Veteran’s Day turned out awesome!

adult phone chatVeteran’s Day was so lonely. Sometimes Daddy goes on these streaks where he doesn’t fuck me but only to teach me a lesson. He gets jealous when I fuck other Daddies but it’s not my fault! He’s the one who got me into fucking Daddies! Anyway since I’ve been so fucking bored I decided I was going to go to the local pet store and get myself a companion and since they were having a veteran’s day sale the timing was perfect. I’m a puppy kind of girl; I really wanted a mini tea cup Chihuahua! Those are the cutest and I thought it would be the perfect addition to cure my boredom. When I arrived at the store the puppies were sooo cute! I saw an older man nearby and asked him about the prices for them. When he told me how much they were I was in shock… there was no way I could afford THAT! I thought for a minute before walking back up to him, I told him which one I wanted to see so he took that one out and I held her up in the air before bending down nice and slow in front of him to put her down. When I bent down in my mini skirt I know he saw a little sneak peek that I was purposely trying to give. It wasn’t long before I was on my way home with my new free little darling.It was a win, win situation too cuz he told me he was a veteran so we both ended up with a reason to celebrate!

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