Alanza Has Hot Adult Phone Chat

adult phone chat

There are times when a man needs a hot Latina adult phone chat slut. One that will be just as dirty and raunchy as he needs her to be. I love my men who party with me, ain’t nothing like firing up a joint and laying a line out to get my pussy aching for action. White men who party mmm, So good. I love to go downtown and check out the hot business men who go to the park for lunch. They might be eating lunch but those eyes are scanning for the hot bitches. I know the men who will go back inside and bust a nut in the company bathroom for a little stress relief, and also the ones who will pop a few pills and snort a line to get that mojo fired up! These are the men who find me bumping into them and shaking my ass seductively. My tits almost falling out as I wink and try to dismiss them. I’m not your common whore but I am a whore nevertheless.

  I know that not even jackoff porn can compare to a hot bent over in the  bathroom stall fuck of a good pussy like mine. Plus I get something out of it: a big hard white boy cock and a line of cock or a stash of weed. More often than not I find a man who needs an after work slut. Someone he can run by and fuck for an hour and go home. I like to think I do my part as the slamming pussy that holds me to their families. I am always down for a hot fuck and being the bitch on the side is my favorite flavor! Who’s out there partying and needs a side piece as hot as I am?

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