Mother/Daughter Fetish Freaks

Fetish phone sex

Mommy and I have always been best at fetish phone sex. I guess we’re just those girls. We’re the kind of girls with no limits, no taboos and the same goal to please that cock of yours. And we know the only way to do that is to specially cater to whatever your special fetish may be, mommy and I are more than ready. There’s nothing we haven’t done and nothing we won’t do… normally they love the duo to be just what we are, and clearly my favorite fetish of all. Mommy and daughter fucking… family fun, incest sex… mmm all of it. I’ve always been so very close with my mommy and that is not about to change! I believe it lots of family activities that result in lots of pussy juices flowing, and the sounds of a very happy mother/daughter duo. Maybe you’ll even hear that sucking sound, the sound of us sharing a fat cock together. Licking it, sucking it, and all that cocksucking fun. We share so well that there’s never an issue of you being with one of us all over your cock – no worries. We’re here to please… no matter your fetish no matter what gets your cock hard. 

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