This Mommy Has Dark Fantasies

adult phone chat I’m a very dark woman. I have some dark fantasies that would make my suburban soccer mom friends blush, maybe even have me arrested. I do a lot of blow so that gets my mind racing in all sorts of directions. I have rape fantasies. I have murder fantasies. I have snuff fantasies. I even have gang bang fantasies, but not your typical ones. I don’t want a bunch of black men to fuck me, although I would never say no to that. I want a bunch of young boys, my son’s friends for example, to get really aggressive with me. As I lay here playing with my pussy, I can’t help but think of all those school boys having their way with me. Force fucking me. Sodomizing me. Even taking objects like baseball bats and pool cues to my dirty fuck holes. What is wrong with me? Why can’t I just enjoy vanilla boring sex like most women? I guess all these drugs over the years have warped my brain. Lucky me. Vanilla is so boring.

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