was all like yes yes yes please fuck me!! Now he is gonna make me his permanent babysitter and this is one job I am gonna love!

Kinky Phone Chat W/ Ur New GF

kinky phone chat

I love being that cute girl for you! I love being the girl that makes you smile, but also the girl that makes you cum. I am the perfect example of a lady on the streets and a freak in the sheets. I like to spoil my man – make him dinner and pack his lunch. But never forget to wake you up with one of my kinky blowjobs. I never stop sucking that cock till you’ve had your morning draining of those full balls! I am the best girlfriend you’ll ever have! Polite to your parents, a sense of humor and a bald tiny pussy that makes your cock throb. I am the one you’ve been looking for! I am the girl you want to spoil, give gifts to because I make your day THAT much better. I am sweet and sexy and best of all young! That’s why I am your tiny teen girlfriend, the sweet and kinky girl that is going to make all your dreams cum true!

Submissive phone chat with Makayla

Submissive phone chat

I know you want this tiny body against yours. I know you want to stick your tongue into my juicy wet bald pussy! But what do you want to put inside of me first?! There are so many options. Do you want to tease my bald cunny with your fingers? Or do you want to lick my cunny through my white cotton panties? Thinking about every option is making your thick cock so hard! I mean you could pull my panties to the side and tease my bald light pink cunny lips with the tip of your tongue or with your fingers.. There are so many options and we haven’t even gotten to you touching my tiny clitty!! See you could slowly pull my panties off and kiss me gently. You could spread my puffy bald pink cunny lips apart. Look at my tiny hole and see how wet my cunny is for you! You could stick your tongue in my tight little cunny hole or you could tease me with your fingers… So many options!! What will you choose? 

It’s almost Father’s Day!

teen sex blogsDaddy! You know it’s almost father’s day and I’ve got some seriously fun plans for you and me! We’re going to do sooo many things, all day will be for us. I’ll wake you up with a blowjob, then a yummy breakfast and a massage while you eat. After that it’s round two of me sucking your cock while you watch the game on tv. But soon Daddy, your balls are going to yearn for something else. Something so tight, something like nothing else. What’s that? Oh yeah my tight little pussy! Hehe!!! You can’t do anything but let me sit right on it and take it. Take all the big and hard Daddy dick that has been working so hard for his little girl. Now I am going to work hard for you Daddy I am going to give you what you want and deserve. And you’re going to blow the biggest load in my tight little cunt, I’ll never complain about your cock Daddy cuz it always makes my tight holes gape and me beg for more.

Looking for my Daddy

adult phone chat JennyHey daddy, I’ve been looking for you. Your little teen tease has been so horny without you. I lie awake in my bed at night, fingering myself, and remembering the games we used to play. Now that I’m in college, I can’t crawl into your bed at night. I don’t get to feel your cock press against my ass, begging to be let in. I miss the way you moaned when you came, the way you whispered that you loved me. Now I’m forced to look for a new daddy to play with. I’m a girl who needs a daddy. I crave the touch of an older man. Can you teach me some new games? I promise to be a very good girl and do as I’m told. You know you wish you had a daughter like me. Let me be your fantasy girl and your teen cock stroking girlfriend.

I bet you wanna play with a girl like me!

teen sex blogsI bet you wanna play with a sexy young girl like me don’t you? I am super cute and really, really dirty just like Daddy taught me to be. I love to suck cock and I will let you fuck all my holes, nothing is off limits for me! I know what you’re thinking…aren’t I too young to be such a naughty little slut?! Well, hehe! Barely legal over here! I’ll choke on your dick until cum is dripping down my pretty little face. Make me your cum slut, and then fuck my little holes until your cock feels ALL better! I won’t be like your wife, I never ever nag or complain, I’m just here to fuck and suck and make you super happy every single day! I am going to be whatever you want me to be Daddy I promise! You are going to love playing with me I just know it and you know what else? I can’t wait to talk to you!!

Hot Teen Office Slut

adult phone chat summerI’m a dirty little whore. I love teasing and taunting men with my tight pink cunt. I was at a house party over the weekend. I had way too much to drink and went into exhibitionist mode. I never wear panties. I like men to have easy access to my sweet pussy. Now this party was not a wild party. I put the wild in a boring office party. Once I started giving men a glimpse of my sweet pink mound, the guys started dropping their drawers and whipping out their cocks. Turns out a bunch of boring suits really like to show a hot teen slut a good time. They started showing my mouth a good time first. I blew like 10 guys before I got gang banged. They were all sober, just horny. The drunk slut was getting trained on a kitchen floor. I livened an otherwise boring party up quite a bit. Now of course I am known as the office slut. But guess what? I don’t care. I will fuck them all again and blow them by the water cooler. I give great DICKtation.

I kinda slutty but it’s all Daddy’s fault!

teen phone chatI’m kind of a slutty girl… but it is all Daddy’s fault! I mean really, what did he expect when he brought all those guys home for me to fuck?? Plus all those times that he fucked me too… how could I not turn into a total whore? I am addicted to sex, I want to fuck all day long every single day and I don’t care who knows it! I don’t just sit at home waiting for Daddy to bring guys home anymore either, I go out and find my own guys to fuck! Like my teachers and the guys I go to school with and random guys I see on the street… I’m not really very picky at all. If you have a nice big fat cock, I will want to fuck it! I am going to be a slut forever and ever… even if my daddy sometimes doesn’t like it! If he didn’t want me to be a slut, he shouldn’t have made me one!

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