Torture Me, Please?

Jackoff porn has always been one of my specialties. I love putting on a show for all my adult phone chat callers. You want to tie me up? Handcuff me? Whip me good with your belt? You can do it all to this little pain whore and I will scream for more. Let my tiny voice hypnotize you and take you into the darkest fantasies in your head. I want to know what makes your cock hard and I want to be the dirtiest little slut that you’ve ever known.

jackoff porn taylor
I am here to please you and can take whatever you want to do to my tiny body. I am barely 5 foot tall and my tiny frame loves to be abused and molested by your big hands and your even bigger cock. Make me cry, make me scream and make me beg you to stop. I will be your pincushion or your whipping post. The choice is yours as long as you give me that pain I desire so much.

Leave bruises and cuts on my soft skin. The deeper the better. I will taste my own blood for you and let you taste it as well. Imagine the knife in your hand and imagine placing it against my fragile body. Now imagine it sinking in and the fresh red blood pouring out while I scream for you. You can fist my tiny pussy until its ripping and bleeding while you puncture my nipples with sharp pins and needles. I am at your mercy – what are you going to do next?

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