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Mama loves to suck young cock.

adult phone chatEvery boy has a mommy fantasy. Ws your own mom a trashy tramp who flaunted her shit, showing off her tits in low cut shirts and cut off denim shorts? Did she make all of your friends drool as they discussed the merits of her huge bosom? Or maybe your best friends mama was that hot MILF who loved to break in all of your friends.

When my own sons were growing up, I loved watching them develop. From sweet young boys with tight little asses to big boys with hard cocks. There is an advantage to having five sons. Each of mine was so different. From my dominate son who loved jackhammering mommy’s pussy to my pretty sissy slut who wore my panties and lingerie. What kind of son are you? Share with mommy your fantasies about your own sweet mom and let’s get off together.

Nasty Whore

adult phone chat I am a dirty nasty fucking whore. I love having all the cocks shove in all my holes at once. I can take two big black cocks in my pussy at one time. Soon I will try to get three of those big black cocks in my cunt at once. That shows I can be the dirtiest slut for you and all your nasty friends too.I have had years of practice and will have many more years of practice to cum. Having my tight cunt grip that cock so hard you can’t do anything but jizz all in my pussy. I love having it drip out in my panties all day long so that I smell like your jizz while remembering that good fuck from earlier.

Kinky phone sex Jolene’s Spa Day

adult phone chat Today is the perfect day to be spoiled. So I took myself down to the spa.

I had the full works done. Mani, pedi, facial and body scrub, mud bath and sauna. I was on my way to being a very happy and very relaxed girl. All that was left was the massage.

That’s how I found myself in my own little slice of heaven. Candle light, the smell of lavender in the air, the sounds of harps in my ears. A happy little clam laying on the padded table wearing just a towel over my ass.

Imagine my surprise though when I felt four hands covered in the deliciously warm vanilla scented oil running along my back and calves. The hands were much bigger than expected, obviously the hands of men.

I moaned low in my throat as a show of appreciation for those big, strong, hands and heard a returning growl of approval in return. That sounds went straight to my pussy and I could feel my thighs become damp with my own juices.

I wanted these strangers to touch me everywhere, I’d not even seen their faces but just by the skilled strong fingers I wanted them to massage everywhere. I wasn’t sure how to let them know, but as I shifted, rubbing my thighs together. I felt the towel against my skin. It was easy to pull the towel away, letting it fall to the floor with an insincere “Opps.”

The two men chuckled, but it worked. Those hands moved to massage my ass and the other hand went to my pussy. The oiled fingers finding their way in easily and fucking me making me moan. They groaned at my eagerness but this was way better than any massage.

A few hours later, thoroughly oiled. Fucked. Filled. I was more relaxed than I’d been in months.

Such a lucky girl I am.

Jackoff Porn Duo

jackoff porn (4)

The best thing about THIS jackoff porn is there is TWO of us! Two to jack that cock, just like every guy we play with. Last night was a late night for us actually, we went to one of our favorite places (the mall) and while we were there taking advantage of our gift cards and personal credit cards we ran into a little handful of guys I went to school with. We just graduated hehe! Well they wanted to chill so Mommy and I just invited them back to our place for drinks and I told them I would make dinner. When we got home we started drinking and Mommy dared me to cook in nothing but my apron! I was happy to do so, and as I bent over to get things, and stood there to stir the pasta, Mommy was there. I knew she was horny and turned on, the guys at the table felt the same. But Mommy had me first, pressing up against me and making me kiss her deep, then ushering the guys over to join their first meal! Mmm…

I love adult phone chat!

adult phone chatI love adult phone chat because it gives me a chance to tell all you horny daddies out there all of my dirty stories! Like the party I had last night, I had several guys over to pop my niece’s cherry. She had never had sex before at all, she was totally innocent in every way but that didn’t stop me from making her first time a gangbang! There were five men there and they were all lusting over that sweet pussy, they were surrounding her like animals on the prowl! Sge was a little scared but I just told her to suck it up and get ready because I wasn’t going to let her stop until every single one of those men were completely satisfied. I have to say, for her first time she did a really good job! She cried a little bit when they forced open her tight little ass and pussy holes but she never once begged for them to stop… she just begged for more! I think I found me a sweet new little whore in training!

Fun at Denny’s

adult phone chat I had a lot of fun at Denny’s the other night. I went in and ordered to go, wanting to just go home and relax. Well their was a group of guys sitting close by and they asked if I wanted to sit with them while I wait. I said sure and sat down with these six guys. As we are hanging out they are laughing having a fun time. I am enjoying hanging out with them. Well then one of them asks if I would like to hang out with them some more tonight. I think why not and agree to hang a bit longer. Well soon I realized this wasn’t a normal hang out. I felt their hands on my and then I hear one whisper in my ear “wanna have some real fun with the six of us? We have a whole lot of cock to give if you will take it.” I froze, but then decided I should have some fun. There was so much cock. I had one in my asshole, one in my pussy, one in my mouth, one in each hand, and the last guy was titty fucking me. It was some of the best sex I could ever have, and when one guy finished I had a new guy filling me up and making me cum. It was the best trip to Denny’s I could have ever made, never did eat that meal though, cum is very filling.

This Mommy Has Dark Fantasies

adult phone chat I’m a very dark woman. I have some dark fantasies that would make my suburban soccer mom friends blush, maybe even have me arrested. I do a lot of blow so that gets my mind racing in all sorts of directions. I have rape fantasies. I have murder fantasies. I have snuff fantasies. I even have gang bang fantasies, but not your typical ones. I don’t want a bunch of black men to fuck me, although I would never say no to that. I want a bunch of young boys, my son’s friends for example, to get really aggressive with me. As I lay here playing with my pussy, I can’t help but think of all those school boys having their way with me. Force fucking me. Sodomizing me. Even taking objects like baseball bats and pool cues to my dirty fuck holes. What is wrong with me? Why can’t I just enjoy vanilla boring sex like most women? I guess all these drugs over the years have warped my brain. Lucky me. Vanilla is so boring.

Adult Phone Chat with Teen Slut Makayla

Adult Phone Chat


The tingles I feel down there … they give me chills. I just need something so bad… Please Mr, James. Please just the tip of your finger.. It tingles SO bad… I know you are married and your wife is super pregnant.. but knowing that your baby batter is good, and could knock me up makes my pussy so wet. Mr, James I watched you all last year watching me as I walked through the halls. I am just so tinglie I need to grind on you… Please Mr, James. I want to feel your cock.. Maybe just the tip of your cock. Please just feel how wet I am for you. I know you are my teacher but I swear I will never tell anyone.. Please fill up my pussy before I grab your stapler and fuck myself with it right on your desk.. I’d rather have your big hard cock in me instead of this cold metal stapler. Please Mr, James.. Fuck me or I’ll tell everyone you tried to fuck me. I want your cock deep inside of me.. Fuck me. 

Sundae Club

adult phone chat It started out as a simple way to get together and socialize each week.
Each week one of us would host the Sundae Club at their house. The host would supply the ice cream and the guests would each bring a Sundae topping. After setting up the Sundae bar we would pig out over a game or two of spades.
Things went according to plan the first few weeks and then some one suggested that we eat our Sundaes off of each other. And the game changed. Covering each other in cold ice cream, chocolate syrup, caramel and nuts. Stuffing each other’s holes full of bananas and cherries and then fucking like mad with our Sundae fixings sticking to our bodies. We are now known as the Sundae Fucking Club. No more spades for us, the Sundae Club has graduated from cards to sex. You can join the club if you would like we could always use anther topping or two. What are you waiting for?

cock ready

adult phone chat My photographer found me on indeed looking for a gig, and told me that I was a face that needed to be behind the camera and get paid for it.
So I totally went for it. He got me naked and it turned me on so much that I could feel my pussy getting wet my soaking wet panties were rubbing against my little pussy lips. He was the sexiest photographer I ever worked with. Every position he put me in I knew I would enjoy him fucking me raw. He kept hitting on me telling me how great and gorgeous I was. I told him to put the camera down and to come put his cock in my mouth. Why all that talk and no action to back it up right?
Well he was totally into it and my pictures came out great and his dick was just what I needed.

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