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Jackoff porn No Strings Attached

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adult phone chatThe best thing about being a dirty mommy? The crying, the tiny little whimpers and those innocent eyes seeing, doing and feeling the dirtiest shit. This morning was pleasant as it could be with my sweet lil son in-between my legs licking my wet cunt. I pushed his head in deep and he knew what to do for Mommy. My daughters were side by side ready to please Mommy as well and I can say I was feeling more than pampered. I knew then it was time to make a call and invite a friend or two over, these men were known for their brutal fucking. They have no mercy when it comes to my little ones and that gets me cumming harder and harder. They arrived hard and ready to dominate my sweet little ones holes. I came on their faces and muffled their screams as they were ripped raw and bloody. My sweet offspring always takes care of Mommy.

They all love to come to grandma’s house!

adult phone chatAll the little ones just adore coming to grandma’s house and it’s not just because of my cookies either! They have all of my attention when they’re here, that is definitely one reason they love coming here so much. Their parents have to work, but I can just play with them all day long… and trust me, these little ones just LOVE to play! Of course, our games aren’t like most families games I would imagine, our games are a lot more kinky! We get naked and explore each others bodies, the boys especially love to look at my grandma pussy right up close… and they love to touch it and kiss it too. Me and the girls take turns sucking all those little boy cocks too, they get so stiff and hard I just adore it! We always have a really good time together no matter what!

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Jackoff Porn is Not Just for Guys

jackoff pornJackoff porn is not just for guys. I love watching porn. Thanks to places like Porn Hub, I can watch porn all day long. Sometimes I do too. Do you ever get so horny that you just can’t stop touching yourself? I know it is unfair that girls can cum so many more times than guys, but maybe that is payback for being able to get pregnant and getting periods or something! Today, I was watching family porn. This one video of a step dad coming home early and catching his teen step daughter playing hokey from school had me cumming all morning. She was nothing like me. Just a stick figure with barely B boobs. About the only thing in common was the fact that we were both blondes and both have bald beavers. This teen girl was a total cock tease. She was wearing little panties and a tank top in front of her daddy. I knew what she wanted. She got it too: daddy’s tongue on her bald little slit. The video showed a close up of him eating her out. I love to see a good pussy licking scene. Not because I am a lesbian and like pussy, although I do think girls lick pussy really well. It was because I love to have my pussy eaten. Nothing makes me cum harder than a good long eat out session. I kept cumming before they fucked. I watched that one scene over and over all morning until I had drenched my office chair. Do you ever do that? Today, I was a chronic masturbator more than a sexy slut. I guess I was a sexy masturbator.  This job has brought the joy of porn back to my life because I often watch hot videos with my callers. So if you like to masturbate and watch porn, I bet we could have one hot time.

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