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My Latest Kinky Fetish Porn Addiction

kinky fetish pornRecently, I have been into kinky fetish porn, primarily tranny porn. A chance encounter with an old boyfriend a few months ago who is now a shemale has had me seeking the companionship of chicks with dicks. At first I was embarrassed, but look at the two hot bitches I have been playing with? Mariana has a cock bigger than any man I have ever been with and she has the softness of a woman when fucking. Zetta is a gorgeous bitch in charge who has been fucking my ass and really giving my fuck holes a good work out. I have the best of both worlds. A soft sexy t-girl with a big cock to make love to me and a dominant tranny to make me her bitch and fuck me like an animal.

adult phone chat tranny dickI have kept them dirty little secrets until they passed each other one night coming and going. Just my luck, Zetta and Mariana knew each other. Both work for the same adult phone chat service and moonlight as escorts, which is how I know them. There was an awkwardness in the chance encounter, but I am a sex therapist of sorts, so I just invited them both inside. We drank wine. I asked a lot of questions about tranny life and next thing I knew I had two tranny cocks in my mouth. I was gagging. I mean Mariana is a foot long, but Zetta has a nice thick dick too. I channeled my inner porn star and guzzled cock like Jena Jameson. I got tagged teamed by two sexy chicks with dicks. Both filled me with more spunk than two regular men ever did.

jackoff porn shemale chatI have had my share of lesbian encounters over the years, but I love cock and cum. I could never be a lesbian full time, but fucking tranny cock gives me the best of both worlds. I get pretty sexy soft women with curves who know what I like. And, they have the nice big cocks that I need. Have you ever been with a tranny? I’m sure Mariana or Zetta, or hell both, would make a wonderful introduction. You get shemale sex and a hot threesome.

Subby Mommy

adlt phone chat jessicaI went to visit my son last week. He has changed so much from when he was my master and kept me so happy. He has a cute little wife now and I can tell she doesn’t do the things I like, or at least I thought. I was up playing with my pussy because I couldn’t sleep and I heard a whip cracking outside. I looked to see that my son had his wife tied to a tree and was spanking her ass with a bull whip. I was so jealous. He slapped her ass with that whip and commanded her every move. He eventually slow fucked her while choking her with the whip and then came all over her ass cheeks. When he was done I walked outside and begged to be next. So he tied me up next to her and whipped my ass slowly for hours. I had my baby master back. He then handed his wife a dildo which she stuck in my cunt while he fucked my ass. They pounded both my holes until I couldn’t move; only the ropes were holding me up. When we were done his wife asked if I wanted to come back. Come back, shit mommy wants to move in.

Live Phone Sex No Holds Barred

adult phone chat valenciaLive phone sex with a real whore of the streets and all about cum filled holes. Your going to do just fine as a cleanup man aren’t you? You will get your rise out of smelling the cum filling my fuck holes. The stench of sex is thick around me as you yearn to get a taste.
I will squat over your face and force the spunk out of my pussy as your tongue starts to probe. Grinding my creampie cunt on that mouth of yours makes your fuck rod so hard. This filthy trashy hooker is not done there, oh my not at all! You will take and shove that tongue up my well fucked asshole and work all that shit juice cum into your own mouth. You told me you like it dirty.

Thank You !!!!

Adult Phone Chat

I love my freedom, I would not be able to live the way I want to live if it weren’t for our soldiers.

That is why I go out of my way to thank these men for all that they have done.

My whores go crazy for each soldier who comes into my brothel.

These men fought day and night and deserve some pussy.

I Love my freedom and I love a man in uniform.

So if one of you sexy soldiers comes into see us, wear your uniform and you will have your clothes torn off of you before the door closes.

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We whores love big strong men like you who have been deployed for so long.

You always bring big hard full cocks that need a lot of loving!

Soldiers are the only men who can really last  long time.

They are strong and know how to drive their cocks right through your pussy making you squirt buckets of cum all over the fucking place.

This is my Thank you to our hard working and sexy soldiers. 

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Jackoff Porn For Tuition Please!

Jackoff Porn

This school year has not even started and I am already up to my ears in bills bills bills. That does not make a slut like me very happy. I was sitting down and brainstorming with a friend of mine on how to make some extra cash. She suggested that I make a porno for one of those jackoff site. I had never really made a porn for anything other than blackmail so I was kind of excited. She said that I should pick a skill that I had and make it extra kinky. The only skill I had beside adult phone chat was taking lots and lots of cock. These days guys wanted to be a little more careful to show their shits on porn sites because of their futures or whatever. 

Adult Phone Chat

So we decided as we were jotting down ideas that i could see how many permanent markers I could shove into my cunt! Fuck yea, and that would be easy. So I put an ad on a few fuck worth sites and set the fee really minimal. As the first marker went in, 5 viewers popped into the room. After answering a few questions I added another couple of markers and then 20 more viewers. Soon my cunt was full and I was raking in a lot of money. So I started to stuff my ass just drawing more and more viewers to my cam session. As The numbers grew my cunt and ass became more stretched till I came all over my bed in front of my cam watchers. Easy money, I may do it again! 

Teen Phone Chat

Teen Phone Chat on

teen phone chatTeen phone chat is the best adult phone chat, but then I might be biased as a dirty little teen whore. I was in a very teasing mood today. So I sat on my back porch while talking dirty to all my sexy callers and played with my bald cunnie in front of my neighbors. I have this one neighbor who is, I guess, a house husband. The wife is the one I always see leaving for work in the morning. He stays at home with the brats and tinkers in the backyard. I actually think he spends so much time on landscaping and working on his car in the garage so he can watch me. All that time outside in the heat with no pool just to see my hot body, deserves a reward. I spread my legs nice and wide, so he could see my pink pussy pie. And as I had hot phone sex, I rubbed my clit and finger fucked my snatch. Pretty sure even from the distance, he could see me and how wet I was for him. I love an audience.

I got so lost in a super hot daddy’s girl call that when I looked up, my neighbor was in front of me with a bulge in his jeans. He hopped the fence to get a closer look. As I rubbed my clitty faster, I unzipped his pants as I cradled my phone. I started sucking his cock which was much bigger than I expected. My caller thought I was sucking on a dildo until he heard the manly moan right before I got a mouthful of cum. My caller loved that I really was sucking cock. I have a confession. I have even guzzled daddy’s dick while on a call. He loves that I am a dirty teen phone sex slut. I made two men come at once, and one’s cock was nowhere near my body! Never underestimate the powers of a hot teen slut.

adult phone chat

Pussy Emergency

Its been raining all day and I’ve been stuck inside with my pussy aching for some attention. I tried to go through my pretty clothes and lingerie and try it all on, but it just made me hornier. I had to figure out a way to get you to come home from work and take care of me the way you always do. You get so mad when I call you at work, but I decided it was worth the risk. Besides, I don’t mind a little spanking when I am a bad girl.

jackoff porn amber
So I called your secretary and pretended to be very upset. She said you were in a meeting, and I told her to tell you to come home right away that there had been an emergency. I hung up the phone and waited. Sure enough, the phone started ringing. I knew you were trying to call and find out what was wrong so I didn’t answer. I am such a naughty little slut! I waited some more, and finally heard your truck peel into the driveway.

You came running through the front door and froze in your tracks as you saw me sprawled out ready to get fucked. Your expression went from sheer panic to anger to horny in a matter of 30 seconds. You sputter out “what is the emergency??” and all I could do was point down between my legs at my pretty pink pussy. You stormed over, grabbed me hard, and drug me upstairs. You put me over your knee and spanked my tight little ass.. and then FINALLY my pussy got what it needed all day long – your cock.

Submissive Fuck Slut

adult phone chat cassandraI look like a blonde bitch. The sort of woman you could never have unless you paid for her. Looks are deceiving with me. I’m a total submissive whore. I do anything a man tells me too. The other day, I had a little fender bender. I was texting and ran into the back of this guy’s SUV. He started yelling at me. Calling me a stupid cunt and a bad female driver. He seemed surprised when I agreed with him. Told him to punish me. I explained I had no money to pay for the damage, but I did have my body. He liked the way that sounded. He looked around, but we were on a country rural road. At the moment he realized he could do anything to me, he slammed me on the hood of my car, yanked my panties off and shoved a few fingers up my cunt forcefully. His other hand gripped my throat. I could feel him restricting my air way as he finger fucked me. He pulled his fingers out of my pussy and crammed them down my throat while he pushed his dick inside me. He soon had both hands around my throat as he fucked my ass and cunt. When he pulled out of me, he flipped me over and shot his load all over my face. “Consider yourself lucky cunt, I could have called the cops,” he said as he zipped his pants back up walking away. What I was really grateful for, however, was being used as a total slut.

Dominated Adult Phone Chat Dorthy

Adult Phone Chat DorthyMy boyfriend and I have been experimenting more and more with anal of late and I’ve found I liked it, thought it’s taken some getting used to as he’s stretched me out somewhat. Although he loves to torture me, he spoils me too. He loves watching me lounge by the pool like I am a pampered queen, and he especially loves it when he can remind me of my place as his submissive out of the blue. The other day we were grocery shopping and I didn’t think a thing of it when he asked me what I thought of something. I said what, and he was pointing at these huge cucumbers. I said they looked lovely, was he wanting me to make a salad? He smirked and said no, they weren’t for any salad. I looked down at the cucumbers and back up at him and told him he was nuts, that my ass couldn’t take anything near that size. Then I started looking around and hoping no one was listening in to the conversation since Anal Sex Whore Dorthythey’d damned well know what his intentions for those cucumbers was. He picked up two and placed them in the cart and said when we got home we’d see about that. We got home and I was told to go to the bedroom, undress and get out the lube and wait lying on my stomach. I then heard him come in behind me and heard the click of the lube cap open and close and then felt my ass being assaulted with one of those things. He was slow, but by God, he shoved it all the way in, I could barely move. He then started sliding it in and out of me and got out a vibe to hold on my clit. I came explosively with it inside of me and felt so empty when he withdrew it. He laughed a very wicked laugh as he carefully put those anal stretching veggies away and finished me off with a good fucking. I felt so relaxed and satisfied. He gently picked me up and ordered me to relax by the pool while he cleaned up our scene. I should have known he had something up his sleeve… for when I was soaking up the sun I was handed a very dirty glass of cucumber infused water. “Drink up babe, You don’t want to get dehydrated do you?”bdsm phone chat Dorthy

Pool time fun!!

Jackoff porn

Pool games have always been the best part about swimming! My friends and I have these naughty pool games. Like who can hold their breath and suck cock at the same time for the longest amount of time. I love that one. Going down and sucking cock underwater is crazy. I love choking on a cock under water! Its amazing! We do another one where we do handstands under water and while we are standing there we get fingered or someone sucks our clits.

Adult phone chat

We do cartwheels like that in the water. We also do the ball toss.. We see how many balls we can fit inside inside our assholes. I get about 5 in my tight ass. Then I sink down to the bottom of the pool and push those balls out of my ass as I rub my clit. It is so fucking hot. Feeling the release from the balls floating out of my ass and rubbing my clit till I fucking cum! I love our pool games!! Do you have any ideas? We need some new games!! 

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