Adult phone chat was so humiliating

adult phone chatAdult phone chat was so humiliating for me last night. My husband was pissed off because his dinner was burned, he acted like I did it on purpose but I had to answer my work phone and I got busy on a call.He said that I was putting all my callers ahead of him so he was going to make me humiliate myself on the next call that I had. I had to tell my caller that I was being punished and that my husband wanted me to put him on speakerphone so he could hear all the fucked up shit the guy wanted to do to me so that he could do it to me for them. I had guys wanting to piss on me or fuck my ass with no lube, other guys that wanted him to brutally fuck my throat until I almost passed out. I was used like a rag doll all night long and now I can hardly move. I will not be making that mistake again I promise you that!

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