Anal phone chat with Sidney

Anal phone chat

I am a Anal phone chat whore and I like it to be Kinky phone chat. I think it started because my brother and I only had anal sex for a while. He would lick my pussy and rub my clit but he would only fuck me in the ass. I loved it, I still fucking love it. I am a naughty whore. I love fucking my brother, his cock isn’t very big but It is the perfect size for my tight ass hole. He teases my asshole as he licks my pussy. He knows what I like and he does the most amazing things before he fucks me. He lays me down on the bed, he gets out the oils and he rubs my back. As he rubs me up and down he licks my asshole. He tongue fucks my ass and my pussy. It is amazing. He makes me cum so hard and then he gets his cock out.

Kinky phone chat

He rubs his cock up and down my pussy. He slides his cock into my cunt and it feels amazing. He slowly fucks me as he sticks his thumb in my ass. Once again he is fucking both of my holes. Just as I cum again on his cock he starts rubbing the head of his cock on my asshole. As he slides it inside of me it is so tight. The pressure is mind blowing and makes me cum right away, Just a little orgasm but I cum. He keeps slowly working his cock inside of me. I can feel him getting closer and closer to cumming. I want my brothers cum inside of my asshole. I want him to explode as he is fucking me. Hearing him and feeling him starts to send me over the edge. I tell him to fuck my tight asshole and me cums so hard inside of me it makes me squirt all over him. 

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